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    Thursday, November 8, 1 951
Glassford Shuffles Grid Team
As Nebraska Prepares For IS
Sports Staff Reporter
A number of tentative changes
in the offensive and defensive
platoons marked the Nebraska
Cornhuskers' Wednesday practice
zrcoaiuu as me ouanci. aim wram
continued preparations for its Sat
urday contest against the Iowa
State Cyclones at Ames.
Coach Bill Glassford an
nounced the following switches
from last week's alignment
which fell at the hands of the
Kansas Jay hawkers 27-7 here.
John Bordogna will return to
the Quarterback slot replacing
Don Norrls as number one signal
caller. Bordogna, fully recovered
nnlds. when the Husker all
American was sidelined with an
injured shoulder.
Reynolds, who played sixty
minutes of football against Kan
sas, has been tabbed for only of
fensive duty against Iowa State.
Bob Decker will move back to de
fensive safety and Smith will fill
the open defensive halfback po
sition. .
The tentative orrenslve line
up announced by Glassford Is
as follows: Frank Simon and
Dick Regler, ends; Wayne Hand
shy and George Prochaska,
tackles; Joe Ponselgo. and Clay
ton Curtiss, guards; Schroeder,
center; Bordogna, quarterback;
set against Dubuque In 1919.
The Iowa Staters have already
broken their record for touch
down passes In one season with
eleven money tosses breaking
the 1950 mark of ten.
In the Wayne game, young
Mann tied a record held jointly
by Ron Norman and Weeks by
tossing three touchdown passes.
Thus far this season, Mann ha6
made ten passes good for touch
downs to wipe out the mark set
by Weeks in 1950.
To show his versatility, the fab
ulous youngster from Spencer,
Iowa intercepted four passes last
Saturday in the Cyclones loss to
Assistant Sports fcrtltor
it is quite impossible for these fingers to type out a diagnosis for
a winning football team, but it does impress me, after my few
years of observation, that an essential characteristic of a winning
eleven is its desire to play football.
Some sihletes are born with this inherent characteristic and
desire for body contact and live for the fall months when they can
match their grit, prowess and football finesse against opposition
spurned by similar traits. :
Such an athlete is George Gohde. George is a handsome sophomore
at the University of Nebraska whose desire to play football deserves ber g
special praise auring ue pieseui unuiuaMi woms oncan..
Nebraska 'B' And '
Teams Info Action
Sports Staff Reporter
The University of Nebraska "B"
team will journey to Iowa State
to play the Cyclone "B" squad
m p "ootball game riaay, isovem-
iir fii
Courtesy Lincoln Star.
' Dick Regler
from a bruised rib suffered in the
Missouri game, held the quarter
back job in spring practice and
through the early games of this
However, unexpected back
field losses necessitated the hard
running sophomore's switch to
a right halfback post During
his tenure as the man under' in
the Husker T-formation earlier
In the year, Bordogna, though
hindered by inexperience,
showed good-ball handling
Ken Schroeder is slated to start
at offensive center in place of
Verl Scott. The boys have been in
a nip and, tuck fight over the cen
ter slot all season with Scott hav
ing the better of the argument
until now.
Other changes show freshman"
Bob Smith taking over the right
halfback post vacated by Bor
dogna. Smith's showing this sea
son has been a bright spot in the
sputtering Husker offense as he
adequately filled in for Bob Rey-
Courtesy Lincoln Star.
Ken Schroeder
Reynolds, left halfback; Smith,
right halfback; and Ray Novak,
The defensive platoon will line
up with Dennis Emmanuel and
Bill Schabacker, ends; Ed Hus
mann and Jerry Minnick, tackles;
Don Boll and Carl Brasee, guards;
Cliff Hodd and Bob Mullen, line
backers; Smith and Jim Yeisley,
halfbacks; and Decker, safety.
Wednesday's practice session
was again devoted mainly to work
on the Cornraisker pass detense,
All of the Nebraska opponents
this season have taken advantage
of the Husker secondary weakness
and no relief is expected from the
The record speaks for itself.
Thus far this Reason Iowa State
has broken two team records and
tied three others in passing,
Sdphomore Dick Mann, replacing
the fabulous Bill Weeks is in
volved in all of the records.
As a team the Cyclones tossed
four touchdown passes against
Wayne University to tie a mark
Iowa State Swimmers Placed On The
1951 Ail-American Swimming Team
. Led by Bob Brown, sprinter,
Iowa State placed four men on
the 1951 all-Amencan swimming
team, Coach Jack McGuire an
nounced today.
In addition four other all-Amer-icans
are on the 1952 squad.
Brown won places in both the
50 and 100 yard free style relay
team which rated sixth in the na
tion. Other members of the Ail
American relay team were Ed
LaBerge; Russ Thomas, and Mai
Brown set the 60-yard free
style record for the NCAA with
a mark of :Z7.3 while nis :su.?
time for the 100 is also a na
tional mark. Lee Anderson is
listed as the record holder for
the 200-yard back stroke with a
mark of 2:17.5. All three records
are for the 60-foot pool.
Mike LeM.iir and John Kruse,
both teammates at. Roosevelt of
... ..S,.-.,V!"-
Des Moines, and Dale Lucas of
North Des Moines, also made the
interscholastic ail-American team.
LeMair is a breast stroke man,
Kruse a sprinter, and Lucas earned
his place in the individual meaiey.
Kruse was also a member of the
Roosevelt sprint relay team. Kruse
and LeMair were two-thirds of
the nation's top medley relay
Bob Best, a member of the 1951
Fullerton, Cal., junior college team
had three firsts and a second in
his All-American junior college
listings. He also set the national
junior college record of 1:03 for
the 100-yard breast stroke in 75
foot pools. Best, who is a transfer
student at Iowa State and not
eligible this fall, was No. 1 in both
the 100 and 200 yard breast stroke
events and a member of the Ful
lerton medley relay team which
was No. 1. He placed second in
the 150-yard individual medley.
Courtesy Lincoln Star.
Frank Simon
Colorado to equal an eight year
record set by Howard Tippee in
1943 against Iowa Pre-flight.
' Mann leads the Big Seven
conference in passing with 63
completions in 131 tosses good
for 853 yards.
In Mai Schmidt, the Cyclones
also boast the conference's lead
ing pass receiver as he holds a
slight edge over Nebraska's Si
mon. However, Schmidt may be
called upon to go both ways
against the Cornhuskers, as ends
Bob Voefberg and Bob Rohwed
der are on the doubtful list due to
injuries. Schmidt has caught 20
passes for 331 yards thus far in
the campaign.
The Iowa State passing coupled
with a substantial ground offen
sive gives Glassford plenty of
reason for worry over the Husker
defense. A thorough workout for
the defensive platoon was given
the Huskers last night with more
slated for later in the week. In
dividual scrimmaging shared the
practice hours with the defensive
Meanwhile, Business Manager
A. J. Lewandowski announced
that there are still bleacher seats
remaining for both the Colorado
and Oklahoma games. However,
the Oklahoma . supply is rapidly
George's background shows that he has been quite successful
In his football endeavors. He played on the Lincoln high school
squad for two years, capturing all-state prep honors in his senior
George's abilities also served him ' in baseball and basketball
as well as in the field of scholarship. He .was graduated from high
school with numerous athletic laurels and George was being boomed
for collegiate football.
Deciding to bring his wares to Nebraska, George immediately
tried out ireshman xootball team. Coacn a.uj .iif 1 i.o -
man football coach, commented "mat irom a iooioaii taiiupoiiiw
George was one of the. finest trainers." George wasn't planning to
play on his press clippings.
George had a good year with the Nebraska frosh team that year
playing defensive halfback. He was a good pass defender and a
sharp tackier, fitting in well with Hanscom's freshman team plans.
The scene switcnes and it Is one year iater. After spending a
summer of hard labor to stay in shape, we see George accompany
ing other varsity hopefuls to the Curtis training camp.
VHead tutor, Bill Glassford, worked George at a new position,
nigrrl. because of his love of contact work. He looked like fine
notential line material standing at 5'11" and weighing 175 with
ability to start quickly and get his assignments done.
As a result of the three week strenous ordeal, George was "cut'
to me B team. Although George thinks guard is a "good position,"
he prefers the backfield. This was in no way involved wun nis not.
making the varsitv sauad.
Today George Gohde still loves lootoau ana is sun giving nis an.
lie is not piaying wnn uie varsuy as one , imgm cajjci;v, uut
been starting for the Nebraska B team.
Today, Coach Ike Hanscom will tell you that "George Is as well
versed In football techniques and fundamentals as anyone on his
squad. He is a hard worker with a great desire to play."
'in bur way of thinking, George Gohde should serve as a symbol of
determination to those men, who we regretfully think are numerous.
on the varsity football team who have lost all spirit and have taken
an "I don't give a damn attitude."
There are men who were not in possession of this football desire
we speak of; men in the same situation as George Gohde who quit
the game or went off to play for other schools. That's why you'll
not see names like Gasson, Anderson and Hoppens on any jNeorasKa
football grid roster.
To men like Levendusky. Sommers, Westih, Dale, Goll, and Tang-
dall whose spirits have likewise been undented for lending their serv
ices for B team games, is their much deserved credit due.
It wasn't too long ago that a pudgy 155 pound guard from Kimball
was wasting away his talent on the Nebraska Nubbins team. His
determination, desire and guts, landed him a starting berth of the
1950 scarlet team.
After his final year, Don Strasheim was awarded a place on the
all-conference football team and will go down in Nebraska
annuals as one of the finest lineman.
Let the Strasheim spirit guide you men and let us all hope that
the members of, for the most, part, an uninspired football team
arise and overcome a weakness 'that can claim a parade of opposi
tions touchdowns this fall.
ihe following day. the Corn-
husker 'C" team will go to Sew
ard for a game with Concordia
College. This will be the first
game for the "C" team.
Friday's "B" team game will
be the fifth tussle for the nub
bins. In previous games, the
Hnskers have ron two and lost
two. The nubbins' wins came
n l. the expense of Missouri "B"
team and Scottsbluff Junior col
lege. The losses came at the hands of
the Colorado "B" team and the
Missouri "B" squad.
The Iowa State junior varsity
will be playing their fifth and
final game of the season. So far
the junior Cyclones have won
three and lost one. One of their
wins was a 21-12 triumph over
the Missouri "B" team. By com-
Intramural Swimming
Meet Begins Monday
The 1951 intramural swimming
meet will begin Monday, and con
tinue through Friday.
Events will consist of 50-yard
free style, 100-yard breast stroke,
220-yard free style, 100-yard back
stroke, 100-yard free style, 75-
yard individual medley, diving,
150-yard medley relay and 200
yard free style relay.
parative scores the Huskers are
the underdogs.
Lineups for the Iowa State
Offensive Defensive
LE Mink Loehr LE
LT Sebold Bingham LT
LG Dale Krlpal LG
C Watson Singer RG
RG Paulson Holloran RT
RT Oliver Bauer RE
RE Lee Rankin LB
QB Rankin . , . Levendusky LB
LH Thayer Moore HB
RH Goll Chamley HB
FB Gohde ftroMn C
Leading the attack for the jun
ior Cyclones will be Le Spence,
freshman nalfback. bnence has
scored five of the Cyclones' six
touchdowns. Another cog in the
I-State attack is Dean Peterson,
a freshman fullback.
The "C" team game on Satur
day, November 10, will find the
Huskers going against one of the
finest junior college teams m Ne
braska. The Concordians have lost
only one game this season.
In compiling huge scores, the
Concordia team has set new
passing records. With three good
passing Quarterbacks and a fine
end corps, the Concordians have
used their aerial attack to over
whelm their opponents. The
Huskers will be underdogs in
this contest.
The Nebraska lineup:
LE Lange RE Scott
LT Les Roberts (2B Arnost
LG Lanik LH Thorell
C Mills RH Sterba
RG Barrett FB Russell
RT Leffler
Phi Delts Victorious
Over ATO's, 2-0
Sports Staff Reporter
In the play-offs Beta Theta Pi
and Sigma Alpha Epsilon B teams
showed plenty of fire in a semi
final game. . ; 1
At the end of the game the
score read 12-0 in favor of Beta
Theta Pi.
On the third play the Betas
scored a touchdown on a 45-yard
pass from Miller Whitham to Tim
Weeks. -There
was no more scoring in
the first half. After the two
squads had battled to a stand
still In the third quarter, the
Beta squad again came through
to score on 25-yard pass play
from Whitham to Neil Thum
baugh, a fine offensive player
for the Beta S squad.
Team members who showed
some fine . team spirit and also
some fine playing ability, which
is the characteristics of an out
standing player where Miller
Whitham, Neil Thumbaugh and
Tom Weeks.
1 These boys are very fine offen
sive players, while their team
mates, Taj Ean, lineman for the
Betas, Rocklord "Rocky" Yapp,
also a fine lineman for the Betas,
and Paul Shedd, who plays a great
game at end for his team.
These linemen should not be
left out for without their fine
blocking and aggressive line play
the boys who make the T.D.s could
not hope to go very far.
The other game which was
played In the Intramural second
squad playoffs was the hard bat
1 tied game between Phi Delta
Theta and Alpha Tau Omega, in
which Phi Delta Theta em
merged victoriously over the
The final score in the game was
2 to 0, which was scored on one
of the first plays of the game. The
score came as the A.T.O. center,
centered the ball over the head of
quarterback, Bill Weber, who
raced into the end-zone to receive
the ball.
As he attempted to run the
badly centered ball from the end
tone the Phi Delt linemen sur
rounded and tagged him.
WAA Sports Columnist
Kappa Alpha Theta's number
one team made the highest num
ber of points so far recorded in
the girls volleyball tournament.
It will be difficult for any other
team to equal the Theta 76-11
win over the Kappa number three
team. Ginny Noble was server
while 46 of the Theta's 76 points
were made. Looking at the Theta
scoring against the Kappas the
Thetas will be one of the con
tenders for the intramural volley'
ball champions.
The scoring of the other Mon
day games was not quite so
spectacular. Alpha Xi Delta de
feated Chi Omega number
fours 43-27. The Alpha Phi
number one team with Peggy
Wells serving 17 points defeated
Delta Gamma number two,
Dorm number two, Alpha Chi
Omega number one, and LSA won
easy victories .n their games
Tuesday night. The dorm team
defeated Wesley 30-18. 31-21 is
the score of the Alpha .Chis de
feat of the Chi Omega two team.
Alpha Chi Mickey McKie served
12 of the winners': points. Kappa
Alpha .Theta . nunplber four, paid
for LSA's 39-31 win.
Next Monday Kappa nu-nbcr
one takes on Chi O number
three. Dorm one will be play
ing Delta Gambia four while
Delta Gamma two opposes
Gamma Phi Beta three.
Theta one will be at it again
on Tuesday to try to defeat Alpha
Chi Omega one. The score of that
game ought to be interesting. On
the same day the Alpha Omicron
Pi three team will play Kappa
two. Dorm three will be out to de
feat Kappa three.
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As a result the touchback's 2
points were the winning points of
the game.
Outstanding for the Phi Delts
were Steve McKenzie and Jim
Munger, who played outstanding
game at offense for his squad.
For the defeated team It was
Mac Bailey, Bill Weber, and Gene
Cotter, who tried their best to
push the ball over the double
The ATOs did have two scor
ing opportunities in the came,
but the hard fighting defensive
Phi Delt squad would not let the
ATOs make the score.
The new Champions of the 1951
intramural "B" squad are Phi
Delta Theta, who defeated Beta
Theta Pi 19 to 0 in a very fine
game sparked with pass plays of
both squads.
It is quite apparent that 90 per
cent of the touchdowns were made
by passes this year because of the
inability to run the ball. This
game is no exception in the fact
that all three touchdowns and
extra points scores were made on
pass plays.
Steve McKenzie, who made a
very nice showing in the last
came with ATO, also played a
good game in this tilt.
His first pass went 25 yards to
Keith Glorfield, who scored for
his team. The extra point was no
There was no more scoring in
the first quarter of the game,
but in the second quarter Mc
Kenzie again passed only this
time he passed 15 yards to Don
Wahl tor the score. On the con
version try the Phi Delts were
still unable to make It.
The final score in the cham
pionship came came as McKezie
threw 15 yards to Wahl, who than
scored the third and final touch-1
down of the 1951 intramural "B
squad games.
For the last extra point or tne
season it was McKenzie to Steve
Outstanding for the "B" squad
champs were Steve McKenzie. and
Steve Carvath. On defense it was
BUI Aldrich and Charley Haupt,
who did a lot of the hard playing
for the champs.
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