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Love Library
Oi Student Faculty Disgust, Agitation
It was not merely an act of
fate that was responsible for the
presence of one of the most
beautiful libraries in the coun
try on the University campus.
The Don L. Love Memorial
library is the result of agitations
that began ,41 years ago, in 1911.
For better lighting, better ven
tilation, more spacious quarters
and a non-leaking roof.
These agitations, which gen
erally found their reflection in
columns of The Daily Nebraskan,
took various forms of protest.
One student, complaining that
he had been trying in vain to
find a good place to study in
the library, remarked rather sar
castically in a letter to the paper
that he thought funeral parlors
at least had the advantage of
absolute quiet.
The main reading room In the
old library, which students today
Know as Arcnuecture nail, re
sembled a train station. Patrons
wanting books had to pass
through it; girls parading their
pretty dresses had to p'ass
through it.
Library Criticized
In addition, the library was
criticized constantly for its mili
tary chairs, squeaks, uncomfort
able desks, atmosphere of the
rod-spoiling schoolmaster and
lack of air conditioning.
Wishing to emphasize this last
point, one sufferer went so far
as to claim that it was in temper
ate zones that civilization had
reached its highest levels.
Sixteen years ago, on April
21, 1934, the University Senate
requested its library committee
to begin a preliminary survey
of the library situation. The com
mittee found that more than one
half of the 285,000 volume book
collection were housed outside
the library building and dis
tributed in 27 places on the
Included in this number were
Home 22,500 columns in base
ment storage, rooms that were
inaccessible to patrons and
several thousand volumes in de
partmental libraries that were
locked or without supervision.
The volumes that were housed
in the main library were located
in a building termed as one of
the "most perishable structures
on campus."
Faculty Qeustioned
Results of a faculty question
naire showed they believed that
No Copies will be Sold
This Date
The National Bank of Commerce is furnishing the University
of Nebraska football team with a new silver dollar, before
each game, to be used for the toss. - The captain who wins
the toes gets to keep the dollar, with the best wishes of the
National Bank of Commerce.
find, do you know that the National Bank of Commerce has
"Cornhusker Special" checking accounts especially for students?
JSuilt After
v ihrJALRWJiii.Al
DON L. LOVE LIBRARY The modern structure, built after 41
years of campaigns by students and faculty, is considered one of
the most beautiful libraries in the country.
library facilities were adequate
for their undergraduate needs,
but no representative of any de
partment thought facilities were
sufficient for work leading to
the Ph.D. The committee ob
served that existing library fa
cilities had a deadening effect
upon scholarly impulses of both
students and faculty.
In The Daily Nebraskan of
Dec. 5, 1934, an editorial read:
"The library is the heart of an
educational institution, and the
University is suffering from a
weak heart A new library must
be erected. It is imperative that
such a structure, and a good
one, be erected soon, so that this
school can serve the state and
student body as it should."
And a few months later the
same paper added: "It seems
that it would be quite impos
sible for the state legislature,
even with abundant federal
help, to fund erection of both a
library and Union building. The
library naturally should come
Not First
But the library did not come
However, in 1940 the support
ers of the movement for a new
library began to take heart
141h and Que
7 Mock from Campus
formerly Jf. J. Brown's Servif
YOU- Changed Your Gear Grease
Installed Your Anti-freeze
Are you ready for winter?
( )
You Know?
( )
io! Bank of CoinnierGB
Many Years
again.. In the fall of that year
the Board of Regents announced
that a new library would be
built with a gift to the Univer
sity of $850,000 from the estate
of Don L. Love, for many years
a prominent Lincoln banker and
twice mayor of the city.
Evacuation for the building
started June 2, 1941. Two years
later, in March, the last echo of
hammering gave way to the
echo of marching feet. The
newly finished structure had
been turned over to the army
specialized training program.
Three years, and 13,800 cases
of books later, the librarians
moved into their present home.
marking the beginning of a new
and superior library service for
students and faculty members.
'FootbalV Dance
Planned Saturday
A football dance will be held
Saturday night from 9 p.m. to
midnight in the Union ballroom.
Fizz Powell and his combo
will provide dance music.
"Percy" Falb will see that all
men are provided with hostesses
for the evening. Pat Olson, en
tertainment chairman, will have
a show during " intermission.
0 I 1
U.C.L.A. ( .) I
. I
iFrench Club
Reveals Results
Of Elections
The second meeting of the Uni
versity French club was' held
Wednesday evening at 7:30 in
Parlors X and Y of the Union.
The main part of the business
meeting was the election of new
officers. They are: Robert Kell
igur, president; Sally Hall, vice
president; Sara McGrath, secretary-treasurer.
All University students who
are or have been taking French
courses, beginning or advanced,
were invited to attend. Also any
persons who had not taken
French but were interested were
invited to attend.
The entire French staff of the
language department are spon
soring the group 'after its year's
absence from the campus.
A new plan was. put into op
eration by which the . speaker
spoke the language much slower
so all could understand. In addi
tion, everything said in French
was translated in English Over a
microphone so those who could
not understand French knew
what was going on."
The entertainment for the eve
ning was singing French' songs
taught by the instructors of the
department. A skit was pre
sented from a scene from
"Knock" by Jules Romains. The
title roll of Dr. Knock was dram
atized by Dr. Coleman. The part
of the two little boys was played
by Forrest Hazard and Karl
The parlors were decorated in
a French theme. Tables were
placed around the room in the
setting of a French cafe. The
meeting was held in candle-light.
At the close of the meeting
cider was served. During this
period French records were
KNU Schedule
3:00 Sweet and Lowdown.
3:15 Polka Paradise.
3:30 Polka Paradise.
3:45 Crib Notes.
4:00 Campus News and Notes.
4:08 Student Interview.
4:15 Campus Band Music.
4:30 Football Previews.
4:45 Platter Chatter.
5:00 Sign Off.
Prizes Are
Ottered as
Prize .
Prize .,
Prize .,
1. In each advertisement on
this page you will find one
football game scheduled for
the coming week end. Indi
cate your choice of winner
by checking the box next to
the team. If you wish to in
dicate a tie, check both
t. Complete entries must be at
office by 12 o'clock noon
this coming Saturday.
3. Fill in your name and ad
dress in the space allotted,
winner will be announced in
next Tuesday's DAILY NE
BRASKAN. 4. Don't indicate scores, mere
ly winners or ties. Prizes
will be awarded to the per
son who guesses the out
come of the most number of
games and whose entry bears
the earliest postmark. Staff
members of student publi
cations are not eligible to
enter. :
ISA to Sponsor
Autumn Dance
ISA is sponsoring a dance in
the Union ballroom Friday, Nov.
10, starting at 9 p.m. Dancing and
entertainment will be held until
12 p.m.
"Autumn Daze" is the theme.
Those attending should wear
jeans and cottons. Tickets are 50
cents and can be bought at the
Music will be furnished by Ken
Duram and a combo. Both regu
lar and square dancing numbers
will be played.
Instructors will be provided to
teach students to "promenade,"
"grand right and lift." "swing
your partner" and other techni
ques. A special invitation has been
extended to all University stu
dents especially Greeks to come
and get acquainted with the In
dependent student.
Top Pictures
On Exhibition
In Library
An exhibit of pictures sub
mitted 1 to the seventh annual
"News Pictures of the Year," an
annual contest sponsored by the
Encyclopedia Britannia "Book of
the Year" and the University of
Missouri School of Journalism is
on display in Love library.
Any pictures submitted to and
published by newspapers may be
entered. Awards are given in four
classes of pictures news, fea
ture, sports and sequence pic
tures. Winners of the first three
groups are on display in the
second floor foyer of Love li
brary, opposite the loan, desk.
The winning pictures in the se
quence award, a series of jive
dancing by young people, are on
display in. Room 109 in Love
Memorial library.
Other pictures include the
first-place news winner, "Death
in the streets of Shanghai," first
place sports, a basketball picture,
a series on Skid Row in Chicago
and animal pictures.
This is the second year that
Love library has sponsored the
exhibition of these pictures, ac
cording to Charles H. Miller, pub
lic service librarian.
There are 185 pictures in the
We're Passing
This Tip On
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eluayi find them at your "Cheapper" Drug Store.
r(n llllim
Last week's winners correctly tabbed
every game except the Minnesota
Michigan tie
Enter ... and win a cash prize
AUF Opens
'Torment' of
Hilarious happenings were evi
dent as early as 7:30 a.m. today
as the "fireworks", hinted at in
yesterday's "Rag," exploded.
Rudely awakened this morn
ing, the presidents of various
activities were jerked out of
their beds and presented with
embarrassing .warrants charging
them as the subjects of public
Shocking accusations by the
AH University Fund started off
a chain of humorous events.
Each "vagrant" was instructed
by the self-appointed judical
group to wear a sign specially
provided. ;: , .
Upon, ..the sign was af fixed a
few lines 'of poetry and carica
ture depicting the " outstanding
peculiarities of the. accused.
Rivals California
This expose rivals in sensa
tionalism that of the much-
talked about loyalty oath fostered
by the California university
Targets of the charges were an
nounced as the "wheels" of 14
different organizations. These
questionable characters and the
groups they head are:
Sally Holmes, AWS; Shirley
Allen, Tassels; Bob Parker, Corn
Cobs: Robert Raun; Innocents
and Student Council; Nancy Por
ter, Mortar Board; Ginny Koch,
WAA; Dorothy Kurth. BABW:
Frank Jacobs, Corn Shucks; Dick
Kuska, Cornhusker; Leon Pfeif
fer, Kosmet Klub; Marilyn Camp
field, Coed Counselors; Bruce
Kennedy, The Daily Nebraskan;
Gene Berg, Builders and Bob
Mosher, Union.
A conference held by the AUF
was the subject of campus con
cern recently because of the
secrecy that was so eminent.
Many of the campus bigwigs
were present.
Rumors intimated ' that AUF
was planning a showdown with
the "wheels" if they didn't be
gin to "shape up." Evidently the
AUF is wielding more influence
in politics, the leaders comment
ed. Anyway, those who have been
singled out by the influencial
charity group received this
sample warrant:
"AUF hereby warrants you of
notice of probation; duration of
which will be until you supply
the amount your, organization
has appropriated to AUF. t
"Your case was called to our
Today is the day to take TIME
OUT and look over the book
bargains we have ON SALE
this week only.
r ij
Friday, November 10, 1950
14 'Wheels'
attention from the murmurs of
public opinion. You are charged
with sundry misdemeanors.
Crime Apparel
"During probation you will be
asked to identify yourself with
your crime by appearing on cam
pus in regalia befitting your
"AUF is watching you there
fore to lessen your penalty it be
hooves you to cooperate in every
"Probation will end upon re
ceipt of your donation from your
treasurer in the AUF office after
4 p.m., today." .
Flair Presented
To NU Military
At Ceremony
Lincoln's American Legion
post presented a United States
flag to the University ROTC at
a presentation ceremony Thurs
day afternoon in the Coliseum.
Commander of American
Legion post three Polsky pre
sented the flag in behalf of his
organization. Chancellor R. G.
Gustavson accepted the flag in
behalf of the University.
Preceding the ceremony, the
Pershing Rifles company and the
University band marched onto
the Coliseum floor. ROTC offi
cers and cadets were seated in
the balcony sections.
In presenting the flag, Com
mander Polsky hoped that the
"flag would symbolize our free
dom in America.". . "
The Lincoln Legion post, one
of the largest in the United
States, gave an American flag
to the University military de
partment ten years ago, back in
In accepting the flag, Chan
cellor Gustavson said, "In behalf
of the University, I am proud
to show appreciation for this
splendid action on the part of
the American Legion."
"We feel that this flag is com
ing to us from men who have
been willing to place their lives
on the altar of liberty," the
Chancellor continued .
After the playing of the Star
Spangled banner, the retreat was
concluded by the retiring of the
color guard and the Pershing
Rifle company.
Name . .