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Monday, January 8, 1951
Dancin ' for Kelaxin
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I rev - 1 v t i.iV V wJ
Posf-Wr 5f tidem? ifoht ics
involved! Focfionf
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MiniMii iMillilcirJ hfotttrv uiMarthpl fntm
f Ihr fllt f itae Dally Nebraskan. Thr
arttHt Intend no dlresHH'l against
either (im4k or Indt-ixrmlrnt. but only
strives to ri" 'h1 PIHIriil hlKh
lixhtit f p ran. It Is thr BfftMd of
Ihnf Installment, i
SNO-BALL OX AG Stxsdents are dancing to the music of Bobby
Mills, whose orchestra can be seen in the background, at the Ag
Union's Sno-ball which was Friday night in the College Activities
building. Student hobies were displayed throughout the dance by
the Ag Union hobbies and games committee.
And Next
r' 7f If
By Jerry Bailey
Politics took a holiday during
. World war II.
As the men crowded back to
campus in 1946, faction members
started the wnispers going, "If
your sorority doesn"t vote the
faction's way, your house won't
get any queens elected . . ."
Mortar Boards and sorority pres
idents came out fighting, de
nouncing block voting right and
left. For a while it even looked
as if there was a fight on be
tween a Greek women's faction
and a Greek men's faction.
GI veterans returned to the
campus threatening fire and
slaughter to factions and politi
cians, but they failed to show at
the polls.
Temporary Withdrawal
Audible sniping indicated to
observers that all was not well
" between Greeks. Finally Beta
Theta Pi withdrew from the
faction, calling for a political
union between all barbs and
Greeks of good will. (The with
drawal from the faction was
only temporary).
Beta Theta Pi ran a candidate
tor junior class president in op
position to a faction candidate.
Rebel Greeks, enthusiastic barbs
and surly vets joined to defeat
the faction. The faction retal
iated by contesting the election
through the Student Council.
The Faculty Senate finally
ruied that the election was valid.
The next act came in Novem
ber of 1946. when Panhellenis
started swinging wildly in the
direction of the faction and an
nounced that no candidates from
sororities would be available
for the Kossnet Klub's Nebraska
Sweetheart. Panhell indicated
that it was doing this to fight
"influence" and "block voting."
The Klub loudly protested that
it was neutral and above poli
tics. Secret Interviews
Kosroet Klub workers secret sy
interviewed sorority girls as to
whether they were wiUirtg to be
candidates anyhow. Girls replied
"Yes. if . . ."" If the Klub could
promise to protect them from the
wrath and vengeance of Panhell.
The Kosmet Klub could not make
any such guarantees, so the deal
was off. A member of the Un
affiliated Students' association
was named Nebraska Sweetheart.
Early in 1947 a couple of splin
" tens known as the Union Inde
j pendent party and the Student
; party appeared biicflv on the
i scene, and then folded up again, j
; Several barbs briefly revived the
Cornhusker party, a newcomer I
which found itself neck-deep in !
red tape. It ended up with the ;
i only slate of candidates on the '
I '47 election ticket. An all-time j
1 high in student voting put some 1
independents in office.
'Playing Politics
As the year 1947 grew older, t
j the news was more and more
l concerned with the Student i
: Council,
'Rag' Receives New Office
For Tutting Paper to Bed,
Dailv Nebraskan night news night headquarters in the rick-
o. j . t,vni-. ho. I editors have a new home. ety, age-old Journal building.
Student Affairs who spoke be- headquarters for "Rag" j The new building, which will
fore the recently-formed Inde- wew ni.mqu u -ntiiaiiv ho mnlotrt to
Siail mfiuueia vwiw ......... -t- ; - w . h-
the newspaper the night before j place the old Journal structure
an issue comes out is in the re- still partly in use, has been un
centlv -completed portion of the der construction since the early
Journal building at 9th and P i part of last year.
usintt intimidation as a weapon, streets. . p """j
In" the fall elections of '48 the 1 The new Journal night desk is The old desk in the old bui)d.
faction officially entered no can- : in a flourescent-lighted "v?mp , in v as "P tNV0 flights of stairs,
riidates- then went to the polls I ing room on the second tiooi oi , to the left and dpwn and around
tne uitramooern mh uuh. , aDOut two blocks." The new desk
The "Kag' previously nau
pendent Students Association,
denouncing the Student Council
and Daily Nebraskan for being
"Faction controlled." The Dean
later charged the faction with
to win the election with a write
in slate,
Come to Nebraska;
Be a Campus Queenl
By Ruth Raymond
Come to Nebraska and be a
Th-;o spvm words should
The faction had the ; Hofiniteiv ho inoiuHoH in all ad-
council neatly wrapped and tied, j vertising' material put out by the
Faculty members cleared their j ,-,.,?..
J,"! ' Think of the high school gals
fraternity formal
' politics vvho wouW prefer coming to col-
; After the April. 1948 elections. , le?f al Nebraska rather than
' the Dailv Nebraskan pointed out Boulde,- or state Junior colleges
i that the faction-supported slate if they knew that they could be
of candidates was elected 100 'a oueon.
per cent. Agonized yelps from a It's practically a guarantee that
good many directions followed every girl on the Nebraska cam
this disclosure. This flood of pro- I pus can b? a oueen of one tvoc
test helped to push a non-fac- f or another at least one durin;
tion man to the presidency of her four years pt the Universi'v.
i the Student Council. To top it all, the gals can be
Thompson Enters Fight sn official queen, not hist an
t n , . , . unofficial campus oueen. All
sorts of titles, honors, and roy
alty courtesies are handed out
during te year.
After the first month of school,
the rush is on. Candidates, nom
inees, favored selections and top
Boards and Panhell again went
on record for violently opposing
block-voting and the faction. In
February the Nebraskan carried
a headline proclaiming that.
tivities at ISA Meeting." This I arc madIv Put "p for every
was in reference to the Dean J camP"s CfUOen election.
-. . . . . - Best Advertising
Queens seem to be the best ad
vertisement for all organizations.
So the already lengthy list of
campus rulers grows longer with
each new publicity campaign.
There are manv grounds on
This year's calendar sales, which these ladies are selected,
sponsored by the Builders, will Votes on tickets, which usually
come to a close this week. Almost add to the bank balance of an
all of the 200 available calendars j organization, personal judging.
Calendar Sales
End This Week
XTSTC FOR MOCORIES Memories I this semester's parties and
formals will be revived wfcesra snider: Is dance to the music of Pres
tcw Ldv st the Iniarfraiesmity Ball. Friday. J&m. 12. This vcill be
the ""last ch&see" or studects to enjoy themselves before final
Greeks to Hear Saxophonists
'Commercial Style9 at Ball
Fraternity Drops
Race Restrictions
One ol the national white fra
ternities. Phi Eps.iJom Pi. recently
; opened its membership to Negro
. students.
A resoliition has been passei
1 bv the national convention which
: prevents barring nraewbers be
cause off "his race, his color r
hi religious be2:eJs
j The action cleared the way for
',i the admittance of the first Xecro
i to the fraternaty at Upsilonrj clhapi
ter at the University c! Con
ii ueetjeut.
!j Upsilon. one cf 3S chapters.
.; had originally teen sais-penoed in
February hea it pledged the
Xecro stuwiient.
have been sold since the sales be
gan about two weeks before
Cltristmas vacation.
The books, which contain
scenes from 53 American univer
sities including Nebraska, sell for
one ctollar per copy. This is the
third year that the Builders or
ganization has sold the calendars.
Members of the Builders cal
endar committee scH the calen
dars to students, faculty mem
bers, administrators and other
Lincoln citizens for use as memo
pads or date boolks as well as cal
endars. Some of the workers even
sold the books in their home
towns during Chnstnrs&s vacation.
Ann Jane Hail. Builders board
member and supervisor of the
calendar sales, reports that the
number of activities, beauty, per-
each annual
; dance.
The independent students have
an Independent Student associa
tion sweetheart and a "Hello
The I ntei fraternity council
chooses, from the sororities, an
Interfraternity Sweetheart to
reign at their annual Ball.
Ag Coeds Reign
At Ag college, three fortunate
young ladies may reign during
the yesir. The Goddess of Agri
culture. Farmers' Formal queen
and the Rodeo queen are the
titles handed out at Ag college.
AUF came up with a new one
this year when they announced
the Activities Queen title. Those
attending the AUF auction voted
on their tickets.
Tassels select the finalists for
Fep queen who reigns dunng the
Homecoming festivities. An en
tire school election decides who
may ba honored with this title.
Builders put on a Calendar
Girl election. Two faculty mem
bers and one student select
twelve lucky campus ladies to
represent each month of the year.
A pop.l;jr vote then determines
the Calendar Girl of the year.
Six Beauty Qneens
And now the beauty queens!
Twelve finalists are selected on
the basis oi ber.utv. The six girls
is on second floor, up either one
flight of steps or one short ride
via automatic elevator.
Lighting for the old desk,
where miles of "Rag" copy has
been proofread during past years,
a I consistea oi one main ugnung
f fixture about 20 feet from the
' ! , , , - li i: i
oesK, ana h sihhm leaning lamp
of "20 watt lighting capacity."
Lighting in the new building
is soft, subdued and non-glaring.
Fixtures aie of the modern
flourescent type.
Walking distance is also cut
down in the new building. The
paper is made up no farther thrn
five steps from the "Rag" desk.
Linotype machines and the m;;;n
composing desk are also easily
accessible to niiht news editors.
Journal Offices,
The new building has" the edi
torial offices and mechanical de
partment on second floor and
businesses offices on first floor.
Journal staffs moved to the new
building Christ. nas day.
Journal editorial staff members
are enjoying the benefits of a
complicated telephone and in
tercommunications system, up
holstered dosK chairs and less
crowded conditions Offices in
the new building have mocrn
paneling and streamlined walls.
Even the "morgue" or filing
room is new with cabinets well
arranged. As one "Rag" staff
member put it, "the old morgue
was literally i morgue."
sonality and many others are wh are chosen, by personal ap-
the basis on which queen poten
tially is judged.
Fraternities, sororities, inde
pendent associations and activi
ties on both Ag and city campus
groups are leading the race in
number of queens for this and
queens for that.
Xo Alternative
Queens, queens, queens! That
word becomes a bit monotonous
pearance this year, have the
honor of being photographed for
the Cornhusker.
A reigning personality is. defi
nitely needed for the Miliiary
Ball and so an Honorary Com
mandant steps forward to take
the honors.
And. of course, the University
couldn't exist without their own
personal sweetheart. Another
and slightly overused. But there popular vote picks out the gal
wno is presented at the Kosmet
Kluo show as the year's Nebraska
And for the girl who is ugly,
ignorant and bow-legged, the
University graciously supplies a
title. So that everyone rain ho
is no alternative. The Nebraska
campus is loaded with raving
beauties-. And each girl can rule.
So. as the word has become pr
ticiilarly representative of the
University, it must be used.
To begin the long list, there
.1 Wt(
flow, t-sgr
isjtrs iwc re4gireirai very veiu arc .weniy-six organizes! irater- a queen, there is the possibility
and that everyone connected with nsties cm the campus which indi- : of the grand and glorious" honor
the s&Jes has been very coopers- vidua!!? select a queen for the '"Muss official R-Kvch
year. This is usually done at tainer.""
Prestos Lcve, whose ban.3 will
pity for the annual toer-irater-Euty
Ball, features muse cf his
commercial style1' strracigenaeLis
and perlorraaiKes.
A firm believer ia this style
of dazyre nnasic Love plans his
ransical library aocorditigly- Fea
tures cf n evening's perform
sukce cf tis band in-dude the Vp
tues of the tut piarade. novelty
rjuinbers and featured artistSu
These Groups
FeUcw'stoips am d siixolhr flaps
for errtetantinjg sernit aire fnit
EnmerioiK aind very muvh in "liif
memt mw, but SjU'ays a Jew are
leSt tfL Lately, few of tiese
fceve taken icaarters irto their
(pica fcands nd have been sup
plying tbeir rwn awards.
At Bofrtra college in
York TOiaTl society called the
Oold Key fiecidefl to copy li
idea ef their Studeut Council
an9 voted to buy tbempelve
The Hofstrs daily ptpr ob
jected editorially lo the yrvposil
and put this in their papier. "TriiE
organizcitioii Gold Kej')
utatefl thiit tin"t they reprewxt
the rtuder.t body . . - tney too
.ctefiesn jackets. W.orkiiig surjoei
iCbis fxrxDcnpie. can eertaiily
isiclude the tchoo" puper itiJl
. . . 5n SiiB clothiTig fund
Sot to be .outdone, lioulsians
Stil t:ah'erBjty',t Student Co'jn
cal iiuve Jurt voted ItiemaeJves
treys, t cost til aipier. In an
sarcuirfcic eflJtorial the Daily Se
ville pointed cut that ffj tola
purtihaBe flvjotild coet "a trif
moer 1170
The Bevi'He suggectied "S-itt "ftje
SenrK, too, Should hsv-e "key:
"Zt H seeral Sirrjep mw hj
meroais than ttie Countil, but
the local, aroouut needed to fai.t;rj
both governing bodies; fihotidEt
be anuch more sthan $500."
A troup f 'fia'lE from another
chool b-ie formed tfie Siliw
Star cr- iean piiite c'hjb. To
tb a ftax, Shese girlr murt
bold their plates otar iheir Jneads
after anting. If nothing .e!root
upon the bead, J5i fltx'eie.d sil
ver star 4s theirs.
IUOPT (LRfliw Siuuv wTlm wutitli w
Cullmunt, Xet. . Flmir puHBt fjull
Jlttwl Woofiward tit It-Zxb hi -ttw
ijOW . Hmna flu Jui jiin. iiewurtt. Culi
(J'l K.WJEi:i i)wrtninl ukut uiiiiua
If mim 1w M'trt r'Mim X 'if 'J
imym. Tlt -wct nti.K . i'-;,KKiv
iPT tnt ftvr your wiMirt, jiujMtin
Sharing the spotlight with this
saxophone artist nill be Harry
Lem-is, Eiily CargiHe and ""George-toTs-E"
Prior t. forming his in cjr
chestrs, Lcve m-as a Sealuiecl art
ist mit.h the btinds of Count Eiasje,
Fits Wilier. Lucky MiHinder an4
J ohtu.y Otis,
Preston Love was a former
Golden Glcves m'etereight box
ing champion and has retairjed
his interest in sports as a parti
cipant and spect&tor.
Baseball is his favorite sper-
i later sport and be is a Bot.cin
Eed Sox fan. Among the bands
cf today. Love lists as his favor-
ites: Count Base. Woody Her-
Taan, Ekuie EH;ng1.un and Le?
Prestena Love and his band
played for Slbe Mojiar Bard Ball
this year. The InterfratejTiJty
BaJ3 mill be held am the Lincoln
! Hotel ballroom, Jsel 12, from $
to ".2 p. rr...
Tickets ff.or tfj Ball w-J be j
. sold through the social chajjroen
; .J the University fraternities. I
Price cf the tickets is $2.50-
Presentation cf the lnterfra- !
ternity S-eetheart will highlight
the evening. She mill be ebotwn :
from five finalists who eompose
the reigning ladies" ccrart..
Official Speaks
AIoui State's
Inseet Outlook
The gra;hypper and corn
Jxrer outkv.k for "juit ;
ivat good" Dj. Ephriara Hi son. i
cbxecior of jeioerjt int.truclon
land er'tomologJKt at tfje Uniwj
: sity. told Theme attending the I
'.weed icicjaalenence Wednesday I
morning. 'j
The irjtir.e iU'ea of If. Fan
ihaiioie us uir of srassbopper
;g- Tljey have alno from
5J.joux county 'into Aith.ur county.
; This was oet.ermir.e.d by urys
.vf jJie fduJt lam fall and ece
oounts to the 'prouod this wxrjier
; At ff"r tl wm bor-er Dr. Hjx
fu.m aid the irate oi nurnwa at
'hifib xis ieJ1 a the prwptwts
for a beiwy inettaton is the
nprjng. Wj-kcthw or mot the in
festation 'be high ,cK-pendf
on "'drouth'" and ""wetness.' 3f
ot's 'dry abey canlt eroej-j;e and
if if is"w ihe 'i'l idro"n and
I the 'inJeiaalioo witl be L-ght,
j However of m-eather as Ja"
I .oj'abie ie escpect a ""had jat
xiiMion.'' The boner jsury iruide
in !! lal) who-v.ed the greatetl
jmietasrUoB -ia the 3ioJtbeaiSrxi
taction oi tl-ie irLate. 7'hey art
i.tiowmg as far weirt as Grand
: Isiand.
Dr. HteBoa. 'Concluded that the
' flcpartmenl .of entomology will
.tiontinue making t;pot checks m
the various courjties for both
crasiihioppert and corn borers.
However, the incHvitftrel ffarmers
trait chfvk their -own farm and
i xiet' the anf.esta'Uou.
iam nun ,t
4mm M
rfff Sffi I milium nut n curis
- -v 'i j r -nBrrj'-
W 3- '' fl
J" I 1 1 ' I II
A i 8"l r z ? r?
I , -it l i l
-j- - f UAOINO SIUU s U I
- 'I
Make the tobacco growers
.... I
. - . ..... -
seen smoKing . . . upen a pack .. .enjoy that milder -
nesierneia aroma.
And tobaccos that smell milder smoke milder. So
smoke Chesterfields prove they do smoke milder, and they
uaoihc siufse N,