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ing opponent, John Lliteras,
and non-partisan, Nancy But
ton. Gifford, with 272 votes, had
an easy victory. Lliteras had
167 votes and Miss Button, 77.
Gifford is a member of the golf
.earn and from the college of arts
and sciences.
Junior president for 1951-52
will be Marty Lewis who de
feated three other candidates for
of Red Cross.
College of Engineering, defeated
Bob Haight, another Enginee
backed by the Engineer's part:
by 154 votes.
The vioe president ot the junii
class is Bill Adams, who won tl
office with a majority of 209 vot
over his nearest competitor, Joa
Hanson, who had 216. Darlcnc
MeVuistan had 109 votes.
Adams, tn the College of
Business Administration, is trea
But the close race was for
senior vice president where
John Adams with 260 votes
slipped by faction candidate
Leonard Bush who had 254.
Adams, an Engineer, is on the
Student Council and a member
of tfc Engine iring Exec board.
Endorsed By Both Parties
Dick Phelps, endorsed by both
parties, was elected by the largest
margin. He defeated Ted Kratt by
349 votes for the office of senior
Phelps is a member of the En
gineering Exec hoard and secre
tary of American Society of
Mechantcal engineers.
Bob Swaim, la student In the
f if J
the title.
surer Of Kosmet Klub, member
Lewis, with 290 votes, led over
Phil Ostwald, 157; Joan Krueger,
146; and Marilyn Housel, 62.
A business administration ma
jor, Lewis Is assistant business
manager of the Cornhusker, mem
ber of AUF, Arnold Air society,
Alpha Epsilon Rho and president
of Newman club and Red Cross.
Dan Tolman won the race for
junior secretary. His 288 votes
defeated John Marks, 155; Jan
Ice Fullerton, 87; Amy Palmer,
65, and Barbara Bredthauer, 62.
Tnlman. (nprnlw trf the var.
John Greer ' Dan Tolman
With a sweep of its political
wand, the All-University party,
or faction, took the class officer
Faction candidates won in every
Bill Adams
Marty Lewis
Bob Swaim
Dick Phelps
John Adams
Joe Gifford
office except senior vice presi
N club, Arnold Air society and
Schonberg, 76.
dent, wnere six votes separated
the contestants.
Senior president elect, Joe
Gifford, defeated his Engineer
sports director of KNUS.
W jenciiers VAjuege siuucju,
Greer is a member of the College
Days board, swimming team and
Union committee. .
John Greer is the new junior
treasurer. His 337 votes defeated
Jack Savage, 228, and Shirley
sity track team, is a Corn Cob, I
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VOL. 51 No. 35
Friday, November 2, -1951
'Roaring 20V Dance
To Climax Weekend
Staff Reporter
To climax the weekend of Homecoming activities, stu-j
dents and returned alumni will dance to the music of Hal
Mclntyre and his orchestra at the annual Homecoming
dance at the Coliseum Saturday night.
At the dance the Homecoming queen and four attend
ants will be honored. Winners of the house and float decora
tions contests will also be announced. ' ,
Mclntyre is hailed as one of the
top men in the band leading busi
ness according to Cecelia Pinker
ton, Tassels publicity chairman,
He began his climb to the "big
time" with an eight piece local
band in Cromwell, Conn. One
Dec. 8, 1936, Mclntyre was au
dited by Benny Goodman who en
couraged him to advance in the
music business and mentioned
that he might find an opening
with a promising leader named
Glenn Miller starting a band in
New York.
In the spring: of 1938 Miller
called Mclntyre and hired him.
He was the first man signed for
Miller's new band.
Mclntyre played with Miiier
four years. Late 1n 1941 Miller
suggested that Mclntyre Quit
and form his own orchestra.
Currently singing with Mcln-j
tyre are both male and female
vocalists, Ernie Bernhart, Sunny!
Gale and the Mclntots. j
Although college dates ac
count for a great part of the
Mclntyre engagements he has
recently played at the Pal
ladium, Hollywood, Hotel Com
modore, New York; Hotel Sher
man, Chicago; Paramount and
Strand Theatre in New York.
The Minnesota Homecoming
dance was one of his latest col
lege appearances.
During intermission Innocents
president, Jerry Johnson will
persent awards to winners of the
homecoming house decoration and
parade competition.
The four attendants to the.
Homecoming queen will wear
white formats and be honored
by a dance dedicated to the
candidates and their escorts.
Don Devries, yell king, will
present the queen with a bou
quet of roses when she appears
before a backdrop of a , gigantic
crown with the letters "NU" in
scribed upon it.
The dance will follow a "Roar-
iC - if
88 Tice LE 81 Simon
79 Sondefur LT 71 Hondshy
64 Kennard LG 76 Prochaska
53 Winter C 52 Scott
61 Helmsradfer , RG 69 Dole
73 Spencer RT 70 Regier
87 Schooke RE 80 Giles
10 Robertson QB 30 Norris
23 Wells LH 12 Reynolds
41 Brondeberry RH 20 Smith
34 Laughlin FB 33 Novok
84 Michole . LE 78
74 Mrkonic .IT 73
52 Fink LG 65
71 Manila RG 77
70 Lundy RT 72
82 White RE -
35 Kay ALB
50 Gish RLB
23 Wells LF
44 Konek RH
40 Clearinger .S .1 .
79 Conner
.23 Cifra
.40 Hopp '
32 Levendusky
34 Yeisly
19 Decker.
Queens, Cards, Bands, Tug-Of-War
To Take Saturday Half-time Spotlight
Sunny Gale
Twenties theme.
Plans lor the -annual homecom
ing pre-game.and half-time cere
monies have been completed, ac
cording to Don Lentz, University
band director.
Before the opening kickoff the
freshman-sophomore tug-of-war
will be held. Freshman and sopho
more representatives from each
organized house on campus will
gather in the middle of the field
to determine whether or not the
freshmen are to continue to wear
sponsors of the dance have decor-their beanies until the first snow,
ated tfte Coliseum with devicesjA rope will be stretched across
typical of the twerk . T the 50-yard line with a red flag
cardboard figures will show stu- tied In the middle. The two teams
dents, football players ana oi.icr will then endeavor to pull each
college personalities as they ap
peared 25 years ago.
other across the 50 yard line.
According to the present plans
for the half-time activities, the
University of Kansas band will
lead onto the field and, will pay
a tribute to the students, faculty
and homecoming queen of Ne
braska. The Nebraska card sec
tion will form "KU" and "Jay
hawks." With the card section forming a
lyre, Nebraska's Homecoming
Queen, Jayne Wade and Chan
cellor Gustavson will be escorted
onto the field by the Mortar
Boards, Innocents and the Uni
versity ROTC marching band. The
1951 pep queen candidates will
also be escorted onto the field.
The Nebraska band will then
go into their half-time maneu
vers depicting several types of
louncu, Lincoln roiice nan i rarnc Koure
For Viowing.-Hoirtsconiing Decorations
Festivities To Honor
Cornhusker Alumni
Staff Reporter
It's Homecoming 1951!
And Jayne Wade, 1950 Pep Queen, can look forward
to a very busy weekend in her royal kingdom of Nebraska-
land. -
Homecoming with its format of rallies, parades, dec
orations, football, dancing and returning alumni will fill
Friday's and Saturday's hours for University students nd
The Kansas Jayhawk, burned
in effigy Wednesday, will find no
better a reception Friday night
when fraternity, sorority and resi
dent houses climax the all-Uni
versity rally by unveiling their
annual displays.
In former years, the ill-fated
Jayhawk has been shot, whipped,
drowned, hange3, boiled and
otherwise massacred in the tra
ditional decorations which depict
the mayham to be committed on
Jayhawk Falls
" ' ' 5 I i i
fell JLJ&-;j&
? t
V-4Sj MIL. I
ill M d n vime t?i?t
(ft '
. j - i.nMMV
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Court err Lincoln Journal.
FOLLOW THIS ROUTE! , , Motorists viewing the Homecoming decorations this evening have
been asked by Student Council representatives and Lincoln Police Chief Joe Carroll to follow
the traffic route snown In the map. All motorists are asked to: begin at 17th and R streets,
proceed down R, turn north on 14th and continue to Vine street; all traffic is one way with
the exception of one southbound lane on 14th; turning off 14th east onto Vine, proceed to 16th;
head south -on 16th to R street, where traffic will merge. Streets blocked off entirely during the
Homecoming decoration proceedings will be: 15th from Vine to S, U from 16th to 14; S from 16th
to 14th and 15th from Q to R.
Motorists are urged to follow a
specified route to view 1951
Homecoming decorations.
Plans for the route were pre
pared by Student Council repre
sentatives and Lincoln Police
Chief Joe Carroll to eliminate
Homecoming traffic confusion.
iviuionsis planning to view
house decorations should follow
tnis route:
Starting at 17th and R streets,
proceed down R, turn north on
14th and continue to Vine. All
traffic is one way except on One
southbound lane on 14th. Turn
east off 14th onto Vine and pro
ceed to 16th. Head south on 16th
to R, where traffic will merge.
There will be three lanes of one
way traffic on each street.
The following streets will be
blocked off entlrelv: 15th from
Vine to S, U from 16th to 14th, S
irom 10m to i4tn -and 15th from
Q to R. They will be used in
of emergency.
btudent Council asks that mem-
bers of organized houses lo not
park cars along the nronosed
route after 5 p.m. Friday.
Campus .parking lots and the
Elgin parking lot will be avail
able Friday evening. The traffic
committee believes occuoants of
organized houses will be able to
und plenty of parking space.
Traffic for the Homecoming
parade Saturday at 10:15 a.m. will
be as follows:
Floats will check In to Jerry
Stone in front cf Avery labora
tory at the corner of 12th and V
streets. Each entry In the pa
rade has received a letter stat
ing its position in the parade,
as well as the name of floats
directly in front of and behind
it. '
The parade will start at the
corner of 14th and Vine and will
travel down 14th and R, east on
R to 15th, south on 15th to O,
west on O to 11th and north on
12th. The floats will disperse at
12th add O.
Cars may park on streets that
are closed for Homecoming.
hands. First will be a German
band which will be followed by
a circus band number. With the
Nebraska card section forming a
shield, the hand will perform a
service hand maneuver, going
from that to a Charleston type
band of the 1920's and ending
with the regular marching
band type of drill.
The card section will finally
form the- words "Homecoming;
Queen" in honor of Miss Wade.1
Chancellor Gustavson, after wel-"
coming the alumni, will present
Miss Wade with a bouquet of
flowers. The five candidates for,
the 1951 pep queen will be intro
duced to the homecoming fans by
Dick Carson, master of ceremonies.
Rally Features
Five Finalists
For Pep Queen
Pep Queen candidates. Coach
Bill Glassford and members of
the football squad will appear to
night at the rally for the
Nebraska-K a n s a s Homecoming
Names of the five Pep Queen
candidates, selected Tiv ThkrpIk
from their sophomore and juniorf-
until the 'announcement tonight. Ith, ci,liseum Cheerleaders, Cobs
nwmci v. -I. land Tassels will lead the ralliers
r cnosenito 16th and Vine, down 16th to R
u ucuiiiuus ciecuon aner u,i i i ...
"u uicit iu me steps 01 xne un
ion. The University ROTC band
1 -
WHincBHiPiiMbumiw IftfMDt MMMaWMMt it
DEFEAT , . , The Husker torch
is applied to the Jayhawk at
traditional Homecoming rally
ceremonies on the steps of the
Union Wednesday night
Cornhusker football opponents.
Faculty members. C J. Frank
forter, College of Arts and
Sciences; E. J. Marmo, College ef
Engineering, and Ephriam Hixson,
College of Agriculture, will Judge
displays between 7:30 and :45
p.m. ...
Another blast win be leveled
at the Jayhawk Saturday mornint
when the Pershing Rifle color
guard leads the Homecoming
A voluntary band composed f
members of the University band.
and the 1951 pep queen candidates
will lead the competing floats
from several organized "groups.
Alumni will hve the ispotligbt
Saturday noon, when they will be
honored at a luncheon in the
Union ballroom. About 300
"grads" are expected at the in
formal get-together. t
The climax of the weekend will
be the Kansas-Nebraska football
contest at Memorial tadium Sat
urday. Pep queen Jayne Wade
will reign at half-time festivities
which will Include the Ireshman
sophomore tug-of-war. The an
nual contest between the under
classmen determines the riirht of
freshmen to throw away their red
beanies. ' :
The suspense of manv competi
tions will come to an end at lh
Homecoming dance in the Coli
seum Saturday evening. Hal Mc
lntyre and his orchestra "will fur
nish music for the dance. A
"Roaring Twenties" theme will be
carried out in the decorations.
The 1951 pep queen -will be pre
sented by Yell King Don Devries,
master of ceremonies.
Winners in the house decora
tions contest will also be an
nounced and trophies will be pre
sented to the winning groups. Chi
Omega and Beta Theta Pi won
top honors last year.
Nebraska alumni will be quests
of honor during the entire week
end as University students f the
past and present take part in Ne
braska's 41st Homecoming celebration.
an all-campus election after
the rally. Students may vote at
the Coliseum from 7 to 9 p.m. or
at the Union from 7 until 10 p.m.
Voters must present their identi-
ncation cards.
in full dress uniform will take
Glassford will be the speaker
The rally begins at 6:45 p.m. at team.
usker Hit Parade
The Cornhusker
Come a runnin' boys
Dont you hear that noise
Like the thunder in the skies?
How it rolls along j
With a good old song !
For the sons of NE-BRAS-KI. j
Now it's coming near
With a rousing cheer
That will drive all foe away.
So with all our vim
We are bound to win
And we're going to win today
For Nebraska and the scarlet
For Nebraska and the cream
Though, we've gone througl
many a battle
Our colors still are seen. ;
So in conquest and in victory j
We will wave them for the team
And 'Twill always stir
The old scarlet and the cream.
March Of The
Rally Huskers, glory waits for
Bally Huskers, show what you
can do!
Fight! forever, Oh! you team,
For the scarlet and the creaml
Go. Gang Go!
Rally Huskers, rally one and all.
Fight on, Huskers, hear Ne
braska call.
Listen to the battle cry
Of Nebraska UNI!
Hail Nebraska
Hail Nebraska, dear old
Hail Nebraska U '
Hail her colors scarlet
The finest colors ever seen
Down the field to victry
Watch her grand old team.
Now a first down, then a touch
down, Hail Nebraska, Hail Nebraska V.
Hail Nebraska, hail to you. .
I love your skies, of blue,
Love your fields of ripe golden
Your rows of orn and fields of
Hail Nebraska, proud to sing .
Your praises loud in ev"rything.
Makes no difference where I
I'll always sing Nebraska hail
to you!
To Sponsor'
Alum Clinic
The annual Homecoming Clinic
for the University Dental Jege
alumni association, will be , neld
Friday and Saturday. .
Dr. Milan V. Starks of Seattle,
Wash, will be the principal
speaker. ,
Dr. Robert Winfile f Lincoln,
the association secretary-treas
urer, said that between 150 And
175 graduates will attend. ;
At the ojMsiJsr senstaa Friiny
afternoon in Love library audi
torium. Dr. Starks wia speak a
"The New Concept f Root
Canal Theriy. The alumni
will meet jciniiy nita t&e Ua
coln District Ewntal society.
New officers win bev elected at
a business -session to be held latrr
Friday afternoon. Present officers
are: President, Dr. C R. Peterson,
Osceola: president-elect Dr. Elmer
Bay, Omaha: and secretary-treas
urer, Dr. WindJe.
Chancellor . & Gast&vxon
wCI be the speaker st a ls
iet .Friday evening. tasKs sf
1909, IS 19. 1523, ltiZ9 and 11.)
will be bonoreC -
Saturday morning t -"'
will attend a cUnie 4c)iw'., ..1
ing the latest dent&l prwn
the -College f BssEEtey. """
Dr. Starks is a jlive -cf 7 'r-
mont and was a Univcrv'r 2 ' -1
College graduate in li.i
served in tlie army foisi l , to
lt46, and has practiced
attle since then. He i'R"! "n a
faculty member of the 1" 'y
of Washinirton since 3 Sir, ? j i."
currently the clinic t.1 1 of