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for students
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Partly cloudy witk little
rhange in temperature
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Vol. 51 No.4
Han Push
Planes Use
Kinipo Airfield
In their drive towards Seoul,
U. S. marines Monday plunged
to the Han river just across from
the r-flttr asvfl wiwn. ninrtiiiiiira' ffw
dretfsafflaE" under rvw at firhtw
planes. Captained Kimpo airport
was issused for the first time.
United Press correspondent
Earnest Hcberech reported in a
dispatch dated 12:3 a.m, that
the marines had reached the Han
west otf Seoul after a day of coat-
While the marines mow sighted ! mend.
Seoul from t'wo directions, the i Second soprano: Virginia Tsiy
13, S. Seventh division now lor, Jan Schweswr, Virginia
nearly half South Korea m Nordstroia. Susanne Koehler,
landed at battered Inchon and j; Doris; Boneoroght, Beverly Shu
imareibed at once toward the Seoul mam, Robert Lewis. Anne Jane
front to reinforce the advancing jl Hall, Elinor Hanson, Nancy
imarines. I! Widener, JameMe Mohr, Jo Ann
As fihe imarime U mnn their ". Smith. Kathleen Burt, Margaret,
attacks, the gveraiaiaent here MtM'' K'wafs" At6n "e5fr- f Sumdeen, Lewis. St-, Ned Con
Monday unwrapped its long J J?"?. WtSl,!M" Grant and Patpg Euge Kuyper, Jack Wells,
awaited ""anastesr blueprint for
building up the nation's civil
defenses against a sneak atomic
Kbssuh Pawrr
In the 149-page documesiit was
warning that Russia has "the
power to attack mar cities im
force and "that amy atomic blitz
would be partacaljy swccessfuL
A federal civil defense adamanis
tratwsm, state and toeal organi
zateoaas, and "nmiffioims off civilian
roluxiteesrs to act as block war
demrs, rescue ssjnaad mnembers,
anaxaliary forces, fire gnaard and
saaosre patjroBejrs was - called four
to cciuratesract the efforts of snath,
a totow.
At the same tame She United
Snaties smggested plants for mass
ctefessse; tbousMBHs off coimaaiiuiiiiisS
fcnotwps wsnt reportei to be mass-
ing ailcnag the Chiiaeseliiado-Cniina
banter Monday arad two FWsadh
garriscims gmrdiEg iisvasaan
rewtes have been attttackeni. Somse
inilbtaffy obsearerE said tbe at
tacks might be the start of a
general iroi offfc iive.
The Frendh fcsw a $izab5e
army im lia-Chaiaa which is
fighting; ifibe native Vaetoininh
eoHiffliMinaiistt ttaoes. Sonrae s5nD
Istaon lhas ' been iEwuimSang that
lioido-Cnina might be the next
ipiLfeoe the tmrrmmsmSs woaJii at
tack in their anennf to eeesaiwar
HairoM E. Siasseni San New Yosrk
sjiiiS M csodiT it mwalld be at teas
Ham Asrs. befoire he wooaBd dasclcwe
Baas oamnertaoa wuth An aina
punrtaciat nataonmal rawoe'" which S
pnemciBslty smuS caoosetd Sunn to
cancel a Qakaigu ssreedh last Fra
3ay. The pnesiaent off the University
ff Pemisylh'axiia andl ffnnnaer
PDwirMi(r off IffiiBMsicfla told me
pinnfiBrs 8se is "toc4 preyiaiwd or at
3tftsrty as yef to make am an
BnianceffineniL In 55txraika Lenntani Mitmlty.
LiiEkcwto Xpnn, was wmtiencfiifl
to 15 years in the state pmrten
ery M.ranaay aT3w aSxrapffly esswiiaag
Bait sdhediuJeifl KDiaffifier ttrial tbt12b
a files ctf guilty to a cto.uT tlhat
h stood a anan tot ftnrati with lais
wtbalte wife.
Gtves Sewtewe
3ST.(9 esmtil&na was sbcrwrn Mc
as lb Bteard tflae seialfiac pno
Dmamd by Jsodge K. A. Stofbdaa
9&sl It eaome sh,nrt2y after tQae
saflfleaa switcm im Mo41et"s pHea.
Tfce Biritib gpwenmiieBt an
taouaacieifl M.anflay 42iat it wall
teBjpoiritriCry Baa3t 82 export off
anadbiiaae ttaoiUs tiul in war pmo-
Ihcsr sa1s!llliSieE.
A FBI mveipiitkni was fcepun
Momday to (deiieaTBMDe wtoefflwer
sabotage caiKsed an exsf4rKiaoD
w3aidh damaged a "Voice tf
jyjaerica'' owsreea radio trams
KDttfflr at BeSh'saay. C
Deetiwrs Tewer ;j
In auxnaQQciixtg tdbe tocfimiry, ttlbe ;
rtate aSepartment said the ex-;!
fAosioim oarly Simfiay dettooiyd
a Ii65-itoot ttewer off a transmitter :
ilhieaa Saeami Afflaericaii offficiaH !
turandcitfcts to Europe and Lattdn
IDiA-id Crawffrard said at ttbt
openiaKg ocuawocaittaon that "ttbe
tlljinealt of EttKRia oommttnasnii its
taae amtfit (difffiirauiht tihas owututry
h.m esw HaoedL
II watt tfihe cipeiaiaag aff Itbe 7:Pt!a
year Sor Doaaae osulppe.
?51 Cornliusker
Picture Date Set
Dirik Kiuifta, edjiiar ti ffibe
CooiaaaiaiaEar, asranewmped that K9ae
fikSaanee ISct the yeartwawk wQ
foe ttakeao jAaaitiaag Mcmday., Sept.
25.. W;aroer MfiEm Stadia, 714
Fe&Hrxa ' Sewtoniitie Builds r, wall
lis tfhe iptartofTitiplijaag. Alii pic
tismet aore ejqpeslteid t.9 toe txfcm tow
Ojriisltmiw flp-acatiom.
TJae iLtnafffflated jstafiamte sibmuikS
to ttie CwiahnzMfciar tfffic Mod-
t 2 and S pjm. to sdgia tap Uv a
cicmwsnieDt -tone tto texwe their
fitui talrm. The office w ina '
the IbaMttMsnt it tft Union..
Bcjys aje rogcatred to wear tie
and ualt coal. A white bloune
r a .rwwater woE be nuitable
mtHre ar gJLrtt.
The offYaniizied foousei d 1t2ae
campus wiQ toe motified at a later
date at to the lime to fci.'e their
111 in Chorus
Singers Named
2?y Westbrook .
University Singers for 1950-51
will have 111 members. Dr.
Arthur Westbrok, director, an
nounced Monday.
The Singers will present their
annual Christmas Carol concert,
several sprang concerts, an easier
cantata and take part in the
singing t the -Messiah' at
i Christmas.
Meanabership of the group:
First soprano: Peggy Bayer,
Kathleen Agnew, Sue Easter-1! Hubert Payne, Jack Chedester,
gard, Mary Phillip, Betty Jane 'j Dean Killion, Robert MartelL
Breck, Jean Bauer, Nancy Nor- jj Harry Giesselman. Helmut Sienk
man, Anita SpradJey, Judyj necht, Kenneth Schmidt, Robert
Sehneit, Margaret Thomas, Har- i Zainger, and Paul Davis,
riet Swansom. Dorothy Smiley, ! nm4 t.
ii Carol Kent and Bonnie
First Al
tirsi asuo- wiaouyji oinosse,
ard. Irene Roberts, Patncua Ol-
-onnsiicK. uarjooe luwuey, jtratrama
Saum Maesbach, Lois Beasamg.
Featme of
Frosh Hop
The Innocents Society and the
Union will sponsor the aminaial n
Frosm bop to bt held in the Union
ballroom on Sept. 23 at 9 pm.
!i FresSimaen stmMents wiJil nave trae
jj oppicsrttiunriBitty to meet fellow ffresm-
University actavitties.
Frank Jacobis, Innocent in
charge states that in a3diiicom to j Tfce evening's ptogram ftrocludes
dancing to the miairsic of Aamon ;, a skit, gmcmp singing and refiresh
Scnmcdt and his rchestira. stu- a nraemts -
dents' may visit the activities jj Or Coed Counselor from each
carnival in Union pairlors A. B cff ttoe 14 alffuliatiiiaras will paurtaci
and C Thirty caanpmts rargani2a- jj panto in a skit ooncarniing Me on
ttsMBs will depicit ttloeir rt in s ia? cMirapiuB. Tish Swanaon and
vainioiiiis boffltihs. i! Namnci BeJBnrol are in charge t
A shidot satrirwrall sMt about the jj tjje sJcats.
ffmncltims Off thise oirganiMtiittas jj The party, which taati been
willl be pinesenitodl dtaining initter- i! sicJhedimled ior Thursdw. SepiiL
naassaon. Spectators wiHl also aneet
ii tflae jantsakfleniits t these gmcwigas.
Activity Grep
!; TJae gnorajps to be mepffesesaiteiS
are: Associated Women Sta.deirjts,
Stodeaat Ccmniic-aTL Ag execmrtsve
Boamd. PanhelOeitc Cooancill, laa
tertfiraternitty Ccnancill, Union
bevard, Barb Artaviifies Bjsard ftiwr
W.pnnen, Mtoaitar Boamd. Inntweaiits.
FaannDHrs Fair toward, XDCWA.
Ccmhiasker, Dtaaly IJilesbrasStan,
A3S University FuundL. Com Colbs,
Tassels, Koisanet Khab. Nebraska
Mascjoers, lied Cbtousl Coed Ccnaia
selkes, Hioitne Eoraaewriacs cQoalb. In
idepmteatt SftuMJaratts asscwiaticin,
W.tmen''s Athldetftc asscciiailaiCBa,
T)e mottoan wail be deosrated
witSa the encsl and eanbiteans off
the organnzatfcKsns megwesientod.
Tidtets aze 60 cents and maary be
ototaiiDeifi tfmMna any anamtoer off
Com Cctos begiaaniing today. A
bopiQa wiQl tw ojeaa an the Union
tor toAet sales.
Get Atcwwuetfoi
Stoflents nmay ocsrne edthiar with
or WBilawsiuit (mattes, ilbe (fitanoe
offfferK a ipciad oiOTinrtemirtr to iret
anoaaainted with miimw off tihwiir
ffeiOciw stnadeiDits. !
ConaaaaairKeieF ff.or the dance aire;
FtaKLkity, ffi.od Eigis and Brow
Kenne-.y; tbydkett, Ted EanWiph,
Qoagh Foffiiaer and JT.adkae Becker;
artavalaes carnaVal and jeiwra
ttjccav, Sara Dfwe and Boh
KuDgertq enterlaaninoenit, Frank
Beanie Sales
Remain Open
To Freshmen
I If BtaM aat ftoo late to ttmuy
ttlboBe tresflamam beanie.
SalCT bp the fatMKieaat So
cieSF are oariliBaiiiia'i'C an She wff
kw off W. C Harper. Boom '5il.
Aidczmnixstoaftiom ftnaaldini;. ILrada
wid.iaafl Ccd Osaamsifclars aae also
neffiaos the red toeanieB with ffibe
wtihte 4 oaa tdbe firotatL
AinBordiog to Boto Mother, f.ta
aaot!nt am eh,ars off salen. atoexoi
800 Sis5w toewm wold by that w
famizatacBsi. "The ttrAdiJaaia enw
to fee .ftaamang BDaida oapers1EicD'
be saM.
Geme Berg is assa-Ptans to She
iranoiceaat sates. Peg Mmlrw.aney as
Ita c3aar$e off Che Coed Gwuxwtiar
Wfotm touj-iiat a beanie, a
ffncti'iBiUiis ohtiar. lnoan a Coed
CcMflinaieloir or Deaaa Harpar off
face a caand witiffyaaikg he b-as
paid cent. Thi caarifl wxast be
pnewnBted at Ben Samona". wtoere
the sstudemt URiiHl tt the toeanae.
Wjthout a oamd a .vtti'jkdesat caxuooit
14 the beanie at the fSt(re.
Tbe eapt, by tradition, acre to
fee wanna writoH the ffirKt smow m
eampMfi, or timta! freArnen aire
tri&armttt am fihe aiaxiittal lLrei2a-man-qpJhonacare
taig - off - war,
wtoda wal be toeid Aiarang KJbe
BaaKtime at the lMH!eHm3iiie
f:aaoeu JJot. 4. Iff the ooeitest is
last, SnofSa wU conatinoae wtaafrnt,
the beanies.
Kathryn Baker and Bonnie Bries,
Second alto: Dorothy Williams,
Jo Ann Hansen, Nancy Button,
Betty Lou Barnes, Virginia Cum
mimgs, Gloria Sandels, Joan Law,
Florentine Crawford, Phoebe
Dempster, Janet Glock, Virginia
Magdam, Jean Hovt, Jessie Mur
ray and Kathryn Newshouse.
first tenor: Leland Finecy,
Ray Schaumbersr. Don Carlyon.
n Donovan CrandalL Joel WadditL
Second tenor: Aaron Schmidt,
John Moran, Don Jeffries, Har
old Slagle. Jfofan Schaummberg,
Robert Logan, Rodson Risxrs,
Rbert Wallace. Stanley Meyer,
Dennis Ko
Young, Con
Renner, Jack Anderson, Eugene
I Bob RosenHjtuist, Milton Gro-
i' bevk, Tom McVay, Lewis For-
, twj Tntov.u i,n u..
""" W'
b-. r,,, Caimobem. Titm
: Korinek, Wjffiam Wurtz, Kiel
iiiwKB,ri nn icv,iiihc i.m
srih-arto- Dean Dellinger, Rich-
:l ard Bush, Vaughn Jaenik. Mil
jj found Myhre, Charles Hunley,
Carl Halker, Jin Thorin. Bill
James. John Hardy. Robert
(i Brown. Duane Ainlay, Ben Leom-
amriL, RichariS Manns, Jim Fafeitta
and EUtn Monasiinith.
'Sister' Frosh
Party Toui3I.1t
jj The Coed Counsels freshman
party will be held in the Union
t BaiiUiroom tonnghL The party
J starts at 1:3 pm and will be the
i and tiroe "-Lattltle Sisters"" in mass.
!! Ateoast 4.M ririls are expected.
jl was poisttpioiiraed bec-anjise off the
u5s iwu oonxuon. m?- - , -- - r , Af tf, ..i.,!
woojiwuae ana Jtsem junua - v- - , ... . ...
: uon isrewer, inomas i waturai we wvre aiii surprisea .. - v" iiwk
ireiSeicrt!iraltBi(iin an the tallbnooaim. jeanoexoxk. aaas eaa, wmsra. iusjc
T8a event had toraneoily been beM ;; pwataoin off cme of the thaw
in Elfen Srnattn toalL This is the !: managing editors.
seu:!)nd coiaseriiattiive yeair the j' Mass FaaltiDBa tnarned in her
pvartty has baeaa ana the Unworn. mesiignai&DBU bocaiiase off toeing
For the past two weeiks the ij ewirpcwnteid in the AWS ac
"Big Sustere" ha'e been oomatact- ii ttovity paant system. The point
ing thciar "litttJe Sisters'" to help i systteim speafys that no Uaiuiver
ttoean registiar. They sold fresh- sity wioanan may carry irnrwe
anan 'aniites:'" and the "'X" I than SO) points at any ttikroe duar-bofcS-
The Ccwd Cpnansteilfflrs have 'i ing t2ae school year..
toeem fc&vang ocilte dates with the
new girfls and haiw akpqanauiimired
tfibema waiUh Che craianpaas and 83ae
city oi Liiiacipte..
Freshiiian Drama
Group to Meet
AIQ ffresnanan mem and wmmb
intTCS3d an the detauflls off fee
lErestarnstn artang giauip are an -
vated to attend a fflaee-ttang Ttotuirs-
clay, iseipm.. zs. at i jpx. am, on irooan
31 Temple
Tniis gsnwuip was originated last
year by Dallas Walfamaa, Etoreicor
i off the Unawrsatw Theater. Fiff-
feem or 20 raeanbere aire dbsaen
year ffw the gwojnp aword-
ang to ability and intemestL They
wall csrodiflvne a .neries off one act
plays sind cane toa.C tnnoidiuKltioBa daar-
iiaig the OBirnanig TOar. !
i I : !!
Pepsters Mass
Potsy Clark,
HPwifcsr" Oart, Unawrsatty atffla
letac damettiiar. wiiM sj!eak to irireA
nuan pespsitors at ffhe mass aaaeet
inig Wednesday at? p. am, in the
Uanaiora balEtrocHiEi.
An etirnated 3.EI8 pepKier. im
oikkdinf 134 boys and IM gmtt
are expected to attend tfhe tinst
nwettiaag off the 155(1) pegs g&mupi.
A a pant off ICfae piroigrsuaa, Yeol
Scyuiad anesnabeirs wiiJIl .fitoaaoBaKtrat
.diffieaeaat yeiQ. Frank Panoolm.,
YeH Kinc aKbcted by his all
aanaDe snad. wuTlll be ian flwge.
Erme ED Cares
Pejwteirs aUea&smg iflae kbkwb
aire netaiBfisteid to bring fhsar ID
card, S5 im their ffwitibxalUl tkSret
auavd a card ffmown Chedr orcaaaiiza
ttiam whidb aiuthkcraziec thexn as an
official- irepaieBenlUtBW off that
fjnouajti. These Steins ame neoes
sary in onder to iretwrw ff.soi&alll
tidkets an the pep SKtiema on the
Sr'aund line.
IDskSs Kaasfca. -siiice paiKfiideaat off
Com Cckfc, .said tihait ffjrestjmaia
aaaeanlbers sauaiHt attend this naeet
ang an miter to get ttkSreftsi.
to ctarge -off ffiae fftieffcianan
icteeamg wctiMta ane K-uiita and
Janet Carr, irepiresesBlalirw of
AJternsle aneanbers off the
Cronrp are aluo mwited eeaa iff
ttbey fttave alieiikdy paareaaased
fftoeir tadkeffx.
MJmbers off the YeJl Stjnsaid
axe; BricSs Paaalfien, Liarry Ander
ncna. Ira EpFteiaa, Leonard Kehl.
Jerry Tubs, Goorfe Hanoot and
Oicfe Wakesnaaa.
Tbe ftrwdaman pep grown, mm II
43 rd Guard
Baud Gets
Active Call
Includes Fifteen
University Men
Fifteen University students re
ceived their call to active duty
when the 43rd Army band of the
Nebraska National Guard was
activated Saturday night.
The Lincoln unit will report
to Camp Carson., Colo., about
Oct. 15. Although a member of
the Nebraska National Guard, it
is not an element of the S-tsh I
Infantrv division of which the
AcorasKa guaro is . ire
dson has its own band.
News of activation came as a
surprise to band members who
had supposed That they would be
one ot the last umts to be called.
,; n,w.
when the word came through
that we had been activated. We
are disappointed that we mill not
be able to femish our college right
now. However, if our government
i mt.' wbc c
! The University students called
r.j nn r, icwil,
S FaircMld, Roland GoW Bob
Harrison. Dam Johns. Erie Kemdle,
Roger PMpps, Dack Reid, Bob
Sandstedt, Art Sctomeer, Don
Stack, Al States, and James
Wroth. The band leader. W, O
William Spliehal. is a graduate
student at the University.
Word received from Washing-
ton indicated that all tusmi menu-
bers must report to Camp Carson
tor physicals. The announcensemt
said that no deferments would be
grantecL Orae off the memnibeirs,
James Wroth, is a senior in the
ArtiMerv unit of the Nebraska
CoL H. R. Turner of the Ne
braska National Guard podnted
out seeral other nom-divisMimial
units off the guard fcnoim sinnnouirDd-
!j """S. stales had beea
!! artiw duty.
caltedl to
T t - p
' fkf I'tliTkfli r -P-f
A vT.l II UvJUlV let LI.
Position Open;
Fulton Resigns
The resagnatactsoa off Saurah Fan-
" managing edatitw off the
Naurme off t3ae stiukdent who wiM
; CiM .. ttoe vacancy wiiM be an
il noianoftd meact week after a mwet
" iing off the Cciamanitftee on Staa
'i dent PaatolacairjioiiriS. Ediiteir Dick
n i .... .... ... - 1t. mm. fcrijM,w AM TTrA . ..... -
ii Kiuiska indicated Miooaday. The ij JMLastei'" dgnee at Michi.gati Una
II new mana-ging edilor wail be an- j; versity and Duscfttw's at ComelL
I; poiaattad ffrowra memtoesrs off je jj Dr. Josephine BmhIs is claair
li imreaentt staff mooim ireecsiunaemida- ,; man off ah diwisiiBm off ffoads and
taoaa off the Cfsraahimsker staff!
, 4iff Mjiara
;; aaargse off tfiraternit, ss-
a -. -itw Mik xy
h.oU9es Bearaatty Qiiaawus and an-
iiTt iBrWltiran.
Mm Faaliaw was PP- iijtesat Fwtfessw in housing
the positaw f : managsnig oter bMltsieMldi inp-memtt replac
last sffxrairss bjr the Coffnimattee aa ;; vacaisor os. Dorc-thea
SJaadeaat PaaHaica.tiitairiis. ' Ptan.
;j Other actawattief off Mist Faii3tfnm
j. inclaftde head solicatair of AUF
! and Tassea. She as a aneauber off
Kapj; aiapja Oaaaasna.
Meeting Set
Yell Squad on
- s .
llu1"' IV -V Vr-J V. , iV1-.j4 Tbe ached
COKKBtSCEE SMXIT Tbe bag red p?srtirayed by the
F3a2asnien pepwtea at eadlB fksisifHsall gajaae. Tbe bays fa red sweatent
ffiamiB tbe "ST ar2 tSoe girls im white, ae fcW'ksmar!L TI.e 340
tre&bitnen iwcieaatt Ssxm tine caird sectkna a!d sit on Cbe US yanig
an its ssmd year iff aclikiiira.
ffonnns a large red "NT" as the
srtuadsn siSe off ttive staditttrm.
Boys will wear red sweaters with
white txsegsf&smx eaaaliJeimas, ami
tbe girJs, white sweaters with
red atiipi!ines. AH sjma.d
members maast wear red ffresn-
man beaaaaes.
Comshucks Calls
For Workers
Comshucks needs business
staff workers.
All students interested in
working on the business staff
should meet at the Comshucks
office in the Union basement at
i 4 p.m. Wednesday.
Business manager A I Tully
i will be on hand to assign duties
and explain the situation to pro-
speetive workers.
NU Theater
Opens Tryouts
Dean Graunke, director of the
first University theater produc
tion announced that trvouts for
"Antigone will begin Wednes-
day. Tryouts will be held from
r.sday. and continue Thursday
- u 9 pm Xfcer be
jr. Room 21, Temple building.
j, The story is based on the
" Greek myth of Antigone, a Greek
, maiden, and her father, Edipus.
Aniim twr.mP-: mrtrr
The adaptation used was first
displayed in Paris in 1945 and
1SS, during the German occupa-
tion. A few revisions had to be
made at that time because off the
marked likeness off the dictator-
ship oif Creon to that of Hitler.
The modem is used with formal
attire during the performance
which lasts one hour and 4
n j - 1 1
UllIOIl ISSlieS L.all
1q lllmr F rOSU
, One of the busiest places on
i "he Cornhiusker camptis is the
Union activity office. The union
i1 is again issuing a call to all ffresh-
: men. w orkere for the many
! phases off activities are meetfetl
: Tiupise frosh possessing speciial
talents are very welcome. The
jobs are varied and there are
places for nearly everyone will-
ZZ"C "'
muni c'ji milujiu mu nnipmiu: jjj'uaiuiji
dances and coftvocattions to typ
; ing Betters.
As one worker in the' activity
"a stated. ""Helping in wniom
. ctavities has many advantages-
student can do mwch to make
th'i. union a better place, and yet
iTuave a gojod time and meet new
friends at the same time.""
----- , - - . - . : 3IK l'Ti,-tn
SchIaphof f New Chairman
Of Home Ec
Dr. Dwetnta ScMaphoff as the
new chajraman ol the department
off hiOOToe eiconotnics. Miss Srhlaip-
; boff served this past yeaur as the
;: chaiirmana of the ffi0dls and moa-
tratoon department.
She ifejf 'IUnces liHaiirgiret
' Fodide w!hw) as now aaa Waesbaden,
Genmamy. eanpOoyed by the Hi
CiwrmnsiifsscMi off Germamy. IMass
FerfWe as working on a d'ekip
anent ad edaacaitaomal program
:: for raarall wHoanem asad ga'rls.
ESr. Sc-Maphoffff is a graduate
off the Uojiaversaty. She got her
'! nuttriitiipn- Miiss Ann Reiaz and
:j Mrs. Heteaa Coailley Saalek aire new
" instnukrt.Prs im the foods depart-
i: mentt ffilMmg the teanctoimg tm-
Ij MAckHe and
Jl lr Bawkx.
' Mass Fern Pentz Browaa is
j feaehiuag ana idoting reseasnch work
!j aaa the dwisaoja off xH-ttd deveitsro-
ii assent and 1 aaaaly lifle.
turn,-" (j )iiii'
In ctoainge off the pepsters wall
be Cwm Cobs and Tassels mem
bers. ApsrswdmaJe ten wiB be
in each srwup.
JkAus CwaneCy and Joel Bai3y
headed the grwip daaring its
initial yeaur.
Eeffreshraerols wil be served at
tbe aneeiting Wednesday.
After Monday, Sept. 25. the
ax will fall on parking violators.
According to Sgt. John Furrow
of the campus police, regulation
parking violation tickets w ill be
given to students and faculty
members who park their cars
after that date -without parking
stickers in restricted areas.
!i Deadline for obtaining the
I parking permits is Tuesday at
5 p.m. They can be obtained from
the Student Council booth in the
, Union.
Decals identifying permit hold-
T"1 1
I rkCTYIfkt1 rV Illli
, m
SninL pr Trfclllf
wJUlvllVvl X
i, Ti"edav ewninc i the date
for Kot Kllb smoker,
. . , , . t .
t DesJgned to acquaint prospect
the meeting
30 pjna. Room
according to
Jaeors, ice president.
Active iembers will met at
f T P-nx, "loom 316 of the Union.
i: AH workers mast be first
; semester sophomores and have
: maintained a 4.5 average during
r their first vear of work. Two
men from each organized house,
as well as any independent stu
dent who so desires, may attend
the meeting.
The men's dramatic society an
nually sponsors fall and spring
show revues. The fait show in
cludes a number of skits by var
ious organizer! men's groups on
the campus. The spring revue is
an original play with an all male
Workers sell advertising, do
stage work and sell tickets for
these revues, as well as other
Kosmet Klub sponsored events.
"Workers will be judged on the
cjuaotity and quality of their
work: the top men will be selec
tor membership, said
f J3is. m-ho
is in charge ot
Tbe Kosxuet Klsb smoker for
pr!pective workers be
held tnit bt at :3t pja. in
stead t Wedeesdar evening as
previessly rrpertei in Tfce
Daily Xebraskan.
Student Council
Plans Meeting
On Sept 27
,1 Tne Student Cwuiacil wiH hold i
its first ineeting ff the year Wed-
nediy, Sept. T2. AoctandiiEg to
EciJ Baiuwa. presidetstL tJae Coun-
col wail be unaUe to isaeet nmraftiS '
thai diite to tjbe i.sct that six ;
campiuf orj.iicizatioraf have not '
yet eaW-tod fhejr Stiuifileirjt CoaamciE j
representative. j
Oirg.iiniiziitMwni stall lUc-kang rep- j
. . . . , . rw '
refT.ia.aia3vef are liAjsm, uc ii
gineerang Exec board. later Fra-
teraatty Count-all. YWCA and the
Law association.
Tbe ffoEldmltog oSjficer wall be
elected at the ffarst Coaancal Eeet
ing: treasurer, secretary and cor
respondirjg seiwetairy. Present of
ficers inclasde, bessdes Katum; vk
presjident, Rso Parker and Judi
ciary dbaarman. Gene Barg. Hoid
over maenaberi ff the Cmsmsl. in
aAdilicin to the S'fsaers are Bmice
Kennedy. Betty Gireeas aawl Shir
ley AHen. .
aale ff work ffcr the
caBs f9r cwaapJe- ii
for the staikdent nan- i
gratikONni- eBectaoai of additional II
CoKianrf offffbeerf and dasvusaaon of
plsMs for the election ff class ot- j
filters. '
The six holdover iraembers of
the Cwuncal will coctinte to meet i
wath the faculty susb-cotr'tjee
n gener.4J orgajitotaon l.w dis
casssFJon f the Student Conines!
comtaSijtiffliB. The new constiJui
tkm. OOTMplelted last year is stall
under dasmssMssa by the faculty
SMb-eananaittee. Eevisaosss and
aASixms wall be recoaaassseoded
by this faculty group.
' if SSfe.' ' !:
j i 1
ft. HI- "' -3' 1
i ii i
llir-miMiiiin lnftTiirr,rJ-"yl-'J1lT hh-rr-m - rrni wHwima
Dr. DrHta SchUptaeTf . . . jj
Tuesday, September 19, 1SS0
ers are being affixed to ears at
a station set up in the parking
lot north of the Social Science
building. The station win remain
open until S pm. Wednesday
T Folic Cmpw
Furrow and his staff will be
gin regular policing of the cam
pus parking stalls Monday. Stu
dents receiving tickets must pre
sent them at the campus polio
office in the West Stadium within
ten days after issuance.
The first two tickets, according
to Sergeant Furorw, will be dis
missed, however, as courtesy
tickets. They will be filed against
the student and his car registra
tion at the campus police office.
Third time violators will auto
matically have their names sub
mitted to Dean V. J. Thompson,
if a student, and Dean Carl
Borgmann, if a faculty member.
The administration will then
haw charge of prosecution.
"Students who do not submit
their traffic tickets to the police
within ten days after issuance
will also be turned over to the
administration, says Furrow.
T trace Cars
Unmarked or locked cars vio
lating the parking rules wd be
traced through the state office in
the State Capitol building and
through the Lancaster and Lin
coln city files. All Nebraska reg
istered cars can be found in this
Though the plans for prosecu
tion are not clear-cut, the gen
eral procedure for punishment is
through the Lincoln Municipal
Furrow emphasized that last
year's stickers are no good for
the current year, and that the
new stackers are the only ones
authorized for campus parking.
Permits will not be necessary
on Ag campus and students liv
ing within eight blocks of the
caimpMs are not eligible to re
ceive the persnits.
Residence Cnanges
"If a person changes bis resi
dence during the school year and
is eligatoSe for a permit, he shoakl
see the Student Council to obtain
a sticker.
Sergeant Furrow explains that
parking m city campus parking
staBs and lots is restricted cnty
between the hours of 7:33 a. m,
and 3:30 pjra. "After 3:30, the
campus is pen for parking to
everybody, though red-line park
ing is still prohibited. be says.
Parkiiiis: facilities have been in
creased this fall by 75 staBs. In
addition, as s.wj as operations
pertnit. a new lot wiH be opened
at Utth and Vine streets. The
groaand must be cleared and
graded before tr e lot is available
to faculty and students.
YWCA Tells
Drive Plans
The YWCA win begin its an
nual membership drive Wednes
day. Emphasis wall be placed on
Mainiing iniennibers who wall par
fcapate in all phases" off the Ys
Solicitors will contact girls l?v
img in organized fcoassesv. Tos
living off the campus w2 be con
tacted a Is.
First event off the year wiH be
a rendervosuts Monday, Sept. 25
from 350 to 539 p. in. al EZlen
Smith halL Any girl who is not
a freshman is urged to attend the
meeting. Freshmen girls must
want six weeks before they can
take part in any campus activity.
Mi ny Benefits
Some of the benefits off the or-
ganizatsiooi listed fcy Raata Shiisn,
YW direcltor are: imakisg zsew
fraends, excharaging ideas wita
other itodesits, training lor
leadership. m'crkJag on a specific
project, learning of fctercoUe
giite conferences anl rummer
jj , jscjBt natunal and worU
J enwiTe3SeisL
11 3ng members off tie Y insist
1 partiidpate im at least or. cmor
i a1tsvsty. Sosrae of the commission
I grwjj pen to girls cm tbe city
campus are: knitting and diarua
i sdouii. belaefs an trial, cosnparafcv
j rt3.g3cr.. iterciLiltwaL persoaal
I va3iues on campm, social service
' twjirs, freshmen coininissrioes, wor
ship workshvop. current affairs.
,j o', xmd
tensor cmmisxki.
Conarittees on which girls may
serve are: publicity, social, f
ffice staff, rnanbershjp and con
ference co-op.
MemibetiMa Traiiien
iCeenhenhJp in the local YW
offers particapaSion in the World
Stadent Oaristian Federatioei, a
world-wade organization. The
YW is represented im 735 com
imanitaes and on C17 canpuses in
the United States.
Members may also participate
iaa the summer inffercoCegiat
prcigrani of the TT. Last year,
K girls were able to obtain paid
government j'jb for the sumner
as a result of their messbenrhip.
Tbe tneniibership fee is (L4
per year, or SI a seroesSer.
Cera Sbrks neeis mm Art
Tke kintr nmrxtc
present art bead nas lani re
cefvei Us rreettngs aad wlU
mm be sraiy trfwrtd. At
me rnteresled la tbe pmiAm
ptease see Editor Fraak la
ta the Cra S'kscks f
fW far cleuQs.
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