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    Tuesday, September 19. 1950
Little Man On Campus
o mrQiimeinit!:
The Letter ip Column
It has been the policy of The Daily Nebraskan in the
past to print no letters without complete signatures of the
authors. It was felt that unless a student had enough in
testinal fortitude to sign the letters, they were not worthy
of publication.
And in one light this conclusion is right. A person
should have the nerve to sign his own letter and to stick up
for what he believes. But in another sense it is depriving the
student, who for various reasons, is unable to sign his name
to a pertinent letter. For instance, a student worker in some
University building may feel a proposal is being advanced
that is a detriment to "him or his working conditions. He
wants to speak his mind and to go on record as disfavoring
this certain plan. He is prevented in doing so, because such
a published opinion may cost him his job. This is not a
hypothetical example it happened to a student last year.
This semester, to avoid repitition of such circumstances
and to provide the best possible service to the students, The
Dailv Nebraskan is initiating a policy of pen names.
Regardless of the use of
one requirement tor eacn letter. Ana tnat is, eacn letter
must be accompanied by the name and address of each
author. If ve are in possession of this information, your
letter will be published with or without a pen name, de
pending upon your request We must require this in order
to insure both this paper and the students against those who
would take advantage of the
own selfish interests. These
available in. the editor s oince
It is hoped this policy will end further problems of the
Letterip column. It is also hoped that this column will be
pen to more students for their use and their betterment.
It is your column to use as you wish.
Fashions in Car Accessories
Include Monograms, Trays
Ladies . . gentlemen ... are
ears dull and sluggish? Is your
favorite jalopy or convertible
plain and uninspiring? You can
cress that gas-buggy up with the
latest fashionable auto acces
sories! The dress-up items for cars
come in chronium and plastic
Various auto dealers, jobbers,
and chain stores on "O" Street,
east of 15th, are ready and wiU
rie to sell items ranging from
grill guards at a mere $25 to
plastiee birds for two-bits. How
ever, the plastic birds on their ii
NU Debaters
To Organize
On Thursday
Debaters this year will discuss:
Besolved; That coa-comir.ur.iytic
countries form a new inter
national organization.
The University debate squad
will sound the call to colors
Thursday at 7:15 p.m, in Room
203, Temple building. Debate
director, Donald Olson- will form
the nueclous of the IS50-51 in
tercollegiate debate squad.
All University "students re
gardless of previous experience,
who are interested in partici
pating in debate activities, are
invited to attend.
Only tea veterans will return ;
from last vears debate team and
Olson promises hat there will
be plenty of opportunities for
new Kjuaa nemoen ; 10 parac-, Lifce (his the Vniver.
pate in actual intercoJegiate con-.sEty oi CaI:;ori,ia has uken a
ferences. slump in its enrollment for the
Joan Krueger and Doris Carl- year 1950-51.
son, scphosnore debaters, will j Registration last week indicted
enter the University's first per- ' the total number of students to
fonnance of the year when they be 11.46", as- compared with
travel to the University of Kan- 1 13.748 for last year,
sas at Lawrence, Oct. 14. to de- Veterans are largely responsi
bate before Kansas State high 1 b!e for the drop with only 3.066
school stadents attending a con- enrolled. Men outnumbered the
ference. I "omen almost two to one and
Olson and Bruce Kendall will j; new f.ulerts total 3.206
crech the debaters this TearJ
f oaowfe Thursday's meetir.g the '
iTw k 1,,,j kv. I
two win brief the squad on back
ground fcfonnation in future
Cosmo Club Calls
First Meeting
The University's Cosmopolitan
club has issued an invitation to
all foreign students and interest
ed American students, to attend
the club first meeting of the
semester Wednesday evening. It
will be held in Room 315. Union,
Sep. 20.
The Cosmopolitan club is a t
croup of foreign and American
students, farmed to foster inter
national friendship and coopera
tion. The Wednesday program
will include introduction of old
end new members Dean Nels
A- Bengston, geography depart
ment, wi3 tell of the founding of
the club in 1911.
JIul (Daily VkhiaAkcuv
IatereoHegiote Press .
TS tMir ftHrxa M pmxueme f im noma r tlM Ontuwwty M f
CfwOr M nxpmmcm it mnttntr c im axxmon uuty. mln 30 ruc ill
tut Itm Sf Un guiin mntimm pnhiwim im mennrtmrnrtu br tlM Board
mt FvtiieMmm. "H tt tfm crtan prKr of Homi ttrnt puKUattSoim. oij
turn ptnvtmym atsail t ttm fran atuwtai ttumorwip on pan M tbm Vumr
r a lis tmtt at usy nnsMr at tm fjucaXv m tu Itotwrstrr Nft BCTlwn mt
tarn mt Ttm tmitf nUi mm tmntmmn nmpemibm fat uu Qm ms
me 4t m raw nrsc'i
Wmtmrritmmi art St.M pr vmprin, J.S fvr 'wT MaiM, r
tr 1Mt '. f, MJHI m4. Wnr roar r. PiiMHM aaHr aarHic the haal
tmr own tHrtwr aa4 9mnmr. " nM rmmtmtum prrn ay
( mt hrr,a iMi"r Mm rlta af t CmnmWi tm 'iyAmt PaMI4lMa.
:wi4 a f"-- -4 t to Mmttrr mt tltr Tt Of W hi lJamrta. yrrrwk: rt
4 tmr-t, , !. n4 aMai rntr mt fxwtave ptiw4 tmr la ntm
At mt i-i..xt ,, Uii 1, MlMv4 eptrmr I, I'm.
Wmtar 9rmm Knaaify
KaiMft; I41IW , , ymrmm CawMMtrk, trTTJ Warm
iFrwp tsturm aa Knrtn. Kt BXty na yirmnr.
R4tr ! m. m-w.
rt, -r
at VAiwt .. m nwmm
pt r" mm vaa var
l atriftxT '
. . . tn-ntsrm
"i 11
pen names, however, there is
opportunity to further their,
names and addresses will teAPO AlUWUtlCeS
to anyone wno aesares me
little suction cups have gone out
of style as fast as they came in.
Monograms Popular
Hottest items of the moment
are metal monograms, at 25 cents
a letter. They come in black or
gold on silver Young men in
love are reported to be spelling
out the names of their girls on
one side of their car with their
own on the opposite side.
A new item is the inside food
tray: little brother to the-c lip-on
kind used by drive-ins. The tray
hangs on the dash and is just the
place to set a cup of coffee lile
both hands are busy. Designed
to reduce the privacy of back
seats is the new curved mirror, a
full foot long. It will take in
everything in a 160 degree arc
behind the driver.
Steady Sellers
Regular selling items run from
the expensive air horns to the in
expensive steering wheel soinner
with the full color bathing beauty
inside. Floor mats, seat "covers
and steering-wheel covers are
steady seders. Designed for the
car's extremities are radiator
decorations and tailpipe exten
sions. The bow ornaments in
chrome and plastic come in a
good many designs, including such
easily recognizable ones as bull
dogs and steerheads. One minor
item is definitely not selling well
. . . the little novelty dolls, hula
girls, or whatchacalluros.
While members of the shemale
sex pay attention to ladies fash
ions, it seems the men are paying
attention to fashions for cars
R it V.limllmfint
"" '"m"-
Drops 2281
" "mier
?fff"?n "e
lormed and checking stands were
set up. The greatest rush came
early in the morning and at the , -peak,
registration took about 35 iotUUCIltS at Cat
Graduate Accepts
New Jersey Job
Robert E. Frans, recent Uni
versity graduate has accepted a
position with the New Jersey
agricultural experiment station
at New Brunswick, X. J, it was
announced Monday.
A graduate oi Laurel hi eh
school, Frans received his bach-
e!ors degree at the University
in June, 1S50. At New Jersey,
he will work in the department
of agronomy with the title of re
search assistant in weed controL
Mr. and Mrs. Frans reported to
New Brunswick Sept 15. While
there, he will also work toward
an advanced degree.
READVT PLAT! The University of Nebraska KO TC band is in formation at the half of one of the
football games. They starred practice Monday, Sept 18. ax 5 p.m. for the new season. Donald Lentz,
director of the band, will take the band out at 5 e very day to drill them in marching and the half
time programs. The ROTC band boasts an approximate membership of 120.
First Session
Alpha Phi Omega will hold an
open meeting Thursday at 7:30
p.m. Applicants for membership
must have previous training in
scouting, a desire to give service
on the campus and a satisfactory
scholastic record.
Purpose of Alpha Phi Omega
is " to assemble college men in
the fellowship of the Boy Scout
Oath and Law, to develope
friendships and leadership and to
promote service to humanity.
The University chapter, headed
by Glenn E. Curtis, is one f
200 chapters in the United States
It was founded in 1935.
Crib Waiters
Learn Trade
By Experience
The men in white (Corn Crib
waiters) have quick pick-up but
some let downs by their student
following. They complain when
"fussy" coeds can't, decide or
change their minds on orders or
when fellows with lots of rime
and nothing to do sit in booths
without buying a coke or a cup
of coffee.
If anyone is seized with a !
paper tearing mood. -they advise
him to avoid the Crib with its
many napkins as bait
It is said that the girls are
harder to please than the men
and sometimes put on the '"better
than you" attitude. When blow
ing paper wrappers off straws
became too popular, the waiters
decided to hold the containers
until the straws were extracted.
Several years ago the waiters
had a code they used to call
orders. Now, after much confu
sion they just say "two cokes.".
A top flight waiter can be
turned out in about fifteen days
if he has the necessary balance
to carry four glasses, full up and
dripping, in one hand. Shifting
feet and quick dodgfng are
necessary during rush hours
when people whip to and fro
with no worry about a head-on
Between the hours of 3 and 4
the Crib is the busiest- At this
time there are approximately 100
cokes sold. Cokes are the most
popular in the lall and spring
along with lemon and lime sodas.
Coffee rates high in the minter.
The oddest orders are griEled
donuts and a race horse. The race
horse is a coke with everything
in the fountain such as pineapple
strawbernr and eherrr mixerf in I
it Even a dash of marshmallow
is added.
Design Unions
Advanced architecture students
at the University of California
have created scale models of the
proposed student union on that
campus. The models are on dis
play in the present union.
Done as a class assignment all
scale models are ultra modern
with unique details. The plan
calls for details of student models
to be incorporated in the fiinal
drawings of the architects.
The new union building, when
completed, will include such
features as a bowling alley, two
student theaters, a coffee shop
and clubrooms.
MuileniS KeceiVC
Chemistry Grants
The University department of
chemistry and chemical engineer
ing has announced the granting
of seven fellowships to graduate
students who are working toward
Ph. D. degrees in chemistry.
The awards, effective for a
year, are:
DuPont Postgraduate, $1,800
John B. Thompson, who received
his master's degree in 1649, for
research in physical chemistry,
Standard Oil of Indiana fellow
ship, $1,200 James E. Shew
maker, who received his master's
degree in 1949, for research in
physical chemistry.
Samuel Avery fellowship,
$1,200 Arthur B. Beindorff, for
research in biochemistry.
Parke, Davis and company,
Charles W ''X'J
ree 148; Lester McKinzfe,
master's degree 1948; Philip J.
Vanderhost, master's degree 1650,
and David B. Capps, master! de-
S vree 1850. All four graduate stu-
dents are doing research in the
ct oreanic chemistry.
Sh 'J ? J ' IS
Adams, Englekemeier New
Home Ec Club Officers
Marcia Adams and Joanne En
gelkemeier were recently elected
officers of the Home Economics
club following a reorganization
meeting last week. Miss Adams
was elected vice president and
Miss Engelkemeier will be sec
retary of the club. "
Also chosen as council mem
bers were Virginia Baskin, Jack
ie Becker, Ramona Laun and
Rita Renard.
Accoromg to Annette aropp -
kotte. president of the organize-1 raCUllV 1 lailS
tion. these appointments were c
necessary because of the failure Stlllleilt 31lXCr
of several council members to re
turn to school The annual Ag campus Stu-
Plans were al made for the ent-FacuIty party will be held
gef-aaaintldapfcnr?oe bf heM Sf'f f nB"ild
Thursday. September 21 at 5 ! lv fs tfven by the AgTacuUy
o'clock. To be held on lower ft n a t,,5Lt- g y
campus, the picnic is especially f ioe a!1 A student,
planned to introduce the fresh- I According to Dr. P. A. Downs,
men and new students to the j chairman of the party committee.
Home Economics club. Eileen i the mam Purpose of the party is
Deneg and Marilyn Bamesber- ; to Pve the students and faculty
ger are co-chairman for the f a chance to get acquainted and
event I to 8'v"e the students a chance to
The club is a colleee club di- t ei acquainted with one another.
iTV... - - ... - ....
lcn ap.lJCl lllCil
rw tt -r- i .
ilo Hear r acuity
Three University officials will
take part in a special conference
on atomic energy information
here Oct. 20-21.
Chancellor R. G. Gustavson.T..
Dr. Theodore P. Jorgensen. chair- j. Callllji OCll ICC
man of the department of phvsics wrll T
and Dr. William F. Swindler, ill fjlVC fc.XaillS
director of the School of Journal
ism, will speak at the meeting
designed to acquaint a wider
segment of the public with atomic
energy information. The confer- 1
ence will be sponsored by the
University Extension division
and the School of Journalism.
Director of information for the :
Atomic Energy commission, r
Morse Salisbury, will be among 1
the newspaper and radio editors i
conferring at the two day meet- i
ing. The meet has been endorsed
by the AEC and the American i
Society of Newspaper editors. j
Ag Union Opens j
Year Witb Movie
Ag Union activities got tinder
way Sunday with the showing of j
the movie "Roadhouse." Follow- j
ing the movie those who attend- j
ed were treated to coffee and
Next Sunday's movie will be
lege" starring Clifton Webb. The
weekly coffee hour will follow
with the serving of a "surprise"
type of food.
The Ag Union is now running
unrfer a new schedule. It is as
M'mlthy through Tfcur"4r
T:3fl IB -1 p m.
TrtJT 7:3 mtn. p m.
P'irly a m. 1 p.m .
Lmin 2 m lit p m,
ftu(vy nmt 4 p.m. 1 p m.
Any faculty member or any
other person wfae needs male
student help pieaae contact the
office of the Associate Director
af Resident Instruction. Room
206 Agricultural ball. For fe
male labor, contact Room 111,
Home Economics boiletns.
TOK tSAVK Mercury CotrwrtlbW;. Vim
uiwh Top All ntaa. Kcasonaow.
-Wfl. l&fl go. 13rL
ROOM Jn(rrfty awn mtuttnu. Bu mat
bVr-X, !H4 So. 2. t-Tifii.
WILL tum Crrrmpn and Hath. Call Max
iwiareyzk. 2-304.
LOST Pearl lewelea Strma CM pit m.
amtMi Ut werH. libtnl rwri tor
wurn to Jarli Vjatwr. i-7l.
Rrarl Tnr return of brown wallet lo
W. C. Becker. 2-V.
We Ktn part time empWrtnent in oor
land aervtea aemrtment for two eollen
men. MwH be Khk to wor 11 a.m. in
1 p.m. five day a wee. Pot lea ran
1 of carryins trare of dtirtwa from
the ta room AopJ emplorinem of
fw, aTn'h floor, 2 :V)-ri i.
Miu.rn. fatvr
Glrle V fur-llrt4 rtonn coat. 8i 12.
2J. Call 3-4S47,
WE iiwiillx In Tounc men'a vl
nerenarHliM. Droa in at 13 So. 13th
and take a look. Ayera.
Triumph M peed-Twin motorcycle, food
rnool tranaporatlon. Trib n
W A yTKO Garaee
cear canpiia.
2-T7S7. John Dean.
LOST Varrlace liremie certifkcaie. Friday
on cam pan. R. D. Thomae. e-W47.
TWO male etudenta wanted to ahare
modem clean baaeraent apartrrw-nt with
two other atodenta 6-Mf, 9xt fun
mont Si.
ATTENTION organised hou! I hv
aome new, Aoiometle La mrteratl wal-eni'
wm raii for IWO. 1 win ecu wmr.
below wholele for SiOO. a food
deal. Call Don Harrow. -10S. l
vision of the American Home
Economics association and is also
affiliated with the Nebraska
Home Economics association. It
carries on a varied program and
serves to promote the profes
Advisors for the club this
year are Dr. Doretta Schlaphoff, j
Miss Jessie Warden, Mrs. Helen s
Sulek and Miss Mary Rose
Graham. 1
; f f-ki
Dancing will continue from
8:30 to 11:30 pjn. to an orchestra
to be announced later. Refresh
ments will also be served.
Ag students are reminded by
Dr. Downs that this is an in
formal mixer which will provide
a good opportunity to meet vour
faculty and to meet your fellow t
Educational testing service of
Princeton. SJ., will give law
school and graduate school ad-
mission tests to students four '
times in the next year. '!
The tests will "be taken by
candidates at 100 centers!
throughout the country. A stu- j
dent, after making separate ap
plication to the school of his i
choice, should first inquire of
the school whether it wishes him
to take educational testing serv- J
ice tests. t
The law test feature object- f
ive questions measuring verbal j
aptitudes and reasoning ability, j
The test prepared for graduate i
school applicanis contains ques
tions o general scholastic abil
ity and tests of general and ad
vanced achievement in various
subject matter fields. i
Students interested should;
write to Educational Testing i
Service. P.O., Box 592, Prince- I
ton. SJ.
YotiTl Co Places with
Styled by Clenirood
Heavenly phoet at imen-tn-earth
prim. Here are tten fl
canuol that ynu'll lire in . . . and
they're f eaty on your budget
I M-" 1
i "Rev, Worthal, here's a letter
i It s ed?ed
Little Man On Campus
"Well, guess we may as well
with the
Cigarette Contest
Open to Students
University students have the
finnnnmitv to win cash orizes in
Luck Strike's national jingle con
test The winning jingle will be used
in the cigarette company's "Hap-
py OO L.UCKV campaign. aov- i
tisements for the campaign will
appear in the Daily Nebraskan
and in 2T5 other college news-
j papers.
Say the Luck Strike officials:
"Just compose a four-line jingle
omrin.r th nrflis of Luck Strike!
cigarettes and if the rhyme is
accepted you will earn $25."
For example:
"As quarter-back I lead the
I call out one-two-three!
But when I'm not in training
It's L S.M. F. T."
Students can send in as many
entries as they wish to Happy-Go-Luckv,
P. O. Box 67, New
York 46, N. Y.
Vour Quality Clothing Store
Ducly . . . oxford in
black ruffy suede.
M4GEETS Hr$t Floor
for yu from the Dean oi Men.
in black."
bv Bible
get ready -bere'i Professor Snarf
physics tests."
Ag Y Members
To Join in Party
The Ag college YM-YW will
have a welcome party in the Ac
tivities building Tuesday at 7:30
p.m. All Ag college students are
invited to attend.
The program for the evening
. 'up
party games, special music and
This is the first of the regular
weekly joint YM-YW meetings.
f The meetings will be held in the
Home parlors on eacn suc-
ceemng lueiay evening.
Ag YM-YW officers urge
and new students
; attend.
U-N Stationery
10c Packages
Goldenrod Stationery Store
215 North 14th Street
BUxer ... ginner brown ruffy
a4 luggage tan softy calf.
dark brown nr