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For Annua!
aim! Fourteen Vie
weetheart Honor
;--SyyH v
si i
A 7 Sy.
P I J.
Most people laugh at the old superstition
that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. lUit
this year, Friday the 13th is bound to brinf?
bad luck because of the fourteen girls pictured
above, 13 that number again will be un
lucky tonight when greeks attending the In
terfratcrnity Hall tonight choose one as Inter
fraternity Sweetheart.
Candidates chosen by their respective soro
rity houses from which the men will choose
their "Sweetheart" are, left to right, Gay
Gimple, Delta Gamma; Marjoric Kivett, Alpha
Phi; Hetsey Wright, Alpha Chi Omega; Bel-
dora Cochran, Pi Heta Phi; Nella Dec Carlin,
Sigma Kappa; Georgia Kolar, Kappa .Delta ;
Mary Ellen Robinson. Gamma Phi ttota; Mary
MeKenna, Delta Delta Delta; Lois Drake, Chi
Omega; Peggy Jones, Alpha Xi Delta; 'Miram
Itubnitz, Sigma Delta Tau; Kay Hanley, Alpha
Oniicron Pi; Pat Catlin, Kappa Gamma; and
Toni MoQuistan. Kappa Alpha Theta.
V.: -
Ktf -yt L-v' c
j fmifir lyiriiioii mi """ ""' """" lin '" ui'""T1
Photos courtesy Sunday Journal and 8tr.
Vol. 41, No. 82 Lincoln, !Nehraka Friday. I ebruory 13, 1942
0) UN Mem
. . . In Selective Service
Approximately 1,300 male students of the university will
registered under the latest provisions of the selective service
art on Saturday, Feb. 11, or Monday, Feb. 1G.
According to G. W. Rosenlof, university registrar. 37 per
cent of the men in the university are expected to register this
month. Around 1,500 men students have already signed up in
the last selective service registration.
100 Over 35.
However, of these 1.500 men some have graduated, quit
school, or entered the armed forces so out of the 3,"00 men in
the university about 35 percent
wilt not b affected by the latest
registration One hundred men
over the age of 35 enrolled in the
university will also have to reg
ister. On the city campus selective
service stations for registering
stulent8 will be located in the
YMCA. room of the Temple and
in the Coliseum. To accommodate
the ag students a booth will be
located in room 304 ag hall. Sta
tions will be open from 9 a. m. to
7 p. m.
UN e-eelks WM aonce
T Al iraalhiiuje Tonight
Chicago Tribune
To Cover Party
Advanced ROTC Exempt.
All students that have not al
ready signed up in previous reg
istrations and were born between
Feb. 17, 1897 and Dec. 31, 1921
will have to register Saturday or
Monday. The only students ex
empted from registering will be
(See REGISTER, page 2)
Shirley Can't
Produce Bird,
So Gets Bird
Six-hundred men attending the
Greek Week banquet Wednesday
night at the Union looked and
looked for the birdie, and tho
Shirly Rus.ell. editor of the 1942
Cornhusker (reportedly nervous
being the only coed among hun
dreds of male pulled this shutter,
pressed on that lever, and touched
every button on the much too
complicated camera and the fel
lows never did get to see the
While everyone in the banquet
room fixed their brightest smile
(See BIRD, page 4)
Cupid Brings
Love To lJV
Chivalry is not dead, hearts and
flowers still vibrate; boy meets
girl and Valentine"s Day comes
to UN.
If it doesn't rain or snow, the
day breaks bright and blue...
On. . CampuA
Religious Council Appoints
Leah Jane Howell as Head
The presidents chair for the ag
religious council has been taken
by Leah Jane Howell. Elleanor
Crawford in the new vice presi
dent; secretary, Millard Ickes and
treasurer, Carol Garver.
Ag students craned their necks
Thursday morning as the clear
.songs of a robin sounded over the
campus. Most of them craned,
that is perhaps those students
from Scottsbluff rated the song
as "old stuff" since some weeks
ago newspapers carried the story
of two robins which are wintering
in Scott3bIuff.
Mrs. 'Mina Humphrey, for 15
yeara-supervisor of the foods and
nutrition laboratory at the college
of agriculture, died Wednesday
(See HEAD, page 3)
Uni Closes War
Course Saturday
Registration for the war
course "America and World
War II" closes Saturday noon,
accordinfl to Prof. J. O. Hertz-ler.
about the time 8 o'clocks are dis
missed. By this time scholars (no
student would get up for an 8
o'clock! have hit the spirit of the
thing and go spring-dancing home
to find that the postman has rung
once, leaving an abundance of
frilly paper and ornate poetry tra
ditional as a gift to a good friend
or loved one on the festive oc
casion. Since all the UN people are good
friends, there are a lot of these
little jobs floating around, accom
panied by their recipients who
(See LOVE, page 2
Time for Follies
Skit Try-outs
Sororities Submit Acts
On February 2 i-6, Sa9
Betty Newman, Chairman
Announcing the times for skit
try-outs for the annual Coed Fol
lies sponsored by the AWS; Betty
Newman, 1942 chairman, asked
yesterday that all groups comply
with the scheduled planned.
Tryouts will be held on Feb. 24,
25 and 26 according io the follow
ing list:
Tuesday, Feb. 24.
5:00: Kappa Delta.
5:15: Delta Gamma.
5:30: Alpha Xi Delta.
5:45: Tri Delt.
Wednesday, Feb. 25.
7:00: ri Beta Phi.
7:15: Gamma Thi Bet.
7:30: Chi Omega.
(See FOLLIES, page 2)
Dancers at the interfratcrnity hall, closing item on the first
annual Crook Wook program, will soo thoir activities in print
when the Chicago Trihuno sonlo two staff members to Lincoln
to cover tho party tonight.
liloanor Xanglo. Trihuno feature writer, will write tip the
hall ami the campus in general and Andrew l'avlin will take
photographs. Tho feature is one in a series of articles on
"Youth on the Campus" which appears in the Trihuno each
Unusual Honor.
Formerly, tho stories have featured Itig Ten schools and
the university is one of tho first outside of that area to be in
cluded by the Tribune.
Formal si and luxes will bo in order when tho dance begins
in the Union ballroom tonight at
9 p. m., but Panhellenic and the
No Black Cats
Admitted to
Ag Mixer
What was intended as a gag
caused plenty of grief yesterday
for sponsors of the ag Voo Doo
party to be held tonight in the
ag activities building.
Members of Omicron Nu, home
ec honorary, that have been work
ing on the party committees, an
nounced in jest yesterday morning
that a black cat, dead or alive,
would admit the person bringing
it free. They thought it would be
a good publicity stunt, and that
no one would take them seriously.
Yesterday afternoon, they found
that there were many people who
either did not have a sense of hu
(See MIXER, page 2)
5k. Mrtr:
-i: i 1 'fyi- J
, v.,v,.ny
v ;
r liii
Songstress Jean Gordon.
Interfraternity Council have asked
that no corsages be sent to wom
(See PARTY, page 2)
Student Stars Flash
In Union "High-J inks"
Quentin Pearson's baton twirl
ing, the staccato of Jeancttc Mae
Smith's marimba, three in one
blend of Theta and Pi Phi trios,
mellow tones of Bob Carey's or
chestra, a musical cast flinging
"We Did It Before and We Can
Do It Again" the grand finale of
Two performances of this Red
Cross benefit variety show spon
sored by the Student Union will
be given tomorrow in the Union
ballroom. Both the matinee at 3
and the evening show at 8 will etid
with this blending of outstanding
campus talent.
Tickets at 30 cents each may be
obtained from a Com Cob or Tas
sel, at the main office of the
Union, or at the door. Of the total,
27 cents will go to the Red Cross
war fund as a collection from the
University of Nebraska students,
and as part of the Lincoln dona
tion; the remaining 3 cents is col
(See JINKS, page 2)