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    Sumlay, October 15, lf);
The Daily Nebraskan
1 hir!Uv
w-rk l.v ti rnufMiiv .f Nrt-r.i0a.
lfn'H'l '-r ni-ll'nc lit r" Ul r-tc .J
'-- ITi.l f. r In S.- t .p 11.V! KrX
f dt!i.!r a. ii.1T, aic.hrrimnl J.n lurr'-M
hut-i-! a;-., matter at the
p..f..ff- ia I.iiiro!-;, Nohraska nnd. r th
Act of ri.iriv. !arra S. lvTJ.
tnkrrli4iin ml .
wlf pir .
y ear
for St-i tensor 15th lus sparently over
United the iraj value and purpose of
severe! of the can-.nus organiiations.
"Y"hy the Y," he asVs. but ia attonirt
leg to answer this Question to his
I aer xi-r dire!..- t ;., MuUent l-nb. Uhat he is blissfully icsorant of the
lliatlca Ikianl. I
Christian basis or tne . w. .. a. ana
V. M. C A. or.ia:junons. Lft hkn
read the purpose ot these organiia
tions as stated in the "N book or on
the membership cards available at
-? ; oi'Ii.e. This;vse n-ads: "1.
.o U:.u a:? to faith in Go J thru
Josus Christ, i'. Tto lead them o
men.bership and service in the Chris !:. ).-h. .. T pro:::o:e their
gTowih ia Christian fa::h and char
acter, esi eciaHy thru the study of the
Bible. 4. To influence them to d?
vote themselves in united effort with
"! Chr'Mlar.. to :::jlirt tw.e will of
Christ effective in human society, an '.
i:p .;I "i the K:ardo:a of God
throughout the world." There is no
fee for membership. Anyone may join
(luaaicF kiiwj lla-iae.. ........... - .
t-ft: e nurs i t-. f l'M!v. 'himself in sympathy with this purpose
rTTfTi. t.UI... .W. M,eV! n 'he Y- W- C- A
traak '. irjr ... cirratutiua Mnjtcr ; ; . , :-n orror:aa::y to Christian
'women to aid a cause in which they
..i'ir all -uituuntcntin t-.i
' n A. Lincoln. Xt-k.
lions? The duplication arises with th
formation of cumenus small groups
havirs no definite purposes or dutie.
Let us then start by doing away witn
th superfluous organiiations rather
than by striking at those most heartily
endorsed by the faculty and I'niver
sity authorities. A. G. XI.
flirnins llTSis?
" K.lit.-l :..! n:
ti..n lti;:l.i;r.
.1 t.
f I..
:e clfv
A l!ui:.l-:'a
i.l 4 5 t
Bella rrau .
'.ff-;v H-ur
Herbert llnitirll. Jr. ... Managing Id.lar
'fr:ce iionr, . !. .t. '..n.lay. Taisjay.
W.tieJay. Tl.TN'Ur. .Viiur.Uy.
loriarle Vif"a
R.bert 1 Crais
t are A. :it-..i
Aorlate I'ditur
?flit KditAT
Niclit r.lilor
. Nichi I.J:iar
N.cM l1ilcr far tbU lae.
Charles A. Mitctell.
Hath x
e :rte.-fTted. The Y. W. C. A. doe
'r.ct le. It is all very wtll to say
A4-iait Mrt EditarjTM li - orcssiiation is needed, that
I men and women can be Christians ia-dividr-allT
and alone. If so. why ar
ia the fall of 1H1. Eurore was cart r 'r .,,?. hs in the world? ! Saa ad wnt8 ben plassel
CaiSoc StuJer.ts Club
Vhc Catholic Students Club w:li
meet at K. C. hall S :niay at thrre
A!pha Kappa Psi
There will he an important meet
ing of the Alpha Kappa Ts; ct "
o'clock. Friday. October 13, in -.he
University Ccianier-ir.l Cl'b rooms.
W. A. A. Hike
I2ver brv'.y Lil.el Girls. m-tt .t
the Temple, six o'clock Sumlay. rc?-iy
for a gool time. Hiking gives W. A.
A points.
Bapt st Studcrts.
All Baptist st.i-en'.s are invited o
:.ttci:d the Tsptist Youig People's
runic at Trrrscn's pa-k. Kri 'ay. Oc
::ler 13. Take Lancaster car at IP
jr.J O streets at 5:30. The very
':: cf eats and a fine bunch of
Block and Br t!-ib.
Bhu-k and Bridle Club meeting at
:le home of Professor Gramlich.
Starr street. Tuesday evening at 7:4.V
Proctor's Meeting.
There will be a meeting of the
proctor's of all sorority and roomim;
houses and dormitories at Ellen Smith
Hall. Tuesday. October K. at seven
j clock.
P. E. 51.
All classes in P. E. M meet in
;rcet clothes Wednesday, October IS.
into one of the greatest wars of his-(whether in school or in life. anyon
lory. Gcrmar.y and Austria-Hungary !ui0 thir.ks clearly and sanely ralires
couliiced fonts to fight practically ;i hat there is a .need for orran-lratior.s
every other country. Within a com-jia which s;iritual aims are the prim
rirciively months Eelgium hadlary forte. Xo organization, spiritu.-.i
been practically annihilated and Bus- j or raterial. can carry on its w ork
sia was in a state of utter ruin. nor. Consider the Y
As the war went on the fnlte.1 ,". bni?et as it is rmMishei. It calls
Stales was drawn more atd more into j 55 i Of th:s 51.".i is for the
the strap. Germany demade-d that jsecr-iary's salary. Her work hs nota
Americi stop seadirg ammunition tri"? t with aid ar-d advice in the
the Allies. The United States refusal j of ro; :::s aad employment ex
to comply. Germany then -threw icept sa ?ec;al cases. The card fils
line of submarines completely around in ter office contain information of
the British Isles and told the United jan entirely different son than ttoso
Stite that unless its shins took a cer- in the office cf the Dean of Women-
tain course
A few Amencan ships
doom. I5'-1 'k. ho-s-ever. lies in the spiritual
'and moral field. She is the fries.'.
those ships would be sunt, information peninent to the work and
rican ships did meet their neeis of her organizEtiom Her great
. " , ... helper and adviser of the S.' girls in
April. President Wilson declared that
... !:te rEixersitv. or as many as care
a slat of war existed between thel
United States nd Germany. . 10 Ler" 1 ce molt
. . . ih stnfienfs helps them to m
Throoghont the country there wer? ,
r . . . .. . ine friendships and a wide ;
thousands of America s fm?st men at . s
, ,,'ance throngh mnrjal interest,
tending daflv When the call i e
t s -i;-:al demand met :n B9 ct
1 Ti kets. .3 cents.
All members of last year's Corn
cjs. XeraiLa's Je;. Gang, ar-e ro-
I iested to meet at the Sigma Chi
ihc-u Tuesday eight at T c'clcxk.
Chief Cob.
Keeper of the Kernels.
Wyomfj C!b Eancuet.
All Wyoming students in the Uni
versity are invites! to the dinner to be
given by the Wyoming Club. Wednes
day. October 3.
Ep s:cpal Students.
All Episodic 1 stud-ats dinrer a the
Lincolnshire on Tuesday evering.
v-:o"n-r 17. at olo. k.
Tuesday, October 17.
Block and Bridle Club meeting. 7:45
p. m., 3220 Starr street.
Episcopal club dinner. 6 p. in.. Lin-co'.ni-hire.
Big and Little SUters dinner. 6 p.
ia.. Ellen Smith Hall.
Iron Sphinx meeting. 7:15 p. m..
Delta Chi house.
Friday, October 20.
Kappa Delta dance. Ellen Smith
Bushnell Guild dame. Chamber of
Phi Gamma Delia dance, the Lin
coln. Delta Upsilon dance, the Lincoln.
Saturday, October 21.
All University dnce. Armory.
Girls Football luncheon, the Lin
coln. At ia house dance.
Delta Upsilon banquet, the Lincoln, i
Farm House dame.
Phi Gamma Delta annual pig din
n-r. the Lincoln.
Sigma Chi dance. Ellen Smith Hall
Delta Tau Delta dance, K. C. balL
dollar unif for NYbraska's new Mem
orial Stadium.
At the Alpha Gamma Rho house
this week-end. Carl M. Rydeberg of
Wood River, and William Garretson of
Athol. Kas.. ere visitors.
Anne Catherine Bartless. ex'21:
Margaret Carmen, ex- i;;. and Mildred
Thomas, ex-', are spendin gihe week
end a: the Phi Mu house.
The following people were guests
of the Alpha Chi Omegas this week
et;d: Mildred Ha mm and Bernice j
Grafton cf Falrbury pre guests of Ger- j
trade Lynch. Kaiherine .lohnson o
Superior is visitiuf Elizabeth
and Mary Ordway of Fairbury is vis
iting her sisters Ruth and Yada.
Eleanor Bierkanip suffered an in-1
jured collar bone and Evelyn Shelleik.
Xaomi Pid.r.rd i.rd S'.ella Bierkamo
many when the automobile in
which they were riding collided with (
a milk trutk at Sixteenth r.nd X street j
Wednesday evening. '
Betty Riddell. w ho is teaching in
Seward high school, is visiting rt tl:e
Kappa Alpha Theta house while at-
1 tending the State Teachers" conven
Mary Sheldon. '22. is at the Alpha J
Xi Delta house during the Teachers"
convention. She is teaching at uea
exa this year.
Isabel McMonies. '22, is visiting at
th Chi Omega honse.
Elsie Baumgartner. '22. is a guest
at the Gamma Phi Beta house while
in town for the Teachers' conxention.
Alpha Omiemn Pi entertained the (.
house mothers of the sororities and j
fraternities Friday afternoon at a ken- i
! sington in honor of their house moth ,
1 er. Mrs. Mary Hayward. A short pro-1
gram was given by members of the
sorority. Refreshments consisted of:
ice cream and cakes. ;
Active members and alumni of Mor
tarboard, who were in Lincoln for th
X. S. T. A. meet for dinner Friday;
evening at the Lincolnshire. Plates;
were laid for twenty-five. Miss Vtlera !
Bonnell acted as toastmistress and
called upon Miss Marian Wyman to
speik for the alumni and Miss Adde.-.
heil Dettman for the actixe chapter. 5
Xi Delta, honorary sophomore girl's
society, has pledged one twenty-fiTc
to arms from the president came, ties
men left their boots on their desks,
marched out of the class rooms and
Joined the forces of Uncle Sam. Ey i
the thousands they were s-ent to train
ing camps. By the thousands they
were s.fnt to Europe to face death cn
the firing line Thousands went over
seas and hundreds nexer came back,
many more hundreds came back phy
sical wrecks.
Todax. the Unixersity of Nebraska :
go to her. The office work done ty
the students helps them to make last
in? friendships and a wide acquaint-'
It fills
other way
br the University authorities. Sociii
'serxice trciadens the characters of th i
Arrange fcr a sitting before the busy winter season :
starts let it be
A Photo by Dole
Etrls. givis? llte-ja first-hand inform?- :
lion of a side of life oth
unknown to most of them.
League and Salvation
same son of work, of course.
any one say that there- are t.eo mar.- ; jpj
ThUanlhrouic orcaniiatictf or tht J if.
there can be too many? Let him go tt
Juvenile Coun or visit the slums and
erwise t otally i &2aarLOai3iSC
i. Tie Junior-' S
Army d9 the i 2 THE I
Eut can ,
vwuiuG tj-ct-i. " lirhifh tiiose people lixel H?w cp.b
boner of the men who went from her L b? f Q ?E;? Lri
class rooms to join the forces of I nc:e
Sam: to fight that the world might
see the abject poverty and misery
0:Ter ti.trc in Music, Dramatic Art. A
Jar?? faetil-.r cf f.j, ::" s ;u til depart menls. Anvoac may
enter. Pu'l kfrEati' n rcrit-t. Oppciie iLe Campus.
fied as to say that any bit of aid in
the wax of social service, no matvr
how small, is nniecessary? Perhars ulwimp u m anjf .,-"
to a rt. -re rr jiti te xesper serTw.--?
seems t be tie means by which th
T. W. is be-t known jirobahly be
c Lc?e tier? ; a serxke each wk
atd the notices are constantly in viw.
A ex plrl wh-i has exer itt-i:ied a
be safe for democracy: that the peo
ple living on the plains of Nebraska
might enjoy their liberties for yrs
to come.
This Memorial is to take the form
of a gigantic Stadium; a Stadium
which will Feat MW people; which
wCl be a jiermanest memorial to thC'iYesper sfrxir? and its Tceir$ -
hundreds of Comhuskers who -nterel Itjiration tn5 renewed la it a frr.m
the fight in France, to the thousand? forgets it. Perhaps a good mar;
who fought at home, and. probably j ;r(ij;TT are r'-quj-c-l to go. bet J
xnot important of 1L to the scores n. v, f,., 19 form gcod iab:!
who nexfT returned to see Nebraska 10 ,i0T tt, m whit Vespers ftZ.i
soil l-r"-v-. At tie Cs.rlle-llcV.lsg serx
Monday, students of the UnixerEi,y
of Nebraska will be asked to contrib
ute toward this Memorial for tie eh .it --fre t
wto died lt oti-ers might lixe on V: (,,T rjT;.:-E
peace. They will be asked first cf ' y- h - , 4..5 .aZiS
11th Sis.
VaVl.(-. Fine J-we!rv.
fl -ks. Stcr'iiiT Silver. Cnt
C3as. Expert Watch. Clx-k
sr. ! Je-A j iry RepairiE? sr. I
Opticians Eyes examine!
FKEE- In our Optical I)"-
T'ariraeiit ya may select
j-;t wl-r-t yott want in Eye
I;3a-es cr Speetacie.. Fine
Or.tical R-pairini. Broken
Lens-es Duplicated.
Stationers Stati 'inery f-r
the Ofk-e. Schv.l an 4 I-me.
Waterman's Fountain Pens.
Office E'juapnient and Sup
plies. Crane's. Whitinz's
ami Htirl's Fine Stationery.
Cf'Bcplete line of Supplies
fcr all departments of
Schools and C"I3e?es.
jf li-ft Tuesday, tit-re wt.$ an at-i.eLCis-e
of Of this n.bfrr tore
f. tie T. M. at-J
all to attend a rally for all stode:
ajid latulty members ot the i"nixer'!-y
of Nebrsska to he bell at the City
Nebraska ewes it to these score?
cf mem wio died for the cause of dem
ocracy, to those hundreds of men who
rtmrned in broken-down health, to
the tiouF-ands of men who took gren
ritk that future feneration mifV
enjoy prorperity.
Xebrtika owes 5t to the motherc.
tie fa&erc. ar.d the sj'teri and brtrth
cn of her dead and wounded warricTK.
of the others who would have died bao
they been called to do so. t.o rft
this Memorial which w iH ttasd for gen
eratiotis to F.iow tie apjwiatltm
whlcl Comhusiera baxe for the serv
ice ties" sons rendered.
Let not tbe-se close relative of lh
dead soldierr. who are xn today
remmberin those lost son an!
brottert. say that -The Student tt
tie TcdxerfitT of Nebraska do sot
na2?rmiia: tier do to treallze wbt
a permanent Memorial fcr the dead
ttona ot America meana.
Attnd the rally, and. after the rally
fee jrepared to take your pled re made
cr;t for tie mo?t which ycu aa f ac-ri-
fk. to the booth where the pledge
wC! be coltefted. Make ycrarself tv:
a little money to show the rnl-
ter-MK parenU that yon arpwriate a
that their on and brother did to
make yon. tckjt tbildren. ad ytrar
ctUdrea' chSdren. ale.
C&rnpus CommenL
A Drfeits cf Oryanizst'ioiK.
To ti Editor:
Tie author of tie comment on or
ganizaikm la Tie Daily Neb to kin
T. M. empioymett btateatj are entire'?
'j'-:C" of iLe or.fiLoj purr-oM-. Bit
it'y hTe irisen tT been created to
f-il Leeds' bz.i go work whi' h to tir
orfaxlaatioa was doit.?. The student
ji's-firp are very rial to re the exist
Ixf crratisitioii in their work. I am
-ure. If the-e-e T-eye t.-ollfhel ej--otier
body wr aid Lave to be create!
to tile tbeir jla'e". Fiiice it if iarl'y
jrobable tl'-t six itulett jrastcrs toaii
be 5n personal touth with .V.-) ttt-len'.t-.
To the question TVby the TT. O T
'-ere is aih'i iLotler side to c.'tJFlder .
iLe of .re-i-Lte-c ; u ti.e s ucer:i
editorial. The lot3 crjatiratiC'ts wis?
'rr-ed at -j.- v ; W of tie 7eas of
ffcata. It do- it'A dt;;Ci..te her
duties. It male lor ter th'5
-s;-'-rx'''a of aVr;t forty rocssm?
houses, sevet'eea sorority hou'-es. ad
?ix d'jrm:tr. l-Iaty j-e'ile do a'A
izfjir tie dormitory fytteta 5-?
tie Tzixers.'ty of Nera'.ka U ettirely '
he work of Vis Hejpuer. and thtt
ever tie ouxtry le re-'eixe
request for adxioe td tu?retiors -to
tie factor which make her y
tea o ruooettful. Stary girt tave
been very rratefu! to VT. S. G. A- is I
the part for fisaxicial lelp wlkh thy
have reteived. A for the mati?--.
nert of the Girl" Comluiker Lui le :
eon and tie Girl" Comluiker Party. .
"ST. S- G. A. ta lid tiarre cf tlem
I'rfaiiLst BarEains. K1 dse KMh-
For c-e,f55 and pleasures at lowest
Then . -ad abaut
Mit-s C"bar!tne"
And bargain shojjt'ing need not h
'ld i
a! ;5 to tv; ; '
i .-i Z-'. ::-.uc
- t '
Tor n:.-ci
or lor '
'. 1 j.i.- to i.ave
every .'" a-iO'i.T
'. ij itree are
To-r eve-rr x.eed
.' e. v 1.' i. rr.e-cii.v
- i- is mVA
i or F.r-et.
1 t r yo'i ill be
r ;..t ; ' a w art.
- fro:.'i t:t to
jv w.'l
'. T of f 'c Ti-
) 1 1 - l,e tr i t I
. r -.L't
-. id
d d'.
JEAN'. wl3 ?o;
I'y ." or y
v we-.':-' '-'1'
.71 It G.f !.' lit
a ma-a?e 'r ';i
failed c
fl.t.xr Wl.-e. ....
. 1 ?; l1 1 v
pr-ra. G.lfen'i!
: - ,r
- r-d f o,r,3
' fo-
i-'o. TLe'r
ool -h
1 c- a r.ew
e t'.-ed ;n
'or many year, rlr.
other OTFarjzatl'-i lt arla jwer-
ful esonrh to I5ii:e tl? re0is5-
hn.ty for tite .'fa!.-f.
We ads It that tle rnivenity !
beixs tvejt by over-orraxization atd
oxer-d-Sxii. " i;t why atark tie
larytft, mtt jowrfcl. and moft ef
fective of tie max 7 txittia orsasixa- j
t have 1 i.'ja' valae ia
'oil' ye r rls bear-r hat thi
T.'.-e ha-. I-.rott.y, are
M-lll-.r r-r-rly for $15 and
Hirr.t-Goar are offerlt? then
lor l Ji. In ail co''yrf. tiy are
ko" 5a thae t-'t a to be be
:l t every fae. Scarl to
mat a of toft wrxl cr atyora
can be tad.
THE Cortihu.-ke-r Htatiocery
.-flo;'. situated 5n the Colleg-J
J-yoi fltore. whkh faces the
Camjo. carry a coiLi'let K.k
of tatiox-ry. formal a 11 noun c
neuts atd dance .rozramc. For
re-t'-d i,;i. whether yon is are
11 'lye or Lot. ill tt-ore lErjte
' 'f.arif-'.!: of iri.'. tor their
r tre fo reasonable at to
;.? !lor ill fihTi. Iet tn
' ro'j ' f ! "liwaTa AutJiue
Li-ry. Tbi j; umber 1 pilt
'- . ,e. r ;; "- hl:ed. (-a&eied
:. '5 with IsmiFked cre-tt tell
r .. 3-,,ir f.rj- of a box.
T..- y tr- tlv ehowirj? in erj
rriv-d bter-bead for Frater-f-.'j
bi'-irjeij cte. Ak to iee
-x.r etional value.
GIRLS! rn't turry borne at
!: ;.'fc tine and be all tir! ojt
for that 1 o'clo'k ciai?. The
;xer if'j-on ' rrei a diitty and
! iicioos !anh tvery tuooa. e
l'jiWr lor Cti. The Silv-r
M',3 i j.t the place to bave
a bite between c!ase. for It f
'u.t from the campn atl
has the uewet and finest foua
taia in Lincoln.
Reveraible evening coat are
a fjf.portant feature of tie
Pari mode.
The neweiFt toach U the Epao
Uh Kercbeif kxx'ted about the
seek, which will probably be
teen at Palm Beach.
''HOKEHS. On that make
c-rtry girl's heart foeit faster,
are leiij? thiowa at Coition'
V.'oiaer' Vi'ear. tljal iwf little
(.hop at 1'i'W O street. Of brown
for. (rou Fix to seven Inche
wide aud Jhrejej feet 5a IciiElh.
roltcn' are offerixg these in a
i-le fel-iya for only fli.Ti.
TbtT are able to do this be
catF eiery purchase U on a
aa bai. aid yon will be able
to save oa that wooly jyrt coat
lor tbi winser, too.
An sttt'-nMua t'-a. What ssund
t.oore jnv;;ji!i to a Luxgary r'rl
ten h-r lat ai'.err.'yon tiaM
ba l-n a-Uesi'Jed? Taire the
Jevator to the fifth Coor at
iJ;r htj1 Paine' ai.d f.-M a
table fn tb'-5r Tea Kifi'.a. There
yoa w.ll be '-rve-l w;th acy of
' e t'.ai.y 'r.'.first.os-i
sron ther mem, that yon
ibist:. F'il'j'-r (rora i to S:2-J
is a)w served here.
For evexin a we.1 a for
day-time wear, shoe with oten
work side are adrtirJ.
Charlote I ready to answer
any questions conremltj; your
wardrobe, and is anxion to do
any shoppinc;. If yoa win send
ber a letter static; plainly Jart
what yoa desire. Adiiret Char
lotte, the Shopper, at The Daiij
Nebnukan office.
Don! Leave Your Hands
Out in the Cold!
When the cool weather comes
you put the rest of your body
in warm things
den't neglect your hands!
Ma gee's Gloves
in the season's newest styles.
Sweet Apple Cider
I'M i-er cent u:e apple ji:ce mil-j from sound Jonathan apples.
We cater especially to University. Fraternity and Sorority parties
and social functions of all kinds.
Ico cold cider in ke;s wi:a spigots will be famished on six hours
c j(ic We also serve cider at our 12:h Street MiiL
Idaho Fruit Coropany
218 No. 12th
Have You Tried Our
40 and 60-Cent Lunches?
Y. M. C. A. Cafeteria
"Filling Station for Hungry Folks'
Open 6:30 a.m. Close 7:30 p. m.
II II , II ' ,,, . IIIIU.M
r- -- ... ..... .... 'null - t
'if ? ii in u.nk iIiumpi s rn i imp .nnn Kav
; I 3 w " ssuw ui UVVU 1 UJ
A iFx-al firra d!t a la rife f;a.era:r ar.d sorority balre-s win
id to ta-xt saletuj-a to t!.-(r lone. i,f. ijjUyed acd
.1 at the hw. Our I-r- -r.t ri.e-a are averar'n t,. .
-"r " 1 o;k;tr a!i-.ui tar- botirs. We handle co 6ov!ties
.:y a taj, 1 0e of rv.e ir .i. !f;J.r. . ,,r.ttIW,qi,
bae an added advarta?e. and are therefore preferred but il
1 '3! .-' -i d. j.--ae yo,r q-ial-lKatioM in . letter
addressed to IVx 7. V.'ar.l Ad I pan.r.ent. ral!y .Vefcrasxan effke
: I. , , I
' --- -- --' ., Ml -- " i
' ' inn iMaMKMMMMaaaMgjaBj6i8ai'i" iraaM
7Ac Min From Guggenheim's"