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Tt'KSI) Y. 1 KIIM MtV 11. 10.
Tin: nui.Y m iuuskw
Dormitory A and Alpha O's!
Defeated in Cage
Tournament. i
Upper Classmen Must Get
Permit From Student
Health Office.
Sigma Kappa won from Dormi
tory A by a score or jo io t. ana
NFrgettes wou from Alpha mi
cron PI, 10 to 1. In the opening
l-ames of tbe women's Intramural
basketball season. Tbe other two
games scheduled to play at Ran
i roft achool, wf re postponed be-
csiie the floor was m use.
With tbe first week of the
women's Intramural basketball
tournament In full progress, an an
nouncement has been issued by
the intramural office to tbe effect
that all teams must report to tbe
time and place ecbedulcd, or for
leit their came.
No tames already scheduled
will be cancelled. It ts Important,
according to Alice Buffet, basket
ball manager, that upperclassmen
evpectinr to may, and not reels
tered for physical education work,
must secure a permit from the
students health office. Majors in
physical education will act as of
firm's in the ratnes.
The following games have been
Tuesday, Feb. 11.
6 p. m.
Majors, Women's gymnasium.
Maxlne McCan's group vs. Delta
Zeta, Bancroft.
Alpha XI Delta vs. Kappa Phi,
Alpha Oil Omega vs. Kappa
Kappa Gamma, Women's gymna
sium. Pi Beta Phi vs. Gamma Phi
Beta, Women's gymnasium.
Wednesday, Feb. 12.
5 p. m.
Thl Omega PI vs. LX.L., Wom
en's gymnasium.
Delta Delta Delta vs. Alpha
Delta Theta, Women's gymnasium.
Dormitory A vs. Kappa Alpha
Theta. Bancroft.
Alpha Omicron Pi vs. Chi
Omega, Bancroft,
Thursday, Feb. 13.
5 p. m.
I. X. L. vs. Sigma Eta Chi, Ban-
Delta Gamma vs. Gamma Phi
7 p. m.
Pbi Mn vs. Pi Beta Phi. gymna
sium. Alpha Delta Pi vs. Kappa Delta,
Friday, Feb. 14.
5 p. m.
Kappa Alpha Theta vs. Kappa
l'lii, gymnasium.
Alpha Phi vs. Maxine McCan's
group, gymnasium.
Delta ZeLa vs. Alpha. Delta
Tbeta, Bancroft.
Chi Omega vs. Kappa Kappa
Gamma, Bancroft.
t'ratvrmty IJatketball
Court 1 (Stage) Class A.
7 o'clock, Theta Chi vs. Beta
Theta Pi.
7.25 o'clock, Delta Theta Phi
t. Phi Delta Theta.
1:40 o'clock, Pt Kappa Alpha
s. Alpha Tau Omega.
Courtll (Nest to Stage.)
Class A.
7 o'clock, Blxad college vs.
Law college.
7:35 o'clock, Theta XI vs. PI
Kappa Phi.
8:40 o'clock, Sigma Alpha
Epsiion vs. Delta Tau Delta.
Court III (Varsity.)
Class B.
7 o'clock, Omega Beta Pi vs.
Delta Sigma Phi.
7:25 o'clock, Tau Kappa Ep
siion vs. Phi Kappa.
S:40 o'clock, Phi Sigma
Kappa vs. Sigma Alpha Epsiion.
an: cm its wim.
mi: I ok IIONOK IN
w i.L .sij:.k at
L.AWT.KNCK, Kan - Pjjht Rlie
rluha will enter the Mimtuuil Vl-
ll.U.n.U. I linUll MILL I Nrnutn rib. II. In addition to the
I I'mvriMiy t'l Kaunas, the schools
Iwlurh wiil fiitu are the Southern
Ostergaard Wins 600-Yard . ,w, ':.:;v:r-.Y,i':t,,r:,f
DaSh; OSSian TICS I0r jm.luhnnm. 1'iiivrrsity of MiH..uri.
j Wuctnnclim university, and Kan
sas Mate agriculture college.
abelh Tbompion. president, ts
baited on a national Panhellenic
ruling which says there shall be
no publication given to Panhel
lenlc troubles. Tbe practice In the
past, said Mrs. Thompson, is to
exclude all news of sorority par
ties to which men are invited.
From The Nebraskan's Monday
canvass it was found that eleven
out of twelve who could be
reached, were whole beartedly In
favor of The Nebraskan publish
ing reasonable accounts of soro
rity parties. This number repre
sents a majority of sororities m
the Tanhellenlc council as there
are twenty-one listed in the or
Second in Vault.
Nebraska athletes at the K. l
A. C. ludor track meet Saturday
night placed In four event: The
60-yard dash, the pole vault, the
shot put, and the mile rrlity.
Hob Oslergaard. soplioiimie
from Gothenburg, started his col
lege career as a runner auipicliu.--Iv
when he won the tino-yard dah
for tbe Shannon Doujjlus up in1
Bill Ossian. entering his thiid
season of competition as a pole
vaulter. sailed over the bnr at 12
feel to enter a t line-way tie for
second, with Tmeblood of Kansas
and Soults of Iowa, Iluxli Rhea,
varsity football man. tossed the
shot 44 feet 8 inches for a third
place in that event.
The Nebraska mile relay tram,
composed of Rogers. Sictkes, May
and Currier, defeated Kansas in
3 minutes, 31 second.
There Is a possibility that a dual
meet with the Missouri Tigers will
be arranged for the Columbia
track this week end, although the
date Is still tentative. The next
regularly schedule cUxli is with
Probability That Rhodes
Will Be Chosen for
Head Coach.
Iowa State. Feb.
braslca track.
22. on the Ne-
Huskers Take All Events
In Swamping lowans
55 to 20.
GRINNELL. Ia.. Feb. 11. Tak-
Insr first place In all individual
events and winning both relays
Nebraska's swimming team won
from Grinncll. 55 to 20, in a dual
meet here Saturday night.
The long string of first pisees
which the Cornhuskers copped was
augmented by second place wins in
every event save tne 4,u yara iree
style and the 220 yard breast
Amato. Nebraska flash, broke
the Big Six conference record in
the 100 yard dash, swimming tbe
distance in 1:02.6. Summary:
lSO-vard rlv: Won by Nrhraska
Yours. Uu'herland, Cannon, Ammo.)
Time: 1 :?.. . .
200-vart Ittast stroke: won ny ri-
tavma. Nshraska: Chuc r ixn, unn
nell. second; Eutlwrland, Nebraska, third.
Time: 3:05.
40-yard daih: Wo.i br Amato. Nebraska;
Youns Nebraska, conl; Dewey, Grin
mil. third. Tine: :21.2.
44.VvaH trr etyie: Won bv Heetbeck,
Nebru'ta;, Onnnell. second; Utile,
Nebraska, third. Time: 6:24.7.
150-yard back tro.e: Won by Vnrk'.tr.
Nebraska; Canron. Nebraska. .wood;
Thomas, Grlnnell, third. Time: 2:01.2.
100-yard dash: Von by Amato. Ne
braska: You.ic, Nebraska, second; Dewey,
Grlnnell. rhlrd. Time: 1:02. .
Fancy diving: Won by Sutherland. Ne
braska; Ch ick De Long, Grlnnell, lecosd;
Davis. Grlrnell. third.
Medlev relay: Won by Nebraska (Mock
ler. Pattavtna. Dlllel. Time: 3:47.4.
Starter: Lannom. Judges: Ross. Carlej.
Ijmrlnn rd W'lliams. Timers: Duke ar.d
Truest Announcer: Pye. Scorer: Walt.
Four Year Course Given
Decorative Ceramic
A M E S, low a A four-year
course in decorative ceramic en
gineering will be offered at Iowa
.State college for the first time
next year, according to Paul E.
Cox, head of the department of
ceramic engineering.
This course will deal with the
mechanical methods of decoration
of pottery, glass and other prod
ucts of the ceramic industries.
Lithography and engravir.g pro
cesses, production of ceramic col
ors, shape design and special
glazes will be emphasized in the
"The new course in decorative
ceramics will train students to do
work which in the pa-st has been
done only by workers brought in
from Europe," says Professor
Cox. "It Is intended for the per
son who bas ability in coloring
and designing and is so planned
is to give a complete picture of
the making and decorating of
ceramic products."
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be mentioned and no cuier account
b included.
Rule Does Not Hit Feats.
According to tbe Panhellenic
rule, news of fraternity parties is
not restricted as are sorority
events. The ruling, however, in
cludes every social affair of a so
rority such as house parties,
spring parties, dinner dances, and
formats. The Daily Nebraskan not
knowing it was violating tbe Pan
hellenic regulation, commenced a
column "On the Campus" at the
start of the fir3t semester which
contained accounts of sorority as
well as fraternity parties. It was
forced to discontinue the sorority
stories when notified of the ruling.
Requests have been made of
downtown papers to keep out all
news of this nature.
Tbe local Panhellenic ruling
saya that all publicity for sorority
events to which men are invited
must be given out by the chair
man of the Panhellenic council.
This rule, according to Mrs. Eli
AKTER ALL Its a Towusend fhoUgrapb
you want.
5f C'lVRhK
'fau'k .ludta will
p!.otorfrah fro.a
ytjR KALE Onw! vnlni
nTr ben worn. Fl')rtni.e
I2W Bo. Itch. F 3411.
By Elmer Skov
The above-mentioned John
Bentley has come to the rescue
with a suggested name for this
thing, and were duly thankful. He
also said "Skoll, Elmer.'" and I
wasn't just sure about that, but
a Swedish acquaintance said it
was all right. Thanks.'
The same make-shift name is
still up there, though. When this
column does come out under its
rightful heading, it Is going to ap
pear with a flourish fancy letter
ing and all that.
Bunny Oakes' freshmen received
something in the way of variety
in their rather monotonous prac
tice diet when they scrimmaged
the Doane college team yesterday
afternoon in the Coliseum. The
scrimmage was not scored, but it
was apparent here to observers
that the Tigers held no noticeable
margin of superiority over tbe
yearlings. That indicates one of
three things: That Doane was off
form, that the freshmen are better
than Is generally conceded, or that
state college basketball is an. of
such a high calibre as it might ne.
Take your choice.
The defeat of the Nebraska
basketball team at Lawrence set
tled the conference championship
issue as far as Nebraska Is con
cerned. Before that. It was all fig
ured out how, if Nebraska beat
Kansas and then took Missouri and
the rest of the games on the sched
ule, the Huskers would be ir a
tie for first if Kansas and Mis
souri broke even on tbe two games
they have to play. Another air
castle gone!
Nebraska athletic teams are
again facing a full week. The
basketball team, returning from
Lawrence last night, has one day
in which to prepare for hoped for
revenge Wednesday night on the
St. Louis team, which took the
Cornhuskers when . they were on
their holiday trip. And after that,
there will be two days of practice
for the Missouri game tn the Col
iseum. That game, by the way,
even though Nebraska has no
chance at tbe title, should be in
teresting, to say the least.
While the basketeers are enter
taining Missouri, Rudy Vogeler's
swimming team will exchange
splashes with tbe Kansas Aggie
team in Lincoln, probably in tbe
Lincoln High pool. And at the
same time, John Kellogg's wrest
lers will engage the grapplers
from Iowa university in the Coli
seum. The . meet will probably be
held following the basketball game.
In addition, efforts are being tnade
to send the track team against
Missouri at Columbia.
W. A. A.
Big sale! Big sale.' All prices
cut in half: Come to the big
Cornbusker carnival and save
your money by spending it. Big
chance don't miss this wonderful
opportunity. You'll never see us
equal (prabably truci. Great
news sororities at last have an
other way of making money and
it isn't a tea either.
Every group entering a booth
receives one-third of the profits
it takes in so read up on all
the latest scientific methods of
cheating. Don't forget to come
and see Fiji, the only wild man
in capitivity. And bring peanuts
for the elephants and tbe football
In spite of the effects of spring
fever basketball is scheduled to
begin Monday. Snap out of the
daze for awhile and be prepared
for a real workout. After months
of practicing you should at least
know the difference between the
ball and the basket. However,
the more you can get away with
the better but it does take prac
tice to find that out. Double
headers will be run off every
hour, so there'll be plenty doiug
all at once. After a game is
scheduled it absolutely cannot be
cancelled and that goes.
The Phys. Ed. majors will act
aa officials which ought to prove
interesting to say the least.
There's going to be real cut-throat
competition the gym during this
week will be a scene of carnage
and name labels will be duly ap
preciated. All upperclassmen am
bitious enough to play must have
a health permit and they'll need
it! All this week's games are in
class A, but break away long
enough to notice the hour and
place. Guess that's enough of
l'l.i'Mihiiitv that Jhn Vlmppy"
Rhode would git the Hsitiou of
head tom-h at the University pi
Wyoming was ry strong yester
day although the executive com
mittee of the university trustees
adjourned ovrr the weekend with
out imikint: any linnl decision. The
next meeting of the committee is
set f'ir Friday. February SI.
All member of the board will
i l at that meeting when the nppli
'e.itmns of Rhode as well as the
other enniliitatoM will be considered.
Rhodes was in conference with
President A. U. Crane and the
exeeutive committee Saturday
night. I'niveihity authorities re
mained reticent as to the cause for
delay in filling the vacancy.
Rhodes is the only candidate to
hiiw been invited to Iviramle for
personal interviews Hnd it is gen
erally believed that bis candidacy
had i e ceiled the euduisemeut of
President Crane.
Rhodes is a former Cornbusker
star football, track and baseball
man. Since graduation he has
coached varsity bust-ball and fresh
man football. i
First Year Men Prepare in
Practice Came Before
Meeting Midland.
Runny Onkes and his aggrega
tion of freMinien hahketeers mixed
in a lively piactice scrlmmaje
nKainst the Donne Titcer on the
field house hardwood floor jester
diiy. Doane Is reparlng for an
exacted difficult tussle against
"Mutt" Davidson was the out
standing man during the melee for
the frosh. but all of tbe men were
coming through in fine style.
Bunny wns trying a new comMns-
tlon at the guard posts, using Car
velh and Farner. Paul Beattle,
the outstanding guard on the year
ling team, did not enroll for school
the second semester and hi run
ning mate. Stansberry. was absent
from the practice.
Doane was apparently tired from
their heavy schedule of conference
games last week, tut they got a
real workout. They were employ
ing a man to man defense, ami on
several occasions the fiesnmen
yearlings broke through the sys
tem for two pointers. Oakes' ag
gregation were employing a rune
defense, and It was more effective
than it bas ever been against tbe
Behrcnds got the tip most ot
the time on Werner, but wns un
able to keep the Doane men from
entering the scoring tables fre
quently. Davidson and lloutchins
were teaming at the forward
beilh. Carveth and Farner were
breaking up I ho IKMtne Hfeioove
with consistent regularity, t'arr
substituted for llehremii alter
Werner bad worn the freshman
center completely out.
Runny bas been drilling the
frosb Incessantly on f uiutanientals.
but oceahionHlly they net a chance
to mix with some team. There
will probably be one or two cur
tain iainer games arranged frlhe
fnnh, leb played uefme tho var
sity come on the floor. Nebraska
Aggies banded tbe yearlings a one
point defeat tin year, and h re
turn game Is being pronute1 be
tween the two team.
the. and will put me prospruu
players thrtuigh a training to de
velop them for outdoor work as
noon as the season open.
The Jaybawk bas a schedule of
fourteen conference fame. Includ
ing four with the I'niverstty t
Mw.-ourl. and will add lour inn
conference game.
Lettornien who nre out for curly
practice Include: Paul lusher ol
PiltHburgh; Bert lotga. Honolulu;
Ralph McCov. Dodge City; fcxlgar
Schmidt. McRoutn; lHaii Lit lily
ler. Gordon; Rsbton Culp. Uelod.
Tom C. Bishop. Oklahoma City,
tiki., and Rub Thomson, Kansas
City. Mo. Bishop and Tbom-on
nrc devoting mot of their tlnur
now to basket hall.
Kansas Hr.s 14 Games Now;
4 More to Be AdJcd;
8 Veterans Out.
LAWRENCE, Ka.,. Feb.
John Bunn. coach of base,
the University of Kansas. ;
sued the first call for pnr
II -
Before That
liii In mul hi us fix you o irul
y.ii il lime tliut IrresUUble "It."
Motrins our (eintty.
, v.v ,
9jojs JnoA l 0JS "0..
d T 1 1
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own record of 1 minute 58.8 sec
onds in the 100 yard backstroke,
when he paddled the distance in
1 minute .r8.7 seconds.
M. Smith, Iowa State distance
man, cuppen inieen seconas on
the Big Six record for the 440 by
finishing in 6 minutes 5 seconds.
The Nebraska team won both the
relavs and scored a clean sweep
in the 200 yard breast stroke. The
ISO-yard relay: Nbraka. Car.nnn. SonOi-
fr:anl, Young tnrt Amain, firi"; lona
State, second, lime: 1 minute 23.4 sec
2Hj-vard nrea't troK: raoaviu. r.e-
hraska, flr.-t: Amato. .ehrtka. second:
young, Nebraska, third. Time: 21.1 sec
44'J-vard tree style: i. ixn. ioa
State, firm: H"-sthecK. r.etraa. second;
Kraser. Iowa K'ale. third. Time: l nun-
nates 5 seconds. I Better bik ron-
ferew-e record ft mlniltea 21 1 seconds IKId
by Butler. Iowa State )
l.Wyard oacK StroKe; aiormer. .-.rnranK,
firm; We.d. Iowa Hate, second; Cannon.
Nehranka. third. Time: I minute Mi 7
seconds (Betters Rik Six conference rec
ord 1 minute ".S seconds held fcy Mork-
ler. I
loo vsrd tree stvie: amain. .-NenraiK.
first: I'nner, loa State, second: Burtner,
loa State, th.rd. Time: 1 minute 3 aec-
fancy divlnit: Kellit. loma state, tiro;
Soijtnerland, Nebraska, second ; Chicken.
owa Stair, third.
.'100-yard medley relay: Nebraska. Vock-
If-, f'attavme. cannon, f'rr: loa H'Ale,
second. Time: niinutes 42 ft seconds.
Referee and starter; J. J-., irwtn at
Mohawk Tires
11th and L B 4887
of Distinctioru
Such a clever assortment of
valentines are waiting for you
here. Tiny ones, hui?e ones,
medium sized ones. They are
new and distinctive, and there
are dozens and dozens of dif
ferent kinds.
IS 1 J! .pf ll
I! (o H o) II
University of Oregon Would
you like to send a coed to jail fur
a year. Then all you need to do in
the state of Oregon is to 'hang"
your pin on her. A clause in the
Oregon code of laws, unearthed
tbe other day by a law student,
provides that any person wearing
the badge of a fraternal society to
which he does not belong Is guilty
of a misdemeanor punishable by
"imprisonment for a term not to
exceed one year, of a fine not to
exceed one thousand dollars, or by
The Creightonian Walking .six
miles to and fro from school twice
a day for the last four years may
seem like quite an undertaking to
some, but that is the record of
Harry Walles, a senior law student
at Crefgbton university in Omaha.
Leaving bis home fat 7:l! a. m.. he
arrives at the law school exactly
on time for an eight o'clock class,
after a brisk walk of 45 minutes.
Walles, wbo lives in Council Bluffs
and continues to Omaha daily, has
never accepted a ride, and has
braved the blatts even witn tne
tnermometer registering 1 below
llic Daily
e f .
oniv cnecine
29 years
lilt; onl'
Nebraska., has served
advertising inediui
between local and national merchants and
the student consumer. Throughout all these
years the advertising in this paper has been
true and reliable.
The merchants behind these ads are faithful,
loyal boosters of the university.