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THURSDAY. nvr.MHKR 3. 1932.
Murray Reels Off 95-Yard
Touchdown Dash to
Climax Drill.
Fahrnbruch and Mathis Lead
Goalward Drives for
Regular Eleven.
Spectacular dashes by Fred
Murray and Jack Miller stole the
show from the first string Wed
nesday as this pair of reserve ball
carriers dashed thru for two touch
downs and a total of 34S yards in
thirty-three plays against the
freshmen. The workout marked
the final scrimmage before the
Iowa game.
Murray, former Omaha Tech
.star, climaxed an afternoon of
powerful offensive drives on the
part of the varsity with a great
! 95-yard run to a touchdown on the
first play after the second team
Centered the fray. Twisting away
; from half a dozen tacklcrs, Mur-
ray made for the sidelines a la
' Lewi Brown, and sped the rest
' of the distance unhampered to the
goal. Overstreet's kick was wide.
1 Starting from the fifty-yard line
2 later, the reserves pushed over a
second touchdown on the year
I lings. Murray sent his mates goal-,-ward
with a thirty-one yard run
around end, and consistent plung
! ing bv Jack Miller carried the ball
' over for the score. A few minutes
before the seconds' touchdown. Ed
-Weir. Playing left tackle for the
freshmen, pluckir Staab's pass out
of the air and ran ninety-five yards
to a touchdown.
Staab Passes to Joy.
', Car! vie Staab and Fred Over-
street ably seconded the fine play
'of Miller and Murray, Staab look
ing particularly good on several
flips to Bob Joy, one of which was
'gootl for twenty-nine yards. Over
rti'cet contributed some good
."blocking in the drives.
It was am elated Husker coach
ing staff that watched the exhibi
tion of the second string backs,
I'ov the apparent weakness of re
serve ball luggers has been a
-.jource of worry to Bible and his
Jes. This second quartet is cer
tain to see action In the Iowa U.
game Saturday after Its headsup
ill.splay Wednesday.
While the second eleven enjoyed
a big afternoon, the regulars were
tar behind, the first, stringers
scoring two touchdowns and
chalking up a net total of 200
yards in thirty-three plays.
Tater Smashes Hard.
Tater Fahrnbruch was the big
iidij in cne iirsi MUSKer march, the
.ete rujjoacK's smashes thru cen
Ed Weir Famous As Hunker Athlete, Coach
Fred Murray and Jack Miller Show in Wednesday's Scrimmage
0 -VM
IN 24 ANP 25 i
vi- A
If there Is any sport fan in Ne
braska that has not heard of Ed
Weir, freshman football coach and
assistant track coach at the Uni
versity of Nebraska, let him step
forward and be recognized.
Ed, a leading figure in Corn
husker athletics for a number of
seasons and twice captain of Ne
braska football teams, started his
career at Superior high school
where he was an all around star
in football, basketball and track.
He shone as a backfield performer
in football, was an outstanding
center in basketball and an all
around man in track. Weir won
the interscholastic pentathlon title
and twice captured all event med
als in the high hurdles and once
won the pole vault in the big state
prep meet.
Upon entering university, Weir
Courtesy of Thft Journal.
time between foolbal i for extra points helped in the 17-0
On the gridiron Ed i vic tory
divided his
and track.
played n tackle position and rates
the distinction of being one ol the
few modern football men to twice
win the coveted All America
honors. Kd was a unanimous
choice his junior and senior years.
On the cinder path, Ed hlionc in
the hurdles, being one of the
greatest timber toppers on the
collegiate track during his years of
After leaving the college halls,
Weir kept on with his athletics.
For several seasons he was player
and manager of the Frankford
Yellowjackets, professional foot
ball team in the National league.
He played end with this club and
was a member of the team when it
won the title.
When Dana X. Bible took over
the coaching reins at the Univer-
The many fans who witnessed j sit y of Nebraska, Weir returned to
the last game with Notre Dame at his alma mater as assistant coach.
Memorial stadium will remember Weir's success with the frosh is
Ed's work in that contest. In ad- not only in his coaching, but his
clition to playing a whale of a tireless efforts in keeping tab on
game at a tackle position. Weir i how the boys are. coming along in
got off a fine punt which rolled to their studies. Since he has taken
the 4-yard line and enabled Ne-'over the frosh assignment, the
braska to score a touchdown in the i Cornhuskcrs have lost very few
first three minutes of play. His ! promising football men by the in-25-yard
placekick and two boots I eligibility route
ter and guard bringing a touch
down In twenty-two plays. Tater
had gains of twenty-one and sev
enteen yards to his credit in addi
tion to lesser gallops thru the line.
Hub Boswell came thru for a
twenty-four yard effort to help the
DieeiiKtfvc I
Until peeemtMr first wo will
print your name on 36 or
more cardi for only t0 cent.
Uttch Brothers
llll O Stmt
cause along. Ely missed the try
for point.
Long sprints by Chris Mathis
featured the second parade of the
first string, the Tecumseh lad
plunging over from the 3-yard line
on the eleventh play.
Pass defense came in for drill at
the beginning of Wednesday's ses
sion, as it is understood that the
Hawks are preparing to launch an
air attack on the Cornhuskers
Eagle eyed Boswell led his team
mates in breaking up Bauer's flips,
but Ely, Masterson and Mathis
had an active hand in stopping the
frosh aerial offensive. Franklin
Meier stood out for the second
team in batting down the yearling
Bruce Kilbourne got back into
the lineup Wednesday after a
rather long layoff and took care
of an end position in good shape.
Kilbourne has been bothered since
the Minnesota game with a twisted
knee, but his play yesterday indi
cated that he is about to return to
active duty.
Another Nebraska casualty,
Corwin Hulbert reported for duty,
but his activities consisted largely
of limbering up in a track suit. A
boil kept Hulbert out of the Kan
sas State game last week, and he
will probably see most of the Iowa
game from the bench.
j Ten Survive First Round
University Free Throw
In the All-University free throw
tourney ten men survived the first
round held in the coliseum Tues-
toon ecfs aud eiRS at
in store, rantiu oj
1L " - '-"TJ rfS,!
i,. Et
Eighteen Thousand Tickets
Sold for Grid Classic
With Panthers.
One of the largest crowds in Ne
braska football history will attend
the Pittsburgh-Nebraska game at
Memorial stadium a week from
Saturday, if advance ticket sales
are any' criterion. Business Man
ager John Selleck declares that
about IS, 000 tickets have been
sold, with the classic still ten days
away. General admission seats
available the morning of the game
are expected to boost the attend
ance to 30,000, which would mean
a sellout.
Pitt, favored to represent the
East at the Rose Bowl this year
after blasting Notre Dame from
the undefeated class last week,
plays University of Pennsylvania
at Philadelphia Saturday. Also un
defeated, Penn is expected to Rive
the Panthers a terrific battle,
which would not put Coach Jock
Sutherland's men in prime condi
tion lor the Husker tilt at Lincoln.
Coach Bible's men vowed that
thev would avenge themselves thi.s
year after taking a 40 to 0 lashing
from the Smoky City crew at
Pittsburgh in 1931, and the Corn
huskers are already pointing for
the Pitt team. George Sauer, who
injured a thumb in the Minnesota
game, will be kept out of the Iowa
fray this week for the sole purpose
of giving his hand a chance to
completely heal. Corwin Hulbert,
regular left tackle, is taking things
easy awaiting the Panther menace
as is Steve Hokuf, who plays such
a powerful game at right end.
In resuming their annual grid
argument with Iowa U. this week,
the Cornhuskers find themselves
in a breathing spot for Ihe first
time this season. While Nebraska
is not taking the Hawks lightly,
there will be no effort to "shoot
the works" against Ossie Solem's
tea m.
it Joe Miller
Rudge ca.Gi2iz21 Co
An Extraordinary
Sale of SOCKS
Discontinued patterns of 3;c nd 50c qualities from the
largest men's hosiery manufacturer in the United States J,
a n 24
All silks and rayon and silk mixtures in the sort of j-.wt-terci
that distinguish well groomed men! Wituril
tripes! Ribbed treatments! All-over dcsignsl Con
trasting clocks'
Stret F'uor.
F e LJmYn
Wt-TH'fcJU IU i
a special cos seaiau ;
day afternoon. The qualification Theta resulted in a tie, so another
for entering the second round was game between these two teams
that a man must sink at least
fifteen of the twenty-five free
shots allowed.
Morriss and Albert led the
qualifiers with a record of twenty
out of twenty-five each, end
closely following was Elliott with
nineteen to his credit. Hannen
camp had eighteen, Minier and
Daskovsky seventeen each. Sam
uelson, Smith, and Myers each
tallied sixteen, while Murray
dropped fifteen in the hoop.
-Of these ten, five who have the
best total out of fifty tries after
the Thursdiy afternoon tossing
will qualify for the finals. The
second round is set for 4 j'clock
this afternoon.
was played Wednesday night
Alpha Xi Delta won this second
game by a narrow margin. In the
other intramural contest played
Wednesday night. Alpha Chi
Omega was defeated by the K. B.
Delta Gamma was winner of the
two games plaved with Alpha Omi
cron Pi Tuesday evening in the
regular Intramural Nebraska ball
schedule. The game played by
Alpha XI Delta vs. Kappa Alpha
For Your i'oon Day
A hot plate lunch
With Brrrraige and Detsert
For nnlr
Buck's Coffee
Facing Campus
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women will be eligible to file for
the position of Nebraska Sweet
heart. Thus it will be possible to
honor undergraduates who are not
eligible for other positions and as
sure the succeeding Thanksgiving
Revue of a queen to preside, ac
cording to Jack Thompson, pres
ident of the Klub.
Arrangements for the presenta
tion of the Nebraska Sweetheart
at the Revue will be made by a
committee consisting of Charles
McCarl, chairman: Ryron F!ley,
Dale Taylor, Art Bailey, Tom Da
vies and Pat Minier.
To Award Cup.
The Thanksgiving morning re
vue last year consisted of ten acts.
submitted by fraternities and so
rorities on the campus. The
Kappa Kappa Gamma-Delta Upsi
lon combination musical revue was
judged the best act in the revue
j and awarded the Magee cup. The
I cup will be awarded again this
year to the act judged by the au-
Uience to be the best entertainment
j on the program.
The complete program for the
rortncoming revue will be an
nounced within a few days. Skit
applications are being judged by
the Klub at the present time, and
definite announcement will be ; made
made in about a week.
Coach D. X. Bibie was wearing a
broad smile at the conclusion of
Wednesday's practice. His second
string ball carriers had finally ex
ploded, and with such devastating
efiect that they blasted through
the freshmen almost at will.
Fred Murray, one time pride of
Omaha Tech's barkfiekl, and
blocky Jack Miller ripped through
the frosh defense to score two
touchdowns against the yearlings,
but it was the manner in which
j they did it that elated the Husker
coaching staff.
These two Omaha boys were
running fast and hard through the
line and around the ends. They
knew where they were going, and
it didn't take them long to get
there. By their fine play Wednes
day, the entire reserve backfield of
Miller, Murray, Overstreet and
Staab will undoubtedly get an op
portunity to go against Iowa Sat
urday. It looks as if the first j
string backs may have a chance to
rest for awhile, after a long spell I
of hard games. j
Contrary to pcpular belief, a boil
isn't always an indication of poor
physical condition. Corwin Hul
bert, who was released Wednesday
from the infirmary, is in the best
shape of his varsity career, or was
until that pesky boil placed him on
the sidelines for the Kansas State
game. It seems that the boil de- j
veloped from a bruise just below 1
the elbow of the arm Hulbert uses !
so effectively in smashing through j
for a tackle.
Although be lost some weight, 1
the veteran tackle will probably
see some action against the Hawk-'
eyes, but just enough to put him 1
in fine fettle for the Pitt Panthers.
Henry Chief" Bauer has lost i
none of the shiftiness and passing j
skill that characterized his work i
with the Huskers last year. Bauer,
ineligible for the varsity this fall
is keeping in shape by playing with
the freshmen, and "in Wednesday
afternoon's scrimmage was the ;
lone blue jerseyed man able to ,
gain through the red shirt line, j
"Chief" has two seasons remaining
of varsity competition. j
since outlived their usefulness and
died by administrative or Student
Council ruling.
Organlxatlont Abolished.
Three of these groups were the
Iron Sphinx, so-called Sophomore
honorary group, Vikings, occupy
ing a similar position in the ranks
of the Junior classmen, and Green
Goblin, Freshmen organization.
Often these groups saw to it that
they cashed in on various social
functions, but no laxity is now to
be found which could make such
methods feasible.
Of course there is no room or
cause for doubt that individuals
gain funds in villous private en
terprises around the campus and
in the houses, by selling papers to
lazy collegians, selling tickets to
unsuspecting people at a higher
price than that which they them
selves paid for them and in many
other 'vays.
Student organization on the
campua of the University of Ne
braska is far from being that
"loosely-strung moss" which Miss
Zoretskie alleges it ts at other
schools, and those deiiving funds
from productive labor on the
campus are far from being just
one happy group of grafters as
one might be led to believe upon
perusing the storv in the Sunday
Journal and Star.
"And when thev are Graduated."
says Miss Zoretskie, "they start
selling bonds." Of course that re
mains to be seen.
Five Two-Milcrs to Compete
In Conference Test at
Five two milers will leave Fri
day afternoon for Lawrence, Kas.,
where they will compete Saturday
morning in the Big Six champion
ship two mile meet. Francis Ayres,
conference indoor champion at
this distance, heads the Husker
entry list which includes Jim Sto
rey, Roy Blazer. George Morrow
ftnd Howard White. The party will
be in charge of Louie Ktherton.
Glenn Cunningham of Kansas,
who placed fourth in the Olympic
1500 meters run this summer, is
favored to win Saturday, with his
strongest competition coming from
Chapman, Iowa State., and Ayres,
Fraternities Begin Second
Round Play Tonight at
With fifteen more men compft
ing this year thau last, 260 frater
nity men took part in the flr.'t
round of the antiiial interfraternity
free throw competition Tuesday
evening. Seventeen of the houses
were represented. Second round
piny will be run off Thursday eve
ning at 7:30 in Ihe coliseum.
Kach fraternity was allowed any
number of entrants who took ten
shots apiece, and then the five be t
totals were chalked up. Pi Kappa
Alpha finished with the best score
its five representatives compiling n
total of .15 out of ftO shots, nccon l
came Phi Psi with 30 counter.-,
third was Phi Slg with 2S, and the
fourth in this group, Phi Kappji.
had 27. This group of four will
to8 at Basket 1 in the second and
final round to be run off Thursday
eveninc at 7:30.
In the second group Zeta Beln
Tau, Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Tmi
Omega and Alpha Gamma Rho fin
ished with a score of 27 each. Thi:
quartet is scheduled to line up at
Basket 2 in the coliseum.
The third four is made up of
Sigma Phi F.psilon. Sigma Nu, Del
ta Tnu Delta, Delta Sigma Plu
with a tally of 2t each.
In the fourth bunch there are
five quintets trying their skill. Tan
Kappa Fpsilon running up 25. and
Alpha Thetn Chi, Theta Xi. Farm
House, and Sigma Chi scoring 21
eah. Groups three and four ai-
slated to appear at goals three and
Smith's Restaurant
25C . 50c
plain Pimii'i.
rliniiRod 1nily.
Spei-iHl Sn:nlny
New Location MO No. 14
Phon B751fi
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rector of the school of journalism,
will make formal presentation of
the Sig i Delta Chi cups awarded
annually .0 the writers of the best
news and feature stories appearing
in The Nebraskan during the past
semester. New students especially
are urged to come that they may
become acquainted with the activ
ities of the school of journalism.
"Everyone even remotely inter
ested in journalism will find the
annual banquet given by the school
well worth attending,' declared
Lawrence Hall, president of Sigma
Delta Chi. honorary journalistic
fraternity. "It is especially worthy
of support by members of the
school, and their loyalty and inter
est will be the measure of its success."
a' CA ..,u co,v
a"" urW
f Act
1 1 Vf w-
mm bhv
Henry Schulte has a new name ;
for W. Harold Browne, assistant
football and head basketball coach.
Schulte calls him "Broad Beam,"
evidently referring to the increased
girth of the former Lincoln high J
mentor. However, the "Indian is
no lightweight himself, the scales
groaning under 215 pounds when
the Nebraska track coach steps
Although his college and profes
sional football days have been over
for some time. Ed Weir still gets
a tste of actual gridiron combat
as freshman coach. Weir steps In
at tackle position on his frosh
eleven now and then, and when he
does there is always fireworks. In
a scrimmage about two week ngo,
Ed intercepted a varsity pass and
proceeded to tear down the field.
However, he was smeared so tard
by three opposing tacklers that the
ball popped out of his arms and
rolled fifteen yards.
Yesterday, Weir intercepted a
second string pass and bifl Journey
did not end until he crossed the
goal line ninety-five yards away.
His yearlings furnished excellent
blocking on the play.
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have been organizations wh'ch
have since become obsolete, which
; gathered in money on parties and
maae some pretty heavy rane-1
I offs, but the!e outfits havi long i
You'll Enjoy Shopping at Lincoln's Busy Store Corner 11th A O Si.
Make These Tests
on a
ocLety (lano
0 O OLL a Hudder all out
of shape... tie it into
knots! Leave it that way
as long as you like, untie
It! nf m rrinl-U'
' J
JO RAM it into your trav
V eling Bag . . . take a
fi i if r i
trip... then take it out of
your bag. .Vol a trrinfcf.-.'
Q a warmer day, throw
your Hudder over the
back of the seat of your
car. Sit on it for hours!
Vol tcrinkle!
O A ND. Iry tne water test
. . . hold your Hudder
under thz faucet ... lei Uie
water run on . . . hours at
a time. It i$ wmlrr-provf !
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Cold Proof Wear Proof
onaft doe . . . THI
HUDDER ts America's
handsomest Overeoat . . .
the reason? a remark
able new fabric con
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