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    Wednesday, May 16, 1951
7 r
1 "i
'Duh!' Expresses Students1 Attitudes
Tovards Last Few Weeks of School
That's the way most students
leel about the last few weeks of
The term papers that they post
poned until instructors began to
demand them; the day-by-day
reports that they were supposed
to have kept and the books that
they didn't read because they
didn't have any tests in it before
the final.
These students succumbed to
the ancient disease known as
Do It Now!
"Do it now," could well be the
motto of the students as they
spend the wee hours of the morn
ing preparing the assignments
that they should have done weeks
'11 do belter next semester"
is always their cry. They usually
b i the nexi semester oy keep-
' Student Council Constitution
We, th etudenta of the University ef
Nebraska, with the consent of the Uni
versity Senate, do hereby ordain and es
tablish this constitution for the adminis
tration of student affairs.
The name of this organization shall be
The Student Council of the University of
The 'purposes of this organization shall
be to act as the. supreme student govern
ing body In the regulation and coordina
tion of all phases of student self-government
and to serve as an agency through
which faculty-student relationships may
te maintained.
Section 1. Legislative Power
The Student Council shall nave
the following legislative powers
In so far as these powers do not
conflict with general University
regulations: ,
a. To regulate and coordinate
the activities of all atudent
organisations and student
(roups of, general university
k. To recognize and approve the
constitutions of any new stu
dent organization, without
which recognition and ap
proval an organization shall
not be permitted to function
a. To review (at the discretion
of the Student Council) the
constitution of any student
organization with power of
revocation. ,
4. To control student pep tal
lies, pep demonstrations, and
student migrations
, To schedule and conduct all
student elections of general
university Interest
t. To act as liaison between stu
dents and faculty
m. To exercise other powers that
nay benefit the student body
k. To Institute such legislation
as shall be necessary to carry
out the foregoing powers of
the Student Council.
lacMoaZ. executive powers
The Student Council (hall have
the following executive powers
to so far a these powers do not
conflict with general University
regulations. The decisions of the
Student Council made In pursu
ance of Its constitutional pow
ers, (hall be carried Into execu
tion by the appropriate execu
tive or group.
To suapend or dismiss from
office any student executive
who shall refuse to carry its
legislation Into effect
k. To permit appeals by any
student, organization, or fac
ulty member to the appro
priate committee of the Uni
versity Benate.
ARTICLE IV Representation
taction X The following representatives
snail comprise the Student Coun
cil: a. College Representative
1, The colleges listed herein
ball be entitled to the
J mmber of members as
a. Agriculture t (one
woman and one man)
k. Arts and Sciences S (at
least one woman and
at least one man)
e. Business Administra
tion 2
4. Engineering t
e. Law 1
f. Pharmacy and Den
tistry 1
g. Teacher S (at least
one woman and at least
one man)
1. These members shall be
elected at the general
spring election.
' S. An change In the college
representation shall be on
.... the basis of one represen
tative for every 600 stu-
- dents or malor portion
thereof, as determined by
the Student Council. Each
college or eomblntion of
colleges aa listed In the
oiutttutlon ahall be en
titled to a minimum of one
4. In ease a Student Council
member elected by a col
lege cV colleges gives up
Ills eat because of wlth
. drawal from school, reslg
. smtlon, or Ineligibility, the
second-high person In the
lection shall serve as the
replacement unless be Is
. ineligible or rejected by a
two-thirds vote of the Stu
. dent Council membership
at the first regular Stu
dent Council meeting held
. one week after the vacancy
has been announced to the
Student Council. In case of
Student Council rejection
of tbe yecond-blgh candl-
4ate, the replacement shall
be elected by the Student
Council from those who
. have submitted written ap-
plications for the position.
. This replacement must be
of the same sax. In those
' colleges In which a ratio
to specified, and must be
matriculated In the same
., eollege as the originally
... . '.eeted member.
V Pilings for eollege repre
. . eentaUon are open to stu
dents who will be eligible
to serve during their sopho
more or junior years.'
. k. Organization and Group Rep-
Keen organization or group
Heted herein ehall be en
. titled to one member
., ... elected In the spring by se
, eret ballot. Unless the
number of votes cast repre
ante at least two-thirds of
the membership ef the or-
ganlsatlon or group, ' tbe
election shall he invalid.
Pharmacy College and the College of
Bentletry ehall he considered one unit and
jnell he entitled to one member on the
Student Connell.
In the ease of Law College, filings will
fc open to those Law students vho will
be eligible to serve during their sophomore
year To tbe four-year law curriculum.
a. Associated Women's Students
b. Barb ActlvltSec Board , for
a. Corn Cobs
d. Coed Counselor Board
e. Cosmopolitan Club
f. Independent Students Asso
ciation or similar successor
. organisation or group
f. Interfreternlty Council
.Men' Co-ops and Residence
L panhellenlc Counctl
. religions Welfare Council
fc. Tassels
University of Nebraska Build
ers' Board
a. Toung Women' Christian As
sociation and Toung Men's
Christian Association
t, A Student Council repre-
at organisation and group
lections to supervise ine
be noting. The be Hot for
eech organization and
group election for Student
Council representative ahall
be sjattd tn in envelope
nd ubmltted to the Stu
, dent Council for tabulation,
validation, and announce-
S. Organization and group
representative (hall be
etMted to serve during their
Junior ear.
4. Trie organization or group
rotraaematlvee ehall not
have had previous service
en the Student Council,
V. In caue the representative
e'od by an organization
or group give up his Stu
dent Council memberehlp
ferji if wHhdrawal from
vrKii resignation, or In-
t nihility, the orgenlza
m or group be represents
ehall hnld another election
rt It first rrgular meet
e; iftr the vacancy is
a ..ourtced to replace the
hiMeeentattva, Tbe elee.
ing up, and then, well, somehow
they begin to have coffee or go
to a show or "out with the kids"
and get behind in their studies.
It happens every semester.
Rare indeed is the student who
is not behind in something by the
end of the semester. With an
"I'll do it tomorrow" attitude,
they do the things that are so
much more fun than studying.
Approximately 20 to 23 hours
of the day are spent in serious
study toward the end of the sem
ester by many students. They
spend their daylight hours in the
library ferreting out information.
During the fall semester, this is
much, easier for the average stu
dent to bear. The weather is us
ually cold, and not very good for
other activities anyway. But in
the spring, picnics, baseball
games, swimming and numerous
Council Constitution
tion of the replacement
shall be governed by the
rules previously specified
for the election of organ
ization or group repre
sentatives. I. Inactive organizations or
groups shall be deprived of
representation on the Stu
dent Council.
c Senior Representatives
Five ' seniors, at least one
man and one woman, shall
be nominated and elected by
the outgoing Student Council,
at the first meeting after the
spring election, from the jun
ior members of that body to
serve during their senior
d. Faculty Representatives
Two faculty members, one
man and one woman, ap
pointed by the Faculty Com
mittee on Student Affairs
from nominations submitted
by the Student Council.
Terms of office shall be six
years and shall not be con.
current. Faculty representa
tive" shall serve without vote.
An Independent la a student not affil
iated with a social fraternity or sorority.
"The organization eligible to participate
In the election of this representative will
be designated by the Student Council.
ARTICLE V Eligibility, Filings, Eelectlon
of Members, and Publicity
Section 1. To be eligible for membership
on the Student Council, candi
dates must meet the following
requirements :
a. Each candidate ahall eb a
bona fide member of the col
lege, organization, or group
which he propose to repre
sent. Membership on tbe Stu
dent Council ehall be con
tingent on retention of con
tinued membership In one's
respective college, organiza
tion, or group.
b. Regular University rules shall
govern In determining a can
didate' eligibility.
. Each candidate or bold-over
member ahall have a mini
mum cumulative average of
five. For Law College candi
dates only pre-law grade
shall be considered tn the
computation of the cumulative
Section i. College Filings
a. Nominations of college repre
sentatives for election to the
, student Council shall be filed
In the Oflfce of the Dean of
Student Affairs. At least ten
day prior to the day upon
which filings open, the sec
ond vice-president of the Stu
dent Council shall publicize
through the Daily Nebraakan
the period for filings.
k. Filings will open the fust
Monday In April and shall
run for one week, closing on
Saturday noon of that week.
)( spring vacation conflicts
with this date, the Student
Council ehall designate the
last full school week prior to
spring vacation for filing.
c. Special filing form shall be
obtained from the Office of
the Dean of Student Affairs.
d. The form shall contain the
following information:
1, Name, address, sex
2. Position sought
. Grade average, college,
class (to bs certified by
the registrar)
4. Social fraternity or organ
ized house (membership,
offices held)
t. Professional f r a t entitles
and societies (membership,
offices held)
. Activities (membership, of
fices held)
7. A statment signed by the
candidate to this effect:
"I hereby agree that If
elected to the Stundent
Council I will serve to the
best of my ability and 1
will arrange my ' school
schedule to permit my at
tendance at tbe regular
meeting of the Student
I. Other Information desired
deelrsd by the Studenl
e. Signatures of SB bona fide
student within the candi
date's college must be ob
tained for each candidate fil
ing. f. Each candidate shall be pho
tographed. The photograph
aad filing Information will be
published In a manner sped
fled by the Student Council.
g. Failure to complete the fil
ing form will Invalidate the
Section 3. Organization and Groups
a. Members representing organ
Ixetlons and groups shall meet
trie same eligibility require
ment as eollege representa
tives with the exception of
the requirement for 25 elgna
tures, photographs, and pub
licity. b. Filing for Student Council
checking and eligibility, will
he made by nomlneee at
least two weeks prior to the
organisation or group elec
tion. Section 4. Election date
The regular Student Council
election shall bs held the Mon
day following the first Satur
day of May. The polls shall
be open from 7:30 a.m. to
7:00 p.m.
Section 6. Publicity and Campaigning
a. In at least one major build'
Ing for each college, the Stu-
' dent Unions, adn Love Li
brary, one locked bulletin
hoard shall be designated for
the Student Council In order
to publicize election date and
other Sli'dent Council notices.
All ma'eilals thus displayed
must carry the signature of
the Dean nf Student Affairs,
I he President of the Student
Council,, and any other re
quired University signatures,
b. The Student Council may
sponsor assemblies which
may be attended by Ihe can
didates for the purpose of In
forming the voters, answer
ing questions, and rallying.
e. Publicity other than that pre
scribed In the constitution
shell not be permitted,
d. The results of all elections
I number of votes for each
candidate) shall be mibllshed
In the Dally Nebraskan as
soon as tabulated.
ARTICLE VI Election and Duties
of Officer"
Section 1. Election of Officers
a. The president, flrsl vice
president, and second vies
president, shall be elected
from the hold-over members
hy the outgoing student
Council, by a majority vote
end by secret! written ballot,
at the first meeting of the
Student Council following the
general election.
k. The outgoing president Shall
administer the oath of office
lo the new Student Council
members et the frlst meeting
or ine nuinent council follow
Ing the general election,
c. The recording secretary, the
corresponding secretary, nd
the treasurer shell be elected
bv the new student Council
members at the second regu
lar meeting after the general
elertlon by a majority vote
o( the membership and by se
cret written ballot. These of
fices shall be filled by sopho
mores who will serve In these
positions during their Junior
y"nr, .
Section ?, Dutlee of Officers
a. The duties of the president
shall be:
1, To be en ex-offlclo mem
ber, with vote, of all eom
mltteee ,1. To preside at all meetlnge
3. To appoint committee
chairmen and committee
member not otherwise
provliletl for In the const).
4, Tu be responelbl for all
other activities are So much more
inviting than is studying. Many
potential "9" students only get
"5's" because they just didn't get
around to doing their assign
ments. Diverted Interests
During the course of studying,
the student usually paces the
room, turns on the radio, reads
the latest magazines and finally
grudgingly sits down to work. He
finds himself unable to concen
trate, and as a result, takes twice
as long to accomplish the "ap
pointed task.
It happens every spring.
Receipts for Cotton and
Denim dance pictures must be
presented at the photo labora
tory Wednesday, Thursday or
Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
1 communications of the Stu- '
dent Counctl
5. To present an annual writ
ten report summarizing
the year's activities of the
Student Council at the first
meeting following general
6. To remove any member
from the Student Council
upon three unexcused ab
sences 7. To recommend to the Judi
ciary Committee the re
moval of any member con
sidered negligent In hi
duties on the Council
S. To appoint specially quali
fied non-members to tem- 1
porary committee posts
' 9. To create an advisory body
if need for one exists
10. To be responsible for the
execution of all provlslone
of the constitution and by
laws and to carry out duly
enacted legislation of the
Student Council
b. The duties of the first vice
president shall be:
1. To serve as chairman and
ex-officlo member, with
vote, of the Judiciary Com
mittee 1. To assume the duties of
the president in his' ato-
c. The duties o fthe second vice
president shall be:
1, To serve as chairman and
ex-officlo member, with
vote, of the Election
1. To assume the duties of
the prlsldent in the ab
sence of the president and
the first vice-president
d. The duties of the treasurer
shall be:
1. To prepare, with the aid
of the president and the
advisors, the annual budget
1. To keep all financial rec
ords of the Student Coun
cil and submit financial
reports upon request
I. To maintain proper rela
tionships with the Office
of the Director of Student
Activities as required by
University ruling
e. The duties of the recording
secretary ahall be:
1. To keep the minutes of all
meetings of the Student
i. To aubmlt for weekly pub
lication in the Dally Ne
braakan a complete ac
count of the official ac
tion of the Student Coun
cil f. The duties of the corresponding
secretary shall be:
1. To conduct necessary Stu-
dent Council correspond
ence 2. To assume the duties of
recording secretary in her
ARTICLE VII Judiciary Committee
Section l. The Student Council Judiciary
Committee shall consist of five
members, namely:
a. The first vice-president who
shall be chairman
b. The two hold-over members
who were not elected so to
serve ae officers
c. Two newly-elected Student
Council members appointed
by the president subject to
the approval of the student
d. The faculty advisors of the
Student Council who shall
serve without vote
Section 2. The duties of the Student Coun
cil Judiciary Committee shall
a. To Interpret the Student
Council Constitution and by
laws b. To conduct hearings on all
matters referred to It by the
Student Council
e. To review and make recom
mendations for action on all
new constitutions and amend
ments of constitutions of stu
dent organizations
d. To decide on the validity of
Student Council elections
e. To file a written report of
an ruimg or. the Judiciary
f. To remove for due cause a
member of the Student Coun
cil after a hearing open to
all Student Council members.
Sections. All rulings of the Judiciary
Committee shall be final except
for appeal to the proper Unl
verslty Senate Committee.
ARTICLK VIII Elections Committee
Section 1. The Student Council Election
Committee shall consist of five
members, namely:
a. The second vice-president
who shall be chairman
b. Four newly-elected
. ('oucll members appointed by
the president subject to the
approval of the Student Coun
rll e. The faculty advisors of the
Student Council who shall
erve without vote.
Section 2. The duties of the Student Coun
cil Elections Committee shall be:
a. To announce filing and elec
tion dates
b. To supervise all publicity for
filing and election
. To arrange for the polling
places and to supervise the
t. To tabulate the ballots in
the presence of at least one
faculty advisor.
t. To seal the billots and tabu
lations and deliver them to
a faculty advisor for safe
. keeping for a tnirty-day pe
riod. I. To announce the complete re
sults of the election to Ihe
Dally Nebraakan,
g To supervise all other elec
lions of general University tn
:etest approved by the Stu
dent Council,
ARTICLE IX Annunl Budget
The Committee as provided In ArticI
VI Section 2d of the Student Council
Constitution shall prepare an Itemized
budget In the spring for the ensuing
school yesr outlining proposed expendi
tures of the Stundent Council, After ap
proval by the Student Council, the budget
shell be submitted before May 10 to the
Comptroller of the University for appro
priate action !n providing funds,
. - ARTICLE X Meetings
Section 1. The student Council shall meet
weekly during regular school
Section 2. A quorum shell consist of not
less than 60 of the total mem
bership ARTICLE XI Student Orlenvancea
, Students may present to the Student
Council In writing or In person any pro.
Poanl or grievance at any regulsr meet
ing. ARTICLE XII Revision and Amend,
Section 1. Proposals for revisions of or
amendments to the Constitution
may oe originated by:
e. A majority vote of two-thlrde
thirds of the Student Council,
ell, or
a. A petition, submitted tn the
Student Council, signed by
not, less then 000 recularly
enrolled students. Signature
must he validated by the Of
fice of the Registrar.
Section 2. Proposals for revision or amend
ments shall be submitted before
th end of the first semester for
action during the school yenr.
Section 9. Proposals for revision or amend
mentsv must be published at
least three times during the sec
ond semested st Intervals of at
leaat one week. The final Of
ficial publishing must be made
two weeks before the general
Section 4. Proposals for revision or amend
ments to the constitution shell
be voted on at the general
Section I. The amendment shall be ratified
hv a majority vote when at lenat
:in percent of the eligible stu
dent vote tn Ihe election.
Students Saddened by Death
Of NJJ Tradition, Corn Shucks
.Students are wondering whe-i thing else to read."
ther Corn Shucks is going to die I From various other students
or just fade away.
Ron Raitt, student at NU, when
asked whether he was sad or glad
Corn Shucks couldn't have their
last issue, stated he was very
sad. It reminded him of p popu
lar song "Old magazines never
die, but Com Shucks is fading
Another student when ap
proached upon this subject an
nounced that he was sad as he
always got a big laugh out of it
too , bad they don't have any
jokes in it.
A group of students gathered
in the Crib said "Yes, we want
another issue. We're tired of
reading the Rag and want some-
Interviews for Staff Positions
On Publications Slated May 19
Interviews for summer and fall
staff positions on The Daily
Nebraskan and for fall positions
on the Cornhusker yearbook are
Saturday, May 19, 8 a.m., at the
Union faculty lounge.
Following these interviews the
student-faculty committee on stu
dent publication will appoint the
new members of the publications
Editor and business manager
are the summer positions for The
Daily Nebraskan. They receive a
set salary plus a bonus at the end
of the eight-week period.
Fall Staff
The "Rag's" fall staff consists
of editor and business manager,
news editor, five feature editors,
Ag editor, sports editor, staff
photographer, society editor, as
sistant business manager, (3) and
assistant sports editor.
Available Cornhusker positions
are: editor and business mana
ger, assistant editor, managing
editor and assistant business
Report Tells
Of Progress
With Crops
Progress in crops research is
outlined in a report of the Uni
versity's Box Butte experiment
farm which has been submitted
to the county commissioners by
Dean W. V. Lambert of the col
lege of agriculture.
Highlights of th document:
Results of 20 years of crop ro
tations have been compiled. It
shows that potato production
after summer fallowing is de
pendable all years. But in half
or more of the year's potato pro
duction following wheat or corn
is uncertain.
More than double the yield of
wheat is usually obtained after
summc fallowing than when
wheat follows wheat.
Experimental Varieties
Approximately 800 lines or va
rieties of potatoes were grown
on the farm in 1950. Eighty of
the most promising were used to
find their suitability for dryland
culture and to develop a supply
of foundation seed potatoes for
later distribution for tests at
other places and later for distri
bution to potato growers.
The Progress variety, devel
oped in this program during the
past 13 years, is rapidly replac
ing Triumph in western Nebraska
because the tubers of the former
have very little scab and do not
crack during harvest.
An experiment is being con
ducted to find the best planting
rate for the new variety and the
best methods of cultivation for
dryland use. During the past
summer facilities at the farm
were used for some technical
studies with potatoes to find fac
tors influencing drouth or heat
endurance, food manufacturing
efficiency of different varieties
of potatoes and relation of type
of plant growth which enables
some varieties to survive hail
damage better than others.
Synthetic Variety
An Iowa corn hybrid No. 4417
has been found to outyield
Dawes No. 2 the local open pol
linated variety that" has been
used at the farm for many years.
Progress is being made In devel
oping a synthetic variety for
northwestern Nebraska because
seed of it would be much
cheaper, Throughout a period of
years an Improved synthetic va
riety might because of the vari
ability within it be more pro
ductive in such a short season
country than hybrids with their
uniform types of plants.
Scientists found that it was
possible to screen out many lines
of wheat that were readily
damaged by hail after two se
vere storms which hit the winter
wheat nursery last summer.
Much information obtained as to
winter hardiness and drouth en
durance is being used as a guide
in maknig selections for later use,
10-Year Test
During a 10-year wheat test
the Cheyenne variety has aver
aged the best yield 32.3 bushels
per acre, Nebred follows with
an average yield of 30.7. Paw
nee and Comanche were next,
both averaging 29.7.
Despite sorghum plantings be
ing destroyed for grain yields by
hail, the Norghum variety, re
covered well and some grain ma
tured. Even with wheat damage by
hull and drouth last summer
there were increased yields after
nitrogen application when the
wheat followed summer fallow.
But there was no increase In
yield when wheat followed until
60 pounds of nitrogen per acre
was applied.
The protein content of wheat
was increased distinctly with ni
trogen fertilizer during the past
two years. Phosphorus applica
tions had lltl'n effect. Mid-September
seeding showed better re
sults than lata August seeding
both years.
, came statements like:
"We want our money for the
last issue back."
"Completely unaware of not
having another issue."
"I'll have nothing to send to my
girl friend in Kansas, for her
"If it was a humor magazine,
I'd probably miss it."
Many other students that we
didn't contact probably have
other comments to say on the
subject. Frank Jacobs, editor of
the magazine would be glad to
knjow any other comments and
will be open for interviews any
afternoon in the Corn Shucks of
Three students and four facul
ty members compose the commit
tee on student publications who
select the staffs.
Leon Pfeiffer, senior member;
Gerald Matzke, junior member;
and Noirnan Rasmussen, sopho
more member, are the student
members of the committee.
The committee is headed by
Roger V. Shumate, political sci
ence professor. William C. Har
per, director of student affairs,
Mary E. Guthrie, home economics
professor; and William J. Arn
old, professor of psychology, are
the faculty board members.
The faculty Senate appoints
the faculty members to the com
mittee. Student members are
selected by the Student Council.
Bruce Nicoll, of the University
public relations department, acts
as liaison officer for the commiti
tee. He works between the mem
bers of student publications and
the committee on publications.
Better Yell Squad
Drive Ends Today
The "Better Yell Squad" cam
paign which started last week
will end today noon.
If any students have ideas of
any sort for new yells, new
stunts, chants or merely general
suggestions the yell squad will
greatly appreciate receiving
Don Devries, yell king for the
1951-52 yell squad,, stated that
the only way to develop a yell
squad which will be perfectly
suitable to the majority of stu
dents is to let the students them
selves decide what it should be
Students that have suggestions
may give them or mail them to
Don Devries at 1545 R St.
Seniors to Receive
Three Graduation Tickets
Three commencement tickets
will be enclosed with the senior
letters mailed to each University
senior. No additional tickets may
be obtained from the registrar's
Parents, relatives or friends
planning to attend graduation
ceremonies must present these
tickets to be admitted.
Estimated and final senior
grades are now being submitted
by faculty members. These grades
are subject to change until June 2.
set-ups for
cm '
50 to S95
Little Man On Campus
how to '
keep off the
stag line...
' l "I-' I I
4 j Ml. ;
&f i.LU! " ! .Lit
v A
Will you be the life of the party in these Van Heuscn
Formal Favorites? Well, not necessarily ... but you
will have that nice, confident feeling of knowing
you're properly dressed. Van Tux comes in two
collar-attached models wide-spread and regular.
Van Dress is neck band only. Both with snowy-while
pique fronts.
see. t. m.
"the world's smartest"
y , y trunlc
A t boxr
iWVn'j SporUwear . . M ACRE'S Fir$l Floor
bv Bibler
? 1 I
V!ii Thy tmA
-' Van Dress, 5"
IN "
Yp, you'll b. get-up lor iwlm
mlnrj when you'r wearing new
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