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Sunday, November 24, 1946
Paae 4
Courtesy Lincoln Journal
Announcement was made this week of the engagement and ap
proaching marriage of Miss Sally White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Walter William White of Lincoln, to Robert Grainger, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph Leslie Grainger of Salinas. Calif. The couple plans
to be married in February. Miss White, who will be graduated
from the university in January, is a member of Alpha Chi Omega
and Phi Lambda Theta. She served as a countess in the Ak-Sar-Ben
court of 1946. Mr. Grainger attended Stanford, where he was a
member of Sigma Chi. During the war, he served as a B-29 pilot
with the army air force in the South Pacific.
I Personally
I Siwnkin"
I n
Yesterday morning when we
were awakened, as usual, by the
dreaded ring of our persistent
alarm clock, we heard the birds
twittering happily in the trees just
outside just as Friday's editorial
hoped they would.
If sorority girls are doing same,
we do not know, but after seeing
Friday night's Kosmet Klub Re
vue we are convinced that they
have reason enough for chirping
"at the successful end of a suc
cessful revue.'
The winners deserve hearty
congratulations for their excellent
skits. To see the ATO pony line
was worth the price of admission
itself, and we howled long and
loudly at the sorority candidates
for P U (Prairie University)
beauty queen in the Phi Gam act.
"Sweater Girl" Bob Orr and
'Look what they've doneto me"
Gerry Johnston were nothing less
than terrific as was "Dean of
Women" Bob Jordan.
As proof that the Sigma Nus
have a great abundance of talent,
"Supper Club" offered a variety
of entertainment that approached
a near professional quality in
dance, song and Boogie Woogie
rendered by a German-accented
maestro of the keyboard.
These were the winners, but
there were other good acts not to
be overlooked. One of these was
the final skit presented by the
Sigma Chis that brought to the
boards of the coliseum a versatile
male choir and swing band, ren
dering both jive and melodious
ballads. In an impressive finale
on a darkened stage, the band
and choir blended together in the
ever-popular "Sweetheart of
Sigma Chi" with only the phos
phorescent gloves of the ensemble
director and an illuminated Sigma .
Chi cross in the background vis
ible to the audience.
Intense moments filled with an
ticipation and nail biting followed
the final curtain as the audience
alang with the skit participants
and candidates for Prince Kosmet
and Nebraska Sweetheart specu
lated on who the winners would
be. In short time the curtain
parted revealing the entire Kos
met Klub, and John Dale, presi
dent, announced the decisions of
the judges and voters.
Hats off to the new Prince Kos
met, and a sweeping bow to Ne
braska Sweetheart. Your presen
tation was worth all the intense
waiting, and will recall with
pleasure those moments of antici
pation when we see your beaming
faces in the 1947 Cornhusker.
We hope there were many, more
fortunate than we, who were able
to attend the Coll-Agri-Fun night.
For you w ho attended both shows
it was a grand double-feature
week end, and you should go
home for Thanksgiving with
something to tell the folks besides
the usual tales of rugged duty at
UN going to classes, studying,
taking impossible exams, study
ing, going to classes ....
Your OWN WMIiy
I'lve o receive
W -fVafure
4 AU.
215 Nortfc Hth St
Cata f hilnt t'aWa,
Ernest Winer
Presents Grail
Piano Recital
Presenting the first of the three!
graduate recitals scheduled foil
the semester, Ernest Ulmer will
be heard in a program of piano
music tomorrow at 7:30 p. m. in
Temple theater. Discharged fromj
the army in January of this year.l
Ulmer studied at Trinity college
of music in London under the!
army training in civilian institu
tion agency's program.
At Trinity he studied piano, or-l
gan, and counterpoint, "But
mostly I Dlaved niano and went!
to lots of concerts!" Ulmer safdl
yesterday. It was there in Lon
don that Ulmer met the Russian!
composer Medtncr, two of whosel
compositions Ulmer w ill .includcl
on his Monday night program.
Own Composition.
Of special interest, however, lsl
Ulmer's own composition, "Sonatal
in C Minor," which forms the!
bulk of his graduate thesis-re-l
quirement. Written in August ofl
this summer, the sonata is cast!
in the conventional three-move-l
ment form. It is the first writinpl
he has done since 1942 when his
short piano piece, named "Canary
With Hot Water Bottle" by Myronl
Roberts, was received with somel
favor in Lincoln.
ihe program, which is openi
without charge to the general pub-
lie, is listed as follows:
Prrludr anil Knew in ft tint Minor Barn
Sonata, Op. I. No. S Krthovrnl
Larce r rnealo
mtrrbriio ta K Hal Minor Rraham
Tom I a Srhumamil
Sonata la C Minor rimrij
Allegro marrato
Andante ot-nuto
ITrsto (Tnrratal
Fairy Tan ia K Minor Mttn-r
Ktodr-Tablraa la K flM . . . Rarhnunlnol II
mm M
'fit '
tepieceoble filter in ntw
Frank Medice Ggererf Holeera,
filters rha tmolta.
Cvts ewwn nicotine.
Cvfi down irritating tors.
In lephyrweigM aluminum.
Spatial stylet for man and woman.
$2 with 10 filter, honor pouch
one gift box.
1 t
it 2 n - ? arrni 1
Smftll Size
49c Large Siz. . .79c
Nr'tVfi's Fsion Center
a sn o
n 111 a s
a 111 n 11 1
we all love gabardine!
especially these new holiday arrivals
from our Mademoiselle Shop.
'' f
gold buttons, gold belt
on a Kay Collier
rayon gabardine tail
ored right up to ycur
first Thanksgiving daie.
Sizes 9-15.
excellent company at
turkey parties, another
Kay Collier in "Tegra"
cloth. Saddle belt and
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