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Thursday, November 30, 1950
nusKer iviatmen
Show Strength
By Jim Kostal
Nebraska's 1950-51 wrestling
team gives early indications of
carrying on right where the sur
prisingly-strong Husker football
team left off,
That's the opinion of Al Par
tin, new wrestling coach at the
University. Al, who hails from
Cornell, a school known for some
great wrestling teams, is pretty
optimistic about the coming sea
son because of the large number
of top wrestlers he has for each
weight division. And Partin
should be a good judge of talent,
for he won both the National
A.A.U. and Collegiate Champion
ships while wrestling for Cornell.
He also was a member of the
football team.
Al, who is in his first year of
coaching at the comparatively
young age of 28, is also line
coach for the freshmen football
squad. He is married and has
one daughter. He gives his ad
dress as "Huskerville Heights."
Potentially Great
Coach Partin feels that the
current squad, which is one of
Irv Petersen,
Sig Alphs Cop
Golf Crowns
The 1950 Intramural Match
Play Golf Tournament came to
an end last Sunday with the
crowning of individual cham
pion, Irv Petersen of Sigma
Alpha Epsilon. Petersen also
walked off with last year's
crown, thus becoming the first
' two-time winner.
The team trophy also goes to
the Sig Alphs, their total of 64
points being thirteen better than
that of second-place Sigma Phi
Epsilon. The Sig Eps finished
with 49.
Trailing the leaders were Phi
Delta Theta with 29 points; Delta
Tau Delta, 2: and Sigma Nu,
84 Compete
Eighty-four players competed
in the qualifying round, a new
record for Intramural golf.
Play in this year s lourney
consisted of three IUgnts oi i
men each. There were both
rhamninnshin- and consolation
brackets in each flight, with
those losing in tne xirst rouna a
play automatically moving into
the consolation bradket.
Bob Scoville, also a member
of Sigma Alpha spsuon, coppea
H flicrht honors while
Chuck Lawson of Sigma Phi Ep
silon was tne inira mgnt uuisi.
Petersen, playing brilliant golf
hrniiohnnt. surpnt hv Jack Heck-
enlively, Chick Battey, and Bob
MocKett on nis way 10 ins nue,
Poor Weather
Tournament play this year was
somewhat hampered by poor
weather conditions which neces
sitated extension of the dead
lines for the playing of tht
Scoring for this year's meet
was on the following basis: Win
ners in the championship bracket
of the three flights received
four, three, and two points, re
spectively. The winners in the
consolation bracket received two,
one and one-half, and one point
for each match in each of the
three flights.
Fnal results of tourney plajr:
Fin night
Irv Petersen, SI Km a Alpha, Epsilon. de
feated Bob Mookett, Phi Delta Theta
Coneolatfoni Roy Wythers, Sigma Al
pha Epsilon, defeated Jim Kostal, Sigma
Phi Epsilon.
Second FUrht
Bob Scoville, Sigma Alpha Bpailon,
defeated Bruce Evans, Sigma Alpha Ep
silon, Consolation: Jim Ferris, Sigma Phi
Epsilon, defeated Dick Flnke, Sigma
Phi Epsilon.
Third night
Chuck Lawson, Slsma Phi Epsilon,
defeated Bob Bond, Sigma Phi Epsilon.
Consolation: Bob Carter, 8igma Phi
Epsilon, defeated Dave Moaner, Sigma !
Pht Epsilon.
the largest in Cornhusker his
tory, is also potentially the great
est, The squad member have
been going all out to get ready
for the first match.
Oklahoma A. & M. will open
the Husker home season, this
match is scheduled for Jan. 13.
Undoubtedly, this will be the
toughest match of the season for
the wrestling team.
Coach Partin stresses aggres
siveness on the part of his squad
members, and says that this
year's team "will be out to pin
their men."
Competition within the differ
erent weight classes is the most
spirited ever, and Coach Partin
indicates that most team posi
tions are still wide open.
Tryouts will be held sometime
before Christmas to determine
the members of the team for the
first meet. Coach Partin lists the
men who have shown up well
in early workouts.
Three in 123 lb.
In the 123 lb. class three boys
are fighting it out for a team
berth. They are Lou Caniglia,
Jim Ferris, and Don Bean.
Caniglia was 1949 Big Seven 121
lb. champion, and is a two-year
lctterman. Farris and Bean are
both outstanding sophomores
who should be pressing Caniglia
all the way.
Harold Gilliliand dominates
the 130 lb. class, and was Big
Seven champion last year in the
128 lb. class. Gilliliand is also a
two-year letterman.
Bob Russell and Perry Leitcl
are fighting it out for the 138
lb. berth. Russell, a senior, has
lettered two years in the 136 lb.
division while Leitel is having
his first taste of varsity compe
tition. The 147 lb. class is led by Ken
Fischer, a brilliant sophomore
Lane or Jones
It will be either Ed Lane or
Bob Jones in the 157 lb. class.
Lane is a junior letterman and
Jones is a sophomore.
Dave Mackie has looked the
best in the 167 lb. class. Al
Johnson or Dick Richardson will
represent the Huskers in the 177
lb. class.
Herb Reese will very likely
represent Nebraska in the
heavy-weight class. Herb, mov
ing up Irom the 175 lb. class,
has been Big Seven champ in
that weight division the past two
years. He will be gunning for
his third consecutive conference
title this year.
The squad will be bolstered
second semester by the presence
of Rich Reese, who becomes
eligible for varsity competition
at that time. Rich is a heavy
weight. The schedule this year in
cludes two extended road trips,
one in the East and one in the
West. The Huskers meet 3 teams
on each of these trips. The east
ern trip includes, Iowa State
Teachers, last year's N.C.A.A.
and A.A.U. champs and Cornell,
which Nebraska has never
beaten. Coach Partin feels pretty
confident that "we're gonna beat
Cornell" and most of the rest
of them.
The complete wrestling sched
ule: Jan. 13. Oklahoma A. & M.
Feb. 1 Denver U. there
Feb. 2 Colorado U. there
Feb. 3 Colorado State
Feb. 8 Iowa State Teach
ersthere Feb. 9 Cornell there
Feb. 10 Wisconsin there
Feb. 14 Kansas State here
Feb. 17 Iowa State here
Feb. 23 Omaha U. here
Mar. 2 Oklahoma here
The last three homes matches
will be part of a double attrac
tion, the Wesleyan college bas
ketball team playing its confer
ence games before the wrestling
Daily Nobraskan All-Big Seven Team
Jim Doran Iowa State
Charlie Toogood Nebraska
Bronco Marusic Missouri
Harry Moore Oklahoma
Don Strasheim Nebraska
Jim Weatherall Oklahoma
Gene Ackermann Missouri
Phil Klein Missouri
Bobby Reynolds Nebraska
Billy Vessels Oklahoma
Merwin Hodel Colorado
Frank Anderson Oklahoma
Mike McCormack Kansas
Norman McNabb Oklahoma
Tom Catlin Oklahoma
Dick Punches Colorado
Jim Weatherall Oklahoma
Chuck O'Neal Kansas
Ron Clark Nebraska
John Glorioso Missouri
Buddy Jones Oklahoma
Verl Scott Nebraska
Ends: Bob Voetberg, Sy Wilhelmi Iowa State; Bill Schaake Kansas; Frank Si
mon Nebraska; Jack Lockett Oklahoma.
Tackles: S. P. Garnett Kansas; Walt Spellman, Bob Mullen, Dick Goeglein
Guards: Bill Mace Kansas; Lowell Titus Iowa State; John Kadlec Missouri.
Centers: Merlin Gish Kansas; Harold Robinson Kansas State ; Bill Fuchs Mis
souri. Quarterbacks : Bill Weeks Iowa State ; Fran Nagle Nebraska.
Halfbacks: Wade Stinson, Charley Hoae Kansas.
Fullback: Leon Heath Oklahoma; NickAdduci Nebraska.
Huskers Place Five
On Ra-g Big-Seven
Oklahoma's Big Seven champion Sooners collected eight
berths on the Daily Nebraskan's Big Seven Team today to
lead in the final tabulation. Nebraska's runnerup Corn
huskers landed five men on the first team, three on the of
fensive team and two on the defensive eleven.
All conference teams with the
!HIeihs Awarded
Fall Trophy night for intra
mural competition will be held
tonight in the Physical Educa
tion building at 7 p.m. This Is
the first attempt of staging such
an event which is for the ex
pressed purpose of awarding the
trophies and medals already won
in competition this year.
Immediately after the trophy
presentations, there will be an
intramural basketball managers'
meeting in Room 101 P.E.
Teams and individuals receiv
ing trophies and medals tonight
AM-Unlverslty Tennis Pnuhlea Champs
Walt Weaver and Don Blocker of Phi
Delia Thela (Medals).
Tennis Doubles Team Champ Sigma
Nu (trophy).
AU-Unlv, Free Throw Champ Carr
Trumbull of Sigma Chi (medal i.
Free Throw Team champ Sigma Phi
Epsilon (trophy).
All-Unlverslty finlf Champ Irv Peter
son nf Sigma Alpha Epullon (medal),
ttolf Team Champ Sigma Alpha Kp
sllon (trophy),
Kranlernltv "A" Football Champs-
Delta Tau Delta (trophy).
Kranternlty "H" Football Champa
Alpha Tau Omese (trophy).
Denomination football Champa Presbf
House (trophy),
independent Football Champs City
YMCA. (medals).
Independent Volleyball Champs Cos
mnpolitan Club (medala).
Denominational Volleyball Champa-
Lutheran House (trophy),
Fraternity Volleyball Champ Sigma
Alpha Kpsllon (trophy).
Ail-Unlveraity Swimming Team Champ
decided Thursdsy (trophy).
Individual All-U Hwim Champs de
otded Thursday (medals).
Other honors wan In cmmpetlllea this
year stnd acknowledged lliuradaf , tul
bo awards given arei
All-University Football Champs Delta
Tau Delta.
All-Unafflllated Football Champs City
Independent Tennis Doubles Champs
Jimmy Collins and Phil Bore neon.
Consolation Tennis Doubles Champa
Bob Kuhltschek and Sud Hamilton of
Sigma Alpha Kpsllon.
Highest scoring football team Delta
Tau Delta.
Highest scoring football player Bok
Shuler of Preshy House.
Consolsllon Golf camp Roy Wythers
of Klama Alpha JCpellnn.
All-Unsffiliatd Volleyball Champ
Cosmopolitan club.
exception of Kansas State placed
at least one man among the top
22. The K-Statcrs, however, man
aged to get some reeossnition.
among those in the honorable
Jim Weatherall, giant Sooner
tackle, led the way in the ballot
ing that saw 42 men receive men
tion. Weatherall received the dis
tinction of holding down a tackle
berth on both the offensive and
defensive units.
Four Unanimous .
Four men received unanimous
support for the offense. They
were Bobby Reynolds, Nebraska
halfback. Jim Doran, Iowa State
end, Don Strasheim, Nebraska
guard, and Charlie Toogood,
Husker tackle.
Harry Moore, Sooner center
and Gene Afkerman, Missouri
end, were nearly unanimous vote
Closets fight for an offensive
spot was for the quarterback
berth. Phil Klein of the Tigers
finally won out over Billy Weeks
of Iowa State.
On the defense line-up. three
men were unanimous selections.
Dick Punches, Colorado guard,
Mike McCormack, Kansas tackle,
and Frank Anderson, Oklahoma
end, received all of the possible
Johnny Glorioso received both
offensive and defensive mention
to land his defensive halfback
Closets race on this team was
between Husker Verl Scott and
jCansanMerliCfch. a-4Ln.l
backer position. Scott finally won
put on the narrowest of counts.
One thing The Daily Ncbraskan
voters tried to comply with all
through the balloting was the
placing of the men in the posi
tions they played in during the
year. None of this putting four
halfbacks in the offensive back
field or moving a guard to tackle
and the like. The teams are rep
resented by the best man at his
By teams the positions were
awarded as follows: Oklahoma
8, Nebraska 5, Missouri 4,
Colorado 2. Kansas 2. and
Iowa State 1.
Of ail the men mentioned, Ok
lahoma got ten men mentioned,
Nebraska 11, Missouri 6, Colo
rado 2, Kansas 8, Iowa State
5, and Kansas State 1,
Gator Bowl Nod
Goes lo Wyoming
The last football bowl game of
any significance was filled Wed
nesday when it was announced
that unbeaten Wyoming would
be the second team in the 'Gator
Bowl. The Cowboys, champions
of the Skyline Six and winner of
nine games, will meet Washing
ton and Lee, champion of the
Southern conference in the Jack
sonville, Florida classic.
Wyoming has lost but one
game in two years, and is one of
only four major teams unbeaten
and untied this season. This year
it scored successive victories over
Montana State, Baylor, Colorado
A&M, Utah State, New Mexico,
Iraho, Brigham Young and Denver.
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