The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, April 12, 1918, Image 4

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' J.
Who will soon lx shedding
their military uniforms,
do well to get in on our
Suit Sale.
Think of buying the cream
of our 35.00 and 40.00
Spring Suits for only
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20c Lion Collars 12 l-LV
75c Silk Hose 55c
Gas co -2 V fe. Clyde-2wa
chemUts, accountant, htatliitlcian
and clerk bookkeeper. Anionx the
lnector required are:
Field Artillery Ammunition Steel,
High Kxploxive Shell leading
Powder and Kxnloxlve
Steel Mill Product
Artillery Ammuultlon,
Engineering Material
Packing lloxe
Cartridge Oases
Assembling, Loading, etc.
Halllstlc Inspector
Artillery Wheel
Gun Carriage Forging
Gunfire Control Instruments
Machinery and machine tools
Cannon (Machining Operations) .
2. At the suggestion of the Act
Ing Chief of ordnance, we are ad
dressing this letter to the Commer
cial club, requesting your assistance
in our effort to fill these Imperative
ordnance employment demands. The
need for competent civilian employes
In the ordnance department has be
come so urgent that every citizen
who is not now employed In some
form of government work ought to
look upon this as a personal appeal
3. It is possible that among your
membership there are persons who
will be able to assist the ordnance
department In one of the positions
enumerated. Perhaps some of the
members of the Commercial club
will be willing to rearrange their or
ganization so that some of their em
ployes may be released for govern
ment service.
4. The positions In the depart
ment are filled in accordance with
civil service regulations. We are
attaching' several announcements In
dicating the character of the re
quirements for the positions.
L. Perhaps it would be possible
for you to post this letter on your
bulletin board, insert the communica
tion in your regular publication or
bring it to the attention of your
membership in a special letter. If
you will send to the civilian person
nel section the names of any per
sons willing to serve in any of the
capacities enumerated, we shall for
ward such prospective employes the
necessary information regarding the
positions in which they are Inter-
eted. All communication regarding
these position! should he addreed
to Major L. H. Van luen. civilian
peraonnel section. 1330 F Street. N.
W.. Waahlngton. l. C.
6. Aa the ordnance department I
charged with the responsibility '
supplying all munitions for our sol
diers In France, anything that you
can do to assist In obtaining the re
quired quota of employe will be In
the nature of a distinct contribution
toward bringing about the speedy
and successful concluslou of the war,
(Signed) L. It. VAN IH'SKN'.
Major. Ordnance N. A.
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Score Slg Alpha Epsilon 6. Phi
Helta Theta 1.
Hatterles Sigma Alpha Kpsilon.
Peterson, DoTeau; Phi lelta Theta
Clark. Koehler.
Alpha Theta Chi took a hard
fought game from Bushnell Guild
3 to 0. Neither team seemed able
to find the ball at the right time.
Lindley for Bushnell Guild nd
Kvana for the Alpha Theta both
struck out about half of the men
who shouldered the bat. One hit
apiece was accredited each team.
Score Alpha Theta Chi 3. Bush
nell Guild 0.
Batteries Alpha Theta Chi, Kvans,
Spear; Bushnell Guild,. Lindley,
The Delta Taus had little trouble
in disposing of the Phi Gam'fl
and the superiority of the Delts was
never in doubt. Gillilan and Hubka
had the Phi Gam's batting the air
most of the time, while every man
on the Delta Taus team made their
bats talk hits.
Score Delta Tau Delta 12. Phi
Gamma Delta 2.
Batteries Delta Tau Delta. Gilli
lan, Hubka and Thomas; Phi Gamma
Delta, Dougherty and Graves.
The Sigma Nu Phi Kappa Psl com
bat was a slugging contest from start
to finish, with the Phi Psi's emerging
the winner by the score of 15-14.
During the early stages or the game
it looked as if the Sigma Nu's were
going to hare a walk away, but
when the Phi Psl's started to hit
Ohde'B delivery they were not to be
denied the long end of the score.
.. . 1,.. I IK Clm.
Score I'M Kappa i i .
Nu 14.
lUtterlea Phi Kappa Pal. Wright.
Kellogg and Thorpe; Sigma Nu.
Ohde and Rhodes.
Quick to Catch On
K.I ward had an uncle who owned a
grocery and market. On Saturday
It waa Kdward'a delight to go mere
to help. On thl particular day a
relghbor chanced in. Finding Ed
ward there. she thought al.o would
flnl out how much tho little fellow
knew atout bunlness. Seriously the
said: "Kd., have you chickens to
day?" The youngster' reply m:
"Yep. we have all kinds, alive, read,
dressed and undressed."
Chance ta r.,.
During (he week certain nifmk.
of the flock had been p.X J?'
much attention to .ampling tha
whisky, and the "meenlater-Jfcu .
Scotch story-took adfanuT, S
hi. position in the pulpit X
minister gentle reproof.
"An" I tell ye, one an' all, )er, 0,
the way ro perdition'" he cried I
Af that moment a fly fcettloj" 0,
the book before him. He raised hi
flat m
"Ye're gaeln' tne tho bottom.,,
pit!" he shout M. -And ye'll tt
there Just aae sure aa I iiii n.. ...
out o' this fly."? ' m
III list crashed down a he ut
tcred the word. Then he looked to
aee the result of hi handiwork.
"Missed!" he ejaculated. "Ah.
well, maybe there' a chance for
some o ye yet!" Ex
9 1
Hie college man's shirt. Well made of
fine white Oxfond. Cut in patterns that
assure perfectly comfortable fit. It is an
A Air fa
U u9D
03rW n nu
For tho Entiro Uontli of .larch
iomo Things You E3quo Uanfcd To Elsiou
Selling The People's Home Library you make as high as 60 per cent profit. You get a $50 Govern
ment Liberty Bond for 60 days whether or not you sell a book.
The People's Home Library has been adopted as the Official Report of The International People's Aid As
sociation. The object of this association is to prevent suffering, lower death rate, conserve food and save live
stock. These things will help win the war.
. You are a county conservation worker. You show the farmers how-to save the things necessary to win
the war. .
A. A. Hurt made $93 last week in 5 days. What Hurt is doing you can do.
"Procrastination does to opportunity what jobs do to initiative."
What are you going to do this summer?
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