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II III ij jlll B'lll IK I.
VoT5l No. 46
Friday, November
17, 1950
T"' T"
'Bachelor' Contest
Vote Today to Pick
Eight Eligible Men
Eight NU men will be tabbed
Eligible" by campus women in
an all-girl election in Ellen
Smith hall and the Ag Union
today from 9 a.m. to S p.m.
The occasion is the election of
the eight Eligible uacneiors wno McKe, BiU Marbaker and Ed
will be presented at toe Mortar ' win Lane.
Board Ball Friday. Dec. 8. 3 Jerrv Matzke. Fran Nacle.
Pictures ot those running for
me uue wui oe txu.-u i
election polls.
The thirty-two names appear-
N.U. Forces
Resist Reds;
Move Ahead
U.N. forces continued to move
forward in the face of continued
communist withdrawals in North
Korea, while South Koreans and
the reds continued to attack and
counterattack in the East.
Allied troops were able to ad
vance from one to five miles.
The Seventh Marine division met
the first real red resistance in
two days. They continued to
push along the shore of Chosin
reservoir, source of Korean and
Manchurian power.
South Koreans managed to
throw back red counterattacks
on their positions in the west
central sector of the front
Temperatures rose above the
freezing mark for the first time
in three days, although some
sleet fell on Thursday rooming.
A spokesman for General
IflacArthur said that allied units
were moving ahead cautiously,
to prevent exposure of their
flanks to the enemy.
War Casualties
attre to 28.8S1
Total American casual lies in
the .Korean war now stand at
28,881, according to a report re
leased by the defense depart
ment. Of this total 4,798 were;
deaths and 19,740 were wounded, i
Among the missing are 3,7 IS
The deaths by sen-ice were:
army, 4.049; navy, 49; marine
corps, 27 and air force, 73.
Committee Stufiy
China Propose
In the United Nations as
sembly. President Nasrollah En
tezam suggested that a group of
small nations be allowed to study
the question of Chinese recogni
tion and recommend which party
in the dispute should be granted
the U. N. seat
Russia's representative, Jacob
Malik, objected. He claimed
that the list of nations on the
proposed committee would be
stacked against the communists.
Only two of those proposed lor
the committee, India and Poland,
recognize the present Chinese
IT.S England Sent
Material to Berlin
Both the United States and
England brought new troops and
tanks into Berlin shortly after
Russia had charged an American
plane with attacking a Russian
passenger plane flying ever "Ger
many. However, the reinforcements,
12 British tanks and 270 Ameri
can troops, were already being
sent when the Russians released
their charge.
The chairman of the Soviet
Control commission indicated
that he bad sent a protest to
American High Commissioner
John McCloy about the "attack."
TA'est Berlin officials an
nounced that west German po
lice will be given rifles and ma
chine guns, since the Russian
police already have them. They
will be used only in emergencies,
the announcement said.
FiChting Moslem'
Steport Questioned
The wife of TJebraBka's "fight
ing Moelem" reported that if her
husband bad ever embraced the
Mohammedan faith, it was news
to her.
Mrs. "William Koontz, -wife f
"the man who is reported to have
said that Mohammedanism was
'a fightmg man's religion;" said
lhat she had never heard 'him
mention "the subject in their 13
years of marriage.
2 Club Plans
re Dance
An all-University square dance
will be held Saturday, Nov. 18, in
the Ag College Activities build
ing. Providing the music for "the
dance will be the Texas Stars.
The dance, sponsored by Ag
County Dancers, will last from
4f;30 to 1130 p.m.
Student members of ihe
County Dancers will oall the
According to Alice Anderson,
president of the Sguure-dance
lub, there will be no regular
meeting Friday night.
The Weather
Cloudy . windy uud warmer to
morrow, finuw flurries Saturday.
ing on the ballot are: Gene Brue-
ning, Leonard Bush, Wendell
Cole, Ira Epstein, Wayne Hand-
i. r.1 1 IT . 1 t -1
UaKa Vma. IV.aIJ - ...
Paul Kucler. Joe McGilL Paul
'"-'v wuiiccs L-n.ui.t ui rwutiucit.
Phil Olsen, Russell Parnienter,
naroia tetersen. veri scott.
Tom Snyder, Dick Walsh, Clay
ton Yeutter, Charles Burmeister,
Bill Dugan, Ed Hussman, Frank
Simmon, Bob Reynolds, Richard
Buls, Aaron Schmidt and Lavone
Presentation of the Bachelors
is the highlight of the annual
""turnabout" dance sponsored by
the campus senior women's hon
orary. The identity of the Most Ugli
est Man on Campus will also be
revealed at the ball.
Girls assume the roles of fel
lows for one night They pay
the bills call for their dates and
provide corsages for their dates.
Some of the corsages last year
ranged from electric razors to
Christmas tree lights, A basket
ball hoop, TNE pin, a miniature
barn containing a cow and
chicken which laid two eggs, a
surrealistic creation of a minia
ture girdle with an oversized
garter attached were some of the
outstanding corsages at the last
Last year's Eligible Bachelors
were Charles Widmaier, Robert
Sim, Keith O'Bannon, Ajon Far
ber, Tom Donahoe, Bill Brink
man, Don Bloom and Bus White
bead. Coeds must present their TD
cards before wting.
NU Foreign
Students Aid
Foreign students at the Uni
versity have been active in
NTTCW A's speakers' bureau
service. The foreign students
nave addressed a number of
gatherings, both on and off the
University campus.
Ed Saad, a student from Je
rusalem, directs the work of the
XUCWA project This year the
group has addressed a number
of campus "Organizations and is
currently participating in the
AUF program
"Three foreign trtudents, Frank
Smith from Newfoundland,
Helen Su from China and Saad
spoke to a business gills asso
ciation meeting on Wednesday.
The three students told the
business group about their re
spective countries and what they
ttiought of the United States. In
addition, they gave their views
on why they chose the Univer
sity instead of some .other Amer-
ae u.;For Scholarships
reau provided speakers for Ira-
nity houses, lor vcorrvocations in
Lincoln schools and for a confer
ence at "Weeleyan university.
They also spoke to religious
student house groups and to
other campus -organizations.
Saad invites aH organized
groups to ask for speakers. Ac
cording to the speakers' bureau
chairman, a number of foreign
studentB are available to give in
teresting and varied programs.
Organizations may inquire
about the foreign speaking pro
gram by .calling Saad at 2-71DB
between 12:15 and 3 p.m. ..or
.calling NUCWA president Har
old Peterson at 2-SH66 between
the hours of and 7:30 p.m.
At least C5D Nebruska high
school journalists will invade the
University -campus today for the
3 Wb annual Nebraska High
School Press association -convention.
According to "William H. Hice,
assistant professor of journalism
ana contuixion director., 44 high
schools will participate in .the
Headquarters will be at the
Lincoln hotel. All panels and
clinics will be beld on the Uni
versity campus. These meetings
will .cover headlines, circulation,
news -coverage, advertising, pho
tography and make-tup.
The entire convention wiD be
divided into three main groups,
a general -convocation, a series of
dunes and a series of panel dis-
Tours Planned
The -convention will get -under
way at U a.m. today, -with regis
tration in the south mezzunine of
the Lincoln hotel lobby. Tours of
the Star, the Journal and the
University -campus will follow, ,
Prep J
p Weekend.
Good Soldiers .
. fk
HL- -ru V'!t .-.. I
.......... mur- ..... wtifc.... .... ' Jw.. i
BEST ARMY STIDENTS These students were honored at a
mjhtary parade. They were cited for scholarship, leadership,
military bearing and character. They are: (back row, L to r.)
John E. Cudgel Jr., James M. Rosenquist Gordon R. Der.ker,
Henry M. Kadavy, Allan F. Decker, Donald D. Jensen, (front
row) Stanford W. Jones, Rolland L. Egger, Edward D. Pullen,
James M. Wroth, Oscar C Decker and Mark O'Dell Jr. Not pic
tured are: John W. Ma her, Miroslav H. Mate; a. Robert B. Meyers,
Charles XL Bressnnaa and Richard Meissner.
TC Seniors
Members of this group f top-
ranldrg senior Army ROTC stu
dents at the University were
among those honored Wednesday
evening at a parade and cere
monies on the campus.
They are: John E. GudgeL jr
James M. Rasenouist. Gordon R.
Denker, Henry M. Kadavy, Al
lan F. Decker. Donald D. Jensen,
Stanford W. Jones. Roland L. Eg
ger. Edward D. Pullen. James M.
Wroth. Oscar C Decker, and
Mark O'Dell. jr.
Members of the honorary army
cadet group not pictured are:
John W. Maher, Muro&lav JL
Mateja, Robert 33. Meyers.
Charles M. Bressmtn. and Rich
ard H. Meissner.
Selec&im Basis
Members of ihe honor tioup
all seniors, were selet.'ted on the
Saturday's Game
To Honor Faculty
Siiturday the hard working
faculty members will come into
their tmn. The University has
sea aside this day as Faculty Day
and will give special recognition
to the members.
The University Alumni asso
ciation, holding their last pre
game luncheon of the year, has
issued a special invitation to aH
faculty members. The buffet wiH
be served in the Union ballroom
from 11.30 until 12:45 p.m.
During halftime activities of
the Iowa State-Nebraska game,
the BOTC marching band will
offer a special salute to instruc
tors. Through formations, each
department will be symbolized.
The dean of that college will
then be introduced while the
band plays an appropriate selec
tion. Exigineers Eligible
The fourth annual mgineering
undergraduate award .and schol
arship program has been an
nounced for 1B50-1H51.
Awards range from $25 to
$1000 for students. Duplicate
awards an scholarship funds will
be made to the schools .of the
main award winners.
Engineering undergrad a a 1 e s
registered in colleges offering a
degree in any branch of engi
neering are eligible to partici
pate. The program is to stimu
late independent study and in
vestigBtion into the science of
arc welding and its possible ap
plication an industry and agri
culture. Papers should be ton arc -weld-
ing (design, maintenance, Cabri-
cation or research.
ournuhsts Meet
A general icon-vocation will be
held at IB am. in the Lincoln
hotel ballroom. Speakers will be
Dr. Carl Borgmaim, -dean of fac
ulties; Barbara Schlect, president
and converiion Chairman of
Theta Sigma Phi; and Kenneth
McCormick. convention chairman
of Sigma Delta Chi.
To Publish ""Bag
A student staff lor the Daily
Nebraukan will be organized at
3 p.m. today. Also scheduled aire
faddrcifises -by Dr. Nathan Eium
berg, asBistaiit professor of jour
naliBm, and Kobert P. Crawford,
author and professor f joumal
iam, and -competitive .contests in
Scheduled for 2 p.m. are a se
ries of -clinics on "The Yearbook:
Prom Start to FiniBh,' ""DiEging
-Out reatures," "Say It With Pic
tures," and ""There's Always
News;" Each school will have at
least two representatives present
at iclinics that pertain to their
The first series of panel dis
cuauions will get underway at 2,
. 16
i basis of scholarship, leadership.
military bearing and character.
The election is a preliminary
qualification for graduation with
distmctioa in military science.
Also honored at the parade
and ceremony weie 15 others
whose selection as the Univer
sity's outstanding advanced Air
l- orce KOTC was announced Nov. great an honor to be chosen
2. They include: Don E. Etmund, . Prince Kosmet as it was Sweet
W. E. Henkle, James M. Weldon, j beart
George S. McQueen. Wendell C Until 1948, the student body
Bauman, Charles F. Hughes, WS1- j had no part in selection of the
liam T. Greer. Robert R. Reich- ; Prince. The members cf Kosmet
enbach. Richard Churchill. Rob- Klub nlv were allowed to vote
ert Pierce. Richard F. Buls, Her- ,j for the Prince. Coeds had their
bert A. Engdahl, Donald Bloom ' first cpTiortunity to choose the
and Vincent C. Adams. .Prince Kosmet in 190. It might
Perform noe AwarAs amterestang to note that first
company C. 5rd batallion.
i .djceand. squadron A. cf
the air group, miere awarded rib-
DOT3S tor the most unifoma per-
formance in xbe Nov. 2 parade.
The amard for tbe ground force
group was received ty Cadet
First Lt James A. Doyle, batterv
exex-utive officer for Cadet Capt.
Richard H. Heissner. battalion
commander. Cadet Capt Robert
w s,i,r rv.rft
Cadet Lt Col. Robert Pierce.
' 3ZT m3
thawarfl forth-Air ffirmm
The arm merit swards were
presented bv Col James H.
FrrrY-mm rrf-r- J-r
science and tactics: the air force
awards by Lt. Col. Alex C
)iinjjieji(.in, processor- ta iir science
and tactics.
Ballet Program
Planned Todav
"'Program on the Ballef"
the Union from 4 to pan, Fn-
.day, Nav. 37.
Mcvies about the Sadler's
Wells bcHet school, steps of the '
ballet and Margo Fonteyn danc-
ing a,Les Sylphides'" wiU be
Ballet music on tbdotSu; w-IH
be played. "Sleeping Beauty,
"Swan Lake and "Gisene" are
a Jew of the mimiwi .
mgs of the -Tirebird" by Stra
vinsky .and -Nutcracker Suite"
by TschaikowKlry win be plas-ed.
Stories of tte ballets to b
performed will be available.
Books and articles on the ballet I
m penerai also may be obtained.
me program for Sadler's
Wells ballet includes "Dante So
nata,'" "'Lelac Des Cygnet" from
"'Swan Lake "Tacaae" and
"Aurora Pas De Deux" from
'Sleeping Beauty
Everyone anterested in ballet
j is urged to .come. Tl program
j is oo-sponsored by the Union
'ballet ooinmittee and Orchesis.
pm, the second at Z pju. Among
the -discussions are: "Winning a
Medalist Eating ''Covering fhe
News. -The laimeograpbed ;
Paper and "Newspapers of Far-
eign Countries. . '
SwintUer tm Speak
Dr. William f. Swindler wiD:
give an address at pan. atm,
Claiming Tor Jotirnalism
The tclinics and panels wiH be;
held on the -campus in the foil-1
lowing buildings: Social Science,1
Andrews, Morrill aiaU, Burnett.!
Union, Bessey balL Love library
and the Law building.
The -convention xlance r,S ban-
cjuel will be held lonight in the
Lincoln hotel ballroom.
Another series of panel dis
cuaBions and iclinics will be 'beld
Saturday morning.
Ts Presenl AwarOs
Tne big award Indieon will lie
held at noon StuTdBy, Awards
will be given to first second and
third place winners of the com- I
petive -contents to be held todav.
The Omaha Wwla-Beraid.
Revue' to Include
NU Students
Cast 'Prince'
Vote Tonight
A popular student vote at the
door of the Coliseum tonight will
answer the current campus
question: "Who will be Prince
Kosmet this year?"
A giant poster inside the Col
seum lobby will identify the six
finalists for the title with large
photographs with names under
neath. The presentation will provide
breath-taking suspense during a
special ceremony which will re
veal the Prince accompanied by
the new Nebraska Sweetheart.
Roaring Twenties
The precedent of a Prince
: Kosmet was originated during
i the -Roaring Twenties" when
i crowds -roared" with laughter
j at the riotous escapades of hairy
1 legged athletes pounding the
j boards into pulp. However, it
iwasnt a very exciting prece-
dent; in fact, the Prince took a
tJUMCK. seal lu uie ivcuKuaa
It was a custom to present the
Sweetheart in an atmosphere of
majesty and forget the Prince,
whose only purpose was to
merelv escort taer royal high-
'mess" when she was introduced.
However, the Prince gradu
ally gained more prestige and fi-
'nally it was considered just as
1 to be sto chosen was Ralph w or-
jdess, bead cheerleader and for-
roer Big Six diving champ.
Skelcli f Fiaalists
" . v
' r5i! "
l PlCeJlfS- u
! Wt Taa?K
1?aer cl TST
?Ag Ec, and Umon board. He
j Ag Junior.
Bobby Reynolds, cf Phi Kap-
jf f ft halfback on
! busker .ri fle squad; is
iSfP"ie eniiuiea. a
i i. , .
Warren. Sigma Xa ,
managing editor of the Eag, a
-"f "T1. iZ
- -rJ
;ue jru.ui-li g.iu.u jAyjia ip-
sii ttrx, is a member of the Husker
golf team and Simon's college
board. He is an arts and science
Phil Neff, president of Delta
Tau Delta, is a member of Gam
irna fjarnhrlfi- and
the EOTC
j1", PicoTlo. Alpha Tau
v'StVh, il
bizad senior.
Sfinrt Ticket hSlC
To Beam Nov. 27
Basketball tickets for Unwer
crrv ctnAptrte ffarajltv members
iand -the general public will go
on sale .at the ColiBeum ticket
office, Monday, Nov. 27.
Students and faculty tickets
wiD include admittance lo bas
ketball and all other sports .dur-
ug the rest of the school year.
Public tickets wiD cover banket-
Iball games only
The faculty tickets wiD be 4
and student tickets, $2, tax in
icluded. Reserved seats for tlie general
public will be $1JD and gen
eral admission tickets, f L
The entire side of the Coli
seum and west bleachers will be
reaerj'ed as a student and fac
ulty section at basketball games.
placjue will be awarded to the
best printed and best axiimeo
graphefl newspaper an the state
for a4&-18D(). For the best S HDD
yearbook the Grand Island Inde
pendent cup will be presented.
"These state newspapers are
making the awai:ds an cooperation
with the Unroersity Stihoo of
HournElism. The winning stilnouls
will Shave their names inscribed
on She base of the trophies and
will be allowed to display the
awards for the rest of the year,
ttetum La June
The trophies will be returned
to the Cni versify in JItme lo be
beld amta time far uresenlatioii to
the next winner.
Besides the larger liincolii and
xnaiha schools, Which include
Liriceln high, and Northeast,
Omaha icentrat North, South and
Tech, the largest state iielegatioiis i
are oming from Grand Island,:
North Platte, St. Patrick .at Fre
mont and Waver!.
A host of University enter
tainers will embark tonight on
"A Mythical Tour of Broadway,"
with an expected crowd of 3,500
as their guests.
The Broadway theme will es
tablish the setting at the 1950
Kosmet Klub Fall Revue which
will begin at 8 pjn. at the Coli
seum. The entertainment aggregate
will include skits presented by
six fraternities, special acts by
student talent, a royal presenta
tion, and the wit of veteran
emcee, John Carson.
Blake-Believe Atmosphere
This year's skits will be flav
ored with the make-believe at
mosphere of Broadway. All will
embody the sparkle, hilarity, and
gayety of the New York wonder
land. Delta Upsilon actors directed
by Howard Dennis, will delve
into the history books as they
present "The Life of Mr. Berlin.-
The interesting sidelights of
Broadway will be surveyed by
Alpha Tau Omega as they give
their "On the Town," directed by
Charles Saggau.
The Zeta Beta Tau skit, "Call
Me Private," will provide a pan
tomir.e of Broadway's drama. It
is directed by Leo Schmidt
A bit of the classical is em
braced by the name of Beta Theta
Pi's The Adventures of Cyrano
de Bergerac Skitmaster is Ken
Tea Time On Broadway
A white-collared title has
been given to the Theta Xi skit j to the throne next to the one
"Tea Time on Broadway,' cirec- j which he himself would occupy,
ted hy Jack Moore. J Kosmet Klub conferred the honor
A lively plot is hinted at by the upon some prominent non-mem-Phi
Gam's skit name. "Manhat- j ber or someone who had done the
tanMerry-Go-Round. Director of j most in past Kosmet Klub pro
last year's first place skit Jerry j ductions.
Solomon is back at the helm.
To guide the show throughout
its entirety. Jack Carson will be
back in his favorite role as mas
ter of ceremonies. Presently em
ployed by radio station WOW-TV
in Omaha. Carson is known
throughout the midwest area for
his specialty impersonations,
witty satire, and ventrikxiuist
numbers. He was very active in
radio and other campus functions
before his graduation in 199. He
was a Prince Kosmet finalist ia
1 98. and is also an honorary
member of Kmet Klub.
God Acts PrMBtsed
However. George Wilcox
See Eeve, Tare 2
s Crack Sqiiad
TTrf,Il n C
L? PpriOnil
If Xii M. L11U1U1
i . 1 fl. T 11
, T itll irnry noii
The Military Ball will be
breaking with all tradition when
it pens the J 50-51 f ormal sea
son on Saturday, Dec 2.
This is the first time in 58
rears that the Ball will mot be
I i13 on Friday ia De-
ibraska an 307 wi3 be followed
!fter the ROTC band opens the
Military Ball Saturday, Dec 2 at
p.m. in the Coliseum
Twelve members of Pershing
Rifle crack ssjuad will perform
before the Honorary Command
ant as pj-esented, as the highlight
-of the evening.
The Commandant wiD be t
tined in a -double-breasted "while
gabardine suit, white military
srj'le cape with red lining and a
whit overseas cap with gold
This 3ear's theme as to honor
the Navy.. Decorations wiD be
carried out in accordance
witaa !
Candidate Officers association
spokesmen said that the Cam
inandanl who will either be
Susie B-eed, Nancy Noble. Ginny
Kocih, Shirley Alien, Janet Carr
-or Eileen Derieg, will be an
nounced at ;8:3EI pm.
D&sacing i 12
The (dancing wIH take plat
from II pm. mtl 12 midnight.
Nimble-fingered Frankie Car'le
.and Shis orchestra win furnish the
muBie for the evening.
KOLN will broadcast the aiusic
of Frahkie Carle from to 3D
Tickets for the ball ja be
par-chased for i from ary aid-
vaneed -officer ia BOTC Specta-1
tor tickets can be purchased 4ur '
. wmi,.
Monday. 21 tickets lor tl
Military Ball will be sold fa"
both the Ag and iy campus
Poultry Ouh Plans
Barbecjue Dinner
The tDnivej'sity Poultry dub
wiD bold a tChicken barbeiyue am"
tietnany rai't, dilita and Vctne
streets, it3pm, Saturday, Not.
Main -dish of the evening will
be a barbecued balf-ciucken
along with the regular Sare t a
barwy ue.
Free tranBportatioa wiB 4
prcw-idefl from the Poultry Eus
bandry buildmg at :4S pm. far
those Wb -Mo nctt wiiih to s -fli-reclly
so Bethany park.
Admission will be 7i cents ci
opt lor last year's dub members
j w-fao wifl ie admitted ire.
Royal Rites
Will Honor
A tradition begun in 1929 will
again focus student interest to
night upon the annual Fall Re
vue. The presentation of the Ne
braska Sweetheart of 1950 will
mark the 22nd royal ceremony
for "her majesty.''
In November of 1929, men
chose the Sweetheart ia a regu
lar campus election.
Even when it was decided that
only males would be featured in
the Revues and Spring shows,
. royal ceremonies revealing
the Sweetheart took top priority
regarding student concern.
The loud guffaws from slap
stick-appreciating audiences usu
ally subsided enough to permit
an impressive coronation of the
Sweetheart. Even George Sauer
and Bemie Masterson of football
fame wno once appeared in a
Fall Revue, rated second best to
the show's royalty rites.
It was from these rites that
the title cf Prince Kosmet orig
inated. The titlist actually was
given the honor of leading her
I A brief sketch of the six final
ists lor the bweetheart title of
Jackie Sorens of Kappa
Kappa Gamma, managing
editor of the Core, sker, secre
tary of AUF and a member of a
College Days committee. She is
an arts and science junior.
Dorothy Elliott Alpha Phi. is
a member cf Coed Counselors.
She is a sophomore in Teachers
Jean Loudon. Alpha Chi
Omega, is a member of Coed
counselors board, Aquaauettes,
j YWCA, and the Union committee.
She is also A"VS board treasurer,
j She is enrolled as an arts and
! sciences sophomore.
Lorraine WestphaL Pi Beta
Pni, is a member of the YWCA.
Cornhusker staff, and a Union
committee. She is a Teachers col
lege sophomore.
Anita Spradley, Alpha Xi Del
ta, is a member of Ma Phi Ep
silon. She is a Teachers college
Dolly McQuistaa, Delta Delta
Delta, as a member of Coed Coun
selors and is enrolled as a
Teachers college sophomore.
Hiisker Fans
vrrH 1 1
I VVl 1 1 f .OriplllfiO.
Rallies Tonight
Huiker fans will be rallying
for the last time during this
football season tonight.
Starting at 7 pa at the Union,
students will cheer for both the
Iowa State and the Oklaboma
game. The Sooner rally is being
held ia conjunction with the Iowa
one because cf Tbanksgirmg va
cation. The final rally of the 1959 foot
liil season will narade from the
union down ?ito street to U
street and then to J4ib street
and Vine street. The r&Hiers wia
end at the Coliseum by 7:29
prn the time doors open far
the E-osmet Kioto show.
A big Sue and fireworks will
greet 'Potry Clark and the
team captains bo will be the
featured speakers.
BaiUI to IueaJ
Leading the rally will te fbe
Doaversity EOTC band Ctdtowei
by the -ictory btH, the ceer
lea&ers, Tassels and Cora Cobs
Yell Sting Frank Pkc3 bs
urged all students to buy pom
poms from Tassels to sad the ef
fectivness A the eieeiing ec
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