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    Friday, November 9, 1951
Tom Rische-
The Dead Mouse
The latest chapter in the series of proposals and
counter-proposals between Russia and the United
States-was written Thursday when Soviet Foreign
Minister Andrei Y. Vishinsky rejected the new
allied rearmament He remarked that Truman and
Acheson had given birth to "a mouse a dead
mouse" when they proposed the new rearmament
plan. The whole exchange had a very familiar
Qvl DorudsJiiand
Staff Writer
Baptist Student .bouse, 315
North 15th street, C B. Howells,
ring-Lin fact it was not at all unlike the ex- an(j keep them there at all times." It was really pastor. Saturday-pigskin party
changes which have been occurring with semi-
regularity for the past six years.
A world weary of war heard Vishinsky re
iterate the rehashed and rerehashed assertion
that-the United States started the Korean war
and Is even now planning a third world conflict
Some of his other demands were that the U.N.
declare the North Atlantic pact illegal, that a
fivcpower peace pact be concluded, that im
mediate peace be made In Korea with all foreign
troops out of the country in three months and
that a world conference of nations discuss re
armament As usual, the world's "peace-lovers"
were called upon to support this stand.
not new or startling; it was merely a reiteration during game broadcast Sunday
of a reasonable proposal which had been presented
many times before.
On its face, Vishinsky's proposal for destruc
tion of all atomic weapons, prohibition of manu
facture of more atomic bombs and use of atomic
energy for civilian benefits is reasonable enough.
But the trouble would come in the application
of the atomic de-emphasis. As in the past
Russia would probably object to having her own
store of weapons inspected. To allow inspection
within Russia would mean lowering the Iron
Curtain. To lower the Iron Curtain might mean
the end 'of the communist dictatorship.
Perhaps it was a little too much to expect a Such is the state of affairs at the present time.
Church school and morning wor
ship in city churches; 6 p.m., joint
meeting with Canterbury club at
Episcopal chapel, 13th and R, with
Dr. William Swindler, speaker.
Friday, 6:45 a.m., cooperative
Bible study group; 7:30 p.m., grad
uate and married student forum.
University Episcopal chapel,
13th and R streets, Jack Sweigart,
pastor. Friday, 7 a.m.. Holy Com
munion; 5 p.m., evening prayer.
Saturday, 5 p.m., evening prayer.
Sunday, 9 a.m., Holy Communion
with breakfast following; 11 a.m.,
morning prayer and sermon; 4:30
quiescent ana yielding repiy u me ouvieis. ine unuea ouues is uiuuuuuuig a mm f"""-'-i Canterbury club supper and meet
They had to say what they did in order to save Meanwhile Russia is maintaining her firm-as-irjg; 7 p.m., evening prayer; 7:15.,
face. Their reply left little room for compromise, usual policy with the West Someday someone is, Bible discussion with Dr. William
President Truman's proposal had called for a going to have to give. But when that someone gives,
world-wide inspection of all arms so that "all na- more is going to be involved than dead mice. It
tions would have to lay their cards on the table may be dead men.
.Don Piepsr.
To Be Or Not To Be
Swindler, speaker. Monday' 5 p.m.,
evening prayer; 7:30 p.m., Canter
bury auxiliary. Tuesday, 1:30 p.m.,
Canterbury auxiliary; 5 p.m., eve
ning prayer; 7 p.m., discussion
group. Wednesday, 7 a.m., Holy
H Communion; 5 p.m., evening
I prayer. Thursday, 5 p.m., evening
I prayer.
ISA looked up from its troubles Monday eve- strong organization to put over such schemes, j
ning and wondered if it was all worth it There After the possibilities of a good ISA were thor-j Lutheran Student service, Alvin
were so many troubles and the future looked so oughly discussed, Turner reminded the group that;M. Petersen pastor. Friday-Sun-
. , . . . . . i j . , .w . i day-Midwest Regional LSA con
grim. Ever since the organization broke up last he still wanted to know if there were enoughference Dana college, Blair, Neb.
year, there has not been any semblance of strength, people around who actualy thought enough of the Friday,' 8 p.m., open house at 1440
Bristol Turner, the appointed president of the ideas they had been expounding all evening toQ. Sunday, 9:15 a.m., iBble study
group, has tried, honestly I think, to' pull the work hard for ISA In other words. Turner wanted ; at 1M0 Jorth7th and 10-!
3 to 4,000 independent University students into his a show-down vote. "Do we actually want to con-1'",13 and a, meet
organization. They just would not be pulled. Mem- tinue the Independent Student association?" wasiat 1440 Q at 4:45 p.m., a mission
bership and financial difficulties mounted until the question put before the meeting. The answer iary. Dr. Elmer Danielson will
Monday it seemed that the time had come for ISA was unanimous and affirmative. ISA has decided speak on'Can Christianity Wm
that though it troubles are almost overpowering. 3 lfpper and
It will continue to try and offer something worth- jSpeaker, Dr. Danielson. Monday,
while to the independent ,6 p.m., Lutheran grad club at 1440
The first offering will be presented Saturday Q for supper and speaker. Pastor
Staff Writer
"A Streetcar Named Desire,"
film version of the Pulitzer prize-
winning stage production, Degan
Wednesday at the State theater.
Co-starring Vivien Leigh and
Omaha's Marlon Brando, "A
Streetcar Named Desire" is an
Elia Kazan production. Others in
the Tennessee Williams play are
Kim Hunter, Karl Maiden, Rudy
Bond and Peg Hillias, who, with
Brando, re-create their original
New York roles. j
In brief, the film deals with j
Blanche DuBois, (Miss Leigh)
who, after traveling on a street
car named Desire, reaches a sec- !
tion of the old French quarter in !
New Orleans to visit her sister j
Stella (Miss Hunter).
siena s nusDana aunieyi
(Brando) is common and Blanche
tells him so. He nurses a cruel de
sire to break down the vestiges of j
her personality and investigate j
her past. That past he learns, is
He continues badgering her un
til Blanche, who has been travel
ing the road to madness in an
alcoholic, sexual dream suffers a
complete breakdown. Stanley is
then rebuffed by his wife and his
embittered friends.
"Decision Before Dawn," Twen
tieth Century-Fox's wartime adventure-drama
featuring Richard
Basehart, Gary Merril, Oskar
Werner and Hildegarde Neff, is
now playing at the Lincoln.
Filmed entirely in West Ger
many, the picture deals with a
little known World War II epi
sode when German prisoners of
war .disgruntled with then
plight and anxious for the end
of hostilities, volunteered to spy
on their own country for the
Richard Basehart plays the
American officer 'Who guides the
dangerous mission behind enemy
lines: Merrill is the intelligence
chief who stakes his military car
eer on the success of the opera
Fi'med under the scrutiny
the allied high commission for
Germany, the production unit
found it necessary to get various
allied governments to permit
them to use captured German
weapons, German actors and
American soldiers.
buccaneers in hand-to-hand com
bat with defenders of three Brit
ish ships attacked on the high
0 seas. .
But essentially, she Is a woman
of the sea. As such, she dies
fighting and goes to a watery
Steve Cockran, star of "The
Tanks Are Coming," was once a
"Decision Before Dawn" is professional boxer which probably
based on George Howe's novei,
"Call It Treason." ,
The skull-and-crossbones are
back on the Stuart marquee. The
technicolor production, "Anne of
the Indies," which began Tuesday,
recreates the exploits of Captain
Providence, the last of the lady
Captain Providence was a stu
dent of Black beard, termed the
mightiest pirate of them all. A
woman of great daring with
beauty to match, portrayed by
Jean Peters, Captain Providence
roamed the Caribbean sea in
search of English ships of commerce.
Feared by seamen, sought by
accounts for the realism displayed
in the fight sequences of this war
In the film, Cochran plays a
tank commander who rules his
crew with an iron fist When
one of the resenting crewmen
decides to oppose him, Cochran
resorts to those fists, with tell
ing effectiveness.
Co-starring with the slugger is
Mari Aldon, in "The Tanks Are
Coming" at the Varsity theater.
adventurous and armorous
Ten Initiated Into
Phi Sigma lotaa
Ten University students were
sea 'initiated into Phi Sigma Iota, Ro
mance language national honor so
ciety, Thursday night.
Those initiated were: Kathryn
Severns, Martha Ann Clark, Jane
Dein, Sarah McGrath, Harry Uer
ling, Doris Carlson, Nancy Koeh
ler, Marion Brown, Sydna Fuchi
to take a good look at itself.
Tnrner asked the mass meeting how ISA
members felt about their faltering organization.
The answers were serious and thoughtful but
not too constructive. Many suggestions were made
ms to what the group could sponsor to make the
independent population of the campus sit up and
take notice. Someone said that a book pool should
be started. A laundry pool whereby members
could present their ISA cards to local laundries
and receive discounts was suggested. Another
member thought that ISA should sponsor regular
panels featuring prominent campus personalities
discussing current problems. Many suggestions
of this type were made, but it would take a
evening in the form of a sock dance. Every penny
service, will speak on "The Re-
'Where In Hell Are The Christians?'
Asks Newspaper Editor, Pastor
ISA has and a few more is going into this jstonsible Minority." Tuesday, 7:15
dance. If there is not a good crowd, there will be p.m., vespers, 1440 Q. Thursday,
no ISA bank account With no bank account even 1 7:15 p.m, vespers at 1440 Q.
a unanimous declaration of determination by its,
j Methodist Student bouse, 1417 R
street Richard W. Nutt pastor.
Friday, 7:30 p.m, scavenger hunt
Saturday, 1 p.m, council retreat
Sunday, 5:30 p.m, Wesley Fireside
with Msgr. George Schuster,
speaker. Attend mass at St Mary's
cathedral at 11 a.rn. Monday-Fri-:
day, 3:30 to 5 p.m, "Do-Drop-In"
hour. Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. Kappa
Phi; 7 p-m, STE cabinet meeting.
Wednesday, 6:50 p.m, Wesley
Religious Society of Friends
I (Quakers), 302 south 28th street
Sunday, 9:45 a-m, meeting for
worship; 10:30 ajn, discussion: tne
members cannot hold a group together.
The facts show that ISA is struggling to get
off the floor and provide something for its
members. Saturday it will provide a dance for
the University as a whole. This dance will either
second the declaration of ISA or lower the boom.
-Rev. Rex KnowJes.
captains, and hunted by the Brit
ish navy, this she-devil ranks in
stature with such famous and in
famous buccaneers as Henry Mor
gan and Jean LaFitte.
In "Anne of the Indies," Provi-
dences personality traits are.
shown as the show follows her j and Arlene Irons.
career from the time of her meet-j Requirements for membership
ing the handsome French Naval ,jn the national honorary are an
Captai.5 Pierre Francois La Roch- overall 6 average, enrolled for 12
elle to her death at the hands of University hours, a junior or bet
Blackboard's superior fire power, ter enrolled in an advanced Ro-
jmance language course.
Following initiation, Lois Fred-
Cruel, she shoots nine men to
death and tortures scores of
other captives, including Debra
Generous, she saves the life of
Louis Jour dan on several ccas
sions, and divides her spoils
with her men.
Brave, she leads her drunken)
ericks read a paper entitled,
temporary French Art
A Newspaper man wrote an editorial indicting campus.
fnr Snipnifi-anr and moral inwtia. Loss af fatesrritv in our class work. Little CUT-
An irate minister stormed into the news office, pose and direction in our living. Escape in drinking, Ip?1 ommumty h?
million Christians in the world? To this the editor difference. Secularism and materialism and the
replied calmly, "Where in hell are they?" worship of the gods of personal and group prestige.
Iff an important question the editor asked. In such a bell as this, where are the Chris-
It's a question we must ask as we look at our
The government is troubled with bribery and
graft" The military is spending $09,006,000,000
this year as opposed to $8,000,009 for UNESCO).
Nation fears nation. People hate people. Brother
tills In-other.
For the sake ef freedom, we are depriving
men f life Itself. To promote happiness we are
creating misery. Out of love of peace we are
again at war.
In such a hell as this, where are the Christians?
It is a question we must ask ac we look at our
How many students are active in spiritual
endeavors? Bow many attend church every Sun
day? How many take advantage of the oppor
tunity to study their religions heritage in their
student bouses? How many continue the practice
of prayer?
LUTHERAN' (Missouri Synod)
Divine Worship on campus. Un
ion Bldg, Room 315, every Sun
day, 10:45 am, with anthem by
choir under direction of Harry
Giesselman. Sermon text next
Sunday: 1 Thess. 4:13-18. Gamma
Delta, Chritian knowledge and
fellowship group, Sunday, 5:30
p.m., Univ. YMCA lounge. Tem
ple, beginning with cost supper.
Swedish Film To Begin Friday
The Swedish film, "Torment," land finds himself in a dilemma
win De presented Dy tne univer- when he discovers that the boy
f not only his pupiL but his rival.
Tickets are 65 'cents' and may be He uses many subtle and sadistic
obtained at the YMCA office in methods for showing his hate for
the Temple building. e boy.
The movie is centered around a The dialogue is in Swedish with j
psychotic teacher, a girl who is English subtitles. The movie won j
hasty in her decisions about sex,;the "Grand Prix du Cinema" at
and a boy who is confused about the Cannes International Film
love and the teacher who is his festival. The New Yorker pro
Latin instructor. ! claimed the photography to be "?
The teacher has a hate complex miracle of clarity" and the scene
ri "uniformly authenlic." Time maf-
Tirlrefx For Smaraasbard azwe highly recommended thf
. . . . picture.
To Go On Sale Nov. I j
Tickets will go on sale Tues
day, Nov. 13, for the third annual
Home Ec Smorgasbord to be held
Thursday, Nov. 29. in the Foods
and Nutrition building.
Sponsored and prepared by the
Home Economics club, the Smor
gasbord will have as its theme the
United Nations, and will feature
food from foreign countries.
Due to limited space, only 250
tickets are available for the Smor
gasbord. They may be obtained in
the Home Ec building and Ag Un
ion lor $1-33. Joan bnarp is
charge of the Smorgasbord.
"tin" amsirw m ifrrc tr"VtTicf ianc fn nrrwlsnwi ! .
vr . p-rrL cana room xemplev
leach, and engage in fellowship; to witness to a Al Norden, Partor.
faith, to teach the meaning of the faith, and to :y:::;";;;;;s:
worship corporately with ethers of the faith. Are 'Hi
we fulfilling our purposes. If not
Where in hell are the Christians?
Attention Girls!
If it's a card for a Boy,
Husband or Dad, see the
Goldenrod Stationery Store
215 North 14th Street
Lambert Bartak
and his orchestra
Dancing 9 until 12
Couples Only
A dm. SL'O Per Couple
Tax Included
Kfc tf One j Tmm Thf FHl'l Tin
w , or )ri Dr I 9r I oy
1 . 1 1 b 1 1 i; 1 si m 1 11 .
IMS I -S 1 Jl tMt MS I 1.4
14 j Jl I t.l IJ I "1.
JI-JS i J I I ft I f.4I I 1.JJ
I i s jira t m t.5
Include addmset whea figur
ing ret
Bring ads to Daily Nebraska!
basinets ffk-e. Student Cnion,
r mail wit correct mnh
and insertions desired.
stop worrying tut utwe mane
far prtr Request Jlmmv PhiUip
Combo 2-Bm Oar. S-7717 Evening.
'Zt Bairk. Ra3to and healer. Good con.
dltjoti Good ftotdL 2-462.
LOST Crueii vcri-Utia 1Ui lidu brow
tnai. in suidlaai on track Nov. S. K IM
reward. Bring to Daily Neorukaa office.
LOST Chrome pencil lirh'er. on
Cull Robert SHarp. 2-2251.
WAJCTED: Toner xnu to solicit for
utioeiai elutt. FoH or part lime. Ex
cellent oortouy. Comaianoa bin.
American SbeM Collector Soeietr. Bos
run Losfe. lowa.
ORDEJR four C3u-iin 4ft
PPointment Avon represent! trvc.
IXST: PI Beta Pbi arrow pin If ft la
fonr4 cJi a. J. Hal) at 2-4 6V4
(The views expressed in the;
Dear Editor column are those of
tne writer and not necessarUj
those of The Daily Xebraskan.)
Judging Clarified
Dear Editor:
Because of ibe many ''rumors"
nd complaint in regard to toe
awards for the Homecoming bouse
decorations, I feel that complete
clarification til th judging is
necessary. In order Chat all the
groups that participated will not
bave any hard feelings toward the
judges, the Innocents Society, or
toward the winners.
It .eems that aeveral til the
bouses that participated in the
bouse deoor aliens feel, or have
beard, that they were disqualified
from the judging because their
displays were "in bad tarte." This
is false completely nd un
equivocally jtalse, Ho bouse was
disqualified from the Judging for
this reason ioim bouse was dis
qualified becaust til the expense
taut snd that did nut make any
difference to the Judging or plac
ing til the winners or that bouse).
In y ester oar's Zaly Kebras
jkan an article appeared ttrglnr
clarifk-atios f ibe matter and
offered everaJ retiitta. One
44 these cntgestMnas was that
the 1 bad taste" f the "cug
jests" be screened whea
the entries are evhssitted. This
was (done. A conamtttee f
three students went ever eatb
and every one of them. TVs
bouses were contacted and they
were told that their proposed i
displays were "suggestive." De i
house changed their Idea enouira
to get buy the ether went rigiit
ahead and nsed their original
idea. So Miss Benjamin's idea
in The Daily Nebraskan has al
ready been carried out in the
opinion of three students. All
the other bouses were suppos
edly accepted both from the
point of "no duplication" and
The Innocents Society this year
made a sincere effort to do some
thing about the judging of the
displays in order that some stan
dardization could be started. In
the past years the judging was
somewhat of a farce in many
repjects. The judges would go
around to ail the houses and then
just pick three in each division
that they lilted. This year judg
iing form was devised that we fell
jput the judging on a fair basis.
It went something like this: Ali
the displays were rated on four
points: construction appearance,
relationship t Homecoming
theme, and originality. Th,e four
categories were weighted 2-2-2-4
(total 10), The judges were in
structed iv give each bouse a grade
running between 19 higb) and I
low. This made it possible to
multiply the grade toy the factor
and arrive at a score running
somewhere between 30 and 300, i
When the three judges forms
were added together it would gi ve
a score somewhere below 200 (the
possible). The winners received
270 (mens) and 266 (womens).,
We felt that this was a huge suc
cess in spite of the comment
caused by the losers.
In selecting the Judges we
, made an earnest effort to pick
people that we felt represented
: various branches of the Univ
ersity. I think they did an ad
mirable Job. Xo one can ap
preciate the judging until they
try to de ft, It is an extremely
difficult Job t say the least,
! Along this line each judge
l makes bis own decisions and
! grades them accordingly if a
certain judge felt that a certain
display was in poor taste then I
suppose be graded down a little.
I dur't know for sure, but after
all we selected three people we
think entirely competent, and
they judged the way we wauled
them to the way they saw
them, Naturally there will be
differences of pinion they ex
isted among the judges to a de
gree. In closing, I would like to say
that I hope that there will not be
any bard feelings among the or
ganizations, and I hope this letter
serves to clarify the matter. The
success of lioijaecoming depends
on all the bouses . entering the
competition. Whether they win or
lose they are all necessary. Here's
hoping for a bigger and better
Homecoming next year.
Dick Eillig
Homecoming House
Decoration Ctom.
JIisl (Daily Tbha&karL
Intercollegiate Press
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the bo&ke shirred and gtrtp
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bustle effect. The net shadowed
pane! in alternating coJors,
are wetUid with grosgrain blacks
for a built-in apron, with
mzuhmf taffeta alio.
Second Floor