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Monday, October 29, 1951
Cornhuskers Keep Win Average Up
With 23-Year-OId Trophy Tradition
By Betty Dee Weaver j
Staff Exporter j
Will the Victory Bell again re- j
sound through the "JT club
The campus question of the
week concerns the 23-year-old
traditional trophy of rivalry be
tween the grid teams of Missouri
and Nebraska.
is ueertaia. Some people J Frank Knight, president of the
claim that it was taken from a Missouri student body federation
country ebarch near Seward, ion Oct. 27, 1923 to begin the
Others say that it was the bell rivalry.
which hmag in the old Uni- After the game bad ended in a
Ttrsity halL Still others insist 24-0 Cornhusker victory, the
that it was taken trmm a board- 1 Missouri captain carried the bell
in- hoatse which atsed the bell over to the Nebraska team,
to call its tenants te meals. II This year the bell was pre
At an? rate, the bell was a sented to Nebraska during the!
Sine 1S28 the bell has been source of conflict between the half-time of the game m recog-i
presented to the winner of the fraternities for more than 30 ration of the 40-34 Husker victory
Nebraska-Missouri football game, i rears. One or the other of the last vear.
Since Missouri won the bell with two groups would forcibly take
a 7-6 victory in 1928. Kebraska possession of the bell periodic-
has won the bell 12 times, while ally. In the Spring of 1928, the
Missouri has taken possession 10 two groups staged a hand-to-
times. hand fight in a local hotel for
The Huskers retained posses-! possession of the treasured
saon of the bell on two occasions! troohv.
because of a tie. 1 Henry F. Schulte. track coach
The bell was originally stolen at Nebraska and formerly a coach
in the lBSO's bv members of Phil at Missouri, saw in the bell a
Delta The la and Delta Tau Delta ; possible symbol of football rival
fraternities, who at that time nr between the two Big Seven
Husker Fans Rally
Service Set
For Faculty
shared the same boose.
Tfee exact erxtia of the bell
opponents. He suggested the mat-i Seventh University Memorial
ter to the Innocents society, who service will be held at Love li-
agreed to sponsor presentation of brary auditorium at 3 p.m. Sun-
tiae ben. taay.
who win or lose elorioosly. i Commerative citations will ce
was inscribed on a plaje and "read for Edward Prevost Brown,
placed the bell. The beU former resent, and for ten faculty
itwtf mds mm u aak olatforiB. ''members. unicludMir Dean-emeri-
m-hirh has the final scare ef !;tns Povn'er of the College of
every Misaoori-Xebraska game Medicine. Deans of the respective
since 1927 carved it. ilcollege will read the "citations..
FVita IfelT. Secretanr f the C3iancel3or R- G. Gustavson
Nebraska Alumni association and ssi3 preside and the Rev. Dr. E. E.
Free Handicraft Lessons
Taught Twice Each Week
Craft Shop for students in
terested, in handicraft, meets from
7 to 9 pjn. every Tuesday ami
Wednesday ia tiae basement of the;
Union. i
lasiractian is free and the only
charge made is for tee materials, ti4t time p-sidejat Cf the In-.Simitb, pastor of the First Bap-
rvvvunr nr&.-ited the bell to list church, will act as chaplain.
.MUSIC Will e MUCj
Universitv Simsers tinder tbe di-
tection of Dr. Arthur Westbrookj
and Mvron Roberts, rgansst.
Tfoe Memonal service is neua to;
honor deceased members of the
faculty and Board of Regents. The
first service was held in 1942.
Nome was beM last- year.
It teas been plamaed tor Honoe-i
icoming weekend so that interested
crowded . I
Union Activity
TWCA Alnm-racstty Xewslet- fUiAWA VrtT-l
br nwminr t 2 n m airsn-.r rtvxm
cf EDes Sxntb ball. Jane Jac&scaiu . ,
iaiw Tared 1 working m
rcrrt fMi rDia craarters. tbe Union activities :T.. .,. K... wii,
TOeeEng at 5 pin. in awtiwwamte asked I for a new ogj, for regents. j
1 -j
t I ' M I jri l
I I, I . V I
ROTC Commandant
Firs. Chosen In 1922
Thursday night an Honorary
Commandant was chosen for the
thirtieth consecutive time. Her
identity will be revealed at the
Military Ball, Dec. 7.
The ball traditionally opens the
formal season at the University
every year. The event startea in
1893 when the school poper, "ine
Hesperian,' proposed the idea of
the officers were tired of watch
ing the colonel's lady monopolize
the grand march and introduced
the idea of presenting a coed as
Honorary ColoneL
The first to have the title f
Honorary Colonel bestowed ap
on her was Pearl Lucille Swan-son.
Since then the Honorary Col-
a military dance which "would jonel has been chosen at a fall
rumish a lanamarK tor we ia--election, ana ner wenuiy uas oren
dets to remember their military, kept a secret until the night of
In 1895 the first military ban
was introduced into the social
scene. At that time it was
sponsored by Company B. then
considered the "crack ntfit" of
the corps.
During the early 1900s and
even the teens, the dance was
strictly a military department af
fair. There were no surprises,
few outsiders, no presentations
and, as a result, very little cam
pus interest.
The balls were then like the
ones now in only one respect the
grand march. However, it was
the regiment colonel and his best
girl, who led the march. By 1922
1 $-'f,i.W "v
continued with the exception of
ta thre war neriod. 25 to 28.
when the winning candidate was
revealed immediately following
the election.
The ball was not held in the
Coliseum until 1926. and then
only 150 couples were present.
In 1930 the military department
for the first time engaged a big
name band for the occasion.
Many ingenious methods have
been used in the presentation of
the Honorary ColoneL
In 1939, simulated machine m
fire cot away the door of the
stage revealing the Honorary
Colonel. A sign then fell front
the ceiling bearing her name.
In 1946 the Honorary Colonel
slowly descended from above in a
godlen parachute to the amaze
ment of 5,500 spectators.
Another year a ramp was sil
houted against a lighted inset
All engineers are invited to at-; ffl ,PtJfL P
tend a conference in Richards Lab iluh L, tl ZT
auditorium Thursday Nov. 1, at tore castle, represented the eng.-
nutrr-i iumj; was.
facuSttT and the Dean of the
All Engineers
To Meet Nov. I
Fctoer, leader.
Tbe TJnioui board cf managers:
tlae service ere Dr. C, G.
Ta r a runnmiM gave tine octsnmittee Fenta5isacni to i-a nrofessor of classics: Dr.
meKaug at 4 pun. in EEen SaiMtLh;;1' to 3ae gaoaoe twms a setxwid jAraujr Westbrook, director f the
JaaH. Haime Kagawa. leader. jjEtaor f tJae Vrntm. SciKwal f Ftoe Arts: Dean J- B.
rvrji Krawntativ Coaneil' Tbe ooniMiBitsee wSffl move as Burt CoEeoe f Pmarmairy; Dr.
mutiny t 5 pun, in swiilibeast 's&nm. as passaljlles. Game rowan la-Hjoba S. Latta, proffessor f anat-
... - . il -n-.- 1111 n 1 n mf.j: . m,wr,jK
roaant of ELlen SnaiSl ra'n KaSn Cl.irotes WiUl oe naeaa cue m cae-Mir. Cliiege i juiefflaomw,
WJnere in the touMmg. ;!lr. 1WL C Latta, professor f eeo-
Tbe activities caanmaltee wilH
use the new clSce to plan anatSj
carry out all Uaicm actDvitaes.
AM cnammaittee meettsn will fce
in tbe effice.
Ktrmmsd. leader.
TWCA TVorU Organisation
xneeting st 4 pn. m ning rocm
of Ellen Ssuata ham, K'lta Hete-1
aaadter. Seat9er.
TWCA Fine Arts imeemcig at
4 pmL in jscivliaeaft roswn cf ESlen T9be activitiies cxssmiiiltee wMj
SKffltfr haul, Anne Jane HalB, tanffld, no permanent faciillities ium
leader. - iltlbe mew cst&ce. Bipwever, t2nej
Ag SsBdcrs hoard fmeetaog at 'cssaaanssStee already tats imnwih f
4 pjra. in Ag Bsiuiders &. i'ttibe eujajprnent eitSaer in tsse or in:
AG l rjo toard rawtasg at a storage.
Caanor tinooto Soar
XlSSOrU SEXD-OIT . . . Shown aoove are a few of tbe 250
stndento who rallied Thnrsday erening as the Tarwty football
team left for Saturday's game at Colambia, Mo. Signs waved
predicting the downfall of the Mnsonri Tiger. The pep band
fnrntijhed ansic. Coach Bill Glassford said at the trainside rally.
"I boe yoo are proad of the team when it comes back." Glassford
sent his charges to bed at 9 buhl The train left Lincoln at mid-night
Er.gineerir.g college will be at the
meeting. S;- n Tau ts sponsorung,
the conference.
Engineer a ie expected to bring
their "gripes, groans and sugges
tions' said Cobel.
Discussion of several topics has
already been planned. The group
will talk on "College Days vs.
Engineer's Week." engineering fo
ot the army, navy and air
forces, tbe Honorary Colonel
became tbe Honorary Com
mandant. She sponsors not
only the ROTC bat also XKOTC
and AEOTC.
Last year the tradition of the
first Friday in December-theme
was broken when it was switched
to the first Saturday. The Hon
orary Commandant. Eileen Derieg
trr;, : -:?r s TZi Raum. was "resented by stepping
S?6 ?J??t frcTa landing barge.
c" 'lua" This year, lor the first time,
cnanges. - ! HJnere are seven finalists instead of
Cobel emphas.zed tljat this is s iis&u
open meeting t "fists are Jackie Hoss. Jayne Wade,
and all enEimeers are ursed to at- . , .
k- jacaae aorenson, xjw,
Xatiicy Button, Jo Raun and
DeJores Irwin. One of these fi
nalists will be presented in a
Tpectaoilar way in accordance
with this year's army theme.
Ag Ma's Dsctaer at 6 pjn.
AdeJiL C jam , Uiiiiaa, far szigz-
CSaaadt WiiSmakr. spcosar tibe
'Homecoming 195V Composite Of ldeost Traditions
Developed By Nearly A Half-Century Of Cornhuskers N V Mo.vies
eieuieu rut
ECA Showing
;HEieaipmHiHig is a great event.
Sigma Alpta Efsakm was" to get S25 to sffiHMi m them.
awaraea erst pmze tor m$ oefflora-!!
Ckm in nine fraternity &insMm, and
per, bszEfoaess sseetixtg; wwrk to fce afJeraaDOtas.
cffimMEffiMae. jsatM taat e tlwe: ceaBtmiirv a9 br faculty niliGamma PM Beta cottoned sawiity
.JT v iKrvpir mw Eunme ; jubmjkdh aw w luuRce sum juttuac
was aDctmraraaieffl
ctwne a BmaeiMiniiims EtoaJ; oaem-j JVffl wui use nffiajiie nm Kuej . . rsfm aWwt and iar-$z'ii!l deciatik(.
'isbnulLi be resErved ihartng tfce'mffloey
bera aaai! ftejges mpieeted to al- cSate ff Gesaeme GrDimani, aicttiviittaes to rjnmraitiytlMsiQse was Jsac&y, airod einravagamt,"
In 19ZS aawther idea was in
troduced tawBccomtng specta
tors saw the first Nebraska card
section deotrting (he Cornhnsker
twisting a tiger's taO. At this
time decorations were getting
better and kjgger.
'Ig PJ? Or How About A ChyT
Hare ywa ordered a "3g pr":Jere!ral beers (rosft t&at it) and
Jatrity? Qhamnw! are ywa fcave. It,1" GL K." (green riversi?
letsJSa Greek axtd jDertoaps it, TAe fereaMait nueaam imdhHwiie tw
is, tat tbe waiters in tie Ctflb j stomas (toncffli) and XT" (two
seem to Jmow wbat beyre Vtwng. piecex f casmadaan ttiOaaHD.
i, Tbe l fff" is taaEf2y itoBlfiified : Ssaumad tjoafi? -WeE, pwrAiwa tus
wtoea fSseCraa -raQ!ters wrtoaiJwm! wMlle we vrnme m an tXJ.'
.,, IUW JttC JtUA W HMIIIHPfcW. WJI "'-'
ataasts invaded Oncosha to start tit
trasfiiiSaoiii f liwciaeBCirmiiiing ,
Axtd now, 29 years later, fie
ahms are still leserring one
week end daring football sea
son to retwn to their alasa mater.
Sine IStS the growth and faaee
of Nebraska fewnwosBing has
Rallies To Sacrifice KU
Jayhawk Wednesday
Jkokowm ats "raxie 1
ahmnmi nnptsdinr fa ISII. As wart e limtscEedi h? tbe Kmster-Jay
mr iWm rf mvfl . , . i w ranBgramo am masannmai uam-, -
Z.,v - WT .Tlw-.rTiw KPmftVn f IrTlnwne eut was JbeM after tflae Eantsas- "Ram toe Jayfcawk- win be
tbmfi; tbe K" 3ias ,i ., !: tiTT iTf
fSs renMBs-aJ ff, tosratiowtf uEid ek a-.
hfisiarotf" bai bencae a cmnnrwat, 5, KSral 12. Taae Tit Buomuft-j
ttopiie mi eaatagsuaE, TTsue USsiiiUry j.ieowiMiis asace waa. imesho am wae una
yaaiar ranter 4ar a targe Eflam;;caamaoE2y
cusaae." jjlMioe.'"
Off esstcTie, bey fcirve tJhe fire !
aaistngry taenes icae Bain;. - r
"Tbe CrSb- or towswtije aaa- IHVOIVeS rOIIOWInq 11
uetanea Procedure
! In 1S21. the depfesa,isn hit and,;
;toim&iMitig decratiiija disap-ji
peaiedT o campus until 1934. In
IS2S tine Id standards were again''
n item. j, raraseins a!W!i agricwlfeura&ts
By jikw Cmrmcwbs asmdl Tassels; around the wjrld are gotms to see
toad been ffiwnused. Rallies and a' bow Kebraska farmers irrigate,
pep and alsw entered into ttee,j xfee Unaversity has been noti-cek-bralliffijm.
Tbe bmamiinig f the fjed feT the IX&. Departaseint f
effigy f tbe opposing team be- state "that its itwtiiom pkture,
canaie an ammuial boniecoitniinig, .lyjjiQ m Nebraska," was
event, and Tassets wemt to eTrjelected for distobutBon in foreign
rateirmty booue it Friday mMicmiBtries by the Eciwwwiic Co
to sing sfinsgs and impire spirit. (potion AdjnMistratism.
'J1 rapt were prcM-ntcd yj. t-, tocBUDeutary will be
to tbehonsej iwrth the best dee- 5. and re-recorded Mo
orations, and in 193 classes ,3 foreign languages,
were Ctsmmiie for a raQy. fc -r. 4,3-. made tstafirible b-
to isoat tomecoming dasMe"t!w Kbts f Ak-Sar-Ben f
Or bov a4iat tbe "1braB,
A3 M&fi's Club To Hear
Universlfy AsroiKmist
pairisaiit rmllfis to be flawed fa 'alj! saiKioaBdled to druEim
Tbe Kantms Jaybart is inn ffGffttoss year. Latst year's plasm were
a miery resepBfflm ewaesasj. saiowfuigeii wltaeni an af'itaiMwrm
j!nigM. igmwuip ff imidivMiuaIlia,:3iJed tihe
ffirit bameammt was A naowcallAg&t rally mill lkitfc-ffff Mhmmi Tiger bsUe the fiery 'was held in the Cliaeum firwm rwlriX frraiited 3WS
by George W. KHinie,: BomattMniMiag Jeittviljeff teSii wil rites cmM be perJarmied. j.4(9 to6 pa, bust even tbe early; Jri L'nrrersity' f Nebraska
:: Ttue raCIy u sDaued to begm at cw 11 " fflampen tae r(0)mR)datjfOPinL The tOm was writnea
a pm. at tbe Coliiwum. EalEiers of tbe crowd, tor a rcrand and jKjd by Mercer,
!WTll parade east to WM swA VButV;"" afSMili' .JpirwttlOT supmisor the Uni-
rawufli to USb anri B. west to tbe: to IWMw"? ?lmjty aipd; inltruclt8oi
!LnmiapmaMtibmtolm;retcr 7 Umrvermtv's ph(0-
,;fflMiuiaD grffliwsMii. 'f-?1 ctfom.; mtmr ftoli!iW
;: Maur Scbcr- Fram&fcn f Ttot wa the tot jEarge. tor m'" A ,mtmi fcdNrworr
D M'ifeer cmbimg wtS will 11 war t$m and (Bonne wf ltafff neraben f
Vsuc its use aaamiDikwii rmzet. .... . ijms4-rrars Arkw!toiral t-
as a eetebratMtt as tbe modeni-
generatHMi can orMioce.
the siogaa tr Hedaetday's rally
when J-i.ta cltecrleadcTfc,
Pepcters, Coratwbs, Tawelt, aad
stadects eMmrt (he bjckless bird
to a fsoDettil Sfre where fee mUl
he ntduutd to a smogldermg
pile of actteK
Tbe ralUy crowd will be Jed by!'!
braaassaaa as piabilMiMig sA'eral iina-ilArjimoiry to ISIS, and sSamtoDtt arodijllait the Jajiii1k will be tjeJ faMurai, Jaliy Wlebe, Dkik Oauss-;!
Albert Batman. aEHMffitafit am mm afiiwim clatus srifips. Jllo2S ff cMar. Farewioeto ssn& lnrm Mnne Tn VI or A
tbe VmwerBSy" axmusrsj -; tSmSessl msM baw a baad csBwert were atoo added IS
jasitaoect StaX will speak to ffiheffoe reaownea pmiuafcBy bw that year, amd abisast 2M aOtwm Modern DanceorOUO
-BiesSaisg MaosJiaj Biitgbt. ;'tttffll frwn wbat be mast do to
A OBuanuiwn. cm use nte ama jawsie tiae Aim " Drning Chat Wiawng aeriod
jftt&ra&Kas EaoOT.:! Tllaeim fikke stefiemtt aaminflt sue iifesjit '
prKs3,acls vil be tibe mum. tcjoiic Dtaoo off Stantant Affairs to tbe
ff tbe ta3t. Sanjies ami sliiCkee Aifimdmrtristaam braalfiiiiB.
via be fibpsm taUg tbe !kHCut- G-iarlls asaaut also baw ifSue mt-
ifi'ereft otgaadcatiom; on -aa-sn
ewetrtawted to tbe eeleora
tMi by fvesentnig etertaia-
aneitt and nw'rtnl vrocraass for
tbe iTxilimf aboH.
HEiOTal rtitiooiittifi by tbe lAtaa c3 bo 123 the nient txMnH&A tbraSi-
:,Lk K. W:aiu jaet Oft. 24 and
iekwtei 3';::rs ftw tbiw yesur,
!! OH'fkwf Ijoue Maiues. iwssii-
ident; J.(i3 y:sji-. jwreiUiiry- tow
i.iteiMwsn sersiice was (wsmnpwwed ff:
i D. L Gmcffi, M. F. WeJwt JsAiih
sem. jacfc cjnedes-ter. 42-T?1" "."".Tl M " iGMm ami Cwi BmwL
Kaiaferoer. George Kamwrifc, Ger- rlJ""-" j; The pnrwtert:,om crew travelled
aid ToM Ira Ejaieun aMd yell , eftwj. M)JWj fa
teg Dora Dew. The tots OT the pe, raa7( fe to
Members of tfce rafly com- i wTZ!l.:.Tr.,. rf., tbe fitau Latifiws 4iwlo.
I'jjageamill, the bswoeeawasaig dance,!
gya&bwd fncBtude aureas near Mir-
mitten are: Tais. Joan
Orteo. Jane lacwson; Com- , "ZZ Z,ZZ,t TT AlManee. Scattfbhtff,
tMH, Ira Canaeiav Larry Aarfer- I'fJ r.T" Krr.y
; fete,teadrs, Don Derrtes. fjf! Gibtom. Wcd River. Mnfe
Han. tbe Fsk1 a&tffl KMrastiami Tbe aJbroxwe stejai; aane -wery Snt-.daBsiraltiaiBis cat toteraiitty amid,; ' J"a"a'KJ n"""?.
Itxuilitrcg sQvsue tine ratl ad mstmA ami mmt be toOlMrad to 'scvnidity bnwMX. It was tm IMs,
pum, atocurticc ts j&ex Cuimaaa,!oi'ifcir to anube reaaatwaJ! cS ttt b'watnimtos that Heammwiial sjV1
fiiwiDtt as. m,i r as jurat chw. neiuwim insiuum vxt caiauiiiieiai..
. J.TtottoMd Wil Pen CM '7T,
uuratlikce aonii ff.uaai for asa nmJiwma iill be ainimiiwaffl)cd aJt a raJfliy Fn-, 1ZT "-f ZtTTr m
""" jiiitosll;lllJ'tJhae and am todeftoiite;
Which One Is Honorary Commandant?
Nebraska-Missouri Tradition
limMHiiiber td fber iwsalL tmkniwi
pMU will mke what has be-
oowise "etsraukas gjeatest tjadi-toow.
IXXlilAXY Tni4E tlMALMTS . . CMC of taese oe -m rftfKed to be Ummnn Cmm
mm&sA Tbe vwitee wic ftene CuBmr&er be COA iea Tbarsday etwS)ii. Tbe txAm tmA to
Ua tSe sr3 t CL to r.) Jwxa Baata, layse Wade, iatie iorcsnwa, ijuiftie Hose Carole
j O" , 1 1' if ih't- 1 imm.uij.i.nniiiwiwTTriuia urnn mi it- ih.i minmnnwiwinwii
1 I , I r 7 si!
Ds coyr girls
. o ( r 11 ram i
OXLT TO lUbTLX , , , Tbe IraAUMwal XeMata-MMwrl rtrtory
0 Is take to KiOMwrl It (L to r- feo Rir.tkinitaMt, Gowrre
Wifcwx and Al BenjUndau Tte UU at retr4 to Ike IItrs
davtssf tbe gaum bamiawr. (Daffy ferfcaa rboio.)
f ayi
".' !". ri "t
f vhd tddrM arbm fixw-
ads to aly Kcbraokao
offfee, f todest rittoft.
or ma mm emmet twmmm
mmS hmettlmm dwsKredl
? a vr auvliiwft. ftwnM Jiwww
OtnAw.. twiu st.
ilwnlW. TMl IHllt7
j itov nnvw 'wwnMf, fr-mii.
f. Gt votir toov IckIov V .'iro' "aueiu c.
II wt"--!. frm4,f,rt,ii.. sVjttW
Snnnlt vi.
yr " '-" x c ti
Appomfrasnts of Cornhusker Office
1952 Cornhusker Individual
212 SO. 13TH ST.