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    Mondav, September IS, 1950
- it'
IVctc Staff Members
Major Edward R. Atchison is
the new bead of the ordnance
Three Officers
Get Miiitarv
Posts at
Three -officers have been as
signed to the Uniwrsity Army
ROTC staff, Col James H. Vrit
man, professor of military science
and tactics, announced Monday.
They are: Major Edward 13..
Atchison, who will lead the ord
nance section; Capt. David Prior,
who will teach artillery subjects;
and Capt John 1 Tanner, who,
win teach infantry subjects.
Major Atchison was assigned to
the University from Hawaii where
he was commandant of the Pacific
branch of the ordnance school. He
was "Commissioned in 1924 and en
tered active duty in 11942. During
World War II he served an the
China theater of operations. Major
and Mrs. Atchison live at 2420
Sheridan boulevard. They have
two children, Ahx, 10, and Ed-1
Captain Prior was assigned from
the advanced officers course of the
artillery -school at Port Sill, Okl.
souring wwin ar u.
with ithe 204th -field .artillery oat'
talion in Europe. He served three
years with occupation forces m:
wwy. tpiMii auudviis, u:-wui
lure mawv iu-Ku
aughter, Kancy Joe,
njapxain manner .as .assugiieu
from the 55ih anfantry regimental
JPSr 2? apa
..rr- Tul , " "
3 OSrd infantry idivision in Europe.
He is a matrw ebrasfeaa andi Unta a war af!Qi the Andrews-
graduate f tfte Unwersity, Cap-ijjal basement contained the Una -
tain and Mrs. Tairoer Iwe at -.i,, irnnPfw. Now the eAsn '
South 44th street,
son, David, ;B.
They have
1 lOIt I II liPPT
m "Wl" 1 1 X ;not l0n 311 a"e museum, j
I g f4n!ri 1 hllllPrtom pickled sparrow So matn-i-, rrr If
A v AAU1U .tJ-XAXAVxa. moth fcuns. Fossils sent in by!Hf? I TfiltiuP
... - -fiolrf tco .m-onA unit Ansonrl itn --
.New JS.UX4J .commissions wiu
e announced at the first meet-
ing of the Candidate Officers -as-
odatitm this vear
Military heads win welcome which seminars wm -De neia. - y C T
She new members to the associa-! In Morrill haD itself, the newest ; j frff) dCllCUlC
Uan am a meeting to be held in exhibits deal with crmoids, the -
Parlors ABC, Wednesday, Sept. iHtUe marine animals Vtuch re- j fthat jregistration, ip'h5'sical
27 at sm tsemble plants and are sometimes ; elcaminations, book buying and
All members -of the Candidate ! called -sea lilies.'" High spot .of j the other .subool-year irweltmi
ffioerE association and new .crinoid exhibit as -a colorful , varies are .wer. the inevitable
junior Advanced ROTC -students diorama showing how the spaa- eifJht passes bae begun,
nrrrwri n utt.nnfi the ihanciuet. imens would .appear in their sea-i Frnrn .ow .nn Saturdays will
which will inaugurate a year of
scheduled COA actrv'ities.
The positions of cadet colonel
Sor the Army .and Air Force, and
midshipman commander lor the
JJavy, will be announced -at this
Amnne !fhe officers nresent will
"hf. C.riL JIameK H. Worlrman.
imt ir (Tni W T Jlntnifirom.
-nH irnrrt ThnrnM A.
DonovHn, Kay, who will wei-
come COA officers -and .discuss
the (critical world situation and
She importance .of KOTC to the
nation's welfare.
JLZZZZ ww r.; m
and tickets may oe securea irom
the three force representatives -or
oat the .door.. According to Col.
Workman, all new junior ad
vanced ROTC -students -should
jplan tlo attend.
Boys Forsake Fral
For Sorority's Bid
Three laoys were accepted iby
AORi aorority dui-ing a pledging
ceremony held last Friday.
Endowed with pledge ribbons
tpoiicy could have been estab
aielied when the AOPJ'b 'pledged
Ruth Ann GibBon, the truternity
hnuRemother's .daughter.
nd arorlty hats. Bob iGilmore,
Dom DevrieE, and Bob Fayman
returned to the PM Delt house
ito be lEreeted by gales of laughter
and -a Sew shocked KpreHBions.
'Thiis jfriendiy AOI'i-CPhi Dett
ST 8
m 3 j
ti li hi t ' 1 11
Capt. David Prior comes to
the University from Fort Sill,
Okla, Ho teach artillery sub
jects. V-.,
John L. Tanner, who comes
from an assignment in Japan,
will teach infantry subjects.
X"XjfXl. Hllll
; 1 1 1 If
AliOltOfl JlOrC
Working Spaee
Morrill hall museum workers
mow nave aacunonai room om -
m'hich to work, the museum direc-
tar k. Schultz, has announced.
Tbe emer, ,0f Andrew hall has
''Deen renove'ted and now prwi6es
-; - M
' storage ana researcn space oi'MSegree an June BJOd, nas 1Deen :
imuspunl iwr'kers.
i departments of the museum, ver-."j0
!tibrate and invertibrate, palean-
imology and botany, share the
: space. JHene one cam una anyming
piaster, are lunpacked and proc-;
;essed before being put -on exhi-ut.
5Space has ;also been prided an
bottom home. Painstaking work;
w 'MU,U .""!tuaents wiU tmte mecnanoe no ,
and his assistants was required to ,
Icreproduce the mndersea (effect.
The long (exhibit of "The story
of oil" is scheduled to .disappear,
soon In its place wiH appear a ;
study .of the evolution of some lile ;
from its primitive begin-
rnings to jto roresenx-a larm. ane
tfl 'eKhibit was .Of special public
F'Kmft c
Museum workers (did not stop
worK .auring vacaauon mraes, mux
took some cxruDits xo xne siate
H alrgrounds. There the museum
. TJri.'Tr;
I Wildlife Department .entries.
Religious Groups
Plan Reception
last Sunday was the all uni
versity church Sunday. A free
movie .entitled "Tioadhouse" was
shown and new students were
introduced to the .different stu
dent religious 'organization!;,
Next Friday, Sept. 22. all stu-
dent religious .organizations will
hold all (university -social .churcli
night. These parties will be held
at the individual .church 'house--and
art the respective .churches
The (events will begin at ;B .p. in.
and are .designed to acquaint ttht
student with the (organiaed (de
nominational (houses and lEroups.
AH -students are (cordially in-vrted
to attend.
National Bank of Commerce
Kosmet Klub
Plans Smoker
The Kosroct Klub will hold
smoker Wednesday evening to
acquaint prospective workers
with the program' et the organ
ization, Frank Jacobs, vice presi
dent, announced Monday.
All workers must be first se
mester sophwrftwres and have
mainUined a 4.5 average during
their first year f wn! Two mem
twwa each organized house, as
well as any independent student
he so desires, miay attend the
meeting which will be held in
Koran $16 of the Union.
The snens dramatic society an-
nually sponsors flail and spring ii gramae studies had been made at
revues. The fall show includes a Chicago, Iowa, Harvard, Coham
numher of skits by various or- bia, and other schools. The
;cani2ed rnen''s croups on the I studies were to 'determine if
campus. The spring revue is an
original play with an all male
east. The workers sell advertising,
do,, stage work and sell tickets tor
these revues, as well as other
KK-sponsored events.
"Workers will be judged on the
quantity and quality of their
work; the top men will be
te membership. said
who is in charge of
Other officers of the group are:
lean Pfeiffer, president; Ted
Randolph, business manager, and
Jerry J ohnson, secretary..
Down in ROTC
Advance Group
i Col James H Workman, pro-
feasor of military science and
tactics, has announced that ac-;
icording to late information from1
the department of the army, the
!itwm5trwmeTit irsr senior veterans.
to take the advanced KOTC
course and qualify for ooramis-
siom as second lieutenants in the
OS. army reserve have been sub-
stantiaUy lowered.
Among the changes announced
'are an increase in maximum ape
Ifroni 26 to 17 and a requirement
of only Kive hours of POTCwork
. .,. . : ;
a weeK ansteaa oi mine s pprm
tous announced. '
Ail rinancial benefits ffor megu-1
lar 1RCTC students are payable j
-tarn-n A,,rtt.nt iBnTtfiTVeifl im-!
;lder this program. The tulii uim-
snrna aiiowante ta shu wiu oe
additional recauirement,1
,fhat semors enrolling must be
enrolled in a course heading to a
Senior veterans who were mtrt i
nbk tbefore ue to being I!
- , vk m mr ju. ;
hedule nine hours work but 1
(undertake Eve hours, arei
j - oxC class at the Mfljtary Science
aoaing .us soon as possible.
jKl C1J (T'
h lhe .flays that Dnm-ersity j
Few students -ever .gei.
-up on 5axuraay imcn'imij,s..
in case you should want to. ffol-
j a'he 'Sollowmg .directions -and
porter win tell you the
H ,rinnf,.
First, you must rouse yourselt
, .cwn nu 9mow..
... . m h.; 1nirVcnmp tnf.f-
pie talk, some walk, and .others
After vou Ihave opened your
ir.h nurqPLf. ,m
-' , ,. n mHKArn
I ?Z: ZZ,r
Next tune in the radio .ana
listen to "Oh What a Beautiful
Morning." ((If they happen to be
playing "Brahms" Lullaby" you
are out (Of luck.))
Sit am, toss back the .covers
and put vour ffeet on the floor.
i(Cold, isn't it?N) Try standing tup.
Now you -are ready to begin
walking.' ((Walking .can be 'de
fined as a primitive and -com-purairveh'
-simple method 'Oi
transportation ach ieved iby plac-
ims .one ttocn in ttror.n .03 ant
other.)) Now -splarih a little mold water
'in your jane Jew thri final toutih.
CBut (don't look in the rnirror
nny sort .of shock .can -soon send
'on back to bed.,,
And there vou Ihave 31 It Is
Saturday imomirg and you are
ip. Now (CXCURi me While your
irepoiter goes jat!k to Hied.
See Any 'Bares?
Sure, Shot One!
i What was called a scholar1y
research job" at the University
of Washington, Seattle, came to
a halt when irate parents pro
tested that their daughters were
being photographed in the made.
; Girls were being shot cy
photographers as part fit studies
Jin scmatomy, which deaSs with
'i bodily postJure, In the recsh elf
'! physical exams, sdwieone neg
!j Jected to tell the $irls being pho
tographed that at was to be
: purely voluntary. Protests
eawsed the program to cease and
some SOft negatives were burned,
lilt's all a misunderstanding,'"
said school officials.
From Columbia University
leame worfi that sueh photo-
any relationship exists between
an individual's behavior and
physique, and to establish pat
terns for medical diagnosis and
Inquiry Wednesday brought
out the fact that N. U. had been
taking such posture-study pho-
i tos for 2S years. Said Miss Mi
i bel Lee, head of the womenls
! phvsical education department,
jWe lite to show a rt the
progress she has made in im
proving her posture. We have
had many letters from parents
telling their appreciation of what
we haw done tfor their daugh
ters."" Miss ILee stated that only pns3'
could be made. The photo are '
seen only by cirls and their in
structors and are kept in locked
""AH the leading wnovsrsataes
and women's eollepes haw been
doing at for years.'- she said. 1
suppose it was the tie-up with
the research project that caused
the trouble at the University of
'r,fi.klrtrs;: Cll
-AltIU9ClUI . v 1 1
i(-v T I
;j IVU li " lOOK.S
The 1850-5! "X" Eoolcs are on
sale now. Sales are being con-
ducted by ' Coed Counselors
who will toe selling them all
Oilier !1m irTn,rn
- 2 1
MsxxJ diff.erent types of m-
0in?1'at joontaaed urn the
!bMltes- pei is a (calender of
evenx Tor xne year, a
"" ..u- ;
' and religious oenters off the Una-
a !1lft 'oi "
-chwebes the caty. The campus
maps toll where ,one m fm
.rrf" """
and Swing facilities.
The book also indiudes pi (toes
4he directors csr presidents off
campus actre-itoes and a bit of
explanataon about the group.
In the back of the book space
-addnesses and phone numbers.
Two Barls lo Fill
Tassel Vacancies
j Tassels mow have two vacan
cies ffor two Barbs-at -large,
j Shirley Allen, president of
Tassels, announced that any in-
aenestad gml sbauki .call her .at
as soon as possible.
To fill the position the girl
must not be a member of an or
ganized house on campus or a
student ion Jug campus. (Other re
quirements include a 5.5 average
ana -sophomore or -abmie stand-
f 'v. w w-iTNk-fc.. . V4 v, "S;'.
l'.-iirftt v i ' 1 -I
1 .: ; ".'..:r. y-. -.-:;;.;:
" ' - -- - - ' - 1 - -
iDrtlu(ilialle, mwnriMe iljilaifl mii v4wteen .oollur anfl tiuSs
iflo the Sjiicik. Se an noon ... nmuH agree 3fs OBe
unuirtetit Ifloust ttiufl emor ttoif jefl a skirt.
a o 4
For Hungry Students the Un
ion has four places where stu
dents riay satisfy that hunser.
The Union offers the services
of the Crib, Carnpusline, the
main dining room, and the par
lors. In addition. 19 student
employees find eating accommo
dations in the employee dining
roora. and athletes sit down each
evening at the training table.
Heading this mammoth 'eating
business-" is Miss Joanna Lager,
who has charge of the eat
ing operations except for per
sonnel unanagement.
Miss Lager's duties include the
planning of menus, the baying
of foodstuffs, and the supervision
of the food's preparation and
Crta Facilities
The Crib, campus relaxing and
coffee spot, is open seven days
a week under the following
schedule: Monday through
day, 7:15 a. rau to IMS p. m.;
Friday, 7:15 a. m. to 12:15 a. m.;
Saturday. S a. m. to 12:15 a, m.
and Sunday 4 p. m. to M:!5 p. an
" The main dining room, which
opens today, is located on sec
ond floor. The room is open
earih noon with dining service
from 11 a. ra. to II p. m.
Campuslirae, the cafe-
teria, is open every noon
thremghout the week from 1 1
a ra, to 1 p. m, and s to
Tbe Union parlors on second
and third floors are open by
reservation tor parties and din-
roers. ,
"Hi's year ffor the ffirst time
ine -Lnjon its compteTe
eating facilities f or the athletic
department. A .group from the
department eat three meals a
day in the cafeteria.
The Camfwsline
u .rjuiHiuu ujjie xunj.iutMJuic as iraon ;
opesrj to the public during break
fast hours, the cafeteria provides
Art Season at Morrill Hall
Opens With Painting Exhibit
Opening the 1:950-51 art sea- :
son is the painting techniques ,
exhjibroon mow showing at the 1
ffaijeries in Mar- 1
nn -
TTh-K: 1nTHilf;i e i. lKe.Tr, K. i
lavman understand contemporary i
& u fe
f nwdia and
ttochnmues. The show will con-
; tinie here through Oct. 1, and . something better, and then some
: then will be shown at the IDes ! thing new was found. Van Gogh
Moines, la, art center and at the j
Th v,nhii-k..-n ,iWh w ,T-
ready gained ffavcxrable comment ; paint his powerful ccnnposiJaans
in mational .art publications as a ; fa Giottos time..""
result of its prejnier showing 1 "'At the present time old media
Hast spring at the JtasHyx) art ame being revised; mew cherjni
imwseuim fa Omaha, was planned cals, binders and pigments dis
bT Eugene TKingmam. (director off ! ccvened. This permits a wider
Joslvn, and IDwight Kirsrih, di
rector of the Uaaoversity art ,ga3
ileiies ncrw .on leave. Kingman
w;as .aided in his research by the
Omaha Junior League Art Pro
ject while Mr.. Karat was as
sisted by students in the Uni
versity art .department.
Bistwry tvplained
Of jfiarticulaT interest is the
section in gallery "'A' mm the
histcirical .deeluipmenl off paint.
SufJjulemented by material trom
the National Gallery off Art in
WW ,11 (WrN(uifitinuiur'imiiv
a icntnjplrte lloiue warclrohe nan
Offers fFailsfies
Hotswv Stadenfs
breakfast each morning for the kept in all parts of the Union,
athletic croup. food system. "It is part of our
The training table has been jj jati to the students to
moved from third floor to first ;! . , . .., , ,v
floor AthJetes who cat at the;teM1 standards, she
table now isse the cafeteria after !j states,
the re.gnnlar cafeteria dinner ; Most students who f iNjuent the
hours each evening Crib have noticed that the price
The menus contain protein foods,
fruits and vegetables and avoid
fatty foods.
The Unkw kattchen has pur-
itiAk.ill nu i.a.t vwih.,,ViiiniJ) 4ttu)
installation of which are
sified as "improvennents.'"
Already installed is the new
electric bake oven in the bake
department. The new oven
bakes pies, "cakes, hotbreads.
cookies, and other bake syoods.
New Tables, Bar Top
Other improvements in the
Union facilities are the new na
tural finish tables in the Cam
pwslime, and the renovated bar
top in the Crib. In addition, the
employees dining room has been
completely redecorated.
The employees dining room is
operated in the basement of the
Union for the uirse of Union em -
ployees. Here the students and
others help eat at oost.
The Union has ISO employees.
bb on wnom are STOMa'jis an une
!! UniveasiSy. The
0 mon-stodent
, emplovees W'Ork
on a ffuJl-time
i plowes work as little as U hours
i a week and as many as -4'R bows
:, a week..
jj Itsliwashic: "Easy"
i One of the primary .jobs off the
:j kitchen is the dishwashing jofc. "
:, -am oisnes excepi uroose usea m
jj the Crib,'' explains Miss Lager,
j are brought from mpstairs to the
11 dishwashing machines in the
;! basement.'"
j Accoirding to Miss Lager, the
-.da) irons u:is ipw m (cu'sraw-asraiiug :
marihiine fa the griU room. Sani-.;
tary oonditeons are faithfully
Waihingtefla, the section traces jj
briefly from preJhisJtotnk times i
through the nineteenth centTurv
mans striving to express beauty.
ii marii ,c
Eu-naru. ITmrmM
painting technique is not an end
im otsell. From earQaest times,
paint Bimatod the artisTs fa their
work only uaaatil they needed
could net hawe painted with ihas
Iteny. Steither could Tmtoretto
law ftiad tthe irih mxum-i ttm ;
field off eKpre-ssion to the painter
than ever beSore."'
The section off the exhibition
prepared by the University art
galleries goes into more detaulei
analysis, off the .aiSiereu . media
mtsed Iby cantemporary painters
and ejcpjranes some off the (dif
ferent tedhnigoes possibJe as a
result off mew unaterials and im
prcwment of old unaterials.
Paintings from the UmaversityV
permanent ool'teitiom are nased as
iif ifle
If ! ,v
they named me
. . piw h jTm aJ e. "'a -arI
Yvm t uB ht thtj cHe ta IuumSv, fr fTJ
lie &mng loft rf DooplUQ',, j4 Siinon, thh
it xim t -.arrjju--itbl f athkm
asppjw fcr SimB' C-oUp- Board.
' tut-
of coffee
j has rben from fivv cents last
,; year to seven
cents thus fall.
Reason for She rise in price is
the increasing rise in the price of
; Lager, the cup of coffee and a
few meat sandwiches are the
only foods offered by the Crib
which have gone wp in price this
Food stores unsed by the LTnioa
are bought from different com
psinnes, no oane conipany being the
Union's wholesaler.
Lts f l oo
Great ouantJtaes off food are
fmned djjnu the Union, Next
week, IdB cases of whole kernel
; wim jhred tt-o the
fnion stockroom. Each case will
sntain six .gallon capacity cans,
j This year, all dairy products
;! including cottage cheese, milk.
; oreajm, ke cresm are being
: rw nmSvwsaa-r
: mw . n,;w
Miss Lager tells the procedure
for planning either a party or a
dinner in one off the parlors as
ill) Obtain romras reservations
from Uniion Director Duatrae
Lake's offfioe.. A room must be
reserved before the other details
: pUannedl).
' ' Contact Miss L&eer's office
j Jj Umiom basement to plan
j ijfgj jmjj oeirvaoi:
iExcept for the gril to the Crib,
' !okimK facilities are in the
nliraipimi Jaa3lrsnt. The flood US
TO?jhea frw the basement to the
! (ter niwrs by eJevaftcw.
Different rricrs
:i "nnhe earopusline and the mum
dining room do irxot seirve iden
j tica! menus,'" says Miss Lager,
ij "yet the prices are wearily the
;i same ffor botch places". The dining
room will seat over IdO people.
""One misiuindierstanding about
the Uffaioim facilities 5$ that sttmi
ideaats seem to think that the
main dining room is reserved for
the uase off the ifacisMy only; but
"t S 'Open HO) alii , JUUS5 ILageT
I11 -
beginning her second year as
head off the Utnaram food service.
She oairoe to Nebraska Hast fall
tfinom the Uiniivesrsity of Chicag
where she" obtained her masteis
degree fa bmsiness admimistia-
to J5w,
rk was Aone at the Umaversaty
i off Colorado..
'mum nsncnoir
Batjy talk imagajane free
eadb EMEitlh. For infsnnai
tiom call the ""Dcsnble Psno
teCSm &vper service.
for the standard cup
np -tw "m, LIM!Oli KEEK.
I " ( 'I I HI I III I III. ! I