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    Wednesday, December 5, 1951
Formal Fashion
The Millionth Person
'. As Lincoln's traffic death record reached
; seven this week, we again are reminded grimly
; that someone this year will be the millionth traf
fic casualty in the first half of the 20th century.
This will be a title without honor. There's nothing
glamorous about traffic accidents and funerals
which follow too many of them, and there's nothing
exciting about injuries which occur in so many
accidents. But the gruesome and heartbreaking
incidents continue.
The possibility of joining the fatality list
doesn't seem to phase most persons. For some
reason we think the accident will happen to
the next person and that we are immune. Thus,
the death total climbs largely because of care
lessness. Since Sept 13, 1899 when a bachelor
real-estate man was knocked down and run
over by an electric taxioab in Central park,
New York, marking the first traffic fatality, the
list has grown to about 922,000 names.
It doesn't do much good to write about safety:
it doesn't do much good to warn drivers their name
might constitute the next fatality. We condemn
political leaders who lead the world into chaos
and ruin because of ambition and disregard for
taking lives of the innocent. Yet we tolerate and
even practice the same disregard for the next
person's life In traffic.
Joan Krueger
There's a tendency to believe most accidents
occur in rain, fog or snow. However, the National
Safety council reports that only one out of six
last year occurred under such conditions. The
time to be careful is under normal conditions
when you must decide not only what you person
ally should do, but when you must decide what
the other driver might do.
We're not going to urge anyone to drive
carefully. No one will make that decision but
the Individual driver. We're not warning anyone
to refuse to drive when under alcohalic influ
ence. The fact that 17 per cent of drivers in
volved in fatal accidents in 1950 should speak for
A year ago about this time, the University
was praised by Lincoln's director of public wel
fare, Ray Osborn, for an excellent record of
safety the previous year. The University student
accident rate was under the nation's average
The record was fine, but there is no record to
compensate a death notice or serious injury. Un
fortunately, only those directly affected by such
experience can understand the meaning.
There are many other fields In which the
University can achieve fame without claiming
the millionth traffic fatality in its roster. That ts
a record we don't want.
From Other Schools
It is gratifying to see delegates from Big
Seven schools meet to discuss topics other than
athletics as was the case at the Big Seven
Government association convention in Boulder,
Colo., last weekend. The Nebraska delegation
brought back some interesting ideas which will
be reported in detail when University of Colo
rado delegates compile proceedings.
Two points delegates discussed deserve spec
ial attention. The idea of co-ordinating grading
Systems within Big Seven schools to achieve
better means of transferring and better seating
arrangements for students and closer co-operation
between schools while visiting others were
brought up.
Any Nebraska student who has transferred
from another school would welcome the idea ot
common grading system. Confusion and red tape
which accompany transfer students might be les
sened by similar grading systems. However, if
any change is to be made the administration first
must be convinced with advantages of such a re
vision. It is the responsibility of student dele
gates to carry to administrative officials results
of their conference if any action is to come. Re
vising the grading system would be no easy task
for any school if the decision eventually is reached
to establish a uniform system. However, it would
be a wise move for University Council members
to investigate the possibility.
The other point concerning inter-school re
lations also has merits. In recent years, Corn
huskers have received both good and poor treat
ment on migration trips and individual jaunts.
In addition to giving fans of the visiting team
better seats, closer co-operation would promote
more friendly rivalry between schools which
should be sought in all athletic contests. Critic
ism of college football is not confined to the
gridiron. Students also must adopt a new atti
tude or perhaps rather take back the old at
titude of football. Improved relations among Big
Seven Schools would be a good forward step.
Regardless of the merits the ideas possess,
thev will go no farther than newsprint and con
vention reports unless delegates themselves take
action on individual campuses. This should be
taken with the possible result of the ideas be
coming concrete action.
. . o v. 1 u . .
llilMSIIIilLj - j i
i oi f".
MILITARY BALL FASHION . . . This Friday evening will un
doubtedly see many University coeds fashion out at the opening
of the formal season, the Military Ball, in the latest designs. Pop
ular number this winter modeled by Sonna Holmes, University
sophomore, will be the cocktail-length dress dressed up with lay
ers of crinoline and taffeta petticoats. Stoles will be adding to
the distinctiveness of this year's party dresses. (Daily Nebraskan
Party Styles For Winter
Follow 'Either-Or1 Trend
QlwhdA find QLbjdwhdA
'Young Man Wit Record Releases
Included In Newh A Horn1 Music
David Cohen,
Do you remember the movie "Young Man
with a Horn?" If so, you will remember the
warm, distinctive preformance of Doris Day on
"I May Be Wrong," "The Very Thought Of You,"
"Too Marvelous For Words" and "With a Song
In My Heart" The fine job of Harry James is
outstanding on "The Man I Love," "Limehouse
Blues" and the warm driving theme song of the
movie "Melancholy Rhapsody." The entire seore
of these songs as played in the movie are now
on a LP disc. If you enjoyed the movie, I know
you will enjoy this new Columbia album.
Tommy Dorseyy Glenn Miller, Duke Elling
ton, Hal Kemp, Larry Clinton and Ted Weems are
featured on the second in a series of LP releases
of Immortals. Tommy Dorsey's "Boogie Woogie"
was first recorded in 1938, and it has become one
of the biggest selling records of all time. The figure
to date Is between wiree end four million. This
disc is a better example of orchestral Boogie
Woogie. The unsung pianist who made "Boogie
Woogie" Dorsey's top hit is Harvan Smith, who
now leads his own outfit on the Garry Moore TV
The reasons for the survival of the Glenn
Miller legend are very clear to anyone who list
ens to the re-issue of the famous "Song Of The
Volga Boatmen." The same musical qualities that
have kept Miller's albums on the best seller lists
six years after his death are very much in evi
dence here.
This album is a collection of six great band
leaders and the songs they made famous. Each
man has earned his place in the music hall of fame.
Hear Duke Ellington with "Mood Indigo" and Ted
Weems with "Heart Aches." Here are six per-(
formers of various styles and ages that have sur-1
vived the test of time to live on as brillant ex
amples of the modern dance band era.
Lionel Hampton has a new LP disc out
entitled "Moonglow." On this disc Hampton
shows his ability to please every taste in dance
music. This albumn features Hampton on the
vibes on such favorites as ''Moonglow." 'Tent- '
bouse Serenade," "You Go To My Head" and
"Memories Of You."
Don't forget the Military Ball.
Society Editor
This is the "either-or" season
for formal or cocktail party fa
Skirts are either slim and slinky
or flounced with layers of ma
terial and made fuller by crino
line petticoats.
Slimness is emphasized by
formals that fit tight to the
knees and bell out enough for
walking room. The full-skirted
dress is usually made of mul
tiple layers of tulle and net
over heavy satins and taffetas.
Most necklines are either low
and scooped out or high with
a swather throat cover-up look.
And these necklines are ac
centuated by large pins, earrings,)
or chokers made of rhinestones,
crystal beads or pearls.
Formal hems either sweep the,
floor, reach upward on one side
or hang at ballerina length. Bal
lerina skirts are still favorites;
and come into their own with!
this year's fashionable full, full
skirt. j
For cocktail parties or teas, the
fashion is either a glamerous suit
or a lace dress some with cling-'
ing skirts and others belled out;
with taffeta and crinoline under
skirts. The winning color in satin,
taffeta, faille and velvet is
either black or white. But the
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We can give you top
quality service on your
formal Wardrobe
1124 L
Candid itywhifVc
CR Turns Fiend, Vainly Attempts
To Crash First Basketball Game
The business of column writing isn't all it's
cracked up to be; In fact, at this stage of journal
istic endeavor, about the only thing that is
cracked up Is your Candid Reporter.
The public just doesn't realize the amount
of brain fatigue which Is generated by a hap
teas reporter when she is trying to think of some
thing original to say in time for a deadline.
I can remember a far distant time when I was
calm, sympathetic young human being. Now,
alas, I can only be described as pathetic. Time was
when I beheld a misfortune befalling a friend of
mine, my first and only thought was, "How awful.
I hope she lsnt hurt too badly." Now the first
thing that pops Into my carer little mind is, "Aha,
material for my column the gorier the better!"
You can see that this Is Indeed a sad state of af
fairs. I have now degenerated Into such a fiend that
ym can be almost sure to find me peering
tSSsroaga keyholes, eavesdropping on all sorts of
.Amy Palmer,
conversations and at the scene of every cata
strophe. My beady little eyes are always looking
for something new to print.
Just to show you how bad things are, your
CR tried to crash the basketball "game the other
night without a ticket. Choosing a quiet minute
and an alert ticket taker, the old approach was
When asked for a ticket, the CR answered
she forgot hers, but had an ID card to show
she was a student. This didn't work too well so
a, football ticket which had seen better days
was produced.
After all other efforts had failed, a good old
tear-jerking story about "My brother Is on the
team and wants me to be here" was tried. The
ticket taker was just starting on his third kleenex
when some wise guy walked by and yelled, "Hey
Candid, what are you up to now?" Your CR did
not get into the game.
You see what I mean? Sometimes you just
can't win.
Intercollegiate Press
Tha Ptltf Makrukaa hi !) T ataale at 'tm umvcrK t i
t.rdi, to ArMela U af tea Bt-Lwi (oTbIbi .taaaai aaa
Ju, J i. tfc. aolaraS oUir at SMHtra thai aahllaatlaaa ena.r Ma lartadletiaa (hall aa (raa from a
?. a tha af tfea ar. a H Ui aarl at aa amaar at lb taaaitjr af tha a at tea warn
STaf a tm Naanuima an aaraaaallr rsapmalMa for what they aa. ar aa ar eaaaa la a ortntca."
SMr!p4a. mm rm amaaiar M M tiar or l.a. far tha aallcra raw, M W mall Statia 91 tm
Nnaraata) aa expraaaloa af ataJaBta bows and
hlteatlaaa aa admlnlataraS ar tha nr4 af
tr mm froia anrui
ban af
cgMMiial ffc af tmatea-a arrk44
v 'a , , ,
. , ibuiiar
t -,- ,r I flaa ,,-. . .
tar -"business STAFF
f-"Bn ffwpor . ... ..sav,
f i, Maaafera . M .
i I "far... ..,...,..,..,..,...
17, and at
fan ataeha
laaa Krgarar
Bath Barneaa. Daa Flaaar
........ Sua Gar to a, Jaa Stattaa. Kaa ftratra, Sblrlay Marah. Sal) Adama
. , .. Sab Bunk.
...... .........- Buraoaii aaanaar
Canal Gardsa
.............. .. ............. ...... Dal Btraalda
Ana Gtlhraa
... .. ......... MB Baarataa
Jack Oahca
Staa Slapta. SraoM Strra, Fata aVrcatea
. ..... Cbaak Barmalatar
. . . SOME like them long
. . . SOME LIKE them short
. . . BUT ALL LIKE THEM hauntingly
Be sure to cast a bewitching spell on any stag
line for the gala evening just ahead.
Over the phone ... on the campus ... in the dorms
. . . it's the talk of the town . . . that fabulous FAMOUS
COSTUME JEWELRY ... at prices that will even make
dad smile.
1218 0 Street
Of coune you may charge.
And of course the Military Ball
Is the big event this weekend.
Just a "short" list of some of the
dates includes Joan Spohn and
Everett Smith. Joanne Eppard and
John O'Brien, Kay Kopecky and
Jerry Lawson, Ann Lundi and
Bob Albers, Bonnie Ciries ana
Reed Daffer, Lillian Rogers and
Claude Organ, Janet Beran and
Max Littleton, Alice Reade and
Carl Olson, Lianne Farrell and
Norm Rasmussen, Rose Gingery
and Haskell Fishell. Janet wecker
and Del Cross, Yvonne Moran and
Bob Young, Marj Nelson and Tim
Nelson (no relation). Rita Angell
and John Kalverey, Jane Brode and
Don Overhalt, Ann McKamy ana
Duffy Olson, Ray Fritzler and
Larry Smith, Muggs Bedford and
Bernie Goodman, Jim McGeachin
ana Wlb Gass, Bert Linn ana
Shirley Langhus, Bill Cannon and
Shirley Devier, Katy Kelly and
Lloyd Knapp, Marilyn Stanley
and John Carr, Dee Smith and
Pat Engle, Jim Weber and Sandra
Daley, Betty Scoville and Don
Anderson, Letha Zalkin and Bob
Pitlor, Mary Ludi and Eugene
Riddle, and Carol Milroy and
Wink Stebbms.
Looks like the Student Di
rectory, doesn't it?
But to take a short breather
from military affairs, let's look
at the more romantic side of
thi" s.
Sally Kjelson and Tom McVay,
Doaie lhott ana Jim Massey, ana
Marilyn Mangold and Dale Sass
decided that things were getting
just a little more serious than
just casual dating. They're now
going steady.
Things became even more seri
ous for frequent daters Kay Som-
mers and Rocky Yapp, Shirley
Hamilton and Dick Duerr, Sue
Holmes and Bill Hodder, Gary
Ford and Neala O'Dell, and Reva
Gittleman and Leonard Moser.
They announced their pinnings
last Monday. Also, some may have
noticed Bev Reckewey's pin from
Neil Prince, who is now serving
Uncle Sam.
And the newest engagement
is that of Joan Chicoine and
Bud Koyen, of Fremont.
Also someone told me that
Jo Dosek was seen wearing
Jack Scoville's pin Saturday
night. Maybe it was a joke, but
it looked pretty serious at the
Congrats to Mary Fuelberth,
who was chosen Sigma Chi pledge
And now back to more Military
Ball news. More of the dates to
look for will be those of Pete
Bergsten with Ginny Franks,
Charlie Meehan and Faye Nelson,
firnnr Whitnev and Beth Alden.
Bruce Kennedy and Jo Wallace,
Claude Berreckman and Connie
Sehnert, Shirley Mead and Don
Gustafson, Barbie Arendt and
Marty Mathieson, buzie btoenr
and John Tatom, and Dave Jones
and Suzl Adams and Donna Pres-
cott and Dick Goll.
And now. cals. it's your turn
to ask vour date to the Black
Masque ball!
Art Honorary Sells
Christmas Cards
Christmas cards, designed and
printed by Delta Phi Delta, na
tional art honorary, are now on
sale. They may be ourchased
from any memDer or ordered in
the art office in Morrill Hall.
These cards priced at two for
15c, are an art project set each
year. This year they were printed
from original woodcuts featuring
Christmas designs in abstraction,
based on the type used by Adolph
Gottleile, a leading obstractionist
Proceeds from the car sales are
used by theorganization to fi
ance exhibits, social functions and
sending delegates to the national
Union committee meetings: per
sonnel, 5 p.m.; public relations,
7 p.m.; square dance, 7 p.m.; con
vocations, S p.m.; music, 5 p.m.
YWCA: office staff, 3 p.m.;
freshman commission. 4 n.m
senior commission, 4 p.m.; fresh-
man commission, 5 p.m.
Cosmopolitan club: movie on
Brazil, 7:30 p.m., Union 316.
Cornhusker pictures at west
stadium; Delian Union, 5 p.m., de
bate squad, 5:15 p.m.
A lovely young thing name
of Joy,
Masked her hoy friend cog
nomen of Roy,
Said she, "First, I'll mask
And then I will ask you
To the Black Masque BoM"
"Oh Boy!"
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