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Tuesday, December 5, 1950
: - - $T v -"V:
' X I
Disillusioned Coed
Visions Duck Hunt
By Jane Randall
Now that the duck season is
over, one empty-headed little
coed makes a post mortem of her
She realizes now there is a dif
ference between that hunting trip
with her boy friend and the or
dinary species of date.
Overjoyed at being asked to
go, she accepted. "Oh good.
What time will you be after me?"
When the answer was "around
five" she said, "I didn't know
you were taking me out for din
ner." Thus, the first disillusionment
came to our little coed. She re
alized it was morning, not eve
ning that her beau was talking
Disappointed in Date
When the great day arrived,
she dressed in her best suit, hose,
and heels. She was very disap
pointed to see her date come aft
er her, sloppily dressed in his
North Pole jacket, greasy trou
sers and high boots.
While he growled and bit his
fingernails, she, with broken
spirits, scampered upstairs to dig
up big brother's cords, her old
sloppy Joe sweater and Dad's
woolen knee socks.
At last thev were off. Curi-
1S THAT A CORSAGE? Don Winklemann, seems to be well iriirifilnnB Piftxr
pleased with his Mortar Board Ball corsage from Nancy j vIiriMIIII J. tiny
rev. i corsage, worn on me oacn insieaa m we ironi, is De
signed to remind a man of his interests. It includes a toy giraffe
symbolic of would-be veterinarian and miniature baseball
equipment, besides Christmas decorations.
Planned at Ar
Ball Corsages Start
Run on Thingamajigs
By Ami GOHjia
Local managers of dime stores ij
report an unprecedented run on j
buck - Varfc-, wbachamacallals,
tfaiEgansajigs, and whodiLbobs.
Wild-eyed coeds have been
seen lurking under Use counters, "
natfhihny afforeraieniioDed ar-
tides with little thought of per
sonal safety. And for what just
a simple little corsage far the
Mortar Board Ball, Friday, Dec
8, at the Coliseum.
Bat wul tney ce so sumpae:
Charles Atlas
Another poor male specimen,
who was not the "Charles Atlas"
type in the first place, lost
twenty pounds when has hard
hearted date forced him to carry
an eight-pound sbotput around
the dance floor all evening.
Things were made worse by
five pounds of paper, flowers.
and candy which made up the
rest of his corsage. The poor boy
Dec. 12 has been named as the
date for a Christmas Party spon
sored by the Ag Exec Board each
year on the Ag campus.
One of the oldest Ag tradi
tions, the program will take
place in the College Activities
building. Final plans and the
program of entertainment will be
published at a later date.
It was announced that the
program will include several
numbers by the Ag College
chorus under the direction of
Mrs. Altinus Tullis.
Ag Exec Board members in
charge of this yearY. Christmas
activities are Joyce Kuehl and
Eugene Robinson.
Students and faculty members,
as well as the general public, are
invited to attend.
ous, as every girl is, "empty
head" had to know what the cute
birdies with the white neckties
and pretty green backs were do
ing in the back seat.
After her patient boy friend
explained that they were decoys,
that they were used to lure the
ducks within shooting range, she
commented, "That's silly. Ducks
are too smart to be fooled like
Duck Calls
A lengthy lecture on the effec
tiveness of duck calls squelched
her for a few minutes.
Always inquisitive, she probed
further, "But I thought you just
went out, and when you saw a
duck, you shot him down as
easy as that."
"Ever heard of strategy?" He
squelched her again.
Upon reaching the river, he
blithely hopped out of the car
saying, "You grab the decoys and
I'll take care of the gun and
shells." J
She looked at him flabbergast- j
,1 liTl..i T Al 1- A. Tt J I H
cu. out i inougni i a 511 nere
and wait for you. It won t
long to catch one, will it?"
At this point, the poor boy's I
patience gave way. "Get out:" jj
' Beaten, she emerged from the
car, struggling with the gunny
sack of decoys. J
To the Blind j
j That ordeal over with, he sug
gested, "Let's go find the blind."
I M . U TI'V. , 1 J S
they be doing out here?"
Too angry for words, he led
her by the hand to a little thicket
which was well enough camou
flaged. "Help me set out these decoys,"
he offered, putting on his wad
ing gear and stepping into the
A scream pierced the air, near
ly knocking him off balance.
"Why didn't vou tell me the
,i wEier was coia: snnexea me
little barefooted girl who was
shivering on the bank.
That feat accomplished, "empty
heat!" began to fidget. "When
are the ducks coming? After all,
we can't wait all day."
"Here they come." he shouted.
getting to his
rf - P
, ' I
Pin I
I i - l iv'
u, Vi i7:, .I
Senior Combines
eEriool, Farming
fully combines farming and
going to school. A senior, he
ranks in the upper ten per
cent of his class.
Cigaret Butts
Reveal Story
teOf Smokers
By Pat Loder
It's all over campus. Haven't
!you noticed? I am speaking
litter-ally about the janitor's
j nemesis, the student's delight
I and Moke's dream, the cigaret
This is the one little discarded
; remnant which can be found in
I practically every campus corner
inhabited by man, and many
corners which man isn't allowed
to inhabit. By the end of an
average day, floors from Grant
to Raymond are covered by the
sorry remains of what once were
Strange as it may seem all
these remains do have value. To
most people a cigaret butt is just
a cigaret butt: however each one
tells an individual story. :
Convenience Smoker i
The almost whole cigaret butt
tells of the convenience smoker
who really hates to smoke but J
feels obligated to take one for ;
One of the busiest men at the
college of Agriculture is Gervase
Franke, a senior. He operates a
400 acre farm near Walton when
he is not in class or engaged in
other college activities.
Being a high ranking student
and managing a farm are both
major operations. Francke ac
complishes both by studying for
a while, then taking time for a
few days to work at home. On
his farm he raises corn, wheat,
j ; oats and alfalfa. Beef cattle are
his major JivesiocK enieipnac,
but he also raises hogs and
After his father died five years
ago, Gervase took over the farm
which he has since managed. His
greatest handicap arises in the
fall when he is faced with the
double problem of harvesting the
corn crop and preparing for 12
week exams.
During his past 2hi years as a
student-farmer combo, Gervase
has accumlated a total of 114
credit hours with a grade aver
age in the upper 10 percent of
his class. In addition, he is a
member of Alpha Zeta, Ag hon
orary, Varsity Dairy club and
judging team, past vice president
of Block and Bridle, active in
YMCA and LSA and a member
of Farmhouse fraternity.
As a member of the junior
livestock-judging team, Gervase
was high scorer at the National
Western livestock show in Janu
ary, 1949; 15 universities com
peted at that show.
Advancing to the Senior live
stock judging team, Franks
pulled into third place in tho
entire nation at the Chicago In
ternational livestock exposition
last year. He was only two points
behind the high man in the con
test. The senior team, of which
he was a member, placed second
among the 34 university teams
Good Qualities
Prof. M. A. Alexander of the
animal husbandry department
describes Gervase as having "the
determination ana competitive
fpirit combined with other quali
ties it takes to make a man suc
cessful." "It is remarkable," said
Alexander, "how he manages to
farm and also retain a standing
with the top students in his
Franke will receive a B.S. de
gree in agriculture in January.
He plans to continue fanning
after graduation.
Bogan .to Address
Coed Counselors
Paul Bogan of the University
radio department will speak on
"Radio and Television" at the
Coed Counselors' book review
tonight at 7 p.m. at Ellen Smith
The speaker is in charge of
the University radio department.
Bogan will discuss opportuni
ties the University offers in the
field of radio.
Nanci DeBord is in charge of
the event.
spent the next two weeks in the IF,,,?-,-,,. 4
student imfirinaarv. suf lering from i " -' lllllflm S. Z1LLI'
Several years ago, a
cextam j several broken ribs and a com- ,j
young roan, who was then study
ing to be a nsorticiian, was sadly
disjUusMcied csa the might of the
Mortar Board Ball by am inno
cent enough corsage box which.
ocaitained a coffin- This gnue
xasae sperisaesa was tinged, tuzd
plete physical breakdown. Evi- I 11" I OIIQ LJlflltip
I rfffmll never fimrnnliPltflv ri- . "
! covered, for he is mow seHiEC
j peEcals on several principal Chi-
friends hip's sake. The shade and "
feet so suddenly j amount of lipstick on the re- !'
mains of a cigaret tell the type of
girl who smoked it. So goes the i
story with each cigaret butt.
There is really only one person j;
on campus who takes an active i
interest in our subject. This per-
csm street corDers.
i Or.e Nebraska coed (no names
1 uoerataccied) who hails from Ari
'2Eoa. is planning a "small!" cor-
iZ- ,n rr- : sa?e connilainirig several !2-fo&t
rrt rvL"'T?.rL r. w. etims
fertly detailed skeJeiton lying ca
ffin. j BaU and Chain
The pssr guy was then wires! J4 bai! ,JrOT &je
bT Ms date that the eff ; Alpha Ptai bouse, with ctee eon-
the miniato-e coffin opaseiS and ! . a Pnsoners hat.
dot is tte -toner Sanctum" , baD. Aun tnm te
manner- it is $am. as y -- - - .
jues, taat the boy just scnti
the next day amd has never been
seen ssmx.
French Gub
Plans Holiday
Party Tonight
ami chain will keep her cUte
; happy while she powders her
1 An Alpha X3, whose date is a ; Ifflr
! is planning a cursige cfxAi&nmg.
i a ssoal roart pi?, e'eral cans f
:j vegelables, and a Jive pound
i satik of rjiow punched with a
j few h&Jes s9 that a Saint trail
jwffl lead tjer to dale in caae be
1 tries to mm away.
It has been rarowed that a
i; Kappa pledge is franticaJHy knit
ting a pair a itep-liesugm snug-
mat tie Knocked over the un
corked thermos of coffee.
Fire Away
Toe frightened to say a word,
she sat there with her ears
nlufised while the love of her life
farr-A . v rwir a ctai. t, son has fondlv been named
Tony Wujlman was crowned : skv. One if those stsecks droooed i "Moke" by the students who
us get it, Dird flog: he com- li " ' s t
manned triumphantlv. She ' gut5ers tay in the morning,
looked at him fclanklv. S.-.e start- continually to pick up
ed off. reluming with one tail j discarded cigarets. No one
feather. jj knows his age. No one knows
"Weft, where is ft? he de- ! his real name,
minded impatiently. What Happens
I started to pick him up, but ' But foremost in the onlooker's
this is the only thing I could mind i h auestimn of what he
gen noia of
The urge to kill he tramped
off. He came back, clutching the
than neck of a green-headed mal
lard. "You brute:" he yelped. "You
strangiled hinm!"
That was enough for one trip.
The day's labors resulted in two
! Monday with the coveted but
;; brief title of Ting-pong King
j of the Ag College. Wuotoan won
:! from six other entrants in an
;; elimination tournament ran at
I noon in the Ag Union "Rec"
.; rOOBlL
ij This weekly event is sched
'., uled at 12:15 p.ns. each Monday
I by the Ag Unknn general enter
jtainnsent comnuttee. Bill Waldo
? in charge.
1 Wuotaan managed a best two
out off three victory in each of
the comparatively brief three
li brackets.
It was reported that entrants
next Monday's tournament
sign now m the activities
ofjee. Only the first eight to and one exhausted but enligbt
siign the roster will he eligible. ,! ened coed.
does with the cigaret butts lor
which he so conscienciously
hunts. Various opinions have
been offered.
Though unlikely, it has been
said that he might be a poor :
man's chain smoker. He might
also be a representative for a
prominent cigaret manufacturer,
taking a census on how many
students smoke his brand. There r
roust be an easier wav!
"iT ' "Mmiiiiin in -irir-ir-'ir
Brocher. you bet they're good! Delicious,
chewy, cWiaty TOOTSIE ROLLS a
aO candy counters. Each is individually
wrapped to inmre-fresb goodoesfi.
AH 41 tradltims off a rrends
Christmas wall be aepiitea at ; -j jjS pin to keep
the rrnrmaal Frends dub Chjirt
taas party tocight at p.m.
ia Parlors X and Y off the Ltawa.
FremcJi lovers will get into the
Oaristmas raood by sangicg car&ls
ia FresocSa. Later everyone wall
ixa aa on "Saint Jfult." Xe
Presmier Ii-cV acndl ".ue Chaitun
warat? Two Theta's plan to strap
their dates togetijer to represent
Siiaanese twins. The gM
ffjgBies this is tte only way to
Jiwnte their dates to dans the
shag all evening.
Tt Piipers
A certain Chi O. wtoie steady
(much to her diimay) to
PrL Karl Pwud f the Frendhi ii onnk be mmt study tvo night
opairtoa3t will read the Chrjt- ;i jjj s week-eati, is piiaranEr-g a
mas j&ary ffr-am the Bjfcfe m i ssarisg snade up off a 8e-
Fremds. Saae Kent will s-aag
"Caaatatptie de 3S.3" w5t38 E.cfart
r'iirestone at tt pian- Mr- Yvtdk
isw play the part off the
Freaacfe Santa Oaaa, Te JftoelL
Guests play IrJngoi vnth
ft calls being dtar iin Frerjch
Fat WaKSsnan n.d Batters Cett
will be the caller. Several
dwzen teat papers together
njth a tsi red zeiwu.
A GaJnina PM will prftnesst her :
date wrtth a ckflteiiiine, cwered
vjUj ?na31 Jenaintoe wnmw.laoK- ,
ahles, to wear on hi nanliine
A eiertaln wxsfit nam 5 ,i
an ardnt tiMt!! fan will pnoto- ;
small prizes wi t gJvem to il ihly te hiitlfeg tsMne-rtuns all
wmaers a gjaakU prae. evenan? wulh the tmsr i&aJs aniti
gartl7 Frad in natore. ill Twe it bn$x tm d&ie will inc3wS in fciis
tSven to the i4 player.
YiKjwfrt 2be g-jone frMb
toect b rvd cmnaBiKtoi)
cf m'J&e awd "b-iach de 3S.c0,"
TveatM pastr itni toe ifcap
the Yti&e Vg.
DutKiratistttf "iCJ trry w-1! I1
Chrattesas tSutan'! wiitJis "J
BeHjett Kem?, priidirj c-ff
Ce Fruta ci'-a, wl j1 off
ts pbitiw na&jKssMiymi. Br&ar
Farliey is fa etoarj off tje Swj
at30U nd -J37 Ka2S wu!l take
&rj of reffywjjaient.
The party is opm to all Fitjch
sAudesua nd tBtyaiwe isatATfejited to
Fireaads. Tber tril te a 23 mt
trf is rtojjrjew4- This
nary be pw4 t the IxtatcitAiSie a
szjtaxts offiic fa EiMnsert ftjaX
WSJJb thee exainrjp3f 5n wannd,
the jjuiKSHtaoMi is iJI the ksaws- ;
line ss be apeaking to the Kejmi- ;
trim ie affMir j Mwtar oanrd
Ba21? Wadt arjd xiw, !. -'
Photo Art Exhibit
At Morrill Hall
Ftafcair exhiiytiwj w tfe ;
nyjJihi off Dft:flrliiw at A Um.ii- '
Trwty airt vMmnes at MwniSI !j
Haffl wS2I fm-fiHirf1 jfitfftraj ly ;!
Jliatfw SzaiflkfWiikii-
prjoSiSi'pll pwtoii!) ff Max .j
Weber .larud lSAwt Pwnw Wairven I
and phwtojir5i of chtMifiwii and !
iindaa! fasbjefS.. The exihai-!!
focJiws is ew.TP'isedl ff 2(0 photo- ;i
Cnfverjjt off Wimiiffl. ha bsws
4uffirar tor h la.t tihiff eair
53r"w' wacifcer aut cjtomt in MJmneaip&u ;:
aJlwi, wvcwe resieni.'iy, s am n
tor nn pfyytosfjaphy at HJh UwS- ;
veirsirty f Miinflieswila- Hi tip- ij
proamihi to plhiotograpftiy ewwwnmpa- I;
i? the vaiyfmig' ptiMerm f stii'Jt ii
ci5Wps'iitW)i, actiww shte and !!
pojltifitu!i)!r', ' :
TTrit 4b. iue own Niw
t H.tlfa, S-'WW.
ttwttM SftU5- fixmiw Wmur
U. r Swiiitanw. WW, iia
9TXVV Wmjt. (tM ! i
jTr j";7',V; " n..-():iiiirrf ut .4-1 "Mr. -es.V.
S v ' ! ! Jfcr ?.. Attaw
Union to Entertain
Faculty Children
The annwial "KirMi Pairt to
emterJaiia f.w.vUy and staff chtll- ii
dew will b hM U1"!'' t !
4 pjssu to Pairllr XYZ in tih ij
Kwaalil fifj gnnes and iwyvie jj
Wv3e to fc hwf are: "ianita's (
Toy itoiEr "tfwTy Mr- M,,
4arr3v Aw-fy Fanrfy; and Iiiza
n , the itx itairrin MsgMy
Mne- i
i'7.iwr'i,lj ir''," wln;j foh chJlid is to rt,i a tew
- :: tw, gjn jir exewar.jf"!-.
F'.fl -H-K-11 'WW, "W .OT I ,J 1. TVr,iil!!U
m . t tnmty wsjniwil fcefwe tHi part- ji
2 Satcnfay
4 ISssday 5 Taeday 6 WerJsetday j 7 Tbcrsday 8 Friday 9 Saturday
41 Al :(,
tmtitn turn, "rtt",
itttmitV Cms
10 Sunday 11 llcnda 12 Ttssday 13 fedajjday 14 Bscrtday 15 Friday I 16 Saturday
f"V I I , K Horn,
r.w,, 'Mi 1 j KM rartf AC knnllDrttilllmi, j tntw
trs 1 Kl',M "
17 Sirsday 18 sday 19 Tesiday 20 tttimizy 21 Tlsrsday 22 Friday I 23 Sat-rtay
J ! i
24 Snaday 25 csday 23 Tswday 27 Wetfaisday 1 28 Tfcsrtday j 29 Friday j 30 SatarJs
31 Scsday