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    Tuesday, October 31, 1950
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FRANK SIMON broke into
the Huskcr scoring with a tre
mendous leaping catch of a
Fran Nagle aerial at Kansas.
He was snagging them all
NU Mfteir FBirsft
hm obh
Nebraska's Cornhuskers will
be seeking to avenge some con
sistcnt defeats at the hands of
the Missouri Tigers this SHtur
day in their annual Homeconv
ing battle. The Tigers have held
a jinx over the Huskers for five
years; Nebraska's last victory
was an upset win in 1944.
The Cornhuskers have come
very close on a couple of occa
sions but the Tigers have held
on. One of these was last year's
21-20 game at Columbia wnen a
Mizzou score in the waning mo
ments of the game kept their
heads above the water.
Another 21-20 contest was
taken home by the Missourians
from a Nebraska Homecoming
battle in 1946, this after the Ti
gers led 21-0 at one time.
Try Again
But this year is a new year
end the Cornhuskers are back
again knocking at the Missouri
door .for a victory and this year
the Huskers won't rank two to
three touchdown underdogs as in
the past. The Nebraska gridiron
teams are on the upsurge and
are pointing for a Tiger defeat.
But this will be no tame Ti
ger affronting the Scarlet. The
task will be a tough one all the
The Missourians have begun
to roll with their accustomed
power in their last three games
and have scored 75 points to
their opponents 27 in those
three. They are currently in the
runner-up spot in the conference
standings with one win and .one
tie. Their only losses have come
from tough out-of-conference
opposition like Clemson and
Southern Methodist.
And with this knowledge, the
Huskers were back at work
Monday night with light drills.
Pass Defense Sparkled
The Nebraska pass defense
Which sparkled against Kansas
will get another tough going
over from the Tigers. The Tigers
passed Oklahoma A.&M. silly
last Saturday with quarterback
Bob Henley doing most of the
chucking. However, the whole
I-M Volleyball
Starts Tonight
With the intramural football
play-offs well under way, the
1-M spotlight now turns to the
Physical Education building lor
the volleyball tournament
This year 34 teams compose
the five leagues which will meet
in the evenings starting tonight.
The schedule calls for single
round-robin play in each league
with play-offs to follow.
Each match will consist of
three games. League standing
will be determined on the basis
of total games (not matches) won
and lost.
As for eligibility, no man may
compete on more than one vol
leyball team and official volley
ball rules will govern all match
es. Each game will be 15 points
this year as compared, to 11 last
Tonight's schedule:
1 p.m.
Court I North. Ag MriTi Club v.
Nebraska Co-op.
Court I South, Cosmopolitan Club Vi.
Court II. North, Mtn'a Dorm vi. A.S.
Court II South, Newman Club ve. Bap
tist Home.
Court III North, Methoditt Hou v.
Prenby Hour.
Court III South, Ag College YMCA Vi.
Lutheran Btu.
Court I North, Farm Home vi, Thtta
Court I South, Brown Palace v. SSeta
Beta Tau.
Court II North, Blgma Alpha Mu Vi.
Delta Blgma Phi.
Court II South, Pioneer Co-op vi.
Theta XI,
Court III North. Phil Gamma Delta va.
SIKma Nu.
Court III South, Ag College YMCA Vi.
Baptist Houea.
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DICK REGIER added six
points to the Husker total at
Kansas Saturday with a catch
of a Fran Nagle pass In the
second quarter.
Few Yearn
creased his lead in the Big
Sevea scoring race with nine
points at Kansas. Bobby was
the Kansas target all day and
still gave them fits.
backfield outfit consisting of
Phil Klein, Johnny Glorioso,
Mike Ghnouly. Ed Stephens, and
Nick Carras are good passers
and do throw the pigskin when
need be.
The Tigers have also got a
couple of experienced pass re
ceivers on the ends of the line
in Gene Ackerman and co-captain
Bob Ebinger.
The Missourians may have to
throw up a pass defense, also if
the Kansas game is any indica
tion. Huskers Fran Nagle and
Bob Reynolds completed seven
out of eight tosses during the
afternoon, two of Nagle's going
for the six points.
Sig Eps Fight
Off Theta Xi
In a savagely-fought battle
out Ag College way Monday
evening, Sigma Phi Epsilon eked
out a 19-6 win over a fighting
Theta Xi team. The . game was
closer than the score indicates as
the Sig Eps, who are 1 ading the
All-University standings, failed
miserably in first half play. The
Theta Xi defense batted down
pass after pass thrown by Ted
Kratt, Sig Ep passer. Two Sig
Ep drives were stopped inside
the ten yard line by a gallant
Theta Xi line. Thus ended a
scoreless first half.
Thn Qitr Fn attanlr rama in liffl
for the first time in the game
late in the third quarter when
Kratt hit Bob Svanda alone in
the pnrl nre for s touchdown.
The try for extra point failed,
and tne Sig Eps neia a narrow
-0 lead.
Bale Runs
A fourth down punt by Ted
Kratt to Bob Bale, Theta Xi
safety man, put the Theta Xi's
back in the game. For Bale,
looking like a Bobby Reynolds,
reversed his field and tore down
the sidelines untouched for a
score. The run covered 65 yards.
The try for extra point failed
and the game was deadlocked,
This marked the first time this
season that the Sig Eps- have
been scored upon.
The Sig Eps came roaring
back in the fourth quarter for
two quick tallies, one on a fourth
down pass from Kratt to Svenda,
the other on a 15 yard run by
Kratt around left end. One of
the tries for extra point was
good, Kratt to Diers, and the
Sie Eos led. 19 to 6. Time ran
out as the Theta Xi's desperately
tried to make another core.
JOE McGILL was a solid cen
ter of the Nebraska line on
offense against the Jayhawks.
BILL MUELLER hard driv
ing Husker right half, added
some important yardage to the
Nebraska total against Kansas.
And in ends, the Scarlet will
counter with Frank Simon and
Dick Regier, both of whom were
grabbing them Saturday. The
two first string ends were on
the scoring ends of Nagle's
tosses, also.
Sooners Lead
Oklahoma's Sooners continue
to lead the conference in both
all-game standings and confer
ence standings. The ' Sooners
won their 26th straight game
Saturday at Ames, la. This ties
Cornell's modern record set in
the early '20's. If the Okies win
at Boulder this Saturday they
will establish a new modern
The standings:
w I t pet pt op
Oklahoma ..... 5 0 0 1.000 1(14 48
NEBRASKA ., 8 1 1 .700 128 100
Kansas , 4 2 0 .tf7 179 10
Colorado 8 ,n.) jsh jm
Missouri 2 2 1 .Ami 7A 82
Iowa Slat ,,,,, 2 8 1 ,417 101 111
Kansas Mate ... 1 a 0 .187 81 199
Wit Pot tN Op
Oklahoma 2 O 1,000 78 7
Mlssonrl 1 0 1 ,7n0 rtH 27
Kansas 2 1 0 .007 Htl 75
Colorado 2 2 0 .Mm 00 NO
NEBRASKA ... 1 1 0 .AOO 14
Iowa State l 2 1 S7A 62 80
Kansas State . , 0 S 0 .000 13 10
Sig Nu Thumps
Sammies, 19-0
A hard charging, smooth pass
ing, Sigma Nu team stopped
once-beaten Sigma Alpha Mu
19-0 Monday evening. Two
touchdown passes by Bob Hinde
highlighted this fraternity "A"
playoff game.
Hinde's first quarter 30 yard
toss to team captain Bill Best
gave the Nu's an early lead. But
this was the only scoring done
in the evenly played first half.
A pass interception in the
third quarter set up a Don Shep
hard to Tom Podhaisky pass
which was good for a T. D. The
same combination connected for
the extra point. This made the
score 13-0 in favor of the Nu's.
Scoring ended- with Hinde's
long heave to Don Shepherd. The
try for the extra point was un
successful. The Sammies' main offensive
threat proved to be Len Mozer.
Mozer made several excellent
catches of passes thrown by Paul
Gaiter. Sharp blocking by Ray
Fred helped make these plays
Bob Russel led the powerful
Sig Nu defense. Tom Stoup, 6-4,
200 pound lineman, proved out
standing in stopping the Sammy
passing machine.
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From the
Sports Desk
' By Bill Mundell
Sports Editor, Dally Nebraska
Saturday's game at Lawrence between Nebraska and
Kansas has drawn quite a bit of national attention. One
news service release called it the "feature game of a
hectic day of football." The same news service called it
also the "upset of the day." It seems that they had
picked the Jayhawkers to win by 21 points. So did a lot
of other people.
Coach Glassford found can be dangerous be
ing a coach as well as a player in this game of football.
After Saturday's contest, a band of joyous fans hoisted
Bill to their shoulders and proceeded to carry him about
the field. There seemed to be a little mixup in the signals,
however, as they tried to carry Bill in two different di
rections at once. The result: Bill was back on the ground
in the same position most of the Jays found themselves
that day.
While listening to the Husker game on the radio, I
watched the Notre Dame-Michigan State game on tele
vision. They played fair ball that day in South Bend,
Boulder, Colorado is still providing Husker football
teams with headaches. The Nebraska frosh team ran into
trouble there Saturday against the Colorado frosh. Final
score read 7 to 6. I wonder if the Buff officials ever
attempted to get all their games played there. We're
against it.
Oklahoma's terrific Sooners put their unbeaten streak
up on the block this Saturday when they journey to
Boulder. It will be interesting to see just how much play
ing at home can do for the Buffs. Seems as though that's
putting just too much pressure on a jinx, however.
Bobby Reynolds continues to pace the Big-Seven
scorers. His nine points against Kansas boosted his total
so far this season to 81. Second running Mervin Hodel
of Colorado failed to score against Utah Saturday and
so the margin between him and Reynolds is now 27 points.
For conference games only, however, Hodel is in first
place with 42 markers. Wade Stinson of Kansas holds
the runner-up spot with 30 and Nebraska's Reynolds is
third with 28 to his credit. Bobby has participated in only
two games, however, as compared to three for Stinson
and four for Hodel.
Pioneer Upsets Phi Psi s;
Ten Passes Intercepted
Pinnper House turned in the
lone football upset Monday night
by edging favored Phi Kappa Phi
by a 1 to 0 yardage victory.
As it was, it was the Pioneer
defense that finally chalked-up
the win. In the Pioneer try for
yardage, their offense took it on
the chin and wound up with a
net loss of one yard in their four
The Phi Psi's took their turn
Colorado Student
Lauds NU Spirit
There's nothing wrong with
Nebraska spirit!
At least, that's the opinion of
one fervent Colorado rooter.
Writing to the editor of the
Silver and Gold, Colorado uni
versity daily, the student, in
showing his disapproval of the
Colorado cheerleader's tactics,
complimented yell power.
"At the University of Colora
do," he said, "it appears that the
cheerleaders are more interested
in how high they can jump, how
fast they can turn cartwheels,
etc., than they are getting the
entire student body to cheer as
a group."
"At the Nebraska game, (at
Boulder) several people sitting
where they could hear both
cheering sections equally well
said that they thought Nebraska
had the better cheering section."
Ping-Pong Begins
At Union Wed.
Table tennis pairings for the
All-University tournament will
be posted in the Union ping
pong room Tuesday, according to
word received today. The tour
ney play begins Nov. 1 at 5 p.m.
The matches must be played be
tween the hours of 5-7 p.m. on
weekdays and from 9-12 noon on
with the ball and fared even
worse. When the smoke had
cleared after the fourth try, the
Phi Psi's had lost a total of two
yards and that was the ball game.
Until then, the game was a
high-geared battle all the way.
Both outfits threatened time
after time, but when the going
got tough, it was always the de
fenses that won out.
Pioneer had all the better of
it during the first half. Twice,
Phi Psi passes were intercepted
and once a Phi Psi punt was
blocked, but the winners could
not take advantage of these. .
Reach 20
Beginning the second half, the
Pioneer men drove to the Phi Psi
20-yard line before losing the
ball on downs. Wes Beery was
the instigator of this drive, toss
ing passes to Jim Spease and
Don Pullen.
Beery intercepted a Phi Psi
pass to give the Pioneers another
chance but the Phi Psi line held
and forced them to kick.
Again the Phi Psi's passing at
tack was cooled with Max Han
son intercepting a pss. Beery
took over again and passed to
Jack Bussel, putting the ball on
the Phi Psi 10-yard line.
That was as far as they were
going as the losers stiffened
again and took the ball on downs.
Another One Gone
Bob Britton got the Phi Psi
offense moving late in the game
with passes to Dick Hollander,
but once past their 30 yard line
another pass interception ruined
their drive. This interception
came from Bussel.
The Phi Psi's got into the pass
interception act when Britton
pilfered a Beery pass, but on
second down, Russel intercepted
the seventh Phi Psi pass of the
evening and that was the end of
regulation play.
A total of ten passes were in
tercepted by the two teams dur
ing the game, an example of the
defenses thrown up.
Twelve More
In Tonight's
Twelve more intramural grid
outfits will take the fields for
their first playoff encounters
Tuesday afternoon. Two games
each from the fraternity "A"
tourney, the Interdenominational
tourney and the Independent
tournament will spice the after
noon's card.
The two top seed outfits in
the frat "A" division will try to
advance to second round. These
two games will complete the
first round play in that tourney
as the other six contests took
place Monday evening.
First rounds in the other two
tourneys will also bo completed
after tonight, only four teams
in these two.
Pi Kappa Phi and Phi Gamma
Delta are thrown together in the
feature battle of the evening on
field number one. Both teams
are potentially strong and both
can surprise a strong opponent
at any time. The Pi Kaps are
rated slight favorites before the
contest but the margin of vic
tory will be very slight which
ever team wins.
Taus Play
The other fraternity "A" con
test will be the Alpha Tau
Omega-Alpha Gamma Rho tus
sle on field 2. Even though the
AGR's made a good late season
splurge to gain the playoffs, the
Taus, currently ranked third in
the University, are strong fa
vorites to roll into the next
round of play.
Into Denom play the spotlight
Phi Belts Hit
Theta Chi, 12-0
Phi Delta Theta was held at
bay for three and a half quarters
Monday night before they broke
away to a 12-0 intramural foot
ball playoff victory. Theta Chi
furnished the opposition for the
Phi Dolts and although failing
to show much of an offensive
thrust themselves kept the
powerful Phi Delts away from
pay dirt most of the contest.
The Phi Delts were not to be
denied, however, when with but
four minutes remaining in the
game Sam Huston fired a 29 yard
pass into the waiting arms of
Bob Ledingham for six points.
The pass for point went astray
and the Theta Chi's took over.
Trying desperately to score
and ignoring a punt situation on
fourth down, the Theta Chi's lost
the ball on downs with less than
a minute to play.
The Phi Delts seized this op
portunity with Stan Gerlach on
the throwing end and Don Et
mund catching, they upped the
score to 12-0 just before the end
of the contest.
The Phi Delts worked the ball
to the Theta Chi 32 yard line just
before the first half for the farth
est penetration by either outfit
in the initial half.
That was the extent of scoring
threats until the final drive by
the victors which covered 58
yards in six plays.
Gerlach was the whole show
for the victors with his passing
and running. Link stood out for
the losers.
Ask for it
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1 Cmput Cm ft -
FHiicttoH Vniwnity -
130, Th Coca-Cola Conpmy
Teams Battle
Grid Playoffs
focuses on battle between tra
ditional athletic foes. On field S
the Newman Club will take on
Presby House in perhaps th
game of the day. Both have good
records this year, the Presby
record a little brighter with fix
wins and no defeats.
Solely on en early season con
test in which Tresby defeated
the Catholics, 14-6, the Presby
aggregation is ruled the favoritt
Baptist House and the Ag Col
lege YMCA will also be another
battle to the end. The Baptists
finished the season with a win
ning splurge that carried them
to second in the Denom ratings.
The Y boys have been strong
all season long, however, and
hold a 6-0 early season win over
the Baptists. Contrary to this
result, the Baptist House is
ruled a slight favorite to move
to the Denom finals. The tussle
will be on field 4.
Sig Gams Favored
Over in the Independents tht
leading Sigma Gamma Epsilon
outfit will take on the Bengals.
The Sig Gams have improved
during the season while the Ben
gal power faded as the games
rolled by. The Sig Gams should
take this one easily, but if the
Bengals can display early sea
son form, the game should be a
The final contest of the even
ing will take place in the grove
on field 6. The City YMCA is
favored over the Ag Men's So
cial Club in this affair. The Yen
are currently ranked second in
the Independent rankings with
the Aggies third so this should
be quite r contest. The City Y
downed the Ag Men during the
season by a 13-7 score.
In Princeton, New Jersey, there is
always a friendly gathering of
Princeton students at the Campus
Center. And as in university cam
pus haunts everywhere, ice-cold
Coca-Cola helps make these get
togethers something to remember.
As a refreshing pause from the
study grind, or when the gang
gathers around Coke belongs.
either way . . . bolh
mean the same thing.
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