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nodora'Q" Support
Saturday the 1947 Cornhusker team will take the field
for the first time.
The Huskers open against highly-touted, heavily-praised
Indiana. But Nebraska teams have never been beaten by dis
couraging press notices. And they won't be tomorrow! This
squad is ready to play football. And they'll play a lot of it
before the result goes into the records!
The only question is how
Probable Lineups
Samuelson . ,
Toogood . . , ,
Sedlacek . . ,
.It... Ravensberg
.It... Moorehead
.lg. ... (c) Brown
Novak e Polce
Wilkina (gc) . .rg.... Harbinson
Hall rt.... Goldsberry
Pesek re... Mihajlovich
Wiegand qb.... Grossman
Hutton lh . . . . Taliaferro
C.Fischer ,...rh Groomes
Adams fb Jagade
HK lh H (Meters!
InlaosCxeirs deadly
Fr DcndlDgiini IF
much support will they get from
those east . stands while they
fight? Will these '47 Huskers
make their effort for a "fair
weather" crowd? Or will they get
the sort of inspiring support that
made past Husker teams unbeat
able on Memorial Stadium soil?
Can Be Done
Will you give them the kind of
helping hand that led other Ne
braska teams to "impossible"
feats and upsets? We think you
will! We think Nebraska spirit
has never been higher! No one
has illusions about the task. But
no one will admit it CAN'T be
Ordinarily, you get a chance
to show your colors at an open
ing rally. But Friday is All-University
Church night. For this
reason no football rally can be
held before kick-off tomorrow.
But that doesn't mean you'll
have no chance to let the team
know just where you stand! The
"rally is, after all, only a pre
liminary. You don't need that to
fan your spirit and enthusiasm!
We think it's strong enough to
stand alone!
Fight, Huskers!
When the Cornhusker players
first come on the field, we think
they'll be greeted with a recep
tion that will leave no doubt. We
think that famous Cornhusker
spirit will roll out of those east
stands all afternoon! We think it
will be so genuine that every man
on the field will feel its contagion!
The stadium wil show Nebras
ka's spirit. Cornhuskers will be
out in full color red sweaters
and skirts, red feathers and chrys
anthemums. Cornhusker yells will
shake those east stands. When the
going gets rough, Huskers will dig
in with plenty of vocal backing.
Anyone can sit in the stands
and cheer touchdowns. It takes
that famous Husker spirit to
show which side you're on when
the going gets tough.
How about it? Are you a Corn
husker? Duane Muntter, Corn Cob
Harriet Quinn, Tassel
Martin Pesek, Yell King
Friday, September 2.6, 1947
Hit the Hooslers!
Vets Committee
Hears Berman
"United States press is not pre
senting European issues accurate
ly," Eugene Berman, who just
completed a UNESCO sponsored
tour of Europe, told the American
veterans committee at a meeting
European university students
are ahead of American students
in r ArTirrni 71 n ft thA imnnrto rr rf
L3 world affairs, according to Ber
He also commented that Euro
pean G.I.'s participate in politics
in existing parties rather than
through veteran organizations.
AVC's adopted a resolution
commending tne University and
Lincoln veterans administration
offices for their efforts in assisting
university veterans during the pre
vious academic year.
New members are Rollin D.
Craig, Dexter E. Schleusener, Ro
man D. Hansen, and Lowell Fred-rickson.
Post Game
A "football jamboree" in the
Union immediately after the Indi
ana grid game will begin a series
of juke-box parties which will be
held after every home football
Whether Nebraska wins or loses
Friday, the Corn Cobs and Tassels,
headed by the Yell King, will lead
the student body to the Union for
dancing and refreshments. The
impYomtu parade will proceed
down 12th street to R.
These jamborees will be held
after every home game except
Homecoming. The parties will last
from 4:30 p.m. to 7: p.m.
Duane Lake, Union director,
also announced a series of dancing
classes every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.
in the ball room. After the first
meeting, men and women will be
split up into two groups by the
instructor, Donna McCandless. A
party later this fall will conclude
the series.
"Coffee Hour"
Lake said the traditional "coffee
hour" will begin Sunday from 5 to
6 p.m. in the lounge. Coffee and
brownies will be served free and
incidental music will be played.
The weekly variety show Sun
day evening will feature a show
ing of the movie, "Quiet Please,
Murder." Starting time is 7:30 p.m.
t 4
, . . senior guard to captain Huskers
Churches Plan Varied Enterfainmenl
For Student Gatherings Friday Night
Hit the Hooeieral
3 Senior Degrees.
Seniors planning to graduate in
January, June or August, 1948,
should apply for degrees and
check credits and graduation re
quirement at the Office of Admis
sions, basement of the Adminis
tration building, between 10 and 3
any week day or 10-12 Saturday
A school days party, circus
carnival, sideshow and mixers
ranging from square dancing to
bingo will be featured at the an
nual All-University Church night
sponsored by the Religious Wel
fare Council, which will formally
open various denominational pro
grams for students on campus
Friday night.
All other campus activities have
been shelved, so that everyone
may feel free to attend the gath
ering of his choice.
School days will be the theme
of the Christian students when
they meet at the First Christian
church at 16th and K streets.
George Kobdell will preside as
schoolmaster, and the class room
will be in the University rooms
on the third floor.
The Baptist Student Fellowship
will join with the Baptists of iLn
coln at the First Baptist church,
ntn ana at 7:30 p. m. for a
program of music by Laurie Tay
lor, pianist, who will offer a joint
recital with Mrs. Cornelius Grant
Cole, church organist. A talk by
Dr. Charles Taylor will be 'fol
lowed by a reception and refresh
ments. The Baptist Student Fellowship
will begin Sunday evening when
members meet at the Baptist Stu
dent house, 315 No. 15 street, for
a supper at 5:30 to be followed
by a talk by Gordon L. Lippett,
Y.M.C.A. executive secretary. A
special period will follow the de
votional, i
Episcopalian students will meet
at the student center at the Uni
versity Episcopal church, 3th and
R streets, at 7:30 p. m. for coun
try and social dancing. Refresh
ments will be served.
Father McMillan announces
that there will be only 11:00 a.
m. services on Sunday for the first
several weeks of the semester.
St. Paul Methodist church, 12th
and M streets, will be the grounds
for the Circus Friday night at 8
p. m. Fortune tellers, barkers and
appropriate refreshments will be
on schedule for the evening.
Presbyterians will meet at the
"Presby House" at 7:30 p. m. and
go together to the First Presby
terian church at 17th and F streets
for a forum on the subject "Back
From Europe," led by Lou Hor
ton. A buffet supper and get-together
hour will follow.
Lutheran students of the Mis
souri synod and affiliated church
es will meet in the "Y" rooms of
the Temple at 8:30 p. m., where
ReT. Erck will announce the
schedule for the coming year.
Mixers and refreshments will fol
low. Sunday's chapel services will be
held at 10:45 at the Union, room
B. S. A. will meet at the First
Lutheran church, 17th and A sts.,
at 8:15 p. m. for a social hour and
group singing with Bob Anderson
as soloist
A picnic will bt held Sunday at
(Daily Nehnukaa KparU Editor)
When toe meets leather at 2:00 p. m. in Nebraska's Me
morial Stadium Saturday, the curtain will be officially
opened on the Huskers 1947 grid campaign.
Coach Bemie Masterson, hopeful of stopping the win
ning ways of Bo McMillin's Indian Hoosiers, has put his
Scarlet and Cream footballers through a gruelling week of
practice in preparation for the
season's inaugural.
Fearful of injuries prior to the
initial test, Masterson has removed
contact work from his practice
routine this week. Instead the
"T" master has drilled his backs
on pass defense and his linemen
on blocking assignments.
Although the touted Ben Rai
mondi, who heaved the Hoosiers
to a 27-7 decision over the Husk
ers in Memorial Stadium last
year, is not in McMillin's back
field, Nebraska still respects the
Indianan's air game. With such
pass grabbers as Lou Mihajlovich
and Bob Ravensberg on hand, the
Nebraska backficld will be cov
ering every corner of the stadium
turf to shackle the Hoosicr's
overhead attack.
Taliaferro Back
But the airways will by no
means constitute the only serious
Indiana threat. With George Tal
iaferro, sensational f reshman star
in 1945, back in the Hoosier camp
after a hitch in the service, Ne
braska's burly forwards will get
a supreme testing.
Masterson and company will be
counting on the slippery running
of CletusTischer and the break
away dashing of Dirk Hutton to
skip around the Hoosier forward
wall. Dale Adams will be counted
on to test the strength of the mid
dle of McMillin's line.
Should the Husker's "T" sput
ter on the ground, Masterson may
surprise with a strong aerial at
tack. Little Del Wieand has been
grooming his right arm all week
and may be' filling the air with
pigskins more than the Hoosiers
may like. Joe Partington will also
be counted on to toss the leather
Continued on Pare 3
Hit the Honsirm!
Dean Gives
Coed Party
An annual tea for all women
students, especially freshmen and
new students, will be given by
Miss Marjorie Johnston, dean of
women, and her staff at Ellen
Smith hall on Friday, Sept. 26,
from 3:30 to 5:30 p. m.
Guests will be greeted by Joyce
Geddes, president of Mortar
Board, and Elizabeth Curley,
president of AWS. In the receiv
ing line with Miss Johnston will
be Mrs. R. G. Gustavson. Miss
Elsie Ford Piper and Miss Jean
Assisting in the parlor and
court will be members of Mortar
Board, Miss Margaret Cannell,
Miss Mildred Taylor, Mrs. Philip
Schmelkin, Miss Sal lie Wilson
and Mrs. Paul Sehnert.
Assisting with the serving will
be presidents of the women's
houses and organizations. Mem
bers of Delta Omicron, Mu Phi
Epsilon and Sigma Alpha Iola
will furnish music for the tea.
Hit the Hooslcn!
Student X-ray Unit
In Grant Memorial
Will Close Friday
Dr. S. I. Fuenning, director of
Student Health Service, announc
ed that the X-Ray unit in Room
101, Grant Memorial Hall, will
close at 5:00 p. m. Friday.
If any students do not have
their X-rays taken before that
time, they will have to make a
later appointment and pay for
the picture themselves. Student
Health emphasized that all stu
dents must have X-rays taken.
Faculty members, their imme
diate families, employees of the
university and veterans' wives
are eligible for free X-rays be
fort tr deadline this afternoon,
UM. Wm Hooefcrt
Pioneer park for both city and Ag
campus students. Softball, volley
ball, eats and a campfire sing will
fill the program.
Congregationalists will meet on
Friday night at 8:00 at the First
Congregational church, 20th and
D streets, for ping-pong, pool, so
cial dancing, roller skating and
Catholic students will meet at
8:00 p. m. in rooms XYZ of the
Union for their church night pro
Unitarians will meet at 7:30 on
Friday night at 1345 C street
(private home) for a talk by
Royce Knapp, associate professor
of secondary education, -on "Are
Unitarians Christians?"
Hit the Hoosleri!
Yearbook Slales
Barb Scbctlulcs
All unaffiliated students who
desire their pictures in the 1948
yearbook should make appoint
ments immediately in the Corn
husker office with Nadine An
derson, managing editor.
Pictures will be taken at the
Warner-Medlin studio in the Fed
eral Securities building each week
day from 9 a. m. till 2 p. m. Pic
ture costs are $2.50 and $3.00.
UM Um aonrl