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Candidates for Coed.
Breese, Hoff
Prexy Slate
Jo Hoff and Eldean Breese are
the two candidates for the office
of Barb activities for Women.
All unaffiliated women stu
dents are eligible to vote for the
officers and board members. The
voting will take place between 9
a.m. and 6 p.m. In Ellen Smith
hall and in the Ag Union from
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Jo Hoff is a dorm counselor
nd on the BABW board.
Miss Hoff wants to raise the
standard of BABW until girls not
only know what BABW is, bul
become active in the organization
She also emphasized that she
would like to see more inde
pendent women active on campur
because they want to be active.
Miss Hoff also wants to organize
BABW better.
Miss Breese is a BABW boara
member, BABW representative
to Student Council and is vice
president of Adelphi.
Miss Breese is supporting the
policy of coordinating women's
activities among houses and inde
pendent women.
The runner-up will be vice
president of BABW.
Unaffiliated students will se
lect two of the following for
senior board BABW members:
Eleanor Flanagen, Joyce Shaner,
Carolyn Alms and Katherine
Four out of the following will
be junior board members. They
are: Doris Kendle, Marge Danly,
Frances Anderson, Gertrude
Carey, Pat Herzog, and Muriel
The sophomore board candi
dates are: Carole Ramey, Arlene
Gray, Marge Erickson, Ruth
Hagelmeyer, Janis Trabert and
Lois June Pierce. Four will be
Cobel Elected President
Of Pi Mu Epsilon
George Cobel was elected di
rector of Pi Mu Epsilon, national
mathematics honorary, at a meet
ing last week.
Vice-director of the group is
R. Bruce Emmons. Donna M.
Gruber and Winifred Zacharias
were elected secretary and treas
urer, respectively.
Jr. Ak-Sar-Ben to Feature
Barbecue, Horse Show, Acts
Featured in the annual Junior
Ak-Sar-Ben presentation tonight
and Saturday nights will be a
variety of horse acts, a group of
show horses and a country style
Under the sponsorship of the
University Block and Bridle club,
the show promises to be one of
the best;
Junior Ak-Sar-Ben festivities
begin Friday at 6 . p.m. with a
barbecue menu featuring barbe
cued ham.
After Friday night's meal there
will be a free square dance in
the Ag college activities building.
Barbecue tickets are for sale and
ell University students are invit
ed to the square dance.
Livestock Show
The Junior Ak-Sar-Ben live
stock show is scheduled to begin
with the ringing of the tradi
tional alarm clock at 8 p.m. in the
State Fairgrounds area. Tickets
are to be sold at the door. .
Price of general admission
tickets is 90 cents. Student tick
ets sell for 65 cents and children
tickets are 35 cents.
Master of ceremonies of" the
Show is Clayton Yeutter. Last
year, Yeutter was reserve grand
champion showing a steer.
Rob Raun and Bob Radin, co
managers of the big event, call
this year's show the "biggest ever
staged by students."
Dancing Horse
The dancing horse, Red Ace, is
scheduled to shimmer to almost
any dance you could name, drink
from a bottle and trot to "Show
Me The Way To Go Home." He
is owned and will be ridden by
i for Toi
Delores Irwin and Alice
Frampton are the WAA candid
ates for president.
Miss Irwin is a member of
Tassels, dorm counselor, Orchesis,
member of WAA council and is
WAA intramural co-ordinator.
Miss Irwin said, "I shall try
to make WAA more widely
known and more popular on
campus." She continued by ex
plaining that WAA needs more
new workers and participants.
Next year the state convention
of the national women's athletic
organization will be at the Uni
versity. WAA will be in charge
and will try to get a "play Day"
arrangement initiated so out-staters
will take home interest in
Miss Frampton is vice-president
of the tennis club, mem
ber of WAA cabinet and council
Services Publicized
Miss Frampton wants the serv
ices of WAA publicized more so
students pan realize what the or
ganization offers. She also wants
to encourage coeds to participate
more in WAA activities.
The runner-up will serve as
Only WAA members may vote
for the WAA candidates. Voting
will be in Ellen Smith from 9
a.m. to 6 p.m. and in the Ag
Union from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Other candidates are: secretary,
Beverly Mann, Virginia Noble
and Joan Van Valkenbur Sav
age; treasurer, Kathy Agnew and
Elaine Esch.
Beverly Mann's activities in-
Vol. 51 No. 104
- . 1 i
candidate for the BABW pres
idency. JO HOFF Named by
BABW as a presidential can
didate. H. L. Oldfield of Elmwood, Neb.
Featured with Red Ace is
Johnny Rivers of Omaha and his
horse, Tucson. Rivers, who dou
bles for Roy Rogers, promises a
host of horse acts including trick
riding, trick roping and high
schooled pony acts.
. Milton Freel, clown for ,the
evening, "who performs with the
aid of his trick mule, Jerry, is
sure to offer all kinds of trouble
for Master of Ceremonies Clayton
Other special attractions of the
show are a parade class of horses,
a gaited class including both
three and five gaited classes,
horse jumping contest and a coed
riding contest.
Horse Showmanship
One of the most colorful events
will be the horse showmanship
contest. Thirty-two wil vie for
honors. The horse show will in
clude a parade class, a jumper
class and a three-gaited saddle
horse class. The horses are main
ly from the eastern part of the
Judge of the horse show is
Fred Larson of Superior. He of
ficiated for the Palomino pleas
ure and performance classes at
the 1951 National Western Live
stock show in Denver.
A coed riding contest has girls
entered from all parts of the
state. They include Carrol Bab
cock, Joy Hurd, Marilyn Jo Mar
tin, Alice Anderson, Gayle Guth
erless, Luella Cooney, Elva June
Miller, Virginia Baskin, Beverly
Shuman and Mary Day.
A trophy from the National
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''tvwV-' -J" ft
Position of WAA
slate for president of WAA.
elude AUF house representative,
member of YWCA, president of
the Duckpins club and WAA
Virginia Noble is on the WAA
representatives board and on the
WAA officials committee.
Tennis Club President
Joan Van Valkenburg Savage,
was formerly on the AUF board,
former society editor of the Daily
Nebraskan, president of the ten
nis club and on the WAA coun-cil.
PvJary Hubka, Peggy
Get Coed Counselor
SI tlf ij
if f illlllllpiiil '
It j2V-
Pi 'v.. ,'-
1 -V--
L . , h .t- - ...
tial candidate for Coed coun
selors. Carson Asks
For Liquor
Control Head
Two bills were in the making
Thursday by legislators in con
nection with the current charges
aeainst the state liauor commis-1
against the state liquor commis-
Sen. Hugh Carson of Ord has
asked for preparation of a bill to
place the liquor control under one
director, with three-man board
to set policy and consider appeals
from the director.
Gov. Val Peterson's office is
working on a measure which
would provide for automatic sus
pension of the liscenses of estab
lishments having gambling de
vices. A spokesman said that this
would include restaurants, hotels,
Carson said that his bill is 'the
only way it can be done" and re
commended a $10,000 a year sal
ary for the director. "Give him the
salary and the .authority and h,'U
get the job done."
Attorney General C. S. Beck
said that whether or not the gov
ernor's bill becomes law the office
will, upon the suggestion of any
person, file objections before the
Nebraska liquor control commis
sion as to issuance of licenses
where gambling Is present.
Allies Roar Ahead
To 38th Parallel
One more victory is chalked up
for the allies in Korea as they
roar ahead to the 38th parallel.
The big communist supply base
of Honkchong in Central Korea
was captured Thursday and other
Eighth Army divisions occupied
Soeul, driving north across the
140-mile Korean battlefront.
The reds continued to withdraw
along the 38th parallel, fighting
only in the east central mountains
The U. S. First cavalry divi
sion, the U. S. First Marines and
South Korean troops were re
sponsible for the taking of Hong
cnong, main supply base of the
66th Chinese communist army
McArthur said that his forces
would continue their "campaign
of maneuver as the best means
to neutralize the military disad
vantages under which we fight
and keep the enemy engaged
where it best serves our military
didate for the top executive
post in WAA.
Kathy Agnew is a coed coun
selor, member of Builders and is
on the WAA officials committee.
Elaine Escn is a YWCA mem
ber. Aquaquettes and on the
WAA officers committee.
Officers who served for '50
and '51 are: Virginia Koch, presi
dent; Marie Mangold, vice-president;
Peggy Mulvaney, secretary;
Lynn Cropper, treasurer; and
Delores Irwin, intramural co-ordinator.
'i ;
ft , - - :
Nominees for presidency of Co
ed Counselors are Mary Hubka
and Margaret Mulvaney.
All affililated and unaffiliated
University women are eligible to
vote for Coed Counselor officers
and board members Monday. Polls
will be in Ellen Smith hall from
9 a. m. to 6 p. m. and in the Ag
Union from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.
Miss Hubka is a junior major
ing in sociology. She is a Coed
Counselor board member, on the
YMCA council, and a member of
Student Council. She is affiliated
with Delta Gamma.
Best Organization
Miss Hubka wants to make Co
ed Counselors the best organiza
tion on campus and believes that
"every freshman woman should
be perfectly oriented." She wants
to instill into every Coed Coun
selor the importance of orientat
ing new women and help counsel
ors realize the importance of ori
entating so they could adequately
help new students.
Miss Mulvaney is a junior in
teachers college. She is secretary
of Coed Counselors, on the Stu
dent Council, and WAA. She is
affiliated with Alpha Chi Omega.
Stimulate Interest
Miss Mulvaney said, "I would
like to stimulate more interest in
individual friendships among the
women students of the University
and promote a complete, coordi
nated orientation for both fresh
man and upper-class women."
The runner-up for president
will serve as vice president of the
, organization'
Two of th
Two of the following will serve
las senior board members: Eldean
iireese, uoris nnsienson, uonna
Grueber and Hattie Mann
Three will be elected from the
list of the following unaffiliated
students for junior board mem
bers: Marjorie Danly, Kathleen
Dill, Joan Follmer, Delores Gade,
Doris Kendle and Marilyn Hou
sel. Three will be chosen from the
following list of affiliated junior
students: Nanci DeBord, Norma
Engle, Elizabeth Gass, Mary Ann
Kellogg, Jean Loudon and Shirley
Of the following names, three
unaffiliated sophomores will be
sophomore members: Grace
Dunn, Marilyn Erwin, Joyce
Fuhrman, Darlenv Godding Jan
Hepperly and Shirley Ttendlel
Sophomore affiliated candidates
of which three will be chosen,
are: Theresa Barnes, Jean Davis,
Joan Holden, Sue Gorton, Clem
entine Woster and Susan Rein
hart. Drama Clinic
Will Travel
To Tecumseh
The department of speech and
dramatic art, in answer to re
peated requests to bring drama
clinics to high schools of the
state, has announced a clinic to
be held at Tecumseh high school
on Saturday, March 17. The
clinic will begin at 11 a.m. and
last until 5 p.m.
The schedule of events for the
clinic is as follows:
. 11:00-12:00 Showing of an ed
ucational color film which ex
plains the principles of bodily
movement on the stage. A dis
cussion will follow the film.
1.00-2:00 A set of colored
slides, accompanied by comments
and discussion, showing the va
rious methods of staging plays
and grouping characters on the
2:00-3:00 A demonstration on
the stage of procedures and meth
ods of building and handling sim
plified scenery for play produc
tion. 3:00-4:00 A demonstration of
the principles of moving and
grouping actors in a play and
blocking the stage movements.
4:00-5:00 A demonstration of
make-up techniques and the use
of various make-up materials.
In the evening, Shaw's produc
tion of "Caesar and Cleopatra"
will be presented. The eight
scenes of the play are being done
in a series of richly colored
drapes and multiple folding
screens. TJie play is a comedy
and Shaw has treated his char
acters with a warmth and hu
mor which is delightful and en
gaging. Members Activated
By Town Club
Towne club held its annual rec
ognition service at Ellen Smith
hall, Monday evening.
Mrs. Estella Mook, represent
ing the Mother's club, presented
the scholarship award to Doris
Girls being activated and receiv-1
ing their Towne club pins were: I
Barbara Baragar, Jane Barrett,
Elizabeth Balzier, Janice Brown,
Lorene Brown, Mary Gilmore,
Darlene Goodding, Dorothy Har
per, Jeane Heatherington, Arlene
Hergenrader, Arlyce Hergenrader
and Ruth Hiatt.
- Other new actives include Shir
ley Hild, Shirley Kendle, Nadine
Moriarty, Marylynn Newbill, Ger
trude Roesler, Elaine Row, Pat
Rinker, Virginia Schneider, Glor
ia Sell, Joan Sharp, Roberta
Schmidt, Betty ropliff, Janis Tra
bert and Ina Yount.
Ballot Nod
didate for head of Coed Coun
selors. Kosmet Klub
Are Sunday
Tryouts for "Good News" will
begin Sunday afternoon in the
According to Dallas Williams,
director of the Kosmet Klub
spring musical, all-student try
outs will take place Sunday,
March 18, from 2 to 5 and from
7 to 9 p.m. Tryout will be in
room 313, Union.
The snappy, collegiate musical
calls for a main cast of nine men
and five women. Also needed is
a chorus composed of 15 coeds
and 12 men.
Parts for the show call for
people who not only can act a
part but can also carry a tune.
Students trying for roles in
"Good News" will be judged on
both acting prowess and singing
In trying out for the musical,
students may sing, either from
memory or from sheet-music any
song of their choice. This will
enable - the music judges to- de
termine their vocal talents.
Copies of the script may be
secured in the University theatre
business office, first floor Temple
All-Coed Election
Slated Monday
Monday is coed day.
All University coeds will go
to the polls Monday to elect
the 1951-52 officers and board
members for all women's ac
tivities on the campus. The
May Queen election will also
be at this time.
ed Counselor officers and the
board members will be elect
ed. Voting will be on city cam
pus from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. in
Ellen Smith hall. Ag campus
voting will be in the Ag Union
from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.
Coeds must present their ID
cards before voting. There is
to be no unnecessary talking
at the polls. Pictures of all the
candidates will be on display
at the voting places.
lit " i;i:
If pIllllllllBllr
(even Senior Women Chosen
s Candidates for May
One of the 11 coeds recently
announced as candidates by the
Mortar Board society will reign
as Queen of the May on Ivy Day.
She will be chosen by junior
and senior women when they go
to the polls Monday.
The May Queen will be one of
the following girls: Marcia Ad
ams, Joyce Buck, Marilyn Camp
field, Jean Fenster. Virginia
Koch, Peggy Judd, Jan Lindquist,
Lois Nelson, Susan Reed, Alice
Jo Smith and Kathryn Swanson.
, Activities of
1 the candidates
Marcia Ad
ams," a voca
tional educa
tion and cloth
ing and textiles
major at Ag
college, is a
member of Phi
Upsilon Omi
cron and Pi
Beta Phi. She
is a
past vice
president of th Home Ec club,
Joyce Buck is president of Phi
Chi Theta, vice president of Beta
.ectioes Named.
Friday, March 16, 1951
date in the coed spring elec
tions to head AWS.
Named as an AWS candidate
for president.
3:30 Music from Everywhere.
3:15 Sweet and Lowdown.
3:30 This Week on the Cam
pus. 3:45 Campus Classics.
4:00 Music of the Masters.
4:30 Great Short Stories.
4:45 Blues and Boogie.
5:00 Sign Off.
Mayor Says Air
liiiillP'" ' '"mmm if
lllllip i!
llwiiillll 1
Of Reactivating
Mayor Victor E. Anderson of
Lincoln said Thursday that, de
spite contradicting reports, the
plans for reactivating the Lincoln
air base are not definite.
The city has a 99 year lease
with the air force for the base
and any reactivating action, An
derson said, would have to be
gin with talks with the city. So
far the city has not been con
tacted. According to earlier reports,
the base was to have been tem
porarily reactivated. The air
national guard unit stationed at
the field now and to be activated
April 1, would, the reports said,
be trained at the base.
NU Students Included
T. J. Thompson, dean of stu
dent affairs, said that approxi
mately 60 students from uni
versities and colleges from within
a 100 mile area, about half of
whom' are from the University,
are included in the activated unit.
If the unit stays at the base
after activation, the members liv
ing in Lincoln will be allowed to
stay at home. Housing will be
Gamma Sigma and a member of
Alpha Xi Delta. She is a senior'
III llic uuiicgc ui uuajiicaa
Mortar Board Officer
Marilyn Campfield, vice
dent of Mortar Board and
ident of Coed Counselors,
,, is
journalism and English major in
Teachers college. She is a mem
ber of Theta Sigma Phi, Kappa
Tau Alpha, Pi Lambda Theta and
Delta Delta Delta. She is a for-
member of the AWS and
sophomore attendant to the May
Jean Fenster, a home ec jour
nalism major, is a member of
Sigma Theta Phi, vice president
of Gamma Alpha Chi and Sigma
Kappa. She is vice president of
Coed Counselors and a former
Home Ec club member. She was
society editor and Ag editor of
The Daily Nebraskan.
WAA Prexy
Virginia Koch, Kappa Alpha
Theta, is a member of AUF and
president of WAA. She is an
English major in the College of
i "
Button Seek
AWS Post
Marilyn Moomey and Nancy
Button will vie for presidency of
AWS in the all women's election
All coeds are eligible to vote for
the AWS president and board
members. The election will be at
Ellen Smith hall from 9 a. m. to
6 p. m. and in the Ag Union from
9 a. m. to 5 p. m.
Miss Moomey was in charge of
this year's Coed Follies for AWS,
on the Union board, an Alpha
Lambda Delta and in Arts and
Sciences college. She is affiliated
with Pi Beta Phi.
Miss Moomey believes "a point
system is necessary but it should
be stringent enough to allow any
coed to work up to her full ca
pacity." She would also like to
see the house representation
strengthened so houses would feel
closer to AWS.
Miss Button's Activities.
Miss Button is a music major.
She is secretary of AWS, on the
WAA sports board, a Madrigal
singer and a member of Delta
Omicron and Alpha Chi Omega.
Miss Button would like to stim
ulate more interest in AWS so co
eds will be more familiar with
AWS rules, in order to prevent
unnecessary campuses. Miss But
ton is "in favor of a point system,
but if a coed can maintain a high
enough accumulated average she
should be allowed more points."
The runner-up will serve as
AWS vice president.
Junior nominees from which
five women will be chosen are:
Mary Jane Darnell, Marilyn
Clark, Carol DeWitt, Sharon
Fritzler, Ann Huntting, Delores
Ewin, Ann Lueder, Barbara
Mann, Juanita Rediger and Pat
Sophomore Candidates
Sophomore candidates, of
which five will be chosen, are:
Marilyn Bamesberger, Barbara
Bredthauser, Gertrude Carey,
Virginia Koehler, Syvia Krasne,
Jouce Kuehl, Jean Loudon, Mar
ilyn McDonald, Hester Morrison
and Carrie Pederson.
Five AWS board members will
be selected from the following:
Connie Gordon, Sally Hall, Ver
nita Helmsteader, Sue Holmes,
Beverly Joos, Phyllis Kort, Janet
Steffen, Shirley Stehlik, Helen
Thomas and Harriet Wenke.
Associated Women Students is
the governing body of all Univer
sity women. The organization es
tablishes the rules governing the
activities of all women students
enrolled. The Activities Mart in
the fall, Coed Follies and an ori
entation program for new coeds
was sponsored this year by AWS.
The present president is Sally
Base Plans
JNot Definite
found for the others.
Those who live at Huskerville
need not worry about being evac
uated from their homes without
notice, Anderson said. The army
has promised the mayor that they
will give residents "every con
sideration." It seems likely, Anderson
added, that reactivation would
entail the evacuation of Husker
ville by private citizens.
Stand-By Basis
The base might revert to stand
by basis if more permanent
training facilities are found else
where the statement from Wash
ington said.
At Offut air force base in
Omaha, headquarters of the Stra
tegic Air command, under whose
jurisdiction the reactivated base
would be, a spokesman said the
field might "possibly' 'become an
operational training base.
If this action were taken, a SAC
combat wing would be stationed
there to train new wings. The
program would . continue until
SAC grows to undisclosed
strength. The parent unit would
remain permanently at the base.
1 A
a$ . , ""V-- i
Arts and Sciences.
Peggy Judd is an English ma
jor in Teachers college. She is
a member of Alpha Chi Omega
and AWS board.
Jan Lindquist, past president of
the University of Red Cross unit,
is a member of the AUF Advis
ory Board, Builders Board, Phi
Sigma Iota. Union convocations
committee and Alpha Chi Omega.
She is a political science and
Spanish major in the College of
Arts and Sciences.
Lois Nelson is vice president of
Delta Sigma Rho, secretary
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: I
v .