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Thursday, September 25, 1947
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Intercollegiate Press
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The Rally Nrhraakan If pobllnhed by the atndrnU of thr I'nlvrrnlly of Nebraska a
an exrelon of atiidrnto nrwa and opinion only. According In article II of the By
Law governing atudrnt puhllrallon and admlnlntrred by thr Hoard of I'nlillrallonn:
It l Ihr d relit red policy of t he Hoard that publlratlina undrr lid Jurisdiction ahall
br free from edllorlnl rrnnrhlp on the part of the Hoar !, or on the part of any
member nf the family of the unlvemlty; but members of the staff of The Ially
Nebrankao are personally responsible for what they say or do or tauM to be printed."
Stadium and Students . .
In anticipation of record crowds at all home football
games during the 1947 season. A. J. Lewandowski has is
sued a plea for cooperation
tering the Stadium that is
every student planning on attending the games.
The director of athletics has informed the Daily Ne
braskan that a number of posters, demonstrating the de-
sired method of presenting student activity coupons to
ticket-takers at stadium entrances will be displayed on the
campus, beginning Friday. He informed us that by holding
the individual activity book toward the gateman with the
proper coupon, in the case of the Indiana game that will
be number one, separate from the rest of the booklet, spec
tator entry into the stadium will be greatly facilitated.
Each activity ticket holder will be expected to present
his indivilual booklet, in another attempt to speed up entrance
into th? stadium.
A late announcement from A. J. Lewandowski states that
the stadium will be open 8 to 12 a. m. and 5 to 7 p. m. Friday for
inspection. Student ticket-holders are asked to take tickets and
find the quickest way to their seats, to facilitate seating Saturday
Lewandowski emphasized that each home game will
begin promptly at 2:00 p. m. but that gates will be opened
at 12:30 p. m., thus ensuring every student an ample amount
of time to be seated before the kick-off.
Ramp numbers in the stadium are repeated on the
doors entering the stadium and the ramp leading to each
individual seat is numbered at the top of each activity
booklet. Entering the proper door and ramp will be ex
tremely important throughout the entire season in order
to avoid conflict in seating when the stadium begins to fill.
Included in his request for cooperation was a note of
congratulation to the student body seated in the east stands
during last season's football campaign. Lewandowski re
marked that a number of citizens had specifically requested
seats in the west stands in order to be able to watch the
card sections and cheering carried on by the undergraduate
body in the east stands. However, he concluded his re
marks to the Daily Nebraskan with the statement that suc
cessful demonstration of school spirit similar to that of the
1946 season would be extremely difficult unless spectators
cooperated in every possibly way with seating directions.
As seen in
in methods of seating and en
worthy of the consideration of
Of brown, retl, or Mack leather , . . villi new closed
toe and high-riding vamp, these slings are perfect
for casual wear on or off campus.
Listen to Simon's Snooper, 10:45 p. m. KFOR Sunday through
To the Editor:
One of the most difficult admin
istrative jobs on this and most
campuses today is that of traffic
safety and control. At present
there are approximately 2500 cars
entering the university campus
every day. To handle this influx,
there are only 700 parking places.
Obviously, a parking problem has
The university administration,
the faculty, through a committee
appointed by the Chancellor, and
the university Veteran's organiza
tion are, at present, holding joint
investigations of this situation in
the hope of finding a permanent
answer for it. This will take time,
however. Therefore the university
Veteran's organization is asking
all of you to co-operate with the
administration by observing the
1. Obey all traffic regulations.
2. Keep your automobile speed
down to 15 mph.
3. Stop at all stop signs.
4. Park between the yellow
5. Keep off red lines.
6. Above all, keep your eyes
open. .
Pedestrians should cross the
streets at " cross walks only and
use care. All people connected
with the university who do not
actually need to drive should not
take up parking space and those
who do should consider others by
not occupying more than one
parking spot.
The Veteran's Organization will
appreciate any suggestions or
criticism in connection with this
problem. These may be sent to
209 Nebraska Han.
Bill Brown,
Vic.e - President, Veteran's
Delta. Sigma Pi .
Elects Officers
Election of officers of Delta Sig
ma Pi, professional commerce fra
ternity, was held Monday night
at the Union. New officers are:
Headmaster. Herman Chrlstensen.
Senior warden, Harry Campbell.
Junior warden, Clayton Sack.
Scribe, Norman Warwick.
Treasurer, Don Mathes.
Historian, Nell Bratt.
Senior guide. Bruce Kielnkauff.
Junior guide. Dale Askcy.
Chancellor, James Wehrman.
Headmaster Christensen an
nounced a preliminary schedule
of activities for the fall semester,
including submission of a list of
qualified bizad students from
which candidates for membership
will be selected.
Shoe Salon,
Fifth Floor
imii mn
Courtesy Lincoln Journal.
Dr. Joseph Alexis
will head loan commltte
Alexis, Chosen
Student Loan
Dr. Joseph E. Alexis, chair
man of the modern language de
partment, was elected to head the
newly enlarged student loan com
mittee at its first meeting Wed
nesday at the university founda
tion office, Perry Branch, chair
man of the foundation announced
late Wednesday.
The committee elected Mrs. An
geline Anderson, instructor in
home economics on the Ag cam
pus, as its secretary.
Other Members.
Other members of the commit
tee, appointed by the Board of
Regents at their special meeting
of Sept. 6, included: T. T. Aakhus,
associate professor of engineering
mechanics; L. E. Crowe, associate
professor of dairy husbandry;
William E. Hall, associate profes
sor of educational psychology; and
ex-officio members John K. Sel
leck, comptroller, and Perry
Branch, chairman of the univer
sity foundation.
Re-organteation of student loan
procedures was undertaken by the
Regents upon recommendations to
the chancellor from the faculty
committee on committees headed
by Dean Roy M. Green of the col
lege of engineering.
Meet Again.
The committee will meet again
in two weeks after the members
have conducted individual studies
into the student loan arrange
ment. In recent years the loan com
mittee consisted only of Alexis,
Selleck and Professor C. E. Mick
ey, now retifed from the depart
ment of civil engineering. By in
creasing the membership, the fac
ulty hopes to give the loan sys
tem a broader outlook and make
the money available more readily
to the students,
Royal Jewelers
1138 P ST.
No purchase is required to be eligible for the drawing to
be held at the Tassel-Cob Rally on October 10. All
regularly enrolled male students of the University upon
presentation. of ident cards may fill out registration cards.
The two lucky winners each receive one round trip "Tour
ticket to the Nebraska Notre Dame game. Drop In at the
headquarters for the best-dressed men on campus and
1230 0 ST.
Naval Exams
On Dec, 13
The navy has announced a sec
ond nation-wide competitive ex
amination for its College Training
Program. These exams have been
scheduled for Dec. 13, 1947, open
to high school seniors or gradu
ates between the ages of 17 and 21.
Successful candidates will be
given a four year college educa
tion at government expense and
will be commissioned officers of
the Navy or Marine Corps upon
The students selected by these
competitive examinations will be
assigned to the 52 N.R.O.T.C.
units, of which this university is
one. If accepted by the college,
they will be appointed midship
men, U.S.N.R., and will have their
tuition, books, and normal fees
paid by the government.
In addition, they will receive
pay at the rate of $50 a month for
the four year period. At the end
of two years active service fol
lowing college, the men may
apply for retention in the regu
lar Navy or Marine Corps, or
they may transfer to the Reserve
and return to civilian life.
The program is open to male
citizens of the United States be
tween the ages of 17 and 21, and
quotas have been assigned each
state and territory on the basis
of its high school population.
Those who are successful in pass
ing the aptitude test will be in
terviewed and given physical ex
aminations; then, if found quali
fied in all respects, their names
will be submitted to state and
territorial selection committees
composed of prominent citizens
and naval officers. The Navy ex
pects to enter about 2,500 students
into the program commencing
with the fall college term, 1948.
Applications are available in
the Office of the Director of Ad
missions, Room 103, Administra
tion Hall. Dr. Rosenlof's office
will supply any informatio
Yearbook Pleads
For "Gag Shots",
Unusual Pictures
An urgent call for unusual
campus pictures, "gag" shots and
especially for Ivy Day snapshots
has been issued by the Corn
husker staff.
A complete pictorial section
called "Campus Scene" has been
planned for the 1948 Cornhusker,
Nadine Anderson, managing edi
tor, declared. For this section,
students are asked to contribute
lively and unusual snapshots of
campus activities.
Glossy prints of parties, infor
mal sports, hour dances or just
plain "horse play" are needed,
Miss Anderson indicated. Any
one having pictures of last
spring's Ivy Day ceremonies or
of any of the participants and
spectators are especially urged to
bring them to the Cornhusker
offices. Emphasizing this need,
Miss Anderson said that the 1948
Cornhusker now has practically
no suitable pictures of the Ivy
Day program.