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    The Daily Nebraskan
Football Rally
Ton'ght at 7:15
Football Rally
Tonight at 7:15
VOL. XXII- No. 17.
Students Should Attend Initial
Football Rally in Armory
This Evening
Fraternities and Sororities Re
quested to Attend in a Body
Starts at 7:15
Everyone In wked li come lo th
"pop rally" tonight in 7:15 In tho
Armory. Captain "Chirk" H.ivt lrv
will give a Mhort speech and Intro-'
iluce tho other members of tlm flint
squad. Cheering will he In charge of
"Duke" Glotison ami I'rod Richards.
Tho University hand will attend on
masse an some splilicd music will be
provided. Conch Fred Dawson will
speak lo (ho students.
Freshmen nn especially urged to
be present by the upperolassiuon, w
it will ho a r.o.od chance to not t
glimpse of tli i University traditions
nml Ri't nequalntod with the members
of tho tnim. Tho mlly will Btart
promptly at 7:15 ami will bo over by
7:15 In orilor not to Intorforo with
ltny nthor activities of the students.
A rally on tho evening before ft
game Is ono or tho oldest and most
Important of the Cornhnskor tradi
tions. It gives tho tonm tho fcoliiiR
that tho students are behind thorn
and nro hacking thorn to tho limit.
No ono can rail himself n loyal Ne
braskan who (Ioor not leave tho rally
ton it;" t with n throat sore fmin
Sororities' find fraternities are
asked to set nn example to tho rest
of tho school by attending in a body.
For the Freshmen this will bo an op
portunity to learn the Nebraska yells
and Ronga before tho game tomorrow.
It will nnlto the school In Its ch cov
ing and give tho students a chance,
to show their support.
Chnunoey Nelson of the Innocents
will preside auu introduce me siica
era. "The meeting will be short and
snappy and give the students plenty
of time for their dates or anything
else afterwards," he declared." If the
students want tho team to win tomor
row, If they are loyal Cornhtiskers,
they will yell themselves hoarse for
the team tonight."
Rally Tonight at 7:15
Stadium Committees
Will Meet Sunday
Morning in Armory
Members of the stadium committee
as chosen in tho Tuesday election will
meet Sunday morning at 10 o'clock j
In Faculty Hall In tho Temple build
ing. The Innocents, Dean of Meif and
Director of Athletics, Fred T. Daw
son, Dr. G. E. Condra, and Alumni
Secretary, Harold F. Holtz will oe will be presented oy wik
nf!.i,n Iwki school wipers. The larger
III (7fllL ll HX-.lir 111 III v " ...
the committees and to outline the sta
diun campaign.
Students who were elected in the
Tuesday election, hut were not placed
on the committee of the college In
which they are registered, shou'd
come to the committee mooting Sun
day, when they will be placed on their
proper college committee.
In each college the men who re
reived the highest number of votei
from the students in their colleges
were named as chairmen.
Harold Holtz, alumni secretary, has
been travelling tho state the last
week, lining np the country chairmen
in the Interests of the stadium cam
paign. He returned to Lincoln yes
terday and started immediately to
work up the plait for student drive
to be held October 16-21, the week of
Football Rally, 7:30
Dairy Product Team
Leaves for St. Paul
The Dairy Products Judging Team
of the College of Agriculture left
Thursday evening for the National
Dairy Show at St. Paul, Minn. They
will Judge milk, cheese, and butter
at the show Saturday, October 7.
The team has been working hard
and is expected to make a very good
showing. Those who will make the
trip are Adolph Hilpert, Roy Kohler,
Leonard Hammang, and Mary Brecht,
alternate. Professor J. A. Lulthly, the
coach, will accompany the team.
Rally Tonight at 7:15
All copy for the October liaue
of the Awgwan must be In before
five 'clock Saturday. The office
it open dally from 2 to 5.
('. II. Sopor, raplalii of the South
Dakota Coyotes, who will load his
team against the Nebraska arlilsler.
on Nebraska Field lit 2: Si) Sal unlay.
Sopor is ploying his third year ol
football at South Dakota. having
(Oino from Sinii.v City high school,
where he was caplaln In 1 !' t '. lie
plays tackle or guard.
Journalistic Fraternity to Pro
mote Interest Among High
School Papers
Two men were Initiated Into Sigma
Delia Chi, men's honorary journal
istic fraternity, at the Grand Hotel,
Thursday evening. A banquet was
he'd immediately after the initiatory
ceremonies. After the banquet, plan:.
llla(lp t0 ewire fol. 1(, Nebraska
chapter the next national convent io'i
of tho fraternity which will be held in
November. 111.:!. The fraternity will
send a large number of delegates to
national ronventon at Manhattan thit
yenr in November.
Charles Mitchell. '21. and Mark
Werner '21 were initiated Into th
order. Iloth men are Juniors in the
Arts and Science college. Mitchell Is
a member of Alpha Sigma Phi and
Werner Is n Silver Lynx. Mitchell is
a night editor on the Dally Ne
braskan, and Werner Is a reporter on
(he .Tebraska State Journal.
To promote a keener interest In
journalistic activities in the high
schools throughout the state Sigma
Delia Chi voted Thursday night to con
duct a contest for the high school
newsnaners. Two silver loving cups
inv, -- .
schools will be put in Class A and the
smaller schools will come under tins.
H. A high school winning the cup
three times in succession will be per
mitted to retain it permanently.
A faculty member wll be nsked to
put the plan of the high school news
paper contest before the State Teach
ers' Convention which meets in Lin
coln next week and endeavor to so-
the co-operation of the hign
... . I A. V
school heads. All higli scnooi sum
will be asked to send copies of their
publications regularly so that the
Sigma Delta Chi committee may cu.i
clze and comment on them. The cups
will probably ho presented to tne
winning high schools in the spring ol
the year when a great share of the
high school editors are in Lincoln at
the State Debating tournament
usually held In May.
The Nebraska Chapter of Sigma
Dolta Chi is one of the most centrally
located chapters in the United States
and this chapter has not yet had a
national convention of the fraternity
which it Is justly due it. An effort
will be made to enlist the aid of the
Chamber of Commerce to pull for a
natonal convention. Co-operation of
the alumni will be strived for.
The active chapter of the fraternity
decided at the meeting Thursday
night to put out a regular news letter
at frequent intervals to the alumni
in order to keep in touch with them.
Sigma Delta Chi is represented by a
large number of alumni in the city
and efforts will be made to keep in
more nroximate touch with them and
hold their co-operation with the active
President Harlan Boyer preuicu
1922-1923 to be a fruitful year for
Sicma Delta Chi In view of the lu
tense Interest displayed by the acti2
men bo early in the year.
John V. Cortelyou Sends Spirited
Letter to Stadium Committee
Comments On Size
Tells of Building Activities at
K. U. and Kansas Agricultural
John V. Corlelyoii. '7 and '01, sue-
relary or the Kansas Stale Agrletil
Mil ill college Memorial Stadium cor
poration, Manhattan, Kans, says Ne
braska Is way behind tho times In at-
e:n.tiug to-hillld a stadium with a
2i),i)0l) scaling rapacity. (Tho new Ne
braska Memorial stadium Is expected
lo seat closer lo 311,000). Hut read tlm
letter which wiih written to the editor
of the University Journal, monthly
magazine for alunnil of the I niversliy
of Nebraska :
"Dear Editor:
"The I'nlverslly Journal arrived a
couple of days ago anil has been rend
wltli much Interest mingled with eon
dderahle astonishment.
"What's the mater. Alma Mater.'
' liaise your sights, Nebraska!
"A stadium or 2(1,001) capacity l
smalltown stun'. Why, that's what
we nie building in our Utile town ol'! Our nearest city Is sixty miles
away. Our student body 1 about huh'
thai of NebraHltn, and tho number of
our alumni very much less.
"Wake up, Nebraska! (let some
"You should have a siaiiiuin that
v.-ill seal tln.wio people. And thou,
alter you have thus multiplied your
. .i
-il.Klinm (apacliy ny mice, ymi
diviilo your season ticket charge by
;h. same figure. (It is believed that
I Mr. Cortelyou means a siuueni cuaige
of $2. .Ill for the loetliall season i.
"Of course. If you won't do the
laltor there is no use in doing the
"Popularize athletics and thus make
the I'niversity popular. That will re
sult in giving you a generous legis
lature and will make possible a de
velopment in the power and Influence
of tho fniversily that may now seem
"A stadium of liil.Din)
That's the thing.
'!) vmi think vou can't fill
Think again.
"Will the railroads quit running? Is
Hie supply of gasoline going to fall.
Is Henry going to stop making tin
lizzies? 1 think not.
' Don't you realize that crowds draw
,-rowds and also that the larger crowd
results in a belter game anil that th
l,.itpv came draws a still larger
crowd ?
"From Lincoln alone you should ni-
tiact enough people to fill every sent
of a 20.000 stadium. And from th3
town., and country within a half-days'
run of Lincoln and from Omaha you'll
get the rest of your 60,000. Not right
away, perhaps, hut within ten years.
"Not tor football alone should tne
stadium he used, but for great pag
eants and for various other community
doings. '
"Are you afraid the money cannot
be raised? Of course it ran.
"You are expecting from the student
body SltO.OoO. Our small student body
pledged $80,000 and will raise this to
$100,000. The quota here was $40
per student.
"You are expecting $21,500 from the
faculty. Our faculty subscribed
"You're expecting $150,000 from Lin
coln. Aside from the faculty ann siu
here, Man -
lents whose homes are nere, wan-,
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Cnmnlete Elaborate
nans ror nig
Hear ye! all ye followers of the
transit and rod!
Hear ye! all ye apostles of St.
Patrick and the engineer!
Hear ye! all ye delvers into cal
culus and vectors!
Know ye hereby, that all loyal
engineers; genus, embryonic species.
Nebraskan; together witn mosa
curses of gay night life known as
professors are to be assembled in
Tonifiht! Eight O'clock.
Realizing that it will he a strenu
ous job tc keep order, a set of rules
has been adopted, which will he
strictly enforced until one hour after
The tenth helping of the old dark
brown liquid will he served only if
the applicant is in fit condition to
An it iustice.
Upperclassmen will not be required
to lubmit to more than 951 manual
Mary Bost Chosen
Thirteenth Member
of Mortarboard
Mary Dost was chosen as tho thir
teenth member of Mortarboard.
Thursday evening. According to tho
traditional custom tho active mem
bers of tho organization In caps,
gowns and masques, went to Hie
home of tho chosen member and
masqued Iter. Lator in the evening
she was given the lllack Masque
chapter Initiation. Early this morn
ing idle was Initiated Into the nation
al senior girls' honorary society.
Miss Host Is a senior Fine Arts
student. Her home Is In Canton,
Oklahoma. Miss Host has been ac
tive In numerous student organiza
tions. She Is serving a serond term
on the Sliidenl Council and Is on the
V. W. C. A. cabinet. She Is a mem
ber of Chi Delta Phi, the Art club,
rnlnn literary society and Phi Mu
In her Junior year she was a membei
ol Silver Serpent.
Rally ToniOht at 7:15
Stu.Jfint Submitting Best Original
Play Will Be Awarded
Hundred Dollars
Kostnet Klub announces that the
$100 prize which was offered last
spring for an original play has not
been awarded and that manuscripts
which have not been turned In yet
will be given consideration.
Kosmet Klub, an organization oi
fifteen upperclassnieii, annually pro
1 nliiv written by a
University of Nebraska student and
has again this year opened a contest
to all Cornhusker students who wish
to test their nptitue in writing a play
for next spring.'
Trod Richards, Law 3, was elected
president; Stephen King. Hissad 3,
secretary and Kenneth Cozier, Bizail
3. treasurer and business manager, at
a meeting in the Nebraskan office
last Wednesday. The financial re
nvi nf the 1!22 nlay was made and
a committee appolnto
more detailed report
to prepare a
for the next
November 1 is the latest day for
acceptance of manuscripts, which
may bo handed to any member or
the club. Equal consideration will
be accorded all manuscripts. Musi
cal numbers need not be Included.
The iMiignt of tlie Nymphs" was
the title of the musical production
staged last spring on May day after
noon and evening at the Orpheum
theater. Such success has always re
warded the efforts of tho Kosmet
Klub that next spring's production
will be a high light of the year's
Rally Tonight at 7:15
Three Hundred New
Members Added to
Uni Y. M. C. A.
Concerted efforts by the member
ship committee of the University Y.
M. C. A. ended Thursday night.
Three hundred members had signed
up by Thursday noon. Although the
campaign has ended, the member
ship lists are not closed and any
one who wishes to join may do so at
the Temple building.
"I appreciate the efforts of those
who served on the soliciting commit
tee," said Carol Prouty, chairman of
the membership committee. "The
response of the students has been
! very fine and the interest shown has
been good.
. .
roasting at the hands of underclass
men. Cards that cheat or loaded dice
will not be allowed In the building.
Membtis of the audiences may
assist the boxers or fencers only
when the winner attempts to jump
on his onaonent with both feet.
Wrestlers may be assisted to their
feet it they are too exhaus.
Chess fiends must remain muffled,
to protect the rest from the noise.
Hea-ty co-operation in enforcing
these rules, especially from the
newly-fledged seniors, who are ex-
pected at this time to exhibit their
true superiority in ability to mix and
eet acauainted. as well as to lay
nlans for the future that will hatch
Som'Oody said there were some
I'd better stop now, but
Oh, Boy!
Kit f, 1!I22
South Dakota Squad Due to Ar
rive in Lincoln Saturday
Coyote Squad Has Roster of Star
Players Keen Competition
Vermillion S. I). (Special lo the
Dally Nebraskan). The Coyote
squad went through their last prac
tice this afternoon on the athletic
field before leaving for Lincoln,
whore they will moot the Cornhus
ker squad Saturday afternoon. The
red and white warriors, accompanied
by Coaches Allison and Kckberg
leave Vermillion tomorrow after
noon for Sioux City. They may
break the journey at Sioux City with
an ensy workout Friday evening.
They are duo lo arrive in the Hits
ker camp Saturday morning. Ac
companying the coach will be the
eleven men who played in last Sat
urday's game, and several substi
tutes. Allison and Kckberg have a
number of promising substitutes in
case any of the first string men are
put out.
Tho Coyote squad this week com
pleted their fourth week of intensive
practice. They look tho field on
September 4 and have been busy
every since. Allison is optimistic,
and says his men are in excellent
enmlitinn. There is no one of the
injured list, and the men are tough
ened from a months' hard work on
tho gridiron.
Just what Allison expects at Lin
coln remains a matter or conjecture
tonight, as tho squad prepared to
leave. The coach intimated that the
H inkers would got all that his squad
had. and that's considerable, but as
to the outcome, the coach was enig
matic. The lightest man on tho rod and
white squad is Quintal, tho head,-
quarter. Ho balances the beams at
153 pounds. The Coyotes have a
fairly heavy backlield. Duhel tips
tho scales at 105 pounds. Dugat
weighs around 200. Both men are
fast. The line is medium heavy,
ranging from 165 to 190 pounds.
Sopor, captain, who did not get
into the game with Yankton last
Saturday will accompany the team.
McDowell, Sioux Falls all-slato star
two years ago. who plays quarter
back, may be in the lineup Saturday.
McDowell's name became legion
around Vermillion last fall, when he
Hie onv man who couliV drive
through the Illinois lino at Cham
paign. Football Rally 7:30
Daily Nebraskan
Staff to Continue
Social Gatherings
The first "Rag" feed of tho year fov
the Editorial and Business Staffs of
the Daily Nebraskan will he held
Wednesday, October eleventh, at six
o'clock. The place of the party will
be announced later.
Isabel Evans is in charge. Other
committees are:
Refreshment Committee.
Emily Ross.
Barbara Wiggenhom.
Howard Buffet.
Entertainment Committee.
Richard Elster.
Francis Sperry.
Helen Kummer.
Rally Toniflht at 7:1b
r. j M riu
F1ct8 officers
For Coming Year
The Kindergarten club elected
officers for the year at a meeting
Thursday afternoon. The new offi
cers are:
President Ruth Towner.
Advisory Board Elizabeth Jack,
Joanna Roberts and Doris Antics.
The Kindergarten-Primary club of
Teachers college is a branch of the
National Council of Primary Educa
tion. It is a department organiza-
lion made up of students specializ
ing in tais field. The club was or-
cmniTPd three vears ago when tho
work In this field was first extended
ot Vohraoica University, and it now
numbers between four and five bun
dred members.
The retiring officers are:
President Mildred Hulllnger.
Advisory Board Hope Ross, Mar
lon Wood, Doris Manning.
Harold Hartley, Cornhusker . at
tain and fullback, who speaks at th"
.ji-i-i. fiioiha'l tally tonight at 7:15
in the Armory. Ilartey predicts a
battle, royal Sal unlay afternoon.
BacGCt; ..
Wenko ...
Welle.- ....
C McFrey
L C.
.... Saunders
Sherer L. E.
.... DeKlotz
H. DeWitz
Hartley (c)
Referee A.
Umpire Ea'l
R.E. ...
Q.B. ...
F.B. .
G. Reid, Michigan'
Johnson, Doane col-
Headlinesman Clyde
University of Iowa.
Armcry will Be scene ci wj
Activities rrocecas ior
Plans for the Saturday oighl mixer
of tho University hand are compleie.
A snappy concert will start off th'
program of the evening with gus! .
The concert will be brief anil danc
ing will follow immediately. Leo
Beck's orchestra will furnish the me!
ody of tho evening. Therefore the
best dance music will he provided, a -
those musicians played at Antelope
park this summer.
Tho program of the concert not
vet delinitelv decided but it will be
extremely pleasing, with brand-new
music that has never been before on
the University campus. This will be
the initial appearance of the I'niver
sity band on the concert platform this
season. Students should not miss the
opportunity to hear the band at thU
performance, say the members of the
hand. Students should come early i'.i
orifer to get seats for the concert.
Admission prices ure as follows:; of hard srrimmare and long anus.
Fifty cents singly, and seventy-five j Coach Dawson is expecte to change
cents per couple. To be sure of plenty , the Nebraska lineup frequently dur
of gir's, sororities are urging that j jnK t10 Coyote contest, In order to
those girls who are not otherwise en- RiVe the large number of 'Varsity
gaged for the evening, attend the 1 candidates a chance to show their
'Mixer." Several of these sororities
are requiring
their freshmen to be j nso e()p fft to make some last mm
! ule changes in the Husker lineup be
The purpose of the mixer is to raise,
funds to partly pay for the band uni
forms. If these are not paid for this
year the University will not buy them
next year. Students are urged to
show their loyalty to tho band and
university by attending Ibis mixer
and dance.
Those who do not dance should
come for the concert, and students
who are willing to learn will find this
a splendid opportunity to make their
Initial appearance8 on the polished
The program will start at 8: '5 and
the dance will start at 9, continuing
as long as possible.
The band has been making rapid
progress this season. It includes
ixty of the choicest musical talent
on the campus. Director William T
Quick and Captain Buford Gage se
lected the very bast of the candidates
that tried out for band this fall. The
past two weeks have been spent ir
working a set of entirely new num
bers. According to Captain Gage a
number of fast snappy marches have
been rehearsed and will be used at
the football game. On the campus
there has been some criticism in the
past two years playing the same old
tunes and making the same noise on
selections such as the "Old Gray
Mare," and a few others.
Conch Dawscn Puts Finishing
Touches cn Squad for Initial
Hushers to Wear Blue Jersevg
Band to Furnish Vx - for
The 1!22 Cornhusker gridiron ma
rhlne will roil ;nto action for the
first time tomorrow afternoon 6t2:30
when they inert the South Dakota
Coyot. s in the cpening game of the
season on N'-brask.i field. The Hug
lieis, who have been plugging and
g. Hiding f. r f li .-- weeks under the
(lirertion at Head Coarli Fred Daw
son in preparation for this contest,
are toady for the Coyote invasion,
and they expect lo Inaugurate tho
season with a victory.
The dope, of course, favors the
Scarlet and Cream eleven. With
twenty leiti r men In uniform, Coach
Dawson has had a wealth of material
to select the team from. The per-
of the rirst 'Varsity team
Hoilevanj against the Freshmen yesterday,
Quintal, when the 'Varsity scored three touch
Dubel 'low ns with ease, also caused Husker
Scobbal stock to take a jump upward. South
Du3al Dakota, however, may spill the dope
! hut hi t, as the Coyotes have the ad
vantage of two weeks more practice
than the Hushers, and have already
played and von their first game.
Game Called at 2:30
The whistle will sound for the
opening l-.hknfl' promptly at 2:30.
The Nehias'.-a team will be attired
iu blue jerseys, due to the fact that
the South Dakota colors are red and
while, and the Coyotes will wear red
The South Dakota, squad is ex-peeu-d
to .;;':;v. in IJiicclu ssometime
!n"'s u;n.'';: 1 (i!:p a li.'ht work-
ro:tiop;ow afternoon, consisting
of jirna! practice Couch Allison's
.ion n is -j: t'iie- fettle for the Ne-b:n.-l;a
game, and tho Dakotans will
put up a terrific battle to .heir effort
to defeat the Cornhusker team.
Head Coach Dawson will probably
restrict this afternoon's workout to
signal drills and practices of forma
tions and shifts. The workout yes
tetday afternoon was the best that
i iuis been hold thus far, Die HusKers
I putting lots of fire in the drills, and
' showing some real stuff in the clash
'with the Freshmen. The first "Var-
i sity scored throe touchdowns against
the strong Yearling team
in about
I twenty minutes.
The Cornhusker
i defense
was working good, and con
ripped through the frosh
line for long gains.
When the Baskets trot on the field
for tomorrow's fray, they will be in
the best of physical condition. No
Husker regular is on the hospital
list, and the men have toughened
considerably as a result of two weens
aj,uj(y in a real game. Dawson may
fore the game. Every man who will
start the game Saturday has already
won his letter in football at Nebraska.
Captain Hartley picked up a
Yearling fumble soon after the open
ing of the scrimmage, Thursday, and
raced thirty yards for a touchdown.
A few minutes later Herb DeWiU
intercepted a first-year pass and raa
to their five yard line, where Noble
went over on a line plunge. The
third "Varsity touchdown was made
when Sherer caught a long pass and
ran to a touchdown. Preston kicked
goal on the try for point on eery
touchdown, making the score 214.
After the 'Varsity scored the third
touchdown, Dawson sent in the sec
ond team, which was clearly out
plaved by the Freshman, who kept
,he' pigskin near the Varsity goal,
but could not posh it over.
Following the Sonth Dakota game,
the Huskeis will rest two weeks be
fore meeting the Missouri eleven on
Homecoming day. October 21. This
contest will be one of the harden
games of the season, as the T.gert,
with the battle cry "Beat Nebraska
ringing in their ears, have vision, of
the Valley championship. The nert
Saturday the Huskers will plT eir
flrst game away from hom. J
they meet the Oklahoma Sooners t