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some fine material, both Horn the
holdovers and last year's Freshmen
. team.
'"We are In bad shape at Corvallls.
The material Is poor and some of the
old fellows have not come back. The
situation looks very gloomy, but we
are trying to make the best of it.
And say, how It can rain out here.
We haven't had a good day to work
outside since the squad assembled,
September 15.
Finds Different Style.
" 'Football on the Coast is a little
different- from what we play in the
Middle West. The play there is more
open, while out here it seems to tend
to the plunge. I presume that is on
account of the possibility of rain,
which of course, makes a pass harder
to handle.'"
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preparation for the battle with the
Nebraska Cornhuskers this coming
Saturday on Nebraska field, put their
proteges through a long signal and
8crinnnage yesterday in an attempt
to iron out some of the flaws most
apparent in last Saturday's game with
Dakota Wesleyan.
No new plays are to be given the
Coyotes, it is asserted, but an attempt
to perfect those used against Wes
leyan will be made in the hopes of a
possible victory against Nebraska.
The South Dakota coaches have ex
pressed their confidence in the ability
of the squad to perform creditably
against the Cornhuskers and a large
number of students are planning to
make the trip.
Quarterback on Side Lines.
The practice found the team intact
with only minor injuries, with the
i exception of Quintal at quarter, who
it is feared may not be able to per
form this week.
The fight for positions in the line
is expected to bring out some ma
terial this week which had hitherto
been uncovered. It is 'probable that
more than two complete backfields
will be taken on the journey to Lin
coln. A heavy scrimmage Wednesday,
with a light workout j Thursday, will
be the program for' the remainder of
the week. Especial emphasis is being
laid on charging in the line, with
the result that already a noted im
provement in this respect is noted.
The squad will leave for Lincoln Fri
day morning, arriving late Friday
James C. Lincoln established a new
American Javelin record when he
hurled the spear for the remarkable
toss of 197 feet 6' inches in the
recent fall track and field meet of the
N. Y. A. C. at Travels Island.
With a championship football team
under way Coach Rockne is turning
his attention to a possible champion
ship track team. To date Walter
Sweeney, Notre Dame's distance star,
lias a turnout of over sixty-five on
his list.
Captain Urban, leading the Boston
College team last Saturday against
Yale, pulled the surprise of the east,
Old Eli was swamped under the diS'
gracing score of 21-13. Slowly but
surely the famous champion teams of
yore are becoming past history.
"Jumbo" Stiehm justified the repu
ation he made at Nebraska last Sat
urday when his team, the long ridi
culed Indiana team, humbled the
mighty Gophers. Indiana's ability to
shoot forward passes solved the vic
tory for the Hoosiers. It is becoming
more and more evident that the for
ward passing teams outclass even the
mightiest of the old football machines.
Kansas again managed to win a
game in last Saturday's combat with
the Drake Bulldogs. The score stood
7-3. It was the superior forward
nassinir of Kansas that turned the
After successfully defeating Mlnne
sola, much to the surprise of the
Big Ten conference, Northwestern
bumped in the strong . Badger teanH
last Saturday and went down to de
tent by the score of 27-7. Which all
go to prove that the Wisconsin team
must be a real Big Ten conference
Missouri charged through the in
ferior Ames line and pulled down her
first victory of the season last Satur
day by the score of 14-2.
The "Iowa Hawkeyes," Big Ten
favorites for the championship, upset
the dope bucket when they met de
feat at the hands of the powerful and
speedy Illinois team. The final count
stood 20-3. This places Illinois as
most likely 1920 champions with Wis
consin a close contender.
The Michigan Aggies helped them
selves to tneir unru aeieac oi me
season last Saturday. Michigan State
winning the game by the score of
Syracuse, by the dint of a break in
luck, managed to pull out the game
with Pittsburg last Saturday with a
tie, the score being 7-7. It was the
Warnerites game up until the last
few moments of the game.
a ii c e
Party House
Friday, October 22, 1920
One-Fifty Eight-Thirty
m i
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The courses at Oxford are special
ized and any course is open to the
scholar. The work which will cover
three years may lead either to an
A. B. or Ph. D. These advanced
studies will correspond very closely
to graduate work in American col
leges. The scholar will receive yearly the
sum of approximately three hundred
pounds, or about $1,500 in American
money, which will pay his necessary
living expenses as well as for his
incidental Items. The student will
attend school only about half the
year, as there Is a four-months' vaca
tion in the summer, and two other
recesses of six weeks each. During
this time he has the opportunity to
tour the continent and visit places of
interest in the war-torn countries.
That there will be
Refreshments Served
At the
Friday, Oct. 29
Paul Dobson, one of Nebraska's ex
stars, continues to thrill the Call
fornians with his clever an effective
playing with the Olympic Club.
Ohio 17 Purdue 0.
COLUMBUS, O., Oct 16. Ohio
etate won Its first western conference
game of 1920 today, defeating Purdue
university 17 to 0. The Buckeyes
solved the much vaunted "Bollermak
ers" shift In the first period and led
by a clever 15-yard pass crossed Pur
due's- goal two minutes before the
nerlod ended. Ohio state's other
touchdown in the fourth quarter was
preceded by an aerial attack.
Princeton 34 W. & L. 0.
PRINCETON. 'N. J., Oct. 16.
Princeton overwhelmed the Washing
ton and Lee football eleven today by
the score of 34 to 0. The visitors
were never dangerous and Princeton
scored in every period.
Illinois 20 Iowa 3.
TTRBANA. 111.. Oct. 16 Illinois
strengthened its chances for the west
ern championship when it eliminated
Iowa from the race by defeating the
Hawkeves 20 to 3. The Illinois last
year's title winners used only straight
fonthftll. while Iowa sprang trick
formations, especially in the last two
minutes, when the losers battled des
nnratelr. Illinois ripped the Iowa
line at will alnd Hellstrom circled the
ends repeatedly.
Colorado College 20 Utah 2.
ii PAinMn nllAe-n defeated the
rrniritv nf Utah football team here If
today by a score of 20 to 2, all of the
ecoilng coming In the last period.
Social engagements require an
abundance of pretty and
dainty things to wear.
To be prepared for all occasions
send your garments to us at
regular intervals. Our work
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Grand Island, Hastings, Doane and
Omaha are the contenders for the
1920 Nebraska College Conference
championship. The defeat of the
strong Peru eleven furnished the sur
prise of last week's battles. Grand
Island winning the game by the
score of 12-0.
South Dakota defeated the Dakota
Wesleyan team last Saturday to the
tune of 24-0.
Rutgers defeated Virginia Poly last
Saturday, 10-7. So far this season
Rutgers has not met any teams of
national importance. The game with
Nebraska will give the Crimson team
a real inter-sectional tussle.
Penn State, the other Nebraska
eastern rival, won her third game of
the season in defeating Noith Caro
lina, 41-0. Bezdek has evidently
turned out a first class team that is
meeting with little serious opposition.
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