The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 15, 1917, Image 3

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Adjustment of nuen . .
410 Ganter
T....M. Tu.... Wd .nd M.U
Phone B5398 . .
Mon., Tue$., Wed., Oct. 15, 16, 17,
Fifth Episode
A Smashing Pathe Serial
(Read the story in the Sunday
State Journal.)
Monde & Sella "Finder-
"Singing and Keepers"
Dancing" . , ..,
(Female lm- Le"on , ' n.
personators) Every Day Life
Lewis Piotti
A Day of the Olga's Leopards
East Side" a Big Animal
Character Sing- Act
. Orpheum Con
Universal News r
Weekly cert Orchestra
Matinee Every Afternoon at 2:30
Any Seat 15c, Nights, 7:15 and 9
Sharpy Seats 25
Monday and Tuesday
The International Beauty
and Theatrical Favorite
Written By
Roi Cooper Megrue
Irwin S. Cobb
' f
The Strand
L. M. GARMAN, Mgr.
The Universal Presents
Second Episode
I27 So. I3ih St.
Flowers ALL the Time !
Have your EYES
examined and
classes fitted by
Thoro, Up-to-dte Methods
1234 "O" St. Opp. Miller A Paine
Almost Booked Solid
-B4577 L5354
Always Preferred
October 18
Silver Serpent hike for Junior girls.
October 19
Am. Society M. E. meeting.
Mystic Fish initation Chi Omega
Alpha Tau Omega dance Art hall.
October 20
United Agricultural society meet
ing Farm campus.
Sigma Nu dance Lincoln.
October 2 "
Alpha Phi freshmen House dance.
October 27
Xi Delta party for sophomore girls
October 12
Kappa Kappa Gamma entertained
forty couples at a house, dance, chap
eroned by Mrs. N. A. Miller. Kather
ine Gardner, of Omaha, was an out-of-town
Twenty-five couples attended the
dance at the Alpha Chi Omega house.
Mrs. Tolf Hanson was the chaperone.
Leota Combes, of Fairfax, S. D.,
and Katherine Gerhart of Newman
Grove, were guests.
Alpha Sigma Phi gpve a house
dance, which thirty couples attended,
chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. A. A.'
Heffley, Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Kier,
Mr. and Mrs. William Luke. Out-of-town
guests were Frank " Allen of
Tecumseh, and Lawrence Wyman,v of
Enid, Okla.
Miss Louise Munshaw and Prof,
and Mrs. H. J. Young chaperoned
the dance at the- Achoth house. Red
and white flowers were used in
decorations. About eighteen couples
were present.
October 13
Delta Delta Delta entertained
thirty-five couples at a house dance,
given in honor of the freshmen. Miss
Ruth Dorsey chaperoned.
Twenty-five couples attended the
Sigma Chi house da.nce, which was
chaperoned by Dean and Mrs.
Fordyce, Lieutenant and Mrs. Brown
and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rogers of
Sigma Phi Epsilon had a house
dance, chaperoned by Professor Eng
strom. About fifteen couples at
tended. Phi Delta Theta freshmen enter
tained the active chapter at a dance
at the Temple. Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Roman, and Mr. and Mrs. B. A.
Bunting chaperoned the forty couples
who were present. John Fike, Clyde
Smith and John Metzger of Omaha
were out-of-town guests.
Thirty couples attended the dance
at the Delta "Gamma house. Miss
Charlotte Lowe was the chaperone.
The out-of-town guests were Vivan
Fulton of Beatrice; Nell Youngers of
Geneva; Charlotte Flynt of Spencer,
la.; and Gretehen Swoboda and
Katherine Gardner of Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Chapin chap
eroned the thirty couples who at
tended the dance at the Beta Theta
Pi house. Lawrence Peterson of
Arlington; William Johnson of
Omaha; Lyell -Shannon of Waterloo,
and Wells King, and Delos Ander
son of Crete, were guests.
Miss Leila Corbin, an instructor in
the Home economics department last
year, was married to Searl Davis,
Instructor in the Rhetoric depart
ment, on September 29, in Dayton,
Ohio. The couple motored from Day
ton back to Lincoln, where they will
be at home for the present.
Miss Elizabeth Lacey, graduate of
Simmons College, Boston, Mass., ani
also of Goucher College, Baltimore,
Maryland, succeeds Mrs. Davis. She
la teaching the courses In food
Lulu Mitchell, '19, visited in Mace
donia, Iowa, Saturday and Sunday.
Lulu Galbraith, '20, and Helen
Larsen went to Des Moines to spend
the end of the week.
Helen Neumeyer, 21, spent Satur
day and Sunday at her home in
Margaret Nichols, - '18, spent the
end of the week in Omaha.
Katherine Gerhart, '17, and irace
Horner, '17, visited at the Alpha Chi
Omega house Saturday and Sunday.
Doris Arnold, '19, was in Omaha
the latter part of the week.
Evelyn Newbranch Is visiting her
sister at the Alpha Phi house.
Milrae Judkins, '18, spent Satur
day and Sunday in Pawnee City.
Mable and Frances Anderson, 21,
spent the latter part of the week in
Alleen Begley spent the week end
at the Achoth house.
Helen Possner, 'IS, went to her
home in Omaha Saturday md Sun
day. Valentine Minford, 'IS, spent Sun
day at her home In Elmwood.
Frances Capsey visited her sister
Helen at the Alpha Phi house "Satur
day and Sunday.
Katherine Mellor, '18, of Clarinda,
Iowa, is visiting at the Pi Beta Phi
house for a week.
Lucile and Florence Wilcox and
Mildred Mc-Farland were in Omaha
Dramatic Club
There' will be a meeting of the
dramatic club Tuesday at 5 o'clock
in University hall 106. All members
are urged to be present. Election
of officers and important business.
Mrs. Emmet Stanley of Humboldt
has been visiting Miss Howell for
the past week. For the past three
or four years Mr. and Mrs. Stanley
who both attended this school, have
lived in California.
Increase in Registration The de
partment of enginering announces
that in spite of the war, there are
eight more freshmen enrolled in that
department than there were last year.
Professor Jenkins Goes Home
Professor E. L. Jenkins of the de
partment of animal husbandry drove
to Kansas to spend the week end at
his home.
Xi Delta Vice President.--Genevieve
Addleman was elected vice president
of Xi Delta, honorary sophomore
girls' society, at a meeting held
last Thursday evening at the Alpha
Phi house.
Dr. Barker III Dr. Barker has
been confined to his home since
Thursday with a slight attack of
la grippe. He resume his duties this
Receives Scorpion A small scor
nion has been received by Dr. Wol
cott. of the zoology department, from
a person residing in North Dakota.
Geographically speaking scorpions
confine their habitation -to the trop
ical regions, and such animals have
never been known to exist in north
ern climates. Dr. Wolcott is en
deavoring to solve this mysterious
problem but as yet has been unable
to disclose any facts. It is thought
that the animal was brought to that
state by someone who there released
A. S. M. E.
A social meeting of the A. S. M.
E. will be held at 7:30 o'clock Fri
day evening, October 19, at 2118
Euclid avenue. All mechanical en
gineering students are invited.
Engineering Society
A meetine of the engineering so
ciety will be held in M. E. 206
Wednesday, October 17, at 7:30
o'clock. The meeting will be ad
dressed by Prof. G. E. Barber of
the Roman history department, wno
will speak on the subject "Engineer
ing in Ancient Rome." Ail engi
neers and friends are invited to attend.
Senior Class Meeting
The senior class will hold a meet
ing at 11 o'clock Tuesday, October
16, in Law 107. Class business will
be conducted and officers for the
semester will be elected.
Junior Class Meeting
The meeting of the Junior class
called for Thursday morning has been
Dostnoned until Tuesday morning on
account of the football rally. JEAN
NELSON, President.
the flag to fly throughout the night.
There is no uniform usage in the
display of bunting, but it is just as
easy to hang it in correct fashion.
When buildings are decorated In
bunting draped horizontally, the red
Bhould be at the top, according to a
letter from the war department pub
lished in the New York Sun:
There are no regulations prescrib
ing the method of utilizing bunting
for decorative purposes, but good
taste requres that the order shall be
red at the top, followed by white,
then blue, in accordance with the
heraldic colors of the national flag.
When Dewey's fleet returned to
New York over the Battle of Manilla
Bay, a Swedish janitor in a large de
partment store hoisted an American
flag with the Union down, and flew
the signal of distress throughout the
celebration. A patriotic citizen would
hardly have made so flagrant an er
ror, but in displaying flags or bunting
there are many fine points to be ob
served, remarks Harry Lee King,
deputy commissioner of Boy Scouts.
In the New York Tribune he gives
these rules for flying the national
1. The proper time for raising the
flag is sunrise or after, never before
2. The flag must be lowered at
3. In draping the flag against the
side of a room or building, the proper
position for the blue fiield is toward
the north or toward the east.
It is a mark of disrespect to' allow
Successful Program Given
By Union Literary Society
The Union Literary society held its
regular meeting Friday evening in
Union hall, Temple. The program
included musical selections, a talk on
Japanese amusements, and a debtfte
on the University vacation question.
After the program games were
played and refreshments served.
I iHcreistheAnswenm
I New International g
The Merriam Webster I
Every day In your talk and reading, at I
home, on the street car. In the office, shop g
and school you likely question the mean- B
ing of soma mew word. A friend asks: g
'iiti,., n..lru tnnrtor thnrpn?" YOU Seek M
a thelocationofeAITafrtneorthepronun-
S !-.-" J.. J.. Who la MMlZ7 E
B This New Creation answers ell kinds or
1 questions In Lnguage,History,Biography,
3 t-::-. cnMiM, Wnnla. TtuHml Arts and
m - n. nun, ui v. i ft ii ..... " '" '
S sciences, vim wuii wHwnw.
I 400,000 Words.
I 6000 Illustrations).
S Cost $400,000.
2700 Paces.
the new dioidedpaae. char
es . . i -. i.
acienzea as aouvu i
H Genius."
H India Panar Edition:
S On thin, opaque, strong,
3 India paper. What a satis
s faction to own the Merriam
f Webster in a form so light
Ij and so convenient to use! j
s One halfthe thickness ana.
g weight or Keguiar numou.
g Regular Edition :
E On strong book paper. Wt
6 inches.
S Writ, for iwcluwa yft
Mention thia
5 udnain
6 Bup.
I c&c
1 CO,
I SprtagrWd. M
' B JV ''"l
HI Jz& J Vi I
I " i " . ' - '-A b I -
V -sw
u- .-
Scene From Richard Walton Tully't Spectacular Play
At the Oliver, 3 Dayt Commencina Tonight, and Including Matinee Wednesday