The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 29, 1920, Image 2

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The Daily Nebraskan
PublUkad Maa, Taaaday, Wadoaaday,
Thuraaaj aad l-rtday af aaek ntk bj
Tha L'uiTaraltr Nabraaka.
Undar Ua diracttan of The Studant Pub
Uaaktga Baud.
ttntarad aa wtwid ciaaa matter at tba poat
affle In Linealn Nabraaka, undar Ad
f ODfraaa aUrca S, 1819.
PubaerlpOoB imtav.
iiiiiKla up
.12.50 per yaar
j cauta
FRANK D. PATTY Edltor-ln-chle
Tal.pBona BHU, Koom 2M "U" Hail
FRED L. BOSKINQ .Bualntaa Manager
Talafkou Student Actirttlea Olflea
N. STORY KA&DINQ, Managlnc Bdltar
m aWktor far
Gracs MeBrlde
The critical football games of the
Cornhusker schedule will be fought
out on eastern territory, when our
team meets Rutgers on November 2
and Penn State on November 6. A
rousing send off has been planned for
the team. Students show the twenty
four Huskers, who are going to carry
the Scarlet and Cream into battle on
the east coast, that you too realize
that 'hese are the vital games on our
schedule; that you are for the team;
that you are interested in the team.
Demonstrate to the football team that
the University they represent Is be
hind them. Make Nebraska spirit
stand out at its best tomorrow.
Coaches over the country have de
clared time and again that the spirit
hv thplr students has a
psychic effect on the team that the
rooters can make a team win every
game or they can make it lose. It is
a recognized fact also that the result
depends upon team work between the
football team and the students. The
coach has been concentrating on
team work on the field the past week
and now the team will know if we
are fighting for victory back east by
the send off we give them. Be there
at the station tomorrow at Tour and
send the team off with the spirit of
true Nebraskans.
acquaintance of the man who came
from the east. Would It be of any
special benefit for the man of the
south, to touch your life and have
you touch hisT Can you icarn, ana
can I, of his section of the country,
things that you never see in news
papers or books? The question is,
what are you and I getting out of
these, the greatest of all he days or
our life?
There Is a special obligation on the
part of the old students at this Unl
verslty. They have been here and
know the ropes; the new ones do not
They are not embarrassed by the
total lack of friends and acquaint
ances or suffer from the aloofness of
those around them; the new ones do.
They do not walk the sidewalks and
streets for days without being spoken
to: the new ones do. They have for
cot ten the days when they too needed
fronds and acauaintances to start
college life in a lively way; the new
ones are now in the Jaws of those
experiences. They forget sometimes
that human nature in one person is
practically the same in another; the
new ones are orten times just begin
ning to learn something of how In
human humans can act. Did you
ever see a fellow student get scared
and run when you offer to make his
acquaintance? Did you ever try say
ing hello when you meet a fellow on
the street or sidewalk to and from
classes? For hoW much do you value
a smile? You often see your fellow
students give a glance as you pass,
that reveals a silent, yet loud appeal
for friends and acquaintances. They
are liable to go away from here call
ing you a snob. The reputation of
not only the University is upon your
shoulders but of the state of Ne
braska, when the measure of hospi
tality and friendship is taken by these
who come to learn of us, either the
error of our way, or the richness of
our broad hospitality and the univer
sality of our friendship. Have we a
social obligation outside the little
circle of our immediate friends?
Sure, and beyond question or argu
ment, and on the campus is the one
great place to express ourselves and
enrich our own lives and experiences
with those whom we touch elbows
with us every day. We can't help
but leave our impressions. They will
rub off and stick to the other fellow
in spite of our efforts to prevent, or
without effort at all. The opportunity
is here to every one of us. Are we
going to pass them up: it win u
known if we do.
Palladian will have an open meet
ng Friday evening In the form of a
Hallowe'en party. Visitors are cor
dially invited. There will be a closed
masquerade party at College View
Saturday evening.
Members of the band will meet at
3:50 today between Q and It on 12th
Btreet for participation In the fare
well rally for the team.
Inter-Class Debate.
Class debate chairmen are re
quested ito meet Friday at 1 p. m.
in the Pebate Seminary room, U 106,
to arrange for lnter-class debates.
R. O. T. C. Uniforms.
The military storeroom in the base
ment of Nebraska Hall will be open
for the issue of uniforms during the
following hours:
Friday, October 298 a. m. to 11:30
a. m., 1 p. m. to 5:30 p. m
The University is growing year by
year. More students are falling in
line and entering the institution each
fall. Nebraska's high schools are
pouring out their best men and wo
men each spring and each autumn
thev come in greater numbers to the
University. The cream of Nebraska j
enters this University. The cream of j
the entering students stays, the re
mainder drop out and clear the sur-j
face for the students, leave elbow j
room for those who work, who put i
effort into .their daily tasks and are
the stickers. Upon this foun-la'inn,
Nebraska builds her greater Univer- i
sity. The incoming students are more :
numerous each year and are of befer
quality. The old students preach the
gospel of education in their j
heme towns and are University mis-,
sioriarles to the state. The figures;
after each registration are la:ger than
those preceding. The faculty js in-j
creased each year. New buildings go i
up at frequent intervals. Greater
state appropriations are mad". Every
thing Is expanding. The University
of Nebraska, in the heart of a fertile
country, the educational center of a j
prosperous state, is growing and j
growing rapidly.
This editorial regarding the forma
tion of the Omaha club is written for
Freshmen students from Omaha. The
club was organized last April to fill
a need long felt for some agency
through which Omaha students at the
State University could come in con
tact with each other. The number ot
Omaha students at Nebraska is so
great that it is impossible for former
Orr nl a students to retain their forme
association? with each other. The
club was inaugurated to furnish a
means of association for these Omaha
students and create, as well, a closet
relationship between our srhool. an !
alumni living in Omaha. To live, the
club must have support. Omaha 6tu
dents make this a success.
i Catholic Students' C!ub.
j Catholic Students' club will mee
I in K. of C. hall. 3 o'clock Sunday
j afternoon. Ail Catholic students are
I invited.
Norfolk Club Picnic.
This at first sight seems to be a I
trivial subject and If it coniaineu nu j
more than the li eral meaning of the All Norfolk students meet at 5 p. m
two syllable word It would be of Rt ri-y Y. W. C. A. Picnic will b
nnin(nn When we Iook at : at Antelnne riark. Come and have a
narruw u..
it end note all that It incorporates it : cooi tmne.
Is readily seen to stand out in box j . .
car letters, CAMPUS, for really it iaj - Delian,
OUr at CUIK-KtJ r, j
T1,.fnr it is broader -ban the iron
fences that enclose It, or me street
that form its boundary, fend goes
deeper than the soil beneath, or the
aerial space above.
Not alone is it a place of scenic
p.'t'aet:en, but is a place where
human beings promenade ur, and
down, back and forth for nine rnon'hs
cut rf ti e year. As qu:ck as the
human element came upon it, its
significance changed. There is the
gist of the whole situation. Students
come here from many sta'es and
foreign countries, which forms a
cosmopolitan mixture of possible as
sociations that makes for the enrich
ment of the associations and expert
enres ft be students of Nebraska.
enriched oy
Did vou have a good time last Fri-
Vay nicV? Come and have another
one Friday night. Hear Professor
Gain's talk. Good program, music
and lots of fun. Everybody cordially
Freshmen Gir!s Gymnasium C'asses.
A lecture will be given at 5 o'clock
Tuesday by Dr. Philbrick in the
cl.anel for all Freshmen girls taking
gymnasium. This will take the p'ace
of regular floor work for Friday, Oc
tober 29. Roll will be taken by num
ber at the Tuesday lecture.
Camp Fire.
Wolohi Camp Fire meeting sched
ule they in turn are enr.o-u u. i-.-o,
having come here. As we mix anai me nome oi -.rS. r. r.
minele on the grounds from day in been penned one week. Regular
and out. what does it profit ? Are meeting will be held Monday. Novem
te here lust to learn a li'tle from ber 1. at 4 o'clock in E'len Smith
matter to go away ! hall. All girls be sure to be there
and forget In the long run:
Is it of
make the
as the first lecture In fh- guardian?
training series will b given.
MM ft
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm- .
Plan to meet your friends
at the
$1.50 Per Couple
rff,- ..ara
O where Society BrauD (Elothes are sold
ii)h.U.U C, l',20
t "J
To the college man who hasn't
a pet clothing store
To a sC2t many men this store is a "pet store" an institu
tion that tacy naturally walk into when they need something
to wear.
We would like to serve ycu that way.
1 1 yj v;u ill Gnd Society Erar. J Cloihes. Wc were attracted
to l,c . .A by the stIi ari quality of these clothes and the
p:;o.;;7 c ths houae thai makes thcro. They were attracted
tc c; b'icauie we had built up the sort cf trade that wants
clothes ai ood aa Co;icty Zlr ind. Llhe attracts like.
Wc think these clotbes tr.J our f '.rvice wi'.I attract you.
Menareiict h 7po:r.;ed i.i Code ,- Trand Clothes. They
give a cry pccu'.iar and tr.terest'-rij itl.,tict:cn
It the f iti.-fjctlsii tba. c r;.- ; fr-.-:: knowing even before
you wa;.i i.lo lo.o t- - -1. at y -a Sit goins to get fcometrung
:.ys b- i,'..J -.i bo-'cht.
Sofiefts Brand (Elothes
Mayer Bros. Co.
ELI SHIRE, President
Feeling sort of short and to
the point today, bo all rm
going to tell you about the
wool hose I have in mind 1b
that they are knit Just like
allk ones which means a
slim, trim, captivating ankle!
You can get them in two
heather combinations brown
and navy, and brown and
green. Here is another nice
thing about them they're
only $2.00!
Second Floor.
How many of you took my
advise and looked up the
suits I told jou we're selling
at one-third less? But that's
a useless question because I
couldn't find out In a million
years, could I? However, if
you haven't, do, because
there are some of the
sprazziest looking affairs you
ever saw, and when you be
gin to figure out in cold dol
lars and cents what a saving
of one-third means, you'll
thank your lucky stars my
Scotch instincts lead me to
such bargains.
Second Floor.
News for the fastidious is
this bit of gossip about neck
wear. It isn't the most in
expensive stuff in the world,
the exquisite aainunts
adds to the neck and
wiists cf a dark dress is
ample recompense. Particu
larly new at this time are
the straight collar and cuff
."-(s. One of fine filet is
prired at $"00. Another
cleverly combining Irish and
cluny is marked at JS.00.
Street Floor.
Dainty underthings need not
necesharily tax your canteen
to any great extent Take a
certain sort of bloomer I'm
tanking of. It's fashioned of
pale pink batiste, fine an 1
soft, and there's a diminu
tive ruffle to add a deft fin
ing touch edged as It is
a narrow width of fine
And the price is only
Second Floor.
Submerging one's physiogno
my in a nice wooly scarf H
an idea worth trying when
the realty chilly days come.
Especially if the scarfs are
gcod looking. How would
you like a tan one of brushed
angora, striped or plaided in
brown. Or if your taste is
a bit more startling, there
are some stunning black and
white effects. You can buy
one for as little as 3.9r
up to as much as you think
i-au win stand tor.
Street Floor.
any value to take time