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    Thursday, November 8 1 95 1
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. Li
.Tom Rische.
To The Dogs?
Is the younger generation going to the dogs?
Not exactly is the conclusion that Time maga
zine reaches in an article on the subject. Entitled
"The Younger Generation," .the article is an at
tempt to gauge the temper of America's youth of
1950. The finished product is a good general pic
ture of college 6tudents and young working people.
Most of the comment around campus has generally
been in agreement with the views expressed in
the article.
The magazine points out what it considers
seven general characteristics of the college student:
1. They are grave and fatalistic.
2. They are conventional and gregarious.
3. The girls want a career and marrlarr.
4. Their morals are confused.
5. They expect disappointment.
6. They want a faith.
7. They will serve.
The article points out that youth of today are
more conservative and less out to shock their
elders than were their parents, most of whom
grew up in the "roaring twenties." Never having
9jv iOoiukhlcuvd
"The best thing that can be said for Ameri
can youth, in or out of uniform," the article
says, "is that it has learned that It must try
to make the best of a bad and difficult Job,
whether that job is life, war or both. The gen
eration which has been called the oldest younr
generation in the world has achieved a certain
"Young people do not feel cheated. And they
do not blame anyone. Before this generation,
they were always to blame, ft was a pre-war
feeling that 'they' had let them down. But this
generation puts the blame on life as a whole,
not on parents, politicians, cartels, etc.
The article is well worth the time of anyone
lived in the "twenties," I am not in a position to wno may st0p to read it. It presents a number of
know how much different this generation is from feenngs which I had not been able to put into
their parents. Outwardly, , many of the . present words but have felt, nevertheless. What youth
era's youth are rather "twenty ish." Hair and dress today is seeking is someone or something to show
styles, some of the dances, men's clothing, some tnem what is tho purpose of existing in a world
of the faddiness and perhaps at least part of the at war, in a cold war, or in a state of national
giddy attitudes are back again. How closely the emergency.
two eras compare, I cannot say. "Then conquer we must when our cause it is
, just." goes a. line of the "Star Spangled' Banner."
I do know that many students are confused Tqo many young peope are asking ,.what ls
and uncertain in their minds about the future. .ause?, and . we have one, is it just?" They
Particularly boys are trying to clutch at something fatalistic, sure, because it is one consolation
which looks secure something they can count on,
Underlying all this however is a note of hope
that somehow everything will turn out for the
they can draw from today's uncertainty
Going " to the dogs? The younger generation
is just going. Theyk aren't sure where.
Straws In The Wind
Various states and cities held their off-year on the basis of his promises to clean up graft
elections for offices of varying national importance and corruption.
Tuesday. Nobody won a clear-cut victory, but . ,., v
generally it might be said that ,anti-administra- Overall, the election probably showed a slight
tion or it, least; anti-democratic candidates, made . republican trend. The fact that the GOP was able
the best showing. ' . "V .
In New York City, Rudolph Halley, former
counsel for the Kefauver crime committee, ran
as an Independent to defeat Tammany hall's
candidate for the presidency of the New York
city council. Philadelphia elected a democratic
mayor for the first time since the 1880's. The
republicans gained mayoralties in several large
Indiana " towns, including Indianapolis. Little
Bock, Ark. elected a republican mayor for the
first time since post-reconstruction days. Repub
licans held on to three congressional seats in
special elections, and picked up a democratic
seat In Ohio. Democrats retained the goyernor-shipft-
ot JCentucky and Mississippi
It would appear that the Kefauver crime com
mittee investigations have made an impression
upon the American people. In New York, Boston
to maintain its present congressional seaia m
Pennsylvania and New Jersey while picking up
one in Ohio shows some strength. Election of re
publican mayors in Indiana is another indication
that there is a reaction against at least some demo
crats. ,
The puzzler is the election of a republican in
Little Rock. We do not have any information about
the issues in the campaign, but it might be an
indication that a part of the "Solid South" is not
as solid as it has been.
Meanwhile the national political battle raged
on. General Eisenhower left for Europe without
clarifying his position. But there were a few
straws in the wind as a result of these scattered
A New Era
Another step in breaking down racial barriers
a m,aMnMa. machines lone associated with has occurred at the University of Illinois
-,,f nA rntinn were defeated. In Boston, For the first time in the history of the school
Mavor .Tames ML Curlev. who formerly or of the Big Ten conference, a Negro girl, Clarice
served as the city's chief executive while behind Davis, has been elected homecoming queen. She
bars was beaten in a comeback try. Despite the won in a field which originally included 53 can
fact 'that the republican candidate for mayor of didates. She will serve as "Miss Illinois" in a court
Philadelphia was a nationally known Baptist min- which includes beauties from other Big Ten
ister, Joseph S. Clark, Jr., democrat, was elected schools.
Joan Krueger.
Ike's Political Possibilities
Political leaders who expected Gen. Dwight under thi situation, at least one problem would
Eisenhower to give some indication about partisan be settled.
preference were disappointed by the time the five Should Truman persist in seeking nomination
star general boarded the plane for Paris. Presum- regardless of competiton, there is a fifty-fifty
ably, the commander of joint defense forces in chance for success. Because of his position as party
western Europe and President Truman confined leader he might be able, with careful strategy,
conversation to problems of economic stability re- to gain nomination even in light of Eisenhower's
suiting from the rearming effort. popularity.
, rwrai Eisenhower's As for Eisenhower's military responsibilities,
f5 iUi ue icufcvw v. -
duties in Europe, nothing apparently was decided.
At least nothing was made public.
Although general sentiment evidently favors
Eisenhower In the White House, the general m
ptoftsized, he authorized no one to speak for him
politically. His call to James H. Duff, one of the
senate leaden who is pushing him for president,
was the only possible political move made that
was noticeable.
(The views expressed in the
Dear Editor column are those of
the writer and not necessarily
those of The Daily Nebraskan.)
Support Appreciated . . .
Dear Editor:
We of the engineering slate
would like to express1 our thanks
to those who supported us In the
recent junior and senior class
elections. We candidates feel that
the election try was highly suc
cessful in initiating greater class
The candidates did not expect
any miraculous results. How
ever, they were well pleased in
having John Adams and . Dick
Phelps elected to senior class
vice president and secretary.
The Engineering Executive
board did not wish to antagonize
any people or groups during the
recent elections, It was felt that
the primary causo of an engineer
ing slate was to encourage more
class zeal and Interest.
This was the first engineering
slate, and as for permanency there
are no plans for a continued party.
We would like to congratu
late the new officers and offer
them any help we or our col
lege may give.
Fall Revue
On Sale
Tickets for the Kosmet Klub
Fall Revue will be on sale Thurs
day, according to Chuck Bur
meister, Kosmet Klub ticket sales
Tickets for the "Hello Holly
wood" revue may be obtained
from any Kosmet Klub active orj
worker. No sales booths will be
set up.
Ticket price is 80 cents. This
entitles the purchaser to a vote
for Prince Kosmet and the Ne
braska Sweetheart. Ticket sales
will continue until the night of
the performance when purchases
may be made.
Bobby Reynolds and Dorothy
Elliott reigned as Prince Kosmet
and Nebraska Sweetheart last
year. No major changes have been
made in the royalty voting pro
cedure this year. Ballots lor ranee
Kosmet and Nebraska Sweetheart
will be the stub of the purchased
However, Kosmet Klub requests
that the stub be filled out and the
ballot cast as soon as possible in
order to facilitate ballot counting.
This new balloting and counting
system is under the direction of
the Student Council elections com
mittee. Music Groups
To Give Joint
Concert Nov. IS
A joint concert by the chapters
of four national music organiza
tions of the University will be
presented Thursday, Nov. 15, at
8 p.m. in the Union ballroom,
Included on the program are
soloists Marjone Danly, mezzo
sonrano: Lorraine Coates. so
prano; Marilyn Paul, piano, and
Bonnie Weddel, harp. A string
quartet composed of Marilyn
Hammond and Ruthann Lavine,
violins; Irene Roberts, viola, and
Janice Libedahl, cello; ana a prass
-Kathryn Radaker-
'No School Monday' Spy lowans;
Proxy Refuses Shouted Request
oka State . . .
students proved that they' win be culprits
wherever they are. A gang of students stormed
the president's home, shouting "No school Mon
day" after their victorious Homecor.;ing. When the University of California
request was refused, the students vented their needed a littie more interest in its student eleo
wrath, on an innocent bus attempting to make tionB .Tnstead of the usual "Plas-voU-in-the-
its way through . their midst. The bus escaped nextleieCtion" signs, they are thinking of some-
with only eleven broken windows. thing new. '
University of Colorado . . . The election council and the flying club have
students according to the Silver and Gold recently hatched a scheme which may produce a small
got exactly what they were wishing for the roof plane buzzing the campus, advertising a "get the
fell in. hell out and vote" slogan.
While the professor droned' on at the morning .. - . . v lr
lecture, the ceiling began' to crack loudly. The City College Of VeW 70rK ...
professor screamed a hasty warning and students lsketball ' players Involved last spring in the
fled in all directions. Two jumped out the windows point-fixing racket have applied for re-admission,
while others hid under, furniture. No action will be taken until the court cases ln-
The professor tyas unhurt. volving the former students have been settled.
.Pvt. Jerry Bailey
Temporary Return Of The Native;
'Old Grad' Reviews Army Life
"Buy a ticket to the Homecoming Dance!" to present a picture of some of the less publi-
the beauitful Tassels shrilled at the confused old cized phases of army life, sure to be awaiting any
grad who stumbled down the Union hall. "A kiss who do not care to take the four year hitches
with each ticket!" added another Tassel. Before offered by the navy and air force.
you could say "That will be three bucks" the
'.lounded veteran of the class of '51 found himself
lenuded of cash, soundly kissed, and sent on his
way. i .
Still In a daze after the Tasselary oscula
tions, the alumnus staggered down to the Rag
office, where he was promptly snowed under
by a rush of female journalists. "Write us a
column!" they demanded. The Rag was as hard
up for news as ever. So. . .
Four long months ago this alleged columnist
was presented with a sheepskin from this institu
First and foremost, If you like responsibility
the army will reward you with lots of it, to
gether with more rank and more pay than the
common herd. If you lack sufficient ambition to
work or bootllck your way up, if you are Just
plain lasy, the armr will suit you fine. The man
who "goofs off" the army has another word for
it) gets just as good chow, just as, saggy a bunk
to sleep In, and exactly the same pay as the
man who tries to work hard for his keep.
Enough of the serious ... we might add that
the army can be funny at times. Picture a sergeant
tion, together with assurances that he was now loudly barking at 200 scared recruits, standing at
ready for some great career in the big wide world, attention. And a little dog running up and barking
International tensions being what they are, the back. Picture a sleepy soldier rising up in his
new grad found that he was qualified to be a bunk to find a flashlight shining in his face. He
private in the U.S. army. If the grad had played yells, "Who the blankety blank do you think you
his cards right and polished his brass buttons are . . . oooh, hello sergeant!"
enough in ROTC, he might have ended up a sec- "How do you like the army?" someone will
ond lieutenant, which would have been worse. ask. Chances are they don't want to hear how
Anyhow, back on campus, the soldier-grad you like cleaning mess hall grease pits or spread
found the queens lovelier than ever, the cafeteria ing fertilizer in the colonel's flower bed.
much improved and the TNE signs slowly fading If anyone should wonder, this grad can think
away. of nothing more enjoyable than getting a discharge
Leaving to others the task of proclaiming how and returning to the campus for a Master's, if
rugged army basic training was, we would like just to watch the girls go laughing by.
.Nancy Benjamin.
President Truman is faced with a touchy deci
sion. If the general's personality has been a de-i
termining factor for improved morale in Europe,'
it would be a mistake to remove him unless a
suitable replacement could be assured. However,
if President Truman refused to relieve Eisenhower,
political implications immediately will be read
into the action both by democratic elements and
GOP opposition. If Truman dismisses Eisenhower,
he faces the possibility of republicans snatching
the general at their convention in June before
Homecoming Ideas Should B'e Screened,
Not Graded Down In Judging
The calm of utter exhaustion or maybe bore- commenter, why not judge them suggestive or not
dom settled over the campus after Homecoming suggestive at the time the sketches were submitted,
weekend. It was hard work for those that worked The judges certainly wouldn't change their minds,
and a lot of fun for those who participated. I'm with them on that.
Everybody agrees that far. Now come the Another typical comment was on the method of
huddled discussions of the losers and winners in voting for a homecoming queen. It happens in
homecoming floats, decorations, queen entries and every election and certainly isn't an insult to the
all the other competitive sports that went on. It's girls who were nominated or the queen that was
human nature and also a good way to blow off chosen.
steam. v "i think that they ought to let just every-
Are there any good suggestions that came out body that wants to run for homecoming1 queen,"
of these smoky sessions? I heard a couple that is a common statement. On this issue I pass. The
sounded pretty solid, and since this is a progressive Tassels did the work on the homecoming dance,
campus, always eager to change for the better, why not let the queen represent this group? As
let's get them out in the light. f0r the method being used now, is it democratic
In homecoming decorations, it was a joking or not? Ask any Tassel if she was high-pressured
matter to many people that some of the favorite into voting for a certain girl or not. She will tell
displays among students failed to even place in you that it was a spur-of-the-minute ballot with
the judging. The rumor goes that the judges little time for the "gangs" to get together.
found several of them "suggestive" and graded
them accordingly. The argument on whether they
were or not . . . the rub comes that the houses
did not find out about this in the beginning.
These problems are open for discussion right
now, although it is a little out of season. If you
have gripes or suggestions, get them out in the
light. Who knows? Maybe someone besides you
The solution was that simple to the average and me and the runners-up are interested,
Water Survey Activities
N. I. W. Brown, head of New
- . , , ij iaiauu o 51 wuiiu no a w a v j
trio made up of Denny Schneider. lsHed the university conservation
There are several aspects to consider in the democrats have a In Juiy.
immediate perspective. First, what will be . the
duration of General Eisenhower's term in Europe
and who is to decide; secondly, will Eisenhoweir
decide to enter the presidential race; third, if so,
what party will he choose; and last, what is Presi
dent Truman's position if Eisenhower chooses to
Some democratic leaders believe President
Truman wonld decline to run if General Eisen
hower announced Interest in the democratic
nomination. The two have been good friends
for gome time, and General Eisenhower was a
personal friend of President Roosevelt In addl
tion, Eisenhower seems to go along with the ad
ministration on foreign policies. Elsenhower's
nomination would give the democrats a good
shot in the arm and promote a lot of much
seeded unity. Southern anti-Truman sentiment
might evaporate. If Truman would refuse to run
The best solution would be to let Eisenhower
decide. If left to make that decision, a good
guess would be that the general will stick to
his military duties and not enter the political
whtrt. "
There is no doubt that Elsenhower is a great
general. There is a possibility he would make a
good president even though records of generals
who have held the chief executive spot Grant and
Jackson would not support this. Eisenhower has
a dynamic personality which coupled with gen
erally wise decisions has won' him high regard
among military as well as civilian circles.
If a good successor could be found, we be
lieve Eisenhower would be a welcome addition
to the roster of United States presidents. '
As the general realizes, however, first things
come first, and as this country, must realize,
Eisenhower is first of all a . military man.
cornet; Walter Cole, French horn, gnd survey division last Wednes
ana owiuej ouumw.,, day and Thursday to become ac-
are also on the program. I inted with the water Burvey
A two piano duet will be played .. ... , th tet
by Joanne Smith and Mary kod-
inson and the bmronia cnorus un
der the direction, of- Bob Van
Voorhis and Helmut Sienknecht
will nrpspnt two numbers.
Participating organizations and
thoir nresidents are: Sigma Alpha I
Iota, Janice Liljedahl; Mu Phi Ep
silon, Kathryn Newhouse; Delta
Omicron, Barbara Gilmore, and
Phi Mu Alpha smionia, ucnur
The concert is free fend the pub
lic is invited to come.
JJm (Daikf Vbibha&kanj.
Intercollegiate Press
Tfca Btl9 NrtfMkM to k4 bT toiU ! I IM unlvrralt of Nebraska u eiprMMoa ttMtnW yti wl
.n.iM ni Awrtlu U Article U f tn ByUm fnla .Indent bltstina kdminltterel by th Bor (
XmSSum. -H mat Mlana l'.y ( lb Sear thai Mbc.tiM .nd.r ill lori.dlctlon b lr. Iron Mtcrla.l
enaaarani n NebrMfcaa n ptrwmetly mpomiiblr (or what llw m or do or earn to b orlntcd."
B(wr1oU rate are fg.M a wiaeiter M mailer or Ig.W for th Mlleto rear. S4.M J1 ilnrla May Fab.
u..t. Sartnt tho ebool re a' eaeept Catarlay aao Sandaya. raeatlem and examlntataa parlada On ln poblUhed
IZZ.. iSi aa!h Aaraet by the UnlTanHy of Nebraska aader th opervlntoa of th C.mmltlee on Student Pablletatens
.u u lml Ilia Mattai at tba Peot Offle la Uanla aadcr Art of Cenirees Marob t. 1T. and at
.f aostua amrldd far is Seetiaa UN, A el of C
Tarn alien
.. ... . Ja Eraeger
lath Karnaad. Dea Pieces
...a 0fta, Jaa Staff. Kan Syitrem, Ihtiier Marpby, SeUy Adamt
.., . nob Baake
StHtrJ IdltM... ........,......... ? J"..
gjtir aditor. .. .,, r.. . . .tnni uorann
Unship griFftaV ................. A tin utlllgan
Jack Cahea
m.:::::::::::::::; sippu. su. r.t iw
(?rl,-.nn Mnr Chart armeltr
.jut Luiter....,
A ! Ml t
imw't t 'tef ...
' "-or
Law Scholarships
To NYU Available
Twenty Elihu Root-Samuel J.
Tilden scholarships vaiueo. ai
$2,100 a year, will be awarded
for study leading to a bachelor
of law degree at New Yorkuni
versity school of law.
Two winners irom eacn ot mc
ten federal judicial circuits will
be chosen on the basis of poten-
ial capacity for public leaaersnip,
extracurricular activities ,t ana
academic record. Jr ' ;
A candidate must be an un
married U.S. male citizen wno
will have completed requirements
for a baccalaureate degree from
an Approved college or university
by September, 1952. " '
A candidate may apply from
the state in wh'ch he resides or
has attended college.
A pwiel in each circuit win
select winners from the nomina
tions of a committee in each state.
Application blanks and further
information may be obtained from
the dean of New York university
school of law, Washington Square,
New York 3, N.Y.
Tri-K To Initiate
Members Thursday
Tri-K, national agronomy hon
orary society, will hold its annual
fall initiation exercises Thursday
night. The exercises will be held
at the Crops laboratory at 7 p.m.
Membership in Tri-K is limited
to students interested in agrono
my who have not less than six
credit hours in agronomy and an
".net steiflal average of not less than 4.5.
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ing font
Brlnf ds to Daily Nebraskan
business office, Student Union,
or mail with correct amount
and Insertions desired.
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can nooeri gnarp. a-aaro.
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LOST: PI Beta Phi arrow pin. It it I
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national club. Full or part time. kx
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