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Friggy, November 17, 1950
IHIere Aire Your Winners
13 f"T23 Q Fl
By Bill Mundell
A lot of spirit and enthusiasm
by the Husker faithful is needed
this Saturday to help the Corn
huskers finish the football sea
son undefeated in their home
stadium, acbording to Head
Coach Bill Glassford today,
Coach Glassford said that the
fans would have to continue
their fine showings of spirit that
they have in the past to carry
the gridders to another triumph,
this time over the determined
Iowa State Cyclones.
The Cyclones will invade Me
morial Stadium Saturday con
vinced that they can duplicate
the feat Colorado performed
earlier in the season and they
say they'll do it through the
passing wizardry of Billy Weeks
and receiving mate Jim Doran.
The Huskers went through
their usual drills Thursday night
in preparation for the Cyclone
invasion. Contact work was a
minimum, but fundamentals in
offense and defense were
A lot of spirit was displayed
by the gridders as they were put
through their paces by Glassford
and his assistants.
Both the offensive and de
fensive platoons faced freshmen
outfits. The varsity defense con
centrated on Iowa State plays
while the varsity offense con
centrated on their own.
The Huskers will be at full
strength for the contest with the
exception of fullback Kay Curtis.
Curtis will be out of the fray
'with a broken rib. Curtis' posi
tion as defensive halfback will
be taken over by Tony Winey,
who started in that spot last
week against the, K-Staters.
Wingender Back
Offensively speaking, the
Huskers lost and gained a full-
Iowa State Blocks Huskers
Post Season Chances
The University of California
appears certain to be playing
football on New Year s day, but
to date, that is the only grid
outfit that can count heavily
on a bowl bid.
Usually this far along in the
season, the bowl competitors
have been pretty well settled, but
not this year of offensive-happy,
upset-crazy teams.
The Golden Bear seems des
fined to the Rose Bowl for the
third straight year. All they need
is a win over Stanford this -. eek
to finish unbeaten in the Pacific
Coast conference and therefore
on top. And that is all it takes
to get to the Rose celebration in
Whether or not Texas will be
Cotton Bowl-ing come January
iirst is sometning else again.
Texas Uncertain
The Texas-Texas A. Sc. M.
game looms larger than ever in
the eyes of the Southwest Con
ference and the rest of the foot
ball world. Only because that
game is played at home does
Texas rate an edge over the Ag
gies. In line play, A. & M. has never
been humbled by any opponent it
has played against this year. The
Aggies have outscored the Long
horns 42 touchdowns to 26. But,
Texas' defense appears to be
tougher, in that only 17 touch
downs were scored against them
Williams May
Quit Baseball
Ted Williams, the mighty Red
Sox outfielder, put Boston on
notice Thursday that he would
not play in any exhibition games
this spring "if I'm not feeling
Williams also said he would
not "go through another spring
training like last year. I'll be in
complete command of my train
ing." The lanky slugger added that
he had not diicussed his plans
wh anyone "and I don't care
whether Joe Cronin (general
manager of the Red Sox) or
anyone else knows about it."
"If I had enough money, I
wouldn't play next season," Wil
liams said. "I would quit right
now but I will have to play for
a while to get the money I need.
High taxes have kept me from
saving what I need for retiring."
Williams arrived in Miami,
Fla., Wednesday night for a fish
ing trip to the Florida keys and
to ret his left arm, fractured
in the All-Star game last July.
"Don't misunderstand me," he
added, '"i owe everything I've
got ana kn:w to baseball, but I
wouldn't keep on playing just
for the love of the game. I don't
love it that much."
"I won't become a slave to
baseball like some people."
'Bee BowP Game
Slated Saturday
The first bowl game of the year i
will be played this Saturday
morning on the Ag College foot
ball fields. The "Bee Bowl" will
get under way at 10 a. m. Satur
day featuring the final of the fra
ternity "B" grid playoffs.
Phi Delta Theta "B" and Alpha
Tau Omega "B" will face each
other for the second time this
year for the fraternity "B" cham
pionship. The Taus were soundly
beaten by the junior Phi Delts
early In regular season play by a
17-0 score.
The final grid. ratings for All
University and all divisions will
fee in Monday's paper.
i W " r V 1
x s x, i
Courtesy Lincoln Journal
KAY CURTIS ... will be out
of the Cyclone clash with a
broken rib. He had seen con
siderable duty as defensive
back. Curtis' loss will be eased
with the return of Bill Wingen
der. Wingender has been out of
action since the Colorado contest
with leg injuries, but is slated
as ready to go against the Cy
clones. The Huskers are preparing to
serve the Iowans a little of their
own medicine as the offense
brushed up on their passing at
tack. If the game developes Into
an aerial battle, It will be Weeks
against Fran Nagle, which Isn't
a bad match. Nagle has been
consistent in his passing all year
and has grown more accurate as
the season progresses.
Art. Bauer and Nagle have
been named as co-captains for
while 22 were made against the
The Sooners of Oklahoma, cur
rently victorious in 28 straight
contests, have the inside track as
the other team in the Cotton
Bowl at the present time. How
ever, things here are none too
definite either. They also have
strength behind their backing
for the Sugar Bowl which is
even bigger and better.
If not Oklahoma, then the
loser of the Tennessee Ken
tucky game will undoubtedly
head for Dallas with the winner
sh.ted for the Sugar classic in
New Orleans.
Changed Their Tunes
The sports writers of New Or
leans have altered their opinions
oecause or the Texas A. & M.
defeat of Southern Methodist.
They had SMU in the Sugar Bowl
with Kentucky as an opponent.
lo decide the Orange Bowl
teams is also no easy task. Clem
son, with only a 14-14 tie with
South Carolina against it, har a
good chance with the possibility
of Miami being the other, or lo
cal team. But Miami's faltering
with a 13-13 tie against Louis
ville lost much flavor.
As to who will face the Bears
of California in the Rose Bowl,
well, that's up to the Big Ten.
Ohio State looms as a sure thing
to walk away with the Bie Ten
title, but the Buckeyes cannot
journey to the West Coast be
cause they played there last
year. The Big Ten Rose Bowl
ruling to that effect is that no
team from their conference mav
piay a post-season contest more
than once in three years the
Buckeyes have two years to go.
More Games
Wisconsin may get the nod
merely on the strength of play
ing seven league games as com
pared to six for Illinois and
Michigan. If Wisconsin beats
Minnesota while the Buckeyes
are disposing of Illinois and
Michigan which is supposed to
happen then the Badgers would
sport a 5-2 record and the IUini
and Wolverines, 4-2. And Wis
consin would get the bow game.
Should Ohio State lose to the
Illini next Saturday, then Illi
nois will be Cal's foe if it con
querors Northwestern in its final
Michigan has to beat North
western this week and Ohio
State next weekend to get the
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" in Mt... I
A 'ci&ir f nitre rtnir L3
Courteiy Lincoln Journal
TONY WINEY . . . will fill
Curtis' shoes as defensive half
back. Tony started the game
in that position last week.
the home Cnale. Both will see
action on the starting offensive
lineup, Bauer as guard and
Nagle as quarterback.
There will be no change in
the starting lineups that started
the game last week, according to
Glassford, but he expects help
from several men that came
through against Kansas State.
IE Paynlch J.B Scott
LT Toonoot! I.B Mullen
TAi Boll HB Bloom
KG Brum HB M'lney
RT HtiMiwnit 8 Clark
RE Prachaska
IK Simon RE Rrffto
I.T TooRood QR Nagle
1A1 Bauer HB Reynold!
C MrtiiU HB Mueller
Rfi Mrashelm FB Adducl
RT Spellman
nod providing Illinois loses a
game somewhere.
As it stands now, Ohio State
should stomp on its opponents
So if Wisconsin beats Minnesota,
the Badgers will win a trip to
Huskers Possible
The Gator Bowl in Jackson
ville, Fla., is reported interested
in Nebraska among many others
for a bowl contest New Year's
day. If the Huskers can get over
tneir lowa btate hurdle and then
turn in a good performance
against the powerful Sooners
they stand a good chance of
journeying Southward.
LINCOLN: "American Guerrilla
in the Philippines," 1:18, 3:34, 5:50,
:23. "Sneak," 7:35.
STUART: "Two Weeks With
Love," 1:31. 3:32, 5:31, 7:33, 9:35
NEBRASKA: "Dial 1119." 1:20,
4:42, 8:04. "Dark City," 2:45, 6:07,
CAPITOL: "The Great Jewel
Robber," 1:00, 4:14, 7:28. "The
Kid From Texas," 2:49, 6:03, 9:47
"Stage," 9:00.
44 to V. M,!
Door Open 11:481
ft f CAR DO
Pla: Pete Smith and Cartooa
2 Tim Run Hit!
e-Dark" City"
Manhall Thorn pwm
"DIAL 1119"
Open U;4 4ic to f. M.
ajlgl aaggQ2SBBBK
9 to Oara U:S
II Nof
' fiSSakS
k wi(y
In Technicolor I
i 1
if RCS2ER" I
i m i
Expert and Mo.- Ore- 111- Wise- Rice- Ala- Minn- N. V.- Tex- N. D.-
Percentages Okla. Colo. Ohio Si Ienn. Tex. A&M Ga. Tech. Purd. Mich. TCU Iowa -
Bob Banks .700 Okla. Colo. Ohio St. Wise. Tex A&M Ala. Minn. Mich. Tex. IM. tT.
B. Reichenbach .686 Okla. Colo. Ohio St. Wise. Tex A&M Ala. Purd. N. W. Tex. NTT).
Jack Cohen .679 Okla. Colo. I IK Wise. tex A&M Ala. Minn. N. W. Tex. nTD.
Rod Riggs .671 Okla. Colo. Ohio St. Wise. tex A&M Ala. Purd. Mich. Tex. Iowa
Bill Mundell .657 Okla. Colo. Ohio St. Wise. tex A&M Ala. Minn. Mich. Tex. N. D.
Jerry Warren .657 Okla. Colo. Ohio St. Wise. Tex A&M Ala. Purd. IM. W. Tex. N. D.
C. Burmeister .643 Ckla. Colo. Ohio St. Wise. Tex A&M Ala. Minn. N. W. tex. Iowa
Dick Ford .643 Okla. Colo. Ohio St. Wise. Tex A&M Ca Tech Minn. Mich. Tex. N. D.
Frank Jacobs .636 Okla. Colo. Ohio St. Wise. Tex A&M Ala. Minn. N. W. Tex. Iowa
Si dm Meet Gets Under Way;
SAE Takes Early Lead
By Jim Kostal
The 1950 Intramural swimming
meet looms as a wide-open affair,
with five teams off to a fast
start in the opening events last
The preliminaries in the 50
yard free-style, the 220 yard free
style, and the 100 yard breast
stroke were held at the Coliseum
swimming pool with a record
first day entry list of 52 partici
pating. Sigma Alpha Epsilon took the
early lead in the list of qualifiers
for the semifinals. The Sig Alphs
placed 6 men, four in the 50 yard
free-style and two in the 220 yard
free-style. Beta Theta Pi and
Sigma Chi are running close
seconds, each qualifying five
men. Alpha Tau Omega and In
dependent swimmers qualified
four each to round out the top
five teams.
Field Bunched
The rest of the field is also
bunched up. Phi Delta Theta,
Delta Upsilon, Phi Kappa Psi,
and Delta Tau Delta all qualify
ing two men each for the semis.
Preliminaries in three more
events will be held today. These
include the 100 yard back-stroke.
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the 100 yard free-style, and the
75-yard individual medley.
Diving will also be held tonight
with four dives required. They
include the front, back, jack
knife, and the half-gainer. Any
two of these are optional. The div
ing events will start at 12 noon.
The quarterfinals of the 50
yard free-style will be held on
Tuesday. Nov. 28 at 5:40 p.m.
The semifinals will be held im
mediately following. There are
still 24 swimmers left in the 50
yard free-style.
The finals in all of the other
events on the 1950 program will
be held on Thursday, Nov. 30,
at 5 p.m.
The qualifiers for the 50 yard
free style were Carl Harper,
Sima Nu; Jack Greer, Beta; Keith
Kovanda, DU; Jim Munger. Phi
Delt; Lewis Pennock. Theta Xi;
Jack Morrow. Sig Chi; Don Wahl,
Psi; Hufman, Ind., and Kovanda
Alph; Dave Mackey. Beta; Jim
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f i A
Your College
I nt iW4h (7)
Runyan, Ind.; Tom Donohoe,
Sig Chi; John Myers, Sig Alph;
Neal Weddle. Sig Alph; Jim
Waumsby, Phi Gam; Ed -Lewis,
Phi Psi; Walter Christenson, Ind.:
Gardner Johnson, Delt; Hank
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2295 to 6995
UAOEBS Tktrd Floor
Bartenbach, ATO; Bob FIcke,
Delt; Dick Spangler, Sig Chi;
Gene Cotter, ATO. The best tim
was turned in by Jim Waumsby
who churned the distance ia 25.9
Loire a Pia
Love a 13
Cboioa wMm Barley SmootiimiwSl
A Stardust Sprinkled
Collection of New
229S .o 6995
H -
j , ,