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    Vol. 51 No. 121
Forty-two oustaading Univer
sity students were named mem
bers of Phi Beta Kappa and Sig
ma Xi Monday evening at the
annual joint meeting of the two
top-ranking campus honorary
Three students were elected to
membership in both Phi Beta
Kappa, national honorary scho
lastic society, and Sigma Xi, na
tional honorary scientific society.
They were Mrs. Maria Leipelt
Bade, Robert J. Evans and For
rest Mozer, all of Lincoln.
Donald Jensen and his wife
Mac Arthur
To Arrive
Home Friday
A historic event took place
early Monday morning when
Gen. Douglas MacArthur arrived
in Honolulu after a non-stop
flight from Tokyo.
Near-riot raged near the ramp
of the Constellation transport,
the re-christened "Bataan." The
five-star general, making his
first trip to the United States in
14 years, remained aloof to the
The "Bataan" -it was "SCAP"
Before MacArtnur was sxnppea
before MacArthur was stripped
ics.i.j ''uu"ra
general set foot on American
a A C : ....
v" .:: iT" . i
1944 conference here with Presi-
dent Roosevelt. ;
ine scume ragea a lew icei j
a few feet
behind the general as he shook
hands with Admiral Arthur W.
Radford, Hawaii's Gov. Ingram
Stainback and Army Secretary
Frank Pace, jr.
With the deposed supreme
commander were his wife, his
13-year-old son, Arthur, and
aides and staff members.
General To Visit
V , . 1 I
atgoOT M :
From Hawaii the general will
rx, Pranritm Wahine-1
ton and New York. Time tables
for Mac Arthur's return to his
homeland call for him to set foot
on the American mainland at
San Francisco's international air
port sometime after dusk Tues-
" - , 0
From San Francisco MacAr-
thur will go to Washington
J6"??. i"uie. h& l
ne win leu nis siae oi me gi t-i (
dispute that resulted in his dis- j
TThHeTouSou,ly agreed
UU iviui scssiuil Ul -Jl'- i
gress Thursday on the foreign .
policy crisis. . missioned throughout the United
The senate, m recess Monday. I ct.t ;
was expected to act today to ; , .
complete the arrangements for!. ManT f !
the formal speech by the ousted
Purnfi w-r
The bouse acted by unanimous
consent upon a request by Demo-
era tic Leader John W. McCor-
mack. The senate was expected
to uo uKewise, out unoer mai
procedure any senator could still
insist on a resolution.
The procedure in the house
'a agreed to by democratic
leaders and pushed aside a for
mal "Resolution proposed by the
rx Kejerts Offer
A Red Pro par an da
The Pyongyang radio Sunday
troadcart a message by Pak Hon
Yong offering peace under a for
mula which would carry con
demnation of the United States
and South Korea for "aggres
sion' against North Korea.
United Nations diolomats gen
erally regarded the North Korean
peace feeler as a one-sided prop
aganda trap possibly designed to
screen a communist spring of
fensive. The messages had not been re
ceived at the U.N but officials
pointed out that there has been
a lag of as much as a full dav in
previous communications from
the communist capitals in the
PitftiiAca a"P A
By LarSOn at
A group of students attending
Ag Union Week's" first meeting
In the lounge Monday heard Rog
er Larson describe the purpose of
a student Union. They are to
function as:
A place for activity programs.
An opportunity for students to
increase their ability through so
cial experience.
The living room of the college.
. The assibtarrt Union director
here spoke of adding recreational
facilities on A and yet not act
ually competing with the City '
Union's program.
He said the Ag Union lias the
job to provide activities and en
tertainment that iire unique, dif
erent and that fulfill a need that
cannot possibly be met by the
City Union.
On such activities as concerts
and lecture aeries, be said, the '
Ag and City Unions try to plan i pjj are to include the views of
jointly. tig xnany ideas of students as pos-
An Ag college lousing program cible in drawing uo the sched
would lelp tle Ag Union's pro- u
would live closer to the campus, Tr. T. H. Gooding win be tlje
The Weather
Fair and warmer Tuesday. In-' tempt to clarify exit-ting ideas
crtaxlni cloudiness vt'ednesday. 1 about liie proposed new Ag Exec
warmer east becoming colder la- board with regard to the Ag Un
tor Wednedny in the north west ion. The agronomy instructor has
Hirh Tuesday C6 east to 65 west, j been faculty advisor to tbe Ag
Low Tuesday, 28. J Union for several years.
Sigma llVs M
Janet Kepner Jensen both were
elected to Phi Beta Kappa.
In Upper Tenth of Class
Members of Phi Beta Kappa,
all of whom rank scholastically
in the upper tenth of the senior
class, are as follows:
Susan Allen, Mrs. Marie Lie
pelt Bade, Joel I. Bailey, Eleanor
L. Bancroft, Marilyn Campfield,
Elsie A. Clapp, Merritt C. Cush
ing. Harold L Davey, Robert J.
Evans, Keith L. Fitch, Donald A.
Forinash, Mrs. Virginia Hill Le
Macy, Donald D. Jensen, Robert
B. Kelly, Edward C. LeBeau, Ber
nard Magid, Charles H. Mohr,
Lois Nelson, Robert D. Phelps,
Eugene F. Smith and Dorothy
Excellence In Sciences'
Associate members of Sigma
Xi, all of whom have shown
"marked excellence in pure and
applied science courses," are:
Mrs. Marie Leipelt Bade, Ed
ward A. Bartunek, Ivan L. Bur
meister, Robert John Evans,
Glenn D. Ford, Eugene M. Heuer-
j mann, Nolan T. Jones, Leland G.
L.ucKe, Kaymond G. Marvin, Ed
ward R. Maunder. James W. Mc
Dowell. Forrest Mozer, Louise
Mues, Viggo B Olsen, Robert Ru
pert, Herbert I. Singer, Robert W.
Air Force ROTC Increases
. -
for Advanced Course
. .
Advanced air force ROTC ap-
piicants will continue to be ac-
;piea in view 01 me increased j
air forcc enrollment quota, Lt j
CoL Alex G. Jamieson of the Uni-
versitv Air Force ROTC has an-
nounced. ; vanced air force ROTC courses.
Students accepted for enroll- j according to Jamieson, must be
ment, he said, will be deferred j either: "regularly enrolled stu
from induction while pursuing the i dents who have completed basic
course. They will be granted ! ROTC, veteran or graduate stu
commissions in the U.S. Air Force dents who are either veterans
upon completion of the coure, he , or who have completed basic
added. i ROTC All individuals must have
Tt;,-,1c t,,, snnk-iTMi for
ithe advanced air force courses, ! MTUi4r ..'ill Y
...... . , , r I
essed either before the end of ;
1 -hnoi vr w next fall de-
j - . ,
pending uoon the date on wnicn i
i I
applications are received.
Because Air Force ROTC en-j
rollment at the University is be- j
lieved to almost double next year.
CoillllllSSlOIlS Dlie
jRO rC Seniors
Approximately 80 students in
OrSzS SrreoS by
.;.,. -K,,, Vi-alf rrf YT1P !
,n cftn rnm. i
LSO Deen-aeierreo .rora m
duction so that they may con
jtinue their education, but under !
the aereement thev have obli-
thf agreement they have obli
Ealea memseive 10 '
jy" m actlve office".
Gustavson Talks
At Men's Convo
AH men students ot tbe
University are urged to' at
tend a convocation to be held
Wednesday at 5 p. m. ia the
Chancellor Gustavson will
apeak en tbe latest develop
ments in the national man
power situation.
Specifically tbe Chancellor
will discuss: provisions of tbe
new draft law; the tests which
st-fll be offered college men
this spring and sommer; tbe
possibilities open to college
mm for postponement of in
duction; and the EOTC pro
grams of tbe University.
Dr. Gustavson has been in
tne nation's capital obtaining
the latest information on tbe
elective service program.
Qnestions from tbe floor
will be invited. '
6 iilUAI AU1U
4Uni011 Week'
he said. j "For Each Man Kills,' a one-act
Not only men's and women's i plr presented Tuesday,
dormitory spat may soon de- April 24 at 70 p-m, and Tburs
velop, h ecorjtinued, but a joirjt day, April 26, at 10 p.m. during
building which would contain a i College Days,
dorm and i Union is a pwisi- The mate lead, "Michel," will
bnjty . be played by Dave Swler. Female
lujoa week on At cam-
pus moves into its second day
today wnen Itollis Errars, Ac
activities director, guides tbe
discussion and answers sta
lest questions at 4;2t p.m. in
tbe lining t.
Mm Eggars, who has directed
i Ag Union activities for the past
year, will evaluate what the Un
ion ha done in an attempt
toward rounding out the student's
college life.
She will also open the discus-
sion to tfic group, toping to e-
cure ideas for next year's activi-
t,-. h Ae Union committees
I final speaker of tle week Thurs-
drawing the dis
close with an at-
Waters, John F. Wilkinson, Nor
man D. Williams and Jack H.
Dr. Samuel N. Stevens, presi
dent of Grinnell (la.) college,
was principal speaker. Dr. Stev
ens has been president of Grin
nell since 1940. Before that he
served as professor of applied
psychology and later as Dean of
the University College of North
western University. His work as
an arbitrator in industrial dis
putes has won him wide recogni
tion. President's Appointee
Recently Dr. Stevens was ap
pointed by President Truman to
the Board of Governors of the
United States Military academy.
Prior to his appointment, he
was adviser to the Chicago Crime
commission and chairman of the
city-wide Commission on Indus
trial Relations. Since 1934. he has
been a partner in the Personnel
institute, one of the largest or
ganizations in the field of per
sonnel consultation to business
and industry.
His work in education has been ,
recognized through honorary
memberships in leading profes
sional organizations and through
an honorary LL. D conferred on
him by Carleton college, North
field, Minn.
j additional instructors will be as-
signed to the University in the
11 0 W aw-anii
rurure. une or two new courses,
he commented, may be offered
beginning next falL
Students to be linhlA fnr an
1WU vi unaergraauaie or
f" t'01" Plet
j order to be eligible for enroll-
Trw-,; ,. .
. miormation and application
Term mjiv Jw nhtairu ir.
, . Trvvr Z i
Air Force ROTC office. Room
of the Military and Naval Science
University Madrigal Singers Will Present
Varied Concert
Th T'.,..;. , ,.
'Zt nSd
Thursday in the Union bali-
L ' -adrigals.
I "
tY e group, jointly presented
tne Union music committee,
Director Folta
Foltz, associate professor of
rlmmTCiTO tl nil
UIlllILLSlI dllUIl
O TVT "V 1
CS iVlO iNeeU
For 'Step-Up'
Despite the existing national
emergency and the resulting de
sire of many high school seniors
to enter the University of Nebras
ka next June, no step-up of the
university's summer program is
contemplated now.
An administrative council sub
committee, headed by Dean C. W.
Bergman, recently has been
studying the possibility of an ac
celerated summer- session. How
ever, the existing program is ade
quate, they have decided, to take
care of all high school seniors who
may wish to enter the University
in June.
Some courses, however, will be
added to both the six and eight
week summer courses, the com
mittee states, and perhaps a lim
ited number of post-session
courses will also be added.
Including the summer session,
present class offerings are ade
quate, they say, to permit stu-
dents to complete the work for a
'four-year degree in three years.
German Drama
Rehearsals Begun
Rehearsals are underway lor
. rK.tir.. ,r,H iTh
who plays Monque. The one-act
drama is one of high emotion
and takes a great deal of char
acter development.
The play, written by Gerty
A gaston and translated from the
German by Vasanti Asirnatham,
was chosen by Margaret Mayorga
as the best one-act play of the
season. Jim Tomasek di
rects the play and the production
manager is Wes Jensby. An vtn-
1 unpular et will be used in
j the production to add to the
tragic mood and atmosphere.
Dorothy Robbies, sutional
director of the Collegiate coun
cil for the United Nations,
will sypeak Tuesday afternoon
in the Union faculty lounge.
Miss Bobbins, who Is an or
gaxJzer of groups Interested la
world affairs throughout tbe
United States, will speak be
fore a meeting of NDCWA, a
student organization. Her talk
is scheduled for i p.m.
Convocations Poll
The University convocations committee has requested Univer
sity students to fill out the following poll and mail it, by campus
mail, to Box 3, Student Union. This poll is to help the committee
plan a well-rounded convocation program for the school year
1. In what fields would you prefer convocations?
Science Literature Fine Arts Foreign Af
fairs Labor Politics Agriculture Mili
tary social Problems
2. Is there any particular
would care to hear discuss the topic?-
3. In what form would youl like convocations presented?
Speakers Debates Performance by outstanding ar
tists in their fields
4. Would it be worthwhile to you to attend convocations covering
the fields you have checked above if there were four convocations a
year (two semester?)
Yes No
If class were dismissed? Yes No
5. Of the following convocations you attended this year, evaluate
them on the basis of excellent Jxd, fair or poor.
Chancellor Gustavson r.irgaret Bourke-White Swet-
an Litov E. H. G. Dobby Dean Burton Marvin
Emily Kimbrough John K. R, Thorp Edith Sampson
Starts Student
This poll of University students
being taken by the University
Convocations committee with the
help of The Daily Nebraskan is
to help the committee plan a
well-rounded program for convo
cations for the school year of
1951-52. It will help to deter
mine in what fields students
would prefer convocations and
j The budget of the committee
was $2,000 this year and will
probably be about the same next
year. Thus each expenditure must
be weighed carefully and the best
speakers obtained with such a
small sum.
Lack f 'Attendance
Much of the criticism that has
been directed at the committee j vocations committee,
this year has stemmed from the j The committee is a standing
lack of attendance. The poll is a committee of the University Fac
means of students expressing j uitv Senate anH ic mmrv. f
themselves on whether they
would attend the convocations if
classes were dismissed. The com
mittee would like to have All
University convocations, but does
not have the power to do so. nor
does it feel the students' attend
ance have shown the demand
TK. 1J
have to come from the FacultUnionT '
Program Thursday at Union
voice at the University, leads
1 "1 - . . . .
ousy uie s leMaier-musician. as
one of the most sought-after mu -
sic clinic directors in the middle
west. Each June h rfir-t th.
University's all-state fine arts
course, a three week session for
high school music ,art and speech
Three years ago, he organized
- -
tne Madrigal Singers.
Present members of the groun
are: Robert MartelL John Moran,
Joe Feeney, Ray Schaumber, Pa -
Filings for Union Committee
Chairman Positions Open
Filings for the chairmanship of
nine Union committees close Sat
urday, April 21. The filings for
committee members will remain
open until the end of the school
The requirements for the
chairmanship of a Union commit
tee consist of working for one
year, two school semesters, as a
pool worker. The pool members
work on all of the various Union
committees during the year.
The application blanks for com
mittee chairmen, which may be
obtained in the Union activities
office, request such information
as previous positions held in Un
ion activities, particular interest
in Union activities, what activity
the applicant is interested in,
ideas for improving the position
desired and improvement ideas
for Union activities in general
University Average Repaired
The University average re
quirement for extra-curriculiir
activities is altto included on the
application blfrJu. However, the
Union does net specify any par-
ticular average.
Tiit committee chair juin will
be selected by the present and
the new Union board during the
will be d
Jitrw board members
decided by ttie present
Union board of managers next
Wednesday. April 25.
Interviews will Joe held for
committee chairman applicants at
a later date wnicn win oe an
nounced in Tbe Daily Nebraskan.
The Union activities adminis
trative procedure is beaded by
the nine board members, Mrs.
Genene Grimm, activities direc
tor and Duane Lake, Union di
rector. Under the board positions
comes the committee chairmen,
the committee members and tbe
pool workers.
Tbe Cotton and Denim dance
Saturday, April 28. will mark
toe end of College Days for 1951.
Tbe "very informal" dance at
tbe Coliseum will feature the
presentation of the Goddess of
Agriculture and ber four atten
dants arid tbe 3851 Whisker
The tickets, at $10 per cou
ple, will go on sale Wednesday.
Lee Barron
Lee Barron and his orchestra
will provide the music for the
annual sflair. Dance co-chairman
Phil Olstm said that dancers
should come in leans and cotton
Olson is the representative
Tuesday, April 17, 1951
authority in these fields who you
Opinion Poll
The aim of the University Con
vocations committee, as set forth
by the Faculty Senate is. ". . .
to arrange and sponsor all spe-
cial convocations and public ex- i
ercises of general interest to the!
University faculty and student
body and of a type that will con-
tribute to the general and spe -
versity level."
Several Speakers A Year
In the past this has been con
sxrued to mean the presentation
of several speakers a
year, some-
times program have been spon
sored jointly with other organi
zations or with departments of
i the Universitv Onl thn, vwv
five faculty members ,the Direc
tor of the Student Union and two
student members. Members are:
LeRoy T. Lasse, Duane Lake, Jan
Linguist, Julius Cohen, G. W.jbe open to the public.
osenioi, jacK ureer carl T.J
u.iciucr aim ridns oorenson.
Send all finished poll copies by
1 " " " . '
ajtricia Killion. Nancy Norman,
i Sue Zastergard McDerm&n, Shar -
: Sue Easter-Tar Mrrprrr.f,t1
! on oVorhees Joanno Smith r,A.
J ys Novotny, Marjorie Danly. Ro-
1 Lh. t hV v,' V,.T.
, AviM.T uuvujik dcuiii
Fullerton, Audrey Flood, Janice
wagner, Patrick Olson, Alfred
States, Milford Myhre, Robert!
Brown, Lloyd Lotspeich and Jack !
Wells- !
Th rrmin nn'M v acciclwl V- - j
! strine ouartet: Kathleen Frw-lW
J Irene Roberts. Marilyn Harms
) and Janice LilijedahL
Herb Reese, head of the ori
entation, budgets and evalua
tion committee, is president of the j
activities board.
Public relations board position
i- j.j , T a t- : i .
SStSS tte pe-
Marcia Pratt heads the music '
committee and Robert Mosber is i
general entertain-
- . ,
in charge of
noaen nusseu is poara mem -
ber who beads the competitive
games and hobbies committee. I
Hugh Follroer is head of the
convocation and hospitality com
Sara Devoe is board member
sporisonnz the dance committee. progreSg of vitamins, antibiotics,
Sprinr Election New ! surgery, X-ray and isotope tech
Thos if the first year that com- : niquet he
miuee cnairmen nave oeen cnos-
en in the spring. Previously they
were seiccica in Vic iail.
Union board president. Herb
Reese, explained that this new ; Per2pl tomethine can be done
system has been inaugurated to j abaut acTording to the 1 951
'familjarize people with lite work 1 5 c15,4. v.-j- i,m .i,,
j of the Union so that they'll be
! ready to assume their new duties
. in the fall.-
j The nine committee chairmen
j and nine board member also
comprise an activities committee
which coordinates all Union ac-.
! tavities.
Reese stressed that -"since the ;
j Union is financed out of every
student's tuition, more students
activities- i ..holatic honorary, in the fac-
He also emphasized that thejty lounge in tbe Union at S
goal of Union activities is "to j p.m. Thursday,
present, a varied program along: The girls are: Barbara Adams,
social, recreational and cultural Barbara Berggren. Geneva Berns,
lines for everyone at the Uni- Delons Brown, Jane Calhoun,
sity. Connie Clark. Sharon Cook,
Board members are chosen j Nancy Dark, Jean Davis, Sue
from tbe outstanding committee Gorton, Lura Ann Harden, Diane
chairmen and members. H in man, Joan Holder). Marilyn
EH) (9
from the College Days commit
tee and his co-chairman from
the Farmers Fair board is Joanne
There are five finalists for tbe
Goddess -of Agriculture. One
win be choser as Goddess and
tbe others will serve in ber
Tbe Whisker Kin will be
chotien on tbe basil of the tex
ture, length and uniqueness of
the beard by a board of faculty
Coranusker Royalty 1
The entertainment at the dance
will also Include a satirical re-j
view of this year's Cornhusker
royalty. According to Shirley
Stokes to Speak
Day Convocation
NU Will Give Recognition
To Scholars on April 24
Dr. Harold Stokes, former University faculty mem
ber and past president of Louisiana State university, has
been named as speaker for the Honors Day convocation,
Tuesday, April 24 at the Coliseum.
Roscoe Hill, chairman of the convocation committee,
stated that Dr. Stokes will speak on the subject, "Our
American Aristocracy."
v. 3 t
t'J v. i
Iy 1
f '-fr u 1
' r rr 1
1 rrOt TO I eflCIl
Scientists, MD's
A " I l.,,
iTHAHi-iAy lvivucv
Five University faculty mem- i
. T . . ,,-, j i
bers, a Lincoln and
state Civil Defense director Ed-1
ward Gillette will instruct 20 j
eastern Nebraska doctors and sci- j
entists m the defense against an j
w v. . v-
atom.c bomb attack i
Thursday, April 19. i
Sessions of the course will not j
The faculty members H. M.
:uru.r rivtt meinecr. Dr. H.
; f. Holtzciaw, Jr, and Dr. W. E.
j nse. J'and En
Jones, physicists will be assist
jed by Dr. Marshall Neeley, radi
ologist, and Mr. Gillette.
' McMaster will direct the
i course. Last year he took a six
! weeks course in atomic defense
at the Atomic Energy commis-'
! sion's- laboratory at Oak Ridge
. . . t
( Cu"r T,e C 71" I
1 viue icui wnii Liiz 11 aiuc-
work for civil defense corps
laeainst oossible atomic attack.
The corps will eventually total
over a thousand persons.
The first class will meet once
oroolr ct-Htmj Thnrcau tA
! trill rrmrhiA with a simulated
i bomb attack on May 26. Class;
: members will then conduct train-
1 1
ing sessions in their own commu
All members of the Ivy and
Daisy Chains are to meet in
Room 316, of the Union today
at S p.m.
Alums Hear Dr.
;Uii Conditions
)n Conditions
The University Colleee of Med-
inn- has suffered a decline be-
! d decline be
:cause of Wk of money. Dr. Y.
; Loweu uunn. a lacuity menoer
i of w. reported Saturday.
Dr. Dunn ' spoke for the Uni
versity Medical Alumni associa
tion. , trrm 5. mpnifiz-Pni
. t,. rviw r,r wrHr-in u
m about the $ame or in worse
; .,mmrm than hffnr ill these
;-, ium,
j the tveT recommended
lhe Nebrlka leeture, which
is to be laid before the state's
, k,wmakers this week.
Th. committt reoortedlv has
Alplui Ltimbdu Delia to Pledge 31
Thirty-one girls will pledge
Alpha Lambda Delta, freshmen
Coy, chairman of the skit, the
review will show the queens as
only their sisters know them.
Lee Barron has included in bit
band presentations original om
ic skits and devices. The audi
ence never knows what tbe band
will try next.
The Barron organization uses
the patrons in many of their an
tics. Dancers are never sure that
they will not be called onr stage
to lead the band, sing with it,
name tunes or imitate Donald
Tune Library
The band has a 400 tune li-
brary with every type of tune
from polka to be-bop.
'Esici College Pews
At the present, Dr. Stokes is
associated with the national
Citizens Commission for Public
Schools and is conducting an ex
tensive long-range study of
public school teachers and their
place in American society.
The convocation, an annual
event at the University, will
honor all students who have dis
played outstanding scholarship.
Also those recipients of prizes
and scholarship awards will re
ceive recognition.
Last year over 1000 stu
dents were honored at the con
vocation. Dr. Stokes taught here, from
1930 to 1937 as a professor of
political theory. In 1940, he
served as Dean of the Graduate
school. Previous to his affilia
tion with the University, he
served as assistant, associate and
professor of political science at
Berea college.
Dr. Stokes has a master of arts
degree from the University of
Southern California and a doc
tor of philosophy degree from
Johns Hopkins university.
Before becoming president of
Louisiana State university, the
speaker was. president of the
University of New HamDshire.
In addition to his role as a
collegiate educator, he has acted
as supervisor of training in pub-
, ministration Tenness:ee
valley authority and, during tre
war as consultant in the Bureau
of Budgets and chief of the War
Records section
While with the TV A. he trav-
eled a, , ting lectoer.
other college posts include
acting dean of the University of
Wisconsin from 1943 to 1944
and assistant dean of the Grad
uate schcool there from 1940 to
Dr. Stokes is the co-author,
with Norman L. Hill, of "The
Background of European Gov
ernments." He also wrote The
Foreign Relations of the Federal
State," and numerous articles in
law reviews and educational
Cornhusker alumna Pers
! Last year's convocation
speaKCT was ceoi crown, imer-
mentator and correspondent.
. 1
ner "ri
Table Tennis Tournament
I Six members of Union TaHe
Tannic fluh have entered te
'men's division of the All-Ameri-
can Table Tennis championships.
District piay-oiis wm oe ne a
April 17-18-19. Winners in te
Lincoln district will go to the na
tional meet in Chicago, where the
champs in the six divisions will
receive Elgin watches.
Union entries are: Bill Munson,
Milo Strouble, Eddie Sarkissian,
Morteza Solhjoo, Faz Haghire and
Rocky Yapp
Dunn Speak
of Med School
of Med fechool
tentatively approved for the
University, more, or a
$12,500,000 from the gen-
eraj fyj compared to the gover-
w mmmtimi r.f 11 mii-
lion dollars and the current
propriation of eight million.
Dr. Dunn said capital improve
ments needed quickly by the
school include:
1. A building which will bring
the hospital space up to five hun
dred beds.
2. An auditorium. Accrediting
, riK h hav. mvaMit
I criticized the fact that there is
nn nlar m the -ammii where the
student body medical and nurs
ingcan get together at one time.
3. A place for the medical li
brary which now comprises more
than 70 thousand volumes.
4. Recreation rooms, a placa
where students can eat and con
ference rooms for post-graduate
j H ousel,
Mary Elizabeth Kin
! inger.
Betty Lester, Phyllis Lyons,
Mary Mackie, Charlotte Mason,
Marjorie Moran, Mary Ann Mul
ligan, Judith Pollock, Nancy
Pumphrey. Susan Reinhardt,
Barbara Spilker, Janet Steffen,
May Van Home, Shirley Wear,
Clementine W otter and Mary Ann
Tbe pledges will be initiated
May 15 in Ellen Smith hall.
Jean Fenster is in charge of
tbe downtown publicity for the
dance and Jo Jeffers will handle
publicity among tbe bouses. Tbe
presentation of the winning
beard-grower and the Goddess
of Agriculture is tbe job of Betty
Eklon Shaffer and Fred Hos
terman are tbe decorating chair
men. Ag ticket sales axe the job
of Joe Edwards and V.'ayna
Jack Cohen, Don Devries and
Bev Smith are responsible for
ticket s&les on the city campus,
Dance tickets may be pur
chased from Tassels or from tbt
booth in the Union lobby.