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    Thursday, May 3, 19511
' '
Editorial Comment
Jusf Wait a While ...
Sadat cXe.
"If you don't like Nebraska's weather just wait
Everybody who doesn't know this, learns it
In short order upon coming to Nebraska.
The juniors and seniors have found this out in
their plans for a junior-senior class day. The first
time the picnic was scheduled, it snowed the day
day before. So the picnic was called off. Then, the
next day turned out to be one of the sunshiniest
of the year. The following week, was beautiful
except for the day of the picnic, which brought
forth a downpour.
It's time some of the graduate students at the
University got busy and figured out some way by
which the weather could be controlled. After all,
it is very disturbing to find one's plans completely
upset by the elements.
Think of all the picnics and athletic contests
that have been cancelled because of the elements.
University parking lots are especially delightful
during rainy weather. Large mud puddles offer
University coeds a place to soak their little tootsies.
One disgusted coed remarked, "Three days in a
row I brought my raincoat and carried the dern
thing around with me. The next day I didn't
bring it and got soaked." Such is , Nebraska
Rainy weather also delights coeds who go to
formal dances. The hems of their sheer dresses
drag through the mud, creating a lovely effect.
The water squishes up in their toeless shoes, Ne
braska's late spring failed to bring out the leaves
on bushes and trees until only about a week ago.
Lovers of beauty were denied the beauty of spring
time, when everybody's fancy lightly turns.
Such a difference the weather makes in the at
tire. Everyone was wearing their dreary old win
ter togs. Now, out come the colorful spring
Dern such weather, anyway. t.r.
High Frequency'
KNUS Staff Back to Normal
After Busy College Days
By Art Epstien
Fashion Parade .
It's been a busy week around KNUS! . . .
Broadcasting from 9:30 a.m. till 5 p.m. during
College Days . . . painting part of the KNUS
office a violent brick-red . . . watching KNUS
staff heads, Lois Nelson, Dick Carson, Gay Marr,
and Dutch Meyers wowing the packed houses at
each performance of "Good News . . . Yep, it's
been a busy week!
But KNUS is back on schedule now, from three
to five p.m. each weekday afternoon, at 710 on
your radio dial. And the KNUS staffs wondering
what you think of your University station, now
that it's been on the air for a few weeks. You've
Jiad a chance to listen, n' to look it over; so why
don't you send a few of your comments, via campus
mail, to KNUS co Gaylord Marr, Basement of
the Temple building. No kidding, KNUS wants to
hear from you!
Now for a little news on today's Hne-up of shows.
This Thursday afternoon is music, sports, and
fashion afternoon; so get set for a full two hours
on enjoyment plus! Here's the starting line-up:
"Especially for You," "Disc Jockey's Jamboree"
and "Johnny's Pop Shop" begin KNUS Thursday
at 3, 3:15 and 3:30 p.m. respectively. That's forty
five minutes of solid listening to tunes and lyrics
which are all modern but all in different styles
from the dreamy numbers that put you into one of
those sweetly melancholy moods to the sophisti
cated Kenton and Ellington-style discs that have
you hopping up and down your dorm or house
Incidentally, the radio section's recent purchase
of the complete Langworth record library gives
you tunes from hot to sweet, from classical to up-to-the-minute
jazz. And every style of KNUS mu
sic, be it ricky-tick or smo-o-o-oth, is interspersed
between another style just to keep you guessing
n' listening!
There's a 15-minute break from music at 4 p.m.,
when femmes fatale, Evvle Anderson and Jo Mel
len, take over on "Fashion Spotlight," a show that's
labelled "for women only" but which has a growing
male audience as spring comes, and fashion news
turns to thoughts of bathing suits.
Following "Fashion Spotlight," it's the men's turn
with "Final Sports Edition." KNUS is especially
proud of this show, 'cuz it covers not only the im
portant campus, but the national, sporting scene as
well. What's more, some of the low-down comes
from the press-service wires, guaranteeing you
accuracy and reliability.
My gosh, it's 4:30 p.m. already and time for a
generous half-hour of- "Platters from the Past."
This is a show that brings back the oldies and
puts you in a reminiscin' mood with nostalgic
memories of the flapper era, the Charleston craze,
and the good ol' days when Ma and Pa were young
and 23-Skidooish! The strains of the old Paul
Whiteman orchestra, Al Jolson's throaty "Mammy!"
and the mellow tones of the famous Bix Bieder
becke trumpet... I could rave on for hours, but
why don't you listen for yourself this afternoon?
Well, that's it for Thursday. Why not twist the
old dial to 710 at 3 p.m. and give a listen to KNUS
for a well-rounded day of music, fashion, music,
sports, and you guessed it! music. And don't
forget to drop that note to KNUS, via campus mail.
We're waiting to hear from you!
More news next time keep listening!
JYb-?j:dDouofifteen tohuaisfast
Dear Mom and Dad
Exhausted Daughter Portrays
Average 'Life Span' of Coeds
Dear Mom and Dad: I further I got with it. It seemed
Here I sit at 12:30 a.m. writ- as if I had been eating forever
in? you a letter after a difficult but when I looked down at the
night of studying. You would pie there was just a small dent
think that a college with so many in the center. A small case of in
activities that keep you busy, digestion followed several hours
would let up on the assignments, j later and pevented me from go
I'm so behind now I don't know ing to the Cotton Denim dance,
if I'll be a second semester fresh- My date wasn't very pleased
man or a first semester sopho- with this announcement but after
more next year!
College Days are over and it
has left its scar. Blisters all over
your poor daughter's fingers
from putting paper through
chicken wire and a lame foot
from stepping on a nail while
pounding one of the boards for
the framework of the float
After all that work and then we
didn't even win first place. What
did they want anyway???
Mother, you know how I detest
lemon meringue pie! Well, yours
truly" entered in the pie eating
all I couldn't go when I looked
so green in the face!
Do you still love me? It
seems like I haven't had any mail
for so long I wonder if you still
know you have a daughter go
ing to school. Speaking of love,
I tbink I have more troubles than
any girl in this university. Pete,
Tom and Dale all called me for
the same night and nobody called
me for Saturday night Here the
year is almost over and I don't
have a pin yet! Just because I
welch 200 pounds, (by the by,
contest that was part of Col- send me some of those chocolate
I'-ee Days out on Ag campus
They placed a pie in front of me
alter tying my hands behind my
back and what did I see but a
lemon meringue pie! Well, "your
Dht then before even attempt
ing to the Cotton-Denim dance,
tempt,' as that is about all the
cookies) have buck teeth and
thick glasses. Honestly, just no
body loves met!
Oh, the tricks they play on me
when I do get a date. Dale and
Gale, identical twins, dated Susie
and I the other night. They wore
red and black plaid shirts which
didn't help the matter of telling
them apart. Half way through
the night they left us and when
they returned, they switched
dates. We didn't know till two
days later that one of them took
us to the picnic and the other
one took us home.
My arthritis ails me again but
I hope that It doesn't mean more
rain. With this weather my natur
al straight hair doesn't help my
looks any, and when I wear my
crepe soled shoes the water
squeezes out of them like a
spponee. . .hint, hint for a new
pair of shoes.
Ivy Day is Saturday and the
girls haven't even asked me to
sing with them. I've been prac
ticing like mad so I could be
ready when they asked me to
join them. The lists have been
sent in by now so I know they
aren't going to ask me. Do you
know that I can sing two notes
new? Therefore, I'm no longer a
monotone! Education is helping
me in some ways!
As a clock I must wind it up
for now. Do write and come down
and see me soon.
Your loving daughter,
lllllllllfci lilillf lliliil
y,V.:.'&-:;:f::: .:,: . ILi'-""'-
- : ; v
mmiwtdmtn rim nil ii.-' n nr i - mr m f" '
Comely of 2m
WHAT'S NEW? Skirt and blouse fashions will make versatile
spring and summer wearables for Nebraska coeds. Pictured is the
favorite sleeveless blouse worn with both a cotton and a satin
sheen skirt.
College Fashion Trends More
Feminine: Pastels. Lace Vogue$
In the spring a young mans
fancy turns to love but there are
a few repercussions heard from
this sex. , .
"What's your new girl s name:
"I call her baseball."
"Baseball? What do you call
her that for?'! ..
"She won't play without a dia
mond." . .
The Alpha Chi seniors took
their sneak Monday night and
brought confusion to the whole
house Seems thev called a dance
teacher from the Arthur Murray
dance studios, a vacuum cieaner
salesman and a professor to talk
on morals, to the house to keep
the rest of the girls entertained
for the evening.
Ever hear of passing bubble
gum instead of candy? Norma
Jean Meyers passed the gooey
stuff to the DG sisters to an-
pniinw her enaaeement to Gene 111 J ,1,1.1 J
last Friday evening. At intermis
sion time they presented the
Typical Towne club Girl, Leanor
Strain. Her attendants were Pat
Conway and Jo Naatz. Dancing
to the music of John Scheldnech I
was Barbara Roland and Bob '
Ketterer, Henri Hagelberger and
Jim Weldon, Wanda Bott and
Bob Mercier, Betty Topleff and
Bob Chennock, Gloria Sell and
Lloyd Sherrard.
Pinnings: Marilyn Smith and U
Jim German, Mary H.ay xoinver
and Bob Spearman, Jackie Hoss
and Bob Rosenlof, Nancy Porter
and Bill Long.
Steadies: Kathy Corp and Jim
and Ray Novak and
Delta Gamma house party and
scavenger hunt.
Palladian picnic, Pioneer park.
Union outdoor dance.
IVCF banquet, Union.
Zeta Beta Tau house party.
Brown Palace dinner dance,
Cotner Terrace.
Phi Gamma Delta Fiji Island
house party. '
Main Features Start
State: "Kind Hearts and Coro
nets," 1:10, 315, 5:20. ?:25, 9:31.
Husker: "Tall in th Saddle,"
1-15, 4:03, 6:51, 9:36. "Southside
lllOOO," 2:48, 536, 8:24.
Varsity: "The Thing," 1:00, 3:00.
5:00, 7:00, 9:54. Sneak Preview
By Ann Gilligan
What's on the feminine sum
mer fashion agenda around the
nation's college :ampuses?
At the University of Utan,
Joe College will no doubt think
his girl has lost her mind when
it rains and she appears for their
Saturday night date wearing a
lace raincoat.
Can you blame him?
So much lace yardage is
available this year that it is ap
pearing in remarkable spots.
And, of courses, college circles
are the first to adopt the new
designs. The lace raincoat, it
may be explained, is heavy cot
ton lace waterproofed and has
a dash all its own.
Beach Coat With Black Lace
On the beach, the Utah trend
is a white terry beach coat
overlaid with black lace. And
lace will also be worn on the
head. One basic hat can be worn
several ways using its lace over
coat. At the University of St. Louis,
in the heart of the world's j
largest shoe business, footwear j
will be given the spotlight.
The male set will again prob- i
ably have hallucinations when ;
they see their girls in plain, U
subdued dresses with flashy
pumps of plaid, striped and j -checked
ginghams, piques and j
linen-like weaves. Colors like j v
lavender, mauve, link and blue j ;
will be popular as well as em
broidered materials.
Spectators Still Popular
Brown and whi'j shoes will
still be worn, but blended with
brighter colors of 1'ue, wine,
green and purple. '
Even silk, nylon mesh, lace j ;
and grosgrain ribbon will con-
tribute to the charm and impor- jv
tance of footwear worn on cam
pus in the St. Louis shoe king-
dom. ! t
Color will rank first in fash- '.'a
ion at Boston university.
Pink will be combined with .
purple in splashy pattern de- -signs.
Gold and yellow will be
a favorite combination, and
Tiger lily orange will not only
be worn "as is," but also will
be toned down to frosted apri
cot, caramel, warm terra cotta
and cocoa ''ones.
Lavendar Favorite Color
But the favorite color will be
lavender. Tones of lavender will
be combined with all other tones
of lavenr'--, as well as other
Ar. J on our campus, attention
is, and will be, focused on
sleeveless blouses and satin
sheen skirts.
These blouses will be seen in
all colors and will range from
the dainty peter-pan type to the
tailored broad collar style.
Especially well-liked wi.l be the
blouse with the oleated back.
With these trends in mind,
how would vou like a lace
beach coat, a pair of mesh
shoes or a splashy orange
Encasements: Marilyn Holm-
quist and Bill Kuehler, Pat Gil
breath and Dave Manard.
If you see any Sigma Kappas
on the campus, ask them if they
are intact. Their pledges had a
so-called scavenger hunt Mon
night and took a few of their
unmentionables and hid them.
Bev Mann is now available for
phone calls, due to a put up job
by her friends. Seems that a re
port came in that she was going
steady and it is totally erroneous.
Party-line for this week-end.
Zeta Beta Tau formal, Cotner
318 So. 12 2-2520
NO. 13"
NU Produces Career Movie
Two Professional Careers' is
the title of a new movie produced
by the University department of
Audio-Visual instruction.
The film will be shown Friday,
Way 4, at 11 a.m. In Love Library
Two colleges, engineering and
architecture, helped in the pro
duction of the movie which
shows the professional activities
of men In the engineering and
architectural fields and the train
ing necessary for those professions.
JIisl (Daily. ThLhaAkcuv
Intercollegiate Press
Of Ott Br foments Uttwtf pubttmwm im mbiawwm vj mm bwv
m pTf-ttri U Um laOuna poUo of tf Souo Uj fvMitatfcma. bdoot
mm juxadictka mUMJt a frao fraa oattorlaj oraMHtrio oa Ow omit of On avmrtf.
or m ch pmrl of aur aomnr of Cm fowftr of tt OaMwrattr tt maftort of
t mmft of Tt DJT Potrruifcaa a ron1H rmotmttoi (or otol tfcov
or w to or.
ma mrm mm orr iilw. IIM on won mflftf, or for
s u Mm Mil. tiHit wn roMtekxa "r owtu
mmmt 44 at fmmmrwm. Mar A. IOT,
im to HIM IIOI. Of wwi m vcwrr
oW floMploMCV
Mof I U. IMS.
.. terry Winw
IfMMlK Cottar ... ....... a mjmewa, torn lumvmm
ffovt Milan. aarataa. Kaal AiU. Saa Cartas. Daa rtaaar wl JraoM Uow
r... mm noaoni
, , Sak VoBlu
Jaaa ftuoall
, IHr lal
aVWl taarvj K4Mar .
Krasne Named
To AUF Position
Sylvia Krasne was selected by
the AUF executive voard to
serve as the new sorority solicita
tions director.
Miss Krasne is president of
Sigma Delta Tau, a Tassel and
a member of YWCA.
She will be In charge of so
rority solicitations during the
AUF drive next fall.
Norwegian Prof
Visits Ag College
A Norwegian professor is ;'
learning about modern ways of1,
developing efficient use of ma
chinery arid maintaining it at the
University College of Agriculture"
this week.
He is Prof. Oivind Haugen, head
of the institute of Agricultural En
gineering at the state college of ',
Norway in Vollebckk. The pro- i
lessor lAum to visit a Uilnl of
nine universities in a five-month
Uiur of the United States under
the auspices nl EC A.
Prof. Haugen said the number
of tractors in Norway is on the
increase and is expected to triple
within another year. He said the '
number has increased three times '
since World War II.
gl j aj
for F-STf &sk:
i-i 'inn Li
nnounrlnm An Extended Sertirti fur IIAdett Proof onre again that VOU
loitir firat at Miller'. In rmh of our Home Furninlilnu Dcpartnirnl CHINA
and CRYSTAL on Fifth, HOI SIJWAHt; on Fifth, LIME.N.S and HLODINC on
Fourth, and SILVFR on Fimt a clerk -counnrlor will hop with you and record
your pattern, pref erenee; eolor M-lierne, elr., on our rmnpreliennlve, tip-to-f he
minute ItRIDAL lUCGISIKATION ( HARTS (.krl.hrd almve). Or, ru mr give
urh information l the liridal (tnultnt, at Iter ilenk on SentnA Floor.
Through thit newly elenled aervire, your friend will find it eay to avoid
ritoo-ins duplirale or mifit" aifl. Vour preferenre are tept on file for
future referenre in year to rome!
from our ulde variety of rerogntted
famou'-hrandt In everything hatle to
four better houn-keeplng.
v 1
4 t
he drafted?
a )
Tletcl tfliat servicemen and veterans mj in May
tlie quality magazine for smart young women, 35c
on tale at your newsstand now
MAKE USE of thU very helpful Gift Registration
Service at once . . , It 1$ available now I
miLLEK PAofi
f wi ii waaaaar .. .
"'"' . . . - .i.m.I.Ii M . m. . . .. -
a "J . . ... fcM HtfrW, Ife: JW W.' . a.. ...
i w oa maaaaw. ..........
f .i iiitHiia MMam .... .
hutrnt Mat aoaar