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The Daily Nebraskan0
Property of
Killtor-ln-Chlof r
Phono L'7451
MannelnR Editor P. C. Sponcor
ABSOclmto Editor Ruth M. Squlrce
ABsoolato Kdltor IU V, Koupal
Athletic Editor C. K. Morao
Carrlo Oonrnn llortc'imo Knuliman
W. E. Ilngor IIukIi MoVlckor
Elizabeth Hyde Kthol Arnold
Kflr1Tn,iniioi I?. M. Morrlnm
Loon Palmer Ernia Nelson
BuBlnoflB MannBcr Frank S. Porklnu
Amrt. DiifllncBS Maiincor..RuBBcll F. Clark
Subscription prico J2.00 por year,
payablo In advance
Slnglo copies, G centa each.
Entored M tho postofflco at Lincoln,
Nebraska, ne eccond-claBa moll mattor,
undor tho Act of Congress of March 3,
Tho UAlLiY NEBUASICAN purposes to
bo tho free volco of student sontlmont;
r to-be fair; to bo Impartial; to sook ndvlco
nn tvnil na offor It: to truthfully plcturo
bollojrc-llfor to-fro-furthcr-than-tho-mora.
printing of news by Btanaintr ror mo
highest Ideals of tho Unlvoralty; In ehbrt,
to bctvo tho University of Nobraska.
Tuesday, March 3, 1014
Tho Nobraskan hasn't put nRldo
University Extension. Wo voiced our
opinions recently wo waited to hear
what the students think of tho- plan.
Wo want to know of you, Mr. Student,
what do you think of tho plan? Or,
in fact, do you think ofit at all?
Tho plan is brlefly'outlined in Mr.
Clark's article in "Tho Forum" today.
Tho Idea 1b not new oven to Nobraska.
Tho debating team has already gono
to Malcolm. TlnrDrranntlc-CrulphaB"
becoino an annual attraction in Loup
City. Tho Gleo Club makes annual
tours about tho state. Tho Cadet Band
will make a trip in tho near futurd.
What wo advocate la tho uniting of
thoso soparato activities into a bureau
of University actlvUIos, managed by
tho University in a manner to do tho
most possiblo work for tho Unlvoralty.
Tho uniting is not a radical departure
Nor, 1b it difficult to accomplish. All
that Is necessary 1b united studont
Wo do not hosltato to say that this
movoment is, In our opiulon, tho most
essential ono which lias been boforo
tho students in many years. It is
something that can do what nothing
-clso-can do jopulaTizo-tho-JUnivr8i
of Nebraska. You reallzo tho benefits
of this. If you mako YOUR University
THEIR University, if you demonstrate
to tho peoplo of tho state your real
worth, your actual value, if you bring
tho University Into actual contact with
tho- peoplo, their support is assured,
their chlldreH will como to Nobraska,
to OUR school.
Wo want you to think it over. Thoro
-is-nothing-more-worthy of your-caTF
-consideration: Is- thoTonnytlilnE'
aoout it you don't llko? If thoro is,
say so. ThlB question is of vital im
portance to tho University of which
you nro a part. Let's hear your voico
in its Interest.
latent Button
Evening Dross Shoes for
Men at
BUDD, 1415 0 St.
MkSoj j-
People We Know. -
Holon Kilpatrlck of Beatrice is visit
lne frlmulH at thn Knnna Knppa
Gamma house.
Homor aittings of Superior is in tho
Edna Dushnell of Fremont is at tho
Alpha XI Delta house.
Professor Chllds has resumed work
in tho Forestry dopartmont- after be
ing confined to his home for threo
Tho Cadet Pand will give tho Mozart
program at convocation Thursday.
8ecrotary Ewlng of Y. M. C. A. to
Speak on "Architecture of India." .
Tbday at convocation Secretary Ew
lng of the Y. M. C. A. will deliver an
illustrated lecturo on "Architecture of
India." Mr. Ewlng has spent somo
timo in India; and is very frell versed
in this subject. In addition to this he
has- somo very beautiful slides with
which to illUBtrato. Onq week from
today will occur tho inter-class de
bates. On Thursday of this week the
cert and on ono week from Thursday
tho Symphony concert will be given.
March 3, 1902.
Ono defeat and ono victory is. the
record of tho basketball team sO far
on its southern trip. They woro de
feated Friday night by tho Haskell In
dians by a score of 73 to 29. It came,
however, after th'e team had traveled
all day. This defeat was partially re
trieved by a splendid victory over K.
U. tho following night.
March 3, 1905.
Tho meeting of tho delegates to tho
Pan-Hellenic danco commltteewas
held yesterday. An agroomont as to
-who-should-bo-ehairman and-mastorof-
coromonles was expected, but tho com
jnltteo split into two factions. It is
not. known what action Thota Nu Ep
silon will take as to whether tho danco
will bo known as tho Pan-Hellenic or
tho T. N. E.
Jones' Orchestra, Phono L-9666.
(Continued from Pago Ono)
boon had you been loft freo to select
(within tho published requirements)
for yourself?
II. Aro you satisfied that tho sug
gestions of tho advisor for your fresh
man work wero to your advantage?
(If not, please state under VI. in what
.particular they woro deficient)
III. Wns tho advlco recolved from
your major advisor satisfactory? (If
tyTiotr-plcaso stntounderIre - defeetTH
IV. Do you thfnk that freedom In
tho solectlon of an advisor from among
tho faculty members would hnvobeen
an advantago (a) for your freBhman
advlco, (b) for your major and minor
V. Would tho postponement of
oholco of a major subject until tho be
ginning of tho junior year have boon
an advantago to you?
"VL StntolrrdotJiil"nnytcircumstanco:
lconnox;ted - withri;hTrdvico - TouhaTo -
received from official advisors which
you regard as open to criticism.
VIII. Havo you any suggestion to
offer for tho Improvement of tho'pres
ent advisory system?
University Calendar
Tu6Bdaryrto arch-9r
11:00 a. m. Convocation Memorial
11:00 a. m. Cosmopolitan GJub St.
Qcorgo Studio.
11:30 a. m. Senior class meeting
Memorial Hall. .
5:00 p. m. Black Masquo meeting
L 310.
6:00 p. m. Delta Taus vs. Alpha
6:00 p. m. Betas vs. Kappa Sigs.
Tom pi o.
7:00 p. m Missouri Club Temple.
7:15 p. m. Glue Club practice
8:00 p. m. A. S. M. E.
Wednesday, 'March 4.
1:00 p. m. D Us vs. Delta Chis.
6:00 p. m. Sigma Chis vs. Phi
6:00 p. m. Phi Delts vs. Blgma
7:15 p.-m. Glee Club practice.
7:30 p. m. Architectural Engineers.
, 800p.-m.EnglneerlngSoclaty..
The Forum
Too frequently mattors of vital in
terest to the University aro thrust
asldo by moro immediately pressing
affairs. Intended to bo laid asido but
for a moment, thoy are finally entirely
lost track of through no other fault
than that thoy have no champion to
compel definite action upon them. I
do not intond to poso as a champion
of worthy but fatherless causes, but
in ono particular case the abovo crit
icism does seem to apply, tho case of
University Extension Week.
r Tho-plan-as proposed is- entirely-
feasible, has been decidedly successful
whorever tried, notably so In Minne
sota, and soems to need little moro
than tho backing of a strong student
and faculty sentiment In its favor to
bring about its adoption at Nobraska.
Thoro 1b nothing now or startling
about it. It nforoly proposes that a
more just opinion of student activities
bo engendered throughout tho state by
giving tho peoplo of as many of tho
Nobraska towns as possiblo tho chance
to form first-hand judgment upon tho
work of tho ctudonts from witnessing
their performances In various lines of
work carried on here. A sorf of Chau
tauqua circuit composed of University
numbers gives a fairly comprehensive
idea of tho plan.
Thoro aro a number of quito obvl
oub arguments in favor of such a pjan
- ond.
-soma perhaps loss obvious yet
oven moro compelling. It is too nearly
truo that such affairs as tho Infrequent
student "festivities," athletic contests,
etc., havo comcto largoly represent
tho University In tho eyes of tho tax
payers of tho state. Such affairs ro-
colvo "headline" notice In tho news
papors, whllo in somo obscure corner
in tho samo Issue will appoar a notice
of tho Dramatic Club play, tho Inter-
-elass-dobates-or somoequallytrlYlftL
t - 1!new8em'!J
solves whether in passing up as of too
little importance for their considera
tion this mattor of a University Ex
tension Week, thoy will uphold tho
judgment of. tho nowspapor reporters,
or whether by Inaugurating such an
institution thoy will not only deny Its
present justice, out will provide a
means of continued denial in sending
out through tho state ovory year a
truly representative body of studontB
to justify to tho citizens of tho Btate
the exlstenco of this Institution for
tho education of their s,6hs and daugh
ters.. . R .F. C.
Artlstlo' danco programs and menus
for particular pooplo. George Bros.,
Printers, 1313 N street.
, n'l '
to bur - announcement Tho Now
Spring '14 Hats aro ready. And
we're proud to. say that thoro 's
a reason, tho best season Tho
Armstrong Reason which means
greater volume greater values
classier styles. . '
And let us add that we're extra
proud this season, for we've put
forth greater effort to add laurels
to our distinction of being several
months ahead of what's generally
said to bo new. Let us show yorr
Stetson, Dunlap, Schoble, Gordon, 0. & K., Deputy. . .$2 to $5
Hcidcap, Cross, Konfldence 50c to $250
We'll feature for this season THE'"ARTMER" HAT
University School of Music
Established 1894
Opposite the University Campus, 1 1 th and R Sts, In
structions Given in All Branches of Music. Students
may Enter at Any Time. Beginners Accepted.
(Continued from Pftgo Ono)
ship on tho city Y. M. C. A. gym floor.
A silver cup will be given to (he win
ner of tills match and banners will, go
to tho second and third. -But this ar
rangement thoro will really bo two
tournaments running at tho samo time
and basketball fans are promised their
fill of tho popular winter sport.
Tho first round will comprise thirty
two games and four divisions. Divi
sion No. 1 will play Wednesday oven:
lng, division No. 2 Thursday mbrnlng,
division No. 3 Thursday afternoon,
division No. 4 Thursday night, tho ex
act tlmo and place being as follows:
Division No. 1 Wednesday.
-JCSutlon va. 7:30
p. m., uonoa arow-o-Dyo; wuDcr-vs.-
- . . ,.
Tokamah, armory, 7:45 p. m.; York
Yfl. Craig, chapel, 8:30 p. m.; Mlndn'
vs. Bancroft, chapol, 8:45 p. m.f-Co-lumbus
vs. Cortland, armory, 8:30
p. m.; Alexandria vs, Broken Bow,
armory, 8:45 p. m.
Division No. 2 Jhursday.
Hastings vs. Alnsworth, chapol, 9:30
a. m.-; Pawnoo City vs. Hebron, chapol,
945 a. m.; Elmwood vs. West Point,
armory, 9:30 a. m.; Geneva vs. Clay
Center, armory, 9:45 a. m.; Omaha
vs. Oakdalo chapel, 10:30 a. m.; Kear
ney vs. Soward, chapol,1 10:45 a. m.;
Franklin vs. Stewart, armory, 10:30
a. m.; Central City vs. Tecumsoh,
nrmory, 10:45 a. m.
-Division No. SThursday.
Lincoln vs. Papilllon, chapel, 1:30
Clothing Co.
p. m.; Holdrego vs. Silver Creek,
chapel, 1:45 p. m.; Kearney Military
Academy vs. David City, armory, 1:30
p. m.; South Omaha vs. Shelton, arm
ory, 1:45 p. m.; Beatrice vs. Ravenna,
chapel, 2:30 p. m.; Nebraska City vs.
Fullorton, chapel, 2:45 p. m.; Sidney
vs. Culbortson, armory, 2:30 p. m.;
Superior ys. Arlington, armory 2:45
p. m.
Division No. 4 Thursday.
University Place vs. Syracuse,
chapel, 3:30 p. m.; Stromsburg vs.
Tomplo Tigh, chapel, 3:45 p. m.; -Gothenburg
vs. Hampton, armory, 3:30
p. m. ; Falrbury vs. Hardy, armory,
3; 45 p. m.; Nowman Grovo vs. Kono
saw, chapel, 4:30 p. m.; Schuyler vs.
Lexington, chapel, 4:45 p. m.; Croto'
V8.-Qrd.-nrmorv. 4:30 n. m.: Scotts
I w - - - -
LOST A stickpin sot. with small gar
net and poarls. Finder please leave
at Daily Nobraskan ofllco.
'LOST A bunchDf keys on chain and
ring, somowhoro on campus. Finder
pleaso return to Nobraskan ofllco
' 2-27-3
WANTED University alumnus has
splendid opportunity for students
working their way thVpugh college to
earn all expenses whllo In residence.
Must have - experience or ability in
salesmanship. Write The Grip Bow
Co., Omaha, Nob.
' - PB
rl - ' hi ' . nr -r-r
. J J
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