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    The Daily Nebraskan
juth Hutton, '19, Editor of the
191819 Book Announces -Publication
preparation u. fhis Year's Book
Delayed by Serious
Mustered Out !
nierce, after having been a student at
lite university of Lille, where he paus
ed a great competitive examination,
leading candidates from all parts of
France. He Joined hid regiment Auh
Ml 2, I9H. and fought at St. Mihiel.
the heights of the .Mi-use and at Ver-j
Jim. After four months in the hospital
'ie entered h 'raining camp to become)
a machlii" uunner. While in charge
of a machine gun platoon he look pail J
in bloody ! ;iti! s around lead .V?' I
,11111. during tin- great drive on 'er-
dun. For his conduct there he was j
.lied for bravery and decorated wit It ;
'he war cross.
Sent to America j
i in isi, ne was ordered to America
! ftn.l onfawl on litelriilni tt lif a 11 t- ot
! .. ' ' I which their future status for the re-1
, I amp Wheeler. Macon. Georgia., 1
, Since April 8. 1917. he has been de- j inder of the year will largely de-1
student directdrles at last 1 ,aiIe, 10 "ah'nRton as a speaker and Pend. These two questions which they ,
Either January 4 or J
June 30
. I
Department Gives Men
Choice of Time to Be j
Discharged i
S. A. T. C. men last evening were
j faced with two serious questions upon
Afttr a period of continued Interrup
linns ann fniuus uiij "i p.iunvu
iioa of the
ms a certainty. A committee from , ""3
Z Y W C. A. has been appointed to j anv "nlversitles
' in this capacity has made addresses at had to answer on a signed ballot fo!-
over the country, j iow:
At this convocation the university
uieiharge of the annual publication, ' j l. Do you prefer to be discharged
,.. i. , .. . i norus win give several selections,
for this ear and -actual work has now .,...,,,.. , ' trem the S. A. T. C. at the end of the
begun. Ruth Hutton. '19. has been i
ippointed editor-in-chief and she will
be assisted by associate editors. Helen
Doty. '19. and Mary Waters. ;. Al
tlouch the preparation of material for
the book presents greater difficulties
(tin in former years the editorial staff j i
plans to nave the directories ready for j
jktrihutlon within three weeks. 1
work Present. Difficuitie. ( Group of Picked Men Will Be on 1 are issuing thes ouestion In an efforl i
the governor's Thanksgiving proclama
tion will be read and the Pan-Hellenic ; Present term or at the end of the pres-,
v holarship pins will be awarded. ' ent school year?
2. If you are discharged at the end
MILITARY POLICE CORPS :of ,he present Mrter' wouM you re-
. main in school the rest of the year? i
nr un nnniunrn iirnr i
DC nU UnbAri ICU nCnC Tne university authorities in co-op-1
' e rat ion with the military department
The problem of tabulating the long
bst of students names Is unusually
perplexing this year because of the
osettled condition of affairs at the j
cniversity and the change brought
Duty Four Days Each
iboul by the establishment of the S. !
Announcement was made at army
to obtain the w ill of the men. They
! j
will then transmit the will of the ma-j
I jority as the vote of this unit. The j
,' war department is expected to act j
upon the matter at once.
Cornhusker chances against the mighty Notre
Dame warriors on Turkey day have been soaring way
up In the upper atmosphere since the announcement
yesterday afternoon that Paul Dobson. last year's
prenomeual halfback and member of the first All-Valley
eleven had pulled Into town and was ready to take
up his studies and don his football togs in time to help
pluck the plums on Thanksgiving.
Just as the gloom clouds were settling down over
the Husker camp and chances for victory next Thurs
day seemed as far out of sight as the price of butter
and theater tickets, here came a brilliant arc light and
banished the fog from the premises. Other rays of
hope were exposed in the arrival of "Zip" Cypreanson
from Camp McArthur and the probability that naif
back McMahon. who has been on the injured list for
the past month, and Jobes, who had his knee wrenched
last week, will be In shape to take their positions in
the lineup.
Dobson was given an honorable discharge last week
and returned yesterday morning from the Massachu
setts institute of technology at Cambridge, where he
has been in the chief quartermaster's school. He en
listed in the navy early last summer and was first sta-
ioned at the Great Lakes camp. When the football
season rolled around Dobson was oa
the job and broke Into the Jackles'
lineup in the opening game of the sea
against the Iowa Hawkeyes. The 7 to
0 victory of the Blue Jackets was due
largely to the former Cornhusker's
I long punts and great defensive work.
Complete Outfits to Be Issued toj Before he was transferred to the
A. T. C. unit here. The decision to
headquarters yesterday that military It seems to be the popular, opinion
police corps had been organized in the ; of most of the men who have private
pblish the directory was reached only g A T qt of pn . e h o gupport ,hemseIves
S. A. T. C. Men in a
- Few Days
a few days ago. The appointment o
a permanent staff at the first of the
jar was delayed with the result that
sidents have missed that popular lit
tle volume which ordinarily makes its
jppearance early in October. The
jresent staff have now completed their
pirns and will put the hook on sale in
the shortest possible time.
orcing army regulations.
In school that they could do their Lieutenant Hotchkiss. acting quar-
The personnel of the new corps has school work more effectively if They termaster of the Nebraska University
net been announced as yet, although j were not living iu the barracks. (students' army training corps, an
it is certain that Lieutenant William Disbanding Not to Effect Drill
3. Murphy is to act as military police : It is probable that the war depart
officer and is to be assisted by four ment desires to keep the men in
sergeants, eight corporals and sixteen 1 school but also would like to do away
privates. with any unnecessary expenses since
The new- organization Is to be on the armistice has been declared.
i eastern school, Dobson participated in
j the Great Lages lllinois battle and the
t only touchdown of the game was cred-
ited to the Nebraska boy, who crossed
j the opponents' goal line after a twen
; ty-five yard run and then kicked goal.
To Bolster the Back Field
'! With "the prodigal sons in the lineup
nonnced yesterday that he had receiv- j yesterday, prospects took on a more
ed a communication from the Omaha j encouraging aspect and the back field.
depot regarding the shipment of equip- j hieh has been doing so nobly without
ment for members of the local unit, i the assistance of veteran material.
I Shipment has been made frcm Omaha, j will become one of the bulwarks of the
n.. nri nf tho Imoh w ill ttrobahl v i "... . i snd in all nrobabilitv win arrive in ; Hugker attacK. DODson provea nim-
. mty ednesday and t nday evenings, ( If tne S. A. T. C snould be disband- r , ? ,, o1i nH Mrinrmr in th
be higher than usual this year, al- . . - ' ! A . .k time for issuance the latter part of self an all-round performer in the
Lh the management has made no 5a,Urday afternoon and . ed at lhe end the Present tuarr-, fh- week : back field last year and starred in the
thouch the nianagement has made no aU gu Men have been rec-" which would be January 4. the men '.th'8 week" . ; .. 1)mkin nuntinsr and forwani
deCnite announcement to this effect. ommendrf com-would still be required to drill nine ; Wth thermometer rnZTnT
Bids for the publication have not yet , nande; thjs fervce hours a week whkn jg lhe amount of ; around the zero point, and p.rcin Ing departments.
bn received. , , ,riII U(. 1nr tha sf.hp, wind sweeping down upon them, ap- Notre Dame a Worthy Foe
proximately twenty -five hundred mem-: The Indiana Catholics are touted to
Address Books on Campus
In order to obtain the correct ad
iress of all students, address books
HI te placed about the campus in
a few days. These will be found at
the library, armory, and the chemistry j
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Lieutenant William G. Murphy and
the X. U. M. P. will commence opera
tions Wednesday evening.
ule to be put into effect soon.
Extracts from a letter received by
Acting Chancellor Hastings from the
war department, follow:
"Assuming an equitable financial ar
il range men t in case your contract is
discontinued at the end of the first
quarter, and assuming that if contin-
bers of the local students' army train- be opponents worthy of Nebraska's
infi corps have become somewhat im- best mettle and resources. Their 25
PASSES FOE SOLD1EKS . The girl of .he outgoing freshman . reguIallon of aca,Iemic work by
THAliXSGlVING DAY co .-...-r-a,,. (U , be war department min abandon-
AcriCiincement was made at S. A. T.
i commission -at six o'clock Tuesday
ed and military work reduced to nine ,
patient while awaiting the very tardy
arrival of their winter uniforms ami
Some of the men are still wearing
the relics of their summer civilian
clothes; other have purchased uni
forms and overcoats from
haberdasheries, and all of
to C victory over Purdue university
last Saturday puts them in high stand-
ing in both the east and west. Notre
r Dame tied with the Great Lakes and
the Sailors beat the navy, which Is
one of the strongest teams in the east.
Lincoln I Cipp and Bahan are stars in their
Section : class and will give the Cornhuskers no
C. headquarters this morning that all j tre
evening at the Woman's hall. The : hours weekIv, do yolI wgh IO have
nsen-bers desiring to visit relatives
- . l K
I irtTMllIlaU tUUIUliaSIUU WB9 UIS1 Uldll
I ized in the fall of 1S17. It is composed
' your collegiate unit, exclusive of nic-d- j
"B" is clad in light summer khaki.
Men having been home during
; end of trouble,
the Coaches Kline and Schissler were
TUnxsgiving would be granted passes of lwenJne frehman girls and one Wednesday evening at j
fix o'clock and concluding at taps I
ThBrsday evening.
sophomore, who acts as chairman.
ical students,
continue to June 30,
! week-end report that practically every ' using Notre Dame formations and
secondary college in the state having i plays asainst the varsity last night in
The following girls
year's commission:
comprise thi
Henrietta Stahl
Kathryn Wills
Cora Yost
Marie Prouty
Betty Ridded
Martha Kenyon
Be mice Allen
Margery Parsons
Eva Hunt
Marion Jeffries
Dorothy Wrigtt
Jean Hudson
Lucille Andrews
Big Program is Planned for the
Atonal Thanksgiving Con
vocation Wednesday
Lienterant Robert Renard of the
Frejuh army, who is on a speaking
iaar for th committee on Dubllc Infor-
tio!. will rive an address at the U? QuInn
Tkaoki giving convocation Wednesday
OttT-oon at 4:30 o'clock in the Tem-He-
Lieut Renard U both a soldier
!d a t holar. He has en over thre
!wV of active service at the front
Lfeut Renard was formerly pro-1
lxnard W. Kline, ex-'IS. w rites to
friends in The Daily Nebraskan office '
that he is very busy once more 'mid j
: the smell of printer's ink and the click
of typewriters. Kline was editor-in-
P s.hief of The Daily Nebraskan during J
the first part of the semester, but was
an S. A. T. C. unit has been issued ;
necessary winter equipment. Omaha'
papers have headed their columns,,
"Nebraska Beys Freeze at Drill." and
have carried glowing reports which do
not speak well for the Nebraska unit.
preparation for the fray next Thursday.
Lieutenant F. J. O'Neil. adjutant.
) announced yesterday that a telegram
uixo in VUuvaivuw naa been received from Washington
-with reference to discharges from the
; K. A. T. C. Accordlne to the official
;was called away from school in Octo- j dcih at VAhb Lyon. '18. a graduate j announcement no individual requests
He went to an officers training , of hft bome ecoaomic department would be accepted for resignation
MacArthur, Texas. J . r ... a trr.m iKk .ini.niit' armv f ralnlnr em
I ine was g memwr oi unuciun .-u. uu ; - n
Helen Hovland
Esther Posson
Kathryn I la it ley
Katberine Brenke
Mary Herzing
.'fcr of Engllih in tb Lycee ot MarT Brownell.
Jttl!:e and the School of Com-J Soph. Chairman
' camp at Camp
' which- was discontinued after the
armistice was signed. Kline went to
New Orleans, where he Is located at; of her department.
: r.r.pnf He iff workine on the New ! chr. wa techlne in Colorado when
n ium .him hp . , . S by the adjutant-general of the army, as
Orleans Item and wrire that he is , M e contracted Influenza, and after; ' ' , .
. .ell satisf.ed w:th loth the work -and , , , , t . . af ; u'h requests merely crowd the mails.
- he environment that he has decided I hvr ,U, " hrouut l brT &l j Announcement will be made through
. .k .ih nnrth null i Madison. Nebr.. for burial. The funeral ; ofTcial channels should there be any
nji i fj i ' i"i - - -j - - --
second Mir.M.ifr.
was active In all of the many Interests; at this time.
A special request that no person
send in his resignation has been made
i w ill be held today.
change In the ruling.
TuDaoullsgovoinig Pay