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Vol. 48 No. 6 LINCOLN 8, NEBRASKA Thursday,
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Aetieirinnioin) Astis
Election of a new secretary was
postponed one week by the stu
dent council at its first meetfng
of the year held in Room 316 of
the Union, pending a further rul
ing by the AWS board in the case
of Jo Ackerman, overpointed
holdover member.
Special dispensation was re
quested of the board by Miss Ack
erman, whose resignation from
the council has been tentatively
The constitution requires four
men and four women holdover
members and there are no senior
women eligible to replace Miss
Ackerman, council president Har
old Mozer explained.
Mozer appointed the necessary
committees to complete the work
ing organization of the council.
Committee heads for the year are:
Frank Loeffel, agricultural college
junior, rally committee; Dale Ball,
business administration junior,
campus improvements; A r 1 i s
Swanson Patterson, senior hold
over, budget; Bob Wenke, law
junior, constitutions; Bill Palmer,
senior at large, publicity; Betty
Aasen, fine arts junior, handbook
publication; Joan Fankhouser,
senior at large, senior week; and
New Cornhusker
Managing Editor
To Be Appointed
A new Cornhusker managing
editor will be appointed next
week to fill the position left by
Harold Smith who did not re
turn to school this year. Year
book Editor Jo Ackerman said
Applications are being accepted
now and may be obtained in the
office of the School of Journalism
in University Hall. Students who
applied for any job on the Corn
husker editorial staff last spring
need only report to the depart
ment office.
John Soenichson, business admin
istration junior, national student
Filings Now Open
For Union Board
Junior Member
- Filings for one junior member,
male or female, for the Student
Union Board will continue until
Monday at 5:00 p. m. Applicants
must have a junior standing in
the university and a weighted 75
average for each preceding semes
ter. The position was vacated by
Sanford Lerner who is not re
turning to school. For additional
information contact Harold Mozer,
president of the Student Council
or Dake Novotny, Daily Nebras
ka n editor.
Applications should be turned
fn at the Student Union office.
Students holding University Theatre Season Tickets are urged to make seat reservations imme
diately. Some Season Tickets still available.
V- - ' !
s & m srt
Elective committee heads picked
last year from holdover members
are Ned Raun, Judiciary, and
Stanley Ahrends, elections.
Arrangements made during the
summer for the student migration
to the Missouri football game
were outlined by Frank Loeffel,
chairman of the rally committee.
Fall Election.
Fall election day for the junior
and senior class presidents, was
set for Nov. 18, the ninth Tues
day of the semester, as required
by the amended by-laws.
Plans were laid for a complete
investigation of the matter of
Senior Week in time for the fac
ulty to act before graduation in
"O" Street
Dance Rally
Set Oct. 3
Something new in football
rally spirit will precede the Nebraska-Minnesota
game to be
played in Memorial Stadium
Oct. 4.
A street dance sponsored by
the Lincoln Junior Chamber of
Commerce will be held Friday,
October 3, at 8:30 p. m. in down
town Lincoln, it was announced
Wednesday by Glenn Youssi,
Jaycee chairman of the Fall Foot
ball Festival committee.
The dance will be held in two
uptown blocks on 12th street be
tween O and M streets. This is
a change from the original plan
which was to have the dance on
O street.
Music will be furnished by the
Gay Fiester who will play from
bandstands especially constructed
for the event.
The street will be closed after
5:30 p. m. in order to prepare the
area for dancing. Plans are be
ing made for the Junior Chamber
of Commerce to assist the police
department in handling the an
ticipated crowd.
Ducats On Sale
For Ag Dance
Tickets are now on sale for the
Farmer's Formal to be held on
Ag campus in the College Activi
ties building on Oct. 3.
Tickets are priced at $2 per
couple and may be purchased at
the Ag and city Unions, in the
information room at Ag Hall, or
from any Ag Executive Board
member. Charles Brim and Ned
Raun, publicity directors for the
affair, are urging students to buy
their tickets early to facilitate
plans for the dance.
Morton Wells and his orchestra
have been booked for the formal.
T ipeim $mdy
September 25, 1947
ONE READY Building "B" in the center of the university men's
dorm system opens Saturday. Building "A," the large structure on
the left in the architect's drawing, will not be completed before
winter. Building "C," a duplicate of "B," is to be ready in the fall.
Yell King Issues Call
For Student Support
In preparation for the Indiana game, Yell King Martin Pesek
today issued six suggestions to students seated in the card section
to assure better co-ordination in the traditional half-time card
(1) Cards should be in proper order and ready to flash as soon
as the first half ends, since the flashes are prepared to coincide with
the band formations.
((2) No one should leave their seats in the card section after
ten minutes of the second quarter have been played.
Empty Seats
(3) If there are empty seats, all persons should move toward
the center of the card section so that only the edges have to be
filled. This will make it easier to fill vacant seats.
((4) Cards should be held with the long side horizontal and the
short side vertical.
(5) Signal for raising the cards will be the chant: "'One, two,
three, UP!" The same signal will be used for lowering: "One, two,
three, down!"
Don't Tear
(6) Since paper cannot be obtained as in pre-war years, stu
dents are asked not to destroy their cards. Later in the game, they
will be passed to the aisles. Corn Cobs will collect .them so that they
may be re-used a later home games.
There will be a change in the order of card stunts. This should
be kept in mind by all the students planning to sit in the card sec
tion. No. 1, a football with a red "N" will be No. 3. No. 2, the words
"Hi Hoosier," will be No. 4. No. 3, the words "Bo plus Bernie", will
be No. 1. No. 4, the word "Hoosiers," will be No. 5. No. 5, a red
"N" will be No. 2.
The cheerleader will remind the section before each stunt
which number is next. Close attention by these students will be nec
essary because there will be very little time between stunts.
Set for Friday
All-University Church Night,
sponsored by the Religious Wel
fare Council, has been set for
Friday, Sept. 29, and all other
campus functions are suspended
for that night.
The annual church night is set
aside so that university students
may become acquainted with
student pastors and other stu
dents who will form their denom
inational groups.
The various student centers
will be meeting places for the
different groups, and scheduled
programs will be held there or in
one of the city churches.
Presbjr House, Meeting Spot.
Presbyterian students will meet
at the "Presby House.' at 333
North 14th street, and from there
will go to the First Presbyterian
Church at 17th and "F" streets
for skits, refreshments, games
and an introduction to the vari
ous ministers and presidents of
student groups.
The Temple at 20th and South
streets will be the meeting place
for all Jewish students, who will
have a special service there at
Building 'B' Rooms Ready
For Occupancy Sept. 27
The university's first men's dorm will be ready for oc
cupancy Saturday, Seutember 27, E. B. Brown, director of
the university student housing bureau announced today.
Men with rooms reserved
Church Night
8:00 p. in.
8:00 p. m. Five mea and women
representing SDT, ZBT, SAM
and independents will read the
service. Rabbi Samuel H. Baron
of the Temple will discuss "Are
The Jews A Nation, Race, or
Church?" The service will be
followed by a reception and so
cial hour sponsored by the sister
hod of the Temple.
Catholic, Methodist Meetings.
Catholics will meet in Student
Union parlors XYZ at 8:00.
All Methodist students are in
vited to attend a Circus Carnival
at St. Paul Methodist Church,
12th and M streets, at 8:00 p. m.
Any student may attend one of
these group meetings whether he
has a regular religious affilation
or not.
Society Applicants
To Be Intervieiced
Applicants for the position of
Society editor on the Daily Ne
braskan staff will be interviewed
by the Publications Board some
in bunding "B may start to
move in at 8 a. m. Saturday.
Brown emphasized that all rent
must be paid before a man can
occupy his room.
Residence hall for men, build
ing "B" is the first of the three
dorm buildings now under con
struction to be completed. It is
designed to hold 68 men in two
man rooms. Those are combina
tion study and sleeping rooms.
All space in this dorm was as
signed last spring by a lottery
among applicants for the space.
Men slated for all three dorm
buildings have been living tem
porarily in the Field House, at
Huskerville or in private homes.
Basement Unfinished
Although the building will be
ready for occupancy Saturday,
Brown noted the game rooms and
lounges in the basement will not
be finished until later. Every ef
fort will be made to complete the
facilities within the next few
weeks. Landscaping and bcauti
fication cannot be undertaken un
til the two buildings still under
construction are completed.
Corner rooms in building "B
rent for $75 a semester per man.
Inside rooms are $65. When com
pleted, building "C" will have the
same number and type accom
modations as the one now open
ing. The largest of the three'A,"
when finished will house 136 men
in four-man study rooms with
dorm sleeping facilities similar to
those in fraternity houses on the
campus. These will rent for $50 a
Vacancies in "A"
At the present time there are
80 vacancies in building "A" which
cannot be completed before win
ter. These were caused by many
of last spring's lottery winners
finding other permanent resi
dences this fall.
Applicants for the rooms will be
taken again as soon as an open
ing date for building "A" can be
estimated accurately. A number
of spaces will be set aside for each
class as in the spring and wherever
necessary lotteries held to de
termine which applicants are
granted roomss.
Buthman to be Counsellor.
Henry Buthman, graduate ' aN
sistant in geolgy, will be the resi
dent counsellor at the first dorm.
Counsellors for the other two
buildings will be appointed by T.
J. Thompson, dean of men, as the
buildings are completed and filled.
Each building will have a man
ager to handle the administration
of dorm business. This will leave
the resident counsellors free from
detail so their time can be devoted
to aiding the students with per
sonal problems and helping the
derm residents organize recrea
tional and social functions.
The proposed mens dormitory
system calls for ten residence halls
combined with central dining fa
cilities. When fully completed thw
would care for nearly 1,000 stu
dents. 8
Applications for DaiI'
Reporters Still Accepted
Students interested in working
as reporters on the Daily Ne
braskan can still apply any aft
ernoon this week at the Daily of
fice, in the Union basement, bake
Novotny, editor, announced that
all reporters will meet Monday at
3:00 p. m. in the office.
Regular reporters will be paid
monthly on an inch-rate basis.
time during the week of Sept 29
Oct 4, Dr. William F. Swindler,
director of the school of joun al
ism, reported Wednesday.
The meeting has been tem
porarily postponed pending the
appointment of a new Publica
tions Board by Chancellor Gus
tavson, but all filings for the post
closed Wednesday evening.