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    Thursday, A$ril 5, 1951
Fraternity 7"A" All-Star Team
Plrft"fi mmmm m mm
rmai itAM
Chick Battey. , , phi Delta Theta F
Bob Dwehus Pioneer House F
Jerry Anderson Phi Kappa Psi ' C
Mel Williams Brown Palace G
Dave Graef Phi Delta Theta G
Al Hansen ...Sigma Phi Epsilon
George Paynich Delta Tau Delta
Wes Berry Pioneer House
Lyle Altman Sigma Nu
Mickey Sisley Delta Chi
HONORABLE MENTION: Elmer Vandel, Delta Tau Delta; J. Lincoln, Delta
Sigma Pi; Kay Currtis, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Joe Babcock, Norrls House; Bob Hal
tock, Delta Sigma Phi; Art Bauer, Beta Sigma Psi; Andy Bunten, Sigma Nu; Jerry
Ewmg, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Linus Strelecki, Brown Palace; Jim Thomas, Dick
Cordell, Sigma Chi; Dick Hungefford, Cornhusker Coop; Don Frei, Phi Kappa Psi;
Tom Ledmgham, Phi Delta Theta.
Tracksters Meet Colorado
Saturday in Season Opener
Phi Belts Grab Two Spots
JL 1
Two men from Champion Phi
Delta Theta spice the Fralernity
A All-Star basketball te&m of
1951. The Phi Delts got Dave
Graef and Chick Battey at guard
find forward, respectively, oh the
first team to lead the balloting.
The Frat "A" All-Star lineup
Is the fourth of five such teams
to appear in The Daily Nebras
lean. The final and most import'
ant aggregation will be found in
tomorrow's paper in the form of
the All-University All-Intra
mural basketball team
With the two Phi Delts on the
first team are Bob Dwehus of
Pioneer House, Mel Williams of
Brown Palace and Jerry Ander
son of Phi Kappa Psi at forward,
guard and center, respectively.
Graef and Williams are the
outstanding players on the 1951
team. Both we're unanimous in
the voting.
Ball Handling
Both emphasized ball-handling
over scoring although Williams
led the Palacers in that depart
ment, also. Graef was no sloutch
when it came to scoring either.
He was deadly on his long
throws. Behind Williams, Brown Pal
ace advanced to the second round
of the fraternity playoffs. Graef
was a steady performer for the
fraternity title-winners all the
Battey was one of the top
scorers in action this year. Al
though final statistics are not
yet completed, he is certain to
rank among the top four. He
was deadly with any kind of
shot and he scored heavily on
Anderson led the Phi Psi's in
scoring and rebounding. He con
trolled the boards in all games
and even in the only Phi Psi
loss, Anderson grabbed 78 per
cent of the rebounds, both of
fensively and defensively.
uwenus lea Pioneer to the
and ball
boy, the
quarter-finals of the
Behind the scoring
handling of this big
Pioneers rolled to ten
tive victories before bowing,
Pioneer House grabbed another
nonor in placing Wes Berry on
the second lineup. Runner-up
Sigma Phi Epsilon is also repre
sented on this team with Al
Hansen at one of the forward
Guards x
Teaming up with Hansen at
forward is George Paynich of
uua Tau Delta. The two guard
berths are held down by Lyle
Altman of Sigma Nu and Mickey
aisiey ox ueita um.
Hansen Just narrowly missed
the first team while all five re
ceived plenty of backing.
Fourteen men receive honor
able mention making a grand
total of 24 men named. All told
there were 76 men that received
at least one vote in the fraternity
"A" oauoung.
Coaches' Wives Maintain
Strong Interest in Athletics
Sports Feature Writer
University of Nebraska coaches'
Wives have one big thing in com
mon. They all enjoy their hus
band's particular sport themselves
and go to all the games they
JttoDDies ana interests vary
greatly, however. Mrs. Alma
Glassford is especiaHy interested
in tennis, swimming and her lit
tie son, Gary.
Mrs. Ann Good likes horseback
riding, golf, ping-pong and bridge
During the summer, the family
goes to Indiana to spend a vaca
tion swimming and fishing. Mrs.
Good rates one of three titles in
the sports world. She is either
the coach's wife or Joe's or
Larry's mother. Coach Good is
the University mentor and Joe a
varsity player. Larry is a high
school star.
Mrs. Weir
Interior decoration is the main
interest of Mrs. Josephine Weir.
She collects antiques and is a
gardener, too. Mrs. Weir says
that a coach's wife becomes truly
interested in the boys that her
husband works with.
One bashful boy who frequently
visited the Weir's home didn't
feel as free to call out, "Hi Mom,"
like the other boys did when
they saw Mrs. Weir. The Weirs
tried very hard to make him feel
at ease, but he was just too bash
One day, Mrs. Weir went to
the train depot to meet the team
and her husband when they came
in. The bashful boy leaped off
the train and greeted Mrs. Weir
with "Hi Toots." He was as sur
prised as she.
"I didn't know anything about
baseball until I met Tony," said
Mrs. Ruth Sharpe. Now she, too,
loves the sport and attends every
game. Her interests center
around home and the children,
and sports at the University.
Mrs. Sharpe
A coach's wife really gets to
know the boys on the team," she
said, "gets to meet and know
them." At one of the football
games, Mrs. Sharpe found a re
semblance to her husband, "That
boy kicks like Tony bats," she
cried, "straight up!"
Mrs. Helen Higgenbotham says
that any coach's wife's life is full
Carodine., Vogt
Bordogna Star
In Practice
Tuesday's football drills were
highlighted by three first year
men Tom Carodine, Don Vogt
and John Bordogna.
Quarterback Bordogna posses
ses a cat-like sense of balance
and is hard to knock off his feet.
Vogt and Carodine are fast and
tricky on their feet.
Standout blockers were tackles
George Prochaska and Wayne
Handshy. Both repeatedly threw
blocks to spring the ball carriers
into the clear.
The backfield in 1951 will be
heavier. The lightest man out in
Bob Decker at 165, and Vogt is
the heaviest at 222. The line,
however, lacks both size and ex
pefiMice. The offensive backfield Tues
Iey Included:
Carodine, Decker, George
Gohfle, Bill Wingender, and Vogt
naif Backs. Ray Novak, and Nick
Adduci, iuilbacks. Bordogna,
Quarterback. .
Linemen were Tony Winey,
Clayton Curtis, Joe Ponseigo,
Cliff Dale and Jim Franscen,
giisrds. Ken Scrjoeder, and Verl
Scojt, centers. Frank Simon,
George Payvich, Hi.1 Giles and
Harold JRobeiwun, eius, and Pro
haska, Handshy, Harvey Goth and
Mervin Anderson, tackles.
Glassford is readying his team
for the Varsity-Alumni game
which will be a feature of the
All-Sports Day on April 14. Cast
year the varsity was hard pressed
to gain a 13-13 tie, and there will
be plenty of alumn around to
make things hot for the varsit.
of pathos and humor. Her inter
ests and hobbies are all sports.
She firmly believes that a wife
in any profession must give her
husband the moral support he
Mrs. Mary Ellen Franklin's
main interest is the children, but
she shares her husband s enthusi
asm for golf and is an ardent par
ticipant in the sport.
Likes Sports
Sports, especially golf and
swimming, are hobbies of Mrs.
Judy Davis. She is a reading fan,
too. Her favorite type of books
include historical, romance and
adventure stories. Mrs. Davis is a
fairly new Lincoln resident. When
she first moved here, a salesman
appeared at the door trying to
sell a cemetery lot.
Said Mrs. Davis, "But my hus
band is a football coach and we
don't know how long we will be
The salesman smiled as if to
say, "That proves my point."
Mrs. Joan Prochaska is the only
one of the wive's that attended
the University with her husband.
As a result, she is very interested
in the University's sports.
Her husband and she have
many memories to share includ-;
ing the Rose Bowl game. She tries
to go to all the games and ner
other interest is their four-year-old
Mrs. Hanscom Comments
"After 25 years, you should en
joy a sport," commented Mrs.
Hazel Hanscom. She does enjoy
sports and couldn't imagine her
husband doing anything else.
"Coach's wives hear many dif
ferent comments at games," she
saia, "ana think they're all a
joke." Mrs. Hanscom's other in
terests are painting silhouettes
and doing needle-point work.
Mrs. Helen Fife agrees that
many jokes are pulled in the
bleachers. In regard to her hus
band and his sport, she said,
"Once football is in their blood,
it's there to stay." She knits and
plays golf as hobbies.
First Year
This is Mrs. Genevieve Partin's
first year at Nebraska. She be
lieves that supporting her hus
band is the only part a wife can
play in his sport's career. Her
main interest is centered around
their small baby. She also likes
tennis, swimming, spectator sports
and" reading.
Mrs. Janet Clark is a earden
and antique enthusiast. She likes
Lincoln and likes snorts and at
tends every time she can. Sorry
to say, Mrs. Geier, Mrs. Lepley
and Mrs. Janetos could not be
reached at home. Probably they
would have shared the definite
likeof their husband's profession.
Dean Defends
By Jim Petersen
The Big Seven has-been
charged with "sacrificing all
ideals for which college athletics
are supposed to stand."
The accusation has been made
by Fritz Brnnecke, athletic di
rector of the Colorado School of
Mines. He also aimed it at the
Southeastern and Southwest conferences.
Dr. Earl Fullbrook, chairman
of the conference and dean of
the Nebraska college of business
administration, gave an answer
and an explanation to the
Brennecke termed "unorin-
cipled" a recent Big Seven deci
sion to allow board, room, books
and tuition fees and incidental
expenses not to exceed $15 a
month to athletes.
Dean Harry Carlson, athletic
director at the University of
Colorado, stated that the pay
ments would not exceed $75 a
month. He also said this would
be the top amount, and in all
probability Colorado would not
offer that much.
75 Offer Aid
In reference to what Bren
necke termed an "all-expense
scholarship" io athletes, he stated
"obviously there are many
schools which can not afford
this scholarship program. In fact
oi tne o4 colleges that sponsor
intercollegiate football, theia are
probably not more than 75 who
can carry such a financial
In addition to this Brennecke
asserted that "by legalizing the
all-expense scholarship the Big
oeven, ooutnwest ana other con
lerences will have to match it
or they will get only the athletes
oi mienor caliber."
Little Effect
In reply to thip Fullbrook an
swered that the scholarship pro
gram of the Big Seven would
not have "much, if any, effect,
on other colleges and universities
in the area." . ,
"The Big Seven felt it
establishing a maximum aid pro
gram, and that it might result
in less subsidization of athletes."
"After all, the primary con
cern of all colleges and universi
ties is scholastic achievement,
and it's a pretty well established
fact that a man can't give full
consideration to his scholastic
program, compete in athletics,
and earn his way all at the same
By Marshall Kushner
Nebraska will open its outdoor
season in a somewhat unusual
manner this season. The Husk
ers will face the Colorado Buf
faloes on the letters' indoor track
April 7.
This means that all events
will be run fndoors, with the
exception of the Javelin and the
discus. There will be no 220
yard dash and the short sprint
will be 60 instead of 100 yards,
Coach Ike Hanscom will be
making the trip and tutoring the
squad in the absence of Coach
m weir, coacn tianscom was
still uncertain about the travel
ing squad as this article went to
Since the loss of former Husk
er cinderman Hobe Jones, Wen
dell Cole, Wayne Whitaker, and
Ken Jacobs, some of the scarlet
runners are going to be called
upon for extra heavy running
Dale Schnackel will be called
upon for points in the 880 to
fill the gap left by Jones. Gene
Yelken will also double in the
880 from his usual mile race. .
Don Becker and Dan Tolman
will have to be at their best to
top Buff hurdler ace Merwin Ho
del. Tolman nipped Hodel in the
dual meet in Lincoln during last
year's indoor season
For the 60 yard dash, Lee
Alexander will match talents
with Colorado's Augie Raso and
Dole Kelley. Alexander's chief
assistance should come from Bob
Barchus and Irv Thode. Shelly
Jacobs are still, out with a leg
injury received in the early part
of the indoor campaign.
The Huskers will be powerful
m the pole vault event. Don
"Moose" Cooper and Len Kehl
should be at top strength and
condition for this meet. Cooper
took a second place at the Pur
due Relays last week-end.
in the broad jump, irv Thode
and Glenn Beerline will supply
the Husker point hopes. Both
boys will be shooting to maintain
their steadily improving dis
tances. Both boys were over the
23 foot mark in the final Big
Seven conference meet. " '
The high jump event will fea
ture Purdue relay's winner, Dick
Meissner. Thode will also show
his wares in this event.
Husker shot putters Paul
Grimm- and Lowell Neilson will
be out to show up the Buffaloes
strong men. This event could
possibly be held outdoors, but on
latest report ft will be held in
doors also. ,
Warren Monson will make his
debut in the javelin event. Mon
son was a point winner in last
year's outdoor conference meet
and will posssibly be throwing
the iron toothpick over 190 feet.
Coach Hanscom was planning
to hold trials for the trio to com
pete fn the discus event. Neilson
already earned his way In com
petition for this event by heav
ing the platter over 130 feet. The
other two competitors have not
been named.
Bob Krueger looks
W 1 ' VlXA52Ji
"If a man is to give the rieht
consideration to his education.
then he should be given some
help if he is deserving, and com
peting in an athletic program."
Be Fashion-Right
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jfpw manum-raa mm
M Pi a u
3. Atom Man vs. Superman
liusker's only hope in the
mile run. Yelken might possibly
oo cauea upon lor duty in this
In the 440, Barchus, Alexan
der, Hein, or Kehl could get the
call. Hein or Kehl might miss
tne quarter to compete in the
mile relay event.
The squad will leave Lincobi
rnaay oy tram ana win remain
in Boulder until Sunday.
Water Basketball
Playoffs Start
The intra-mural water basket
ball tournament is heading into
us una stages.
George Hill, ex-Husker swim
mer, has been in charge of the
tournament. Hill announced that
piay-oifs in the shallow water
division will begin Friday. The
deep water tournament will 'be
gin Saturday.
Teams will be allowed to play
in the tournament if they are
ranKea either first or second in
their league. The tournament
will also be a single elimination
' Beta Theta Pi is currently
leading League I of the deep wa
ter competition. The Beta's have
compiled a four won no loss
In deep water League II, it's
the Student Union leading with
a record of 4 wins and no de-
The Fhf Gamma Delta's lead
Jueague in. The Fiji's have
gone undefeated in their first
tour contests." ,
In the shallow water branch,
in League I, the records show
Phi Gamma Delta leading wtih
three wins and no losses.
In the competition in League
II, the ATO's lead with no de
feats in their first three starts.
Charles, Maxim
Battle for Title
Heavyweight Champion Ezzard
Charles. will lay his title on the
line May SO when he meets
Light - heavyweight Champion
Joe Maxim.
The fight is scheduled for Chi
cago stadium and will go 15
The long-rumored bout will be
off icjally confirmed Friday morn
ing when the two battlers submit
contracts to the Illinois state ath
letic commission, a spokesman
for the promoting International
Boxing club said Wednesday.
Bascballcrs Start Season
Against Drake on April 6, 7
By Marshall Kushner
Nebraska's baseballers will
open their 1951 baseball season
against the Drake Bulldogs Fri
day at 3 p. m. on the Husker
baseball diamond
The Huskers may not be used
to the brisk outdoor air as yet
"Monday was our first day
outside and we're trying to get
as acquainted as we can with
working outdoors," said Coach
Tony Sharpe.
The Husker diamond dazzlers
have been working out in the
fieldhouse for the past month.
Coach Sharpe has been sched
uling intra squad games to give
the boys the feel of actual play.
During these games, Sharpe has
been able to get a fairly good
idea of who he can call on for
duty this year.
Sharpe will open the initial
contest with Johnny Rego at the
hot spot corner. The third base
man will also act as lead off man
for the team.
Bob Reynolds will handle the
keystone sack and will bat sec
ond in the Nebraska lineup.
Bob Diers, swift centerfielder
gained this position and will bat
third in the lineup. Jerry Dunn
will patrol the left field gardens
and will take his place as clean
up man on the team.
Ray Mladovich will take the
initial sack, and Bill Fitzgerald
will play right field and will take
the fifth and sixth spots in the
batting order.
Shortstop will be handled by
Bill Jensen, and Bob Lohrbere
will see starting duty behind the
plate. These boys will bat 7th
and 8th, respectively.
Sharpe plans to use three,
pitchers for the Drake game. H
will send Bill Anderson, Dick
McCormick, and Del Kopf for
three innings apiece. Sharpe
called his mound staff "a good
potential crew" but would know
more about them after they got
actual game experience. .
In the intra-squad games held
thus far, Mladovich, Dunn, Rego,
and Reynolds have shown con
siderable power at the plate.
Mladovich smashed a towering
home run Tuesday afternoon.
There will be a B squad game
with Nebraska Weslevan
rionoay, April 8.
announced that
mis game to see
didn't see action
The Huskers will t)lav thli
second game of the Drake two
game series Saturday afternoon.
Coach Sharpe
he scheduled
the boys who
in the Drake
Acacia Installs
New Officers
Orval Conner was lnfitAllorf
Venerable Dean of AraHa th
election Monday night.
John Ewing was elected Senior
Dean and Jim Ward, Junior
Nationally Accredit'
An Outstanding College in a
Splendid Profession
Balranc ractulnmtnl t k I r t y
hours ol Liberal Arts erocUts.
Advaneod standing jrontd lor
additional L. A. crodits.
Next Class Suits February IS
IxeslUnl clinical lacilidss.
emotional and athlotie acnV.
ltUi. DonnitoriM en campus.
Approved ior reterans.
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