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    Sunday, May 4, 1947
Page 3
Scar Set Baseballers Sig Alpha Pace
plit With Cyclones yrfa"7,rTs
The Universitv of Nebraska baseball team kent alive! '' fOpllY MXttCC
r - m.
its hopes for a conference championship by taking the sec-l Sigma Alpha Epsilon shot into
irn J
BY GEORGE MILLER. Fleet-footed Fischer worked upjing with all his old time accuracy,as a favorite target and fed the
Husker football players brought a full head of steam as he broke ;set UD tne oniv Red Draeon tallv!,anky wir.gman with several
smiles to the faces of coaches loose down the middle of the w hen he cenerated a fourth ouar- straight to the mark tosses. Alto-
and Harold Becker and Centei
Tom Novak were hard to beat.
Red linesmen drawing praist
were Tackle "Itfike DiBiase and
ona game OI a tWO-game series irom the Iowa btate Cy- the lead in the race for the Jackland spectators alike Friday aft-field without beinr stymied by tr riHvo iht .-limvAH h - cether Vacanti connected on six
clones by a 4-2 count Saturday afternoon on the Nebraska Best troohv. The Sie Alphs havelernoon with a full scale scrim- Red Dragon tacklers. Passing the seven vard touchdown dunce bv'f nine pass attempts as he tried End Jim McWilliams. In the Red
field. The victory Elves the Huskers a conference record of a slim sixty point lead over last'mage which wound up the spring midfield stripe Fischer was by Fullback Dusgie Doyle. to go over the tough Blue line. iDragon backfield Junior Collopy
five wins and four defeats, while the Cyclones now sport a
two won-two lost mark.
Big Jim Sandstedt was on thei
mound for Nebraska and went
all the way, giving only five hits
to the Cyclone sluggers. Bob
Cerv aided the Husker cause'
with a home run in the sixth in
ning with no one on base to con
tinue his home run string which
started on Monday at Ames
when he clouted three round
trippers. The Scarlet nine got off to a
two run lead in the first frame,
but Cerv's homer in the sixth
broke the tie after the visitors
had tied the count. Don Paul
ton, lanky first baseman, paced
the losers with a double and a
single in four trips to the plate.
Trie Nebraska golf team scored
Its first : -Jsrence victory Fri
day by Urubbing the Kansas
State team 17-1 in matches play
ed at the Lincoln Country club.
C. Bishop got the only K-State
point by winning the back nine
against Vern Strauch.
Coach Harold Rundle's Husker
tennis team did not have the
same luck, however, for the
Wildcat netsters handed the
Scarlet team its second Big Six
setback by a 5 to 2 score. Bob
Slezak and Gene Leighton won
singles matches to contribute the
NU points.
Nubbins Ball Club
Drubs Concordia
Nebraska's B squad Friday aft
ernoon journeyed to Seward, Ne
braska where they knocked off the
Concordia College nine 13-3 for
their second straight victory of the
year. The Huskers scored once in
the first inning and four times in
the fourth to put the game away.
Just to make sure of the victory
they drove five more runs home
in the eighth and added three in
the final frame for their total of
Wlljr Bchecf started on tha mound for
tna Huakeri and waa the winning pitcher.
Nebraska 10 400 053 13
Concordia 000 210 000 3
Battertea: Scheef. Smith (5) and Blatch
ford Riley, Uafemeiuter (S) and Johan-
Extemp Win
In Contest
Earns Gavel
Representatives from organized
houses and individual speakers
will vie for honors in the annual
intramural extemporaneous
speaking contest sponsored by
Delta Sigma Rho.
year's winners, Phi Delta Theta.
The change in standings was
due to the excellent showing of the
Sig Alph volleyball and water polo
Standings do not include present
golf tourney:
Mama Alpha Kpailon
Phi Ilrlta Thrta
Sixma Nu
Aliitia Ti Omega ...
Delta I pftilun
Beta Tneta Phi
, .1240
. .1080
, .1064
. ..1080
Thrta XI
Kak-pa hlxnia ....
The winning organization will ! 'i'ha Gamma Rho
be awarded a gavel with the or-! t'unko,
ganization's name engraved on it.lTau Kappa kimuob
Mima i hi 925
I'hl Gamma Delta Hi
imt Phi Kpetloa 115
Delta Tag Delta 67
Keta KiainV Pal MO
Phi kappa Pal M
eta Beta Tau AKO
Ms ma Alpha Mil sift
Firm Houae 519
training season.
Outstanding in the milling that
took place on the Memorial Sta
dium turf was Cletus Fischer, St.
Edward halfback. who broke
down the Red Dragon defenses
with two touchdowns as he led
the Blue Devil outfit to a 21 to 6
Lone Sprint.
Fischer opened the scoring with
a ten yard slant off tackle for the
initial Blue touchdown and then
brought the more-than-500 fans
to their feet with a 90 yard pay
off early in the second half after
fielding Jack Pesek's punt on the
ten yard line. i
himself as good blocking: by Blue; u . . m j In the R.ds payoff m,ri.h Sam'and Darwin Salesstrom kept the
mates eliminated would-be pur-i . . . carrier-rifled a 27 yard effort that found Blues .on their toes with consist-
suers- ir. r-hr-ir thnmnt th .-irr. rr,cr. the irms of Charlie Ilarrinr ton. ent Plunging
r istiici a luii w uuiiu
TlitA TH'it conri r rt UVi ?! iAr i r (ha
A- i j-'v. v 11 .t. i i'q. j-u ail 1 1 iv - 11 C t
first half Bill Mueller had taken s,,vc lur "'
a Dick Thompson pass on the dead . The B,UM wasted no time rack-
- u in? ll n tilpir first trnrr It nil
. . . ... ciwnkB .. i. i i i. , i. aiea
inompsons. aerial enort was "- "' " :, ,rnm ,k. i..i.! le .s-yden
good for 25 yards, and Mueller wrK ve lor short (ains ruV; ';" ,.,"", " " ,1 !T6?,Koodt YT P'B,ase
took the ball on the five yard P- " scoring position. 1' 'iJJJ Jc.V-Fn'de
line. Myers shook free of the Red:f,r to he s'.7n: PJl fPd,Berar ! " I III Inn .V.V... V".
Ihompson was successful on
' Vara n t i ? t m f r (Via avt rr nnml
was wide to the right.
Bill Mueller drew plaudits for
in check thruout the scrimmage
up tne ... ,,it i .,n ...and the former Washinrinn and The serimmnee ended Nebraska
"- n . i ii. npiv l. iu uu IV. m . . 7
Lee performer moved the pigskin jiooiDau acuvuy unm iau prac-
to the Blue 36 yard line. IUr-jtice begins late in August. Line
rington and Bob Riedy collabor- jups:
to push the leather to the' Riues r. R.-d.
from where the hard driving li""0"
to score.
was drawing!
ikru niMn bir-Lrc- tr,r n.nntc o ftar- and then Fischer found an aoen- p u
kill v, uiukl. ii iv iv j iu i Lruiiiw ui ivi .
1 I 1 11 ..ii .
touchdown to bring the Blue out-i,n ana oiasiea nru
lit to its 21 point total. While Vacanti
11 ii 1 . . . i i i . , i -
vacauii i asses. liicihv oi auenuon wun nis Dass- v,!o un i ti
. i , 0 ,r , , , uia aiui vail ltd XI1C MUUUV
Quarterback Sam Vacanti, pass-ng accuracy Thompson too was halfback pounced on two fumbles
-uuik muie man a mue wun ineianc nabbed
ueriieaa weapon, uoin Quarter
R. Thompson
C. Fischer
Adarrj . . . .
. .QB
. FB
E .Tho"pson
. Partmlriq
Co Inpy
FB SaleiXro-n
Notice to Veterans
Purchase Authorizations for
the present semester expire at
the close of the working day.
May 15, 1947, after which i:p
books or supplies will be issued.
However, veterans who are to
be graduated this June may use
their authorizations after May
15 for the rental of caps and
(owns for the Commencement
New Purchase Authorizations
for Saknmer Schoolwill be is2
ued at the time of payment of
"fees- '" -
and the champion individual
speaker will receive an engraved
silver loving cup.
' The house trophy will be pre
sented to the organizd group
whose two speakers have the
highest total ratings for the
three rounds. Last year Delta
Gamma won the gavel, Beta Sig
ma Psi was runner-up and Sigma
Delta Tau won third place. Al
pha Omicron Pi was fourth. The
winning individuals last year
were Lucy Hapeman, runner-up
Eleanor Knoll, and third place
winner Dick Schluesener,
Current Events.
Current national and interna
tional events will be used as
subjects. Drawings for two top
ics will be held between 4 and
5:30 p. m. of the day preceding
the round in room 202 of the
Temple. The participant will se
lect one of the topics.
Both men and women students
carrying at least 12 hours with
passing grades for the current se
mester, with the exception of Del
ta Sigma Rho members and stu
dents who were members of the
debate squad on Jan. 1, 1947, are
Entries are to report between
4 and 5:30 p. m. Monday, May 5,
to be present at the drawings for
the first round scheduled for
Tuesday at 7 p. m. at the Tem
Deadline for entries was 5 p. m.
May 1.
NU Golf, Tennis
Squads Compete
Against K-State
Huskeri golfers and tennis
lriTayMrTlTl engage in their sec-
Ul iJlA i iiua; " iii-ii.
(Second Hemeater entry.)
the Regula Army." This sum-'Nubbins Baseballers
mer the Army plans to integrarte , piav at Concordia
a large number of former officers,
who graduate in June. Future! The Nebraska Nubbins baseball jankle injury at the outset of the
candidates will largely consist of team were rained out in its sched-j
backs were called on for iron-man
;stunts after Joe Partington, Red
lurcigon signal caiier. suirerett an
a pair of Vacanti TvIS."
passes to squeicn iurtner km
Action Taken
On Vet Checks
The executive council of the
university chapter of the Ameri
can Veterans Committee received
the following telegram from Rep.
Carl T. Curtis. (First district), in
reply to AVC's inquiry about the
delayed April veterans subsistence
Washington, May 1, 12:00
noon. Delay in checks was due
to expansion in the program
beyond that which was antici
pated months ago. Congress has
already acted to provide the ad
ditional funds.
AVC sent telegrams of inquiry
to Congressman Carl T. Curtis, to
Representatives Buffett, Stefan,
and Miller, but replies have not
yet been received.
ROTCs to Hear
War Dept. Men
Colonel Howard J. John, PMS
and T of the Military Department,
announced today that two war de
partment representatives, one from
Army Ground Forces and the
other from Army Air Forces will
speak Monday, May 5, at 4 p. m.
in the Social Science auditorium.
Their subject will be "Integra
tion of University Graduates into
graduates who successfully com
plete the ROTC Advanced Course.
The speakers will be followed
on Friday, May 9, by a Board of
Officers who will interview all
uled appearance at
College of Seward on
day, but will try again this afternoon.
Yn. R-d
. . LK McWtllla.-nn
. LT Goerlon
. .IaJ Ups
. .C J. Thompson
. P.r, Kimball
. RT Srhrac
..HE ..... Copenhagen
. .QB Vacanti
..LH .. C. Harrlnnton
. RH K. Fischer
. .FB Doyle
n . Miiut iiidi aauc iiiic. uiua .dii cw.-. .... . , j .
Concordia i. riu- los lo wueuer lor a Samuelson and Ra,Dn Darnkro2er. Rea7 T' '"""
Wednes-!SrC,'f- V-a?b'?.L0i!Pd I Tackles Charlie Toogood and Gor- J T o-
.mi, uua&us muuii ucuaLciv i voir uneaan, Frank
."Nyaen Receives. I
scoring eftorts.
Tough Line.
Line Coach Tony Blazine
pleased with the showing of theBuick
ontlro fir-ct Rlnn lino TTno i".i -1 -iMii.-3
'R. Harrtngton
jCochrane . . . .
IR. Thompson
n. Frank Mueller.
In its only start to date, thej
Nehraslca R pum has -a 4-fl win A
lnieresiea ana engiDie canaiaaies. over Omaha University to its
tions. Nebraska teams are at the 'credit.
Vacanti singled out Ed Nyden
J. P. Colbert, Dbjector, ithey meet the Kansas State teams.
Veterans ConsulOttion Boa A.' Golfers will play at the Lincoln
Country club, while tennis
matches are booked for the Lin
coln Tennis club.
On Saturday the Scarlet teams
will entertain the Kansas Uni
versity golf and tennis aggrega-
bottom of the standings in both
sports, having bowed to Oklahoma
at Norman Tast week.
Our Forty-Second Year!
Take Over Bill!
V F .
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