The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, February 13, 1914, Image 2

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Ihc Daily Nebraskan
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ANmx-lalf I'M 1 1 "i
ArmocIiiIo F.illhu
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(". Bponcor
It is i li M. Hqulroii
It V. Koupnl
( ' K MorBO
UKI'olt'roltl l. STKK
M.uc Hnt'lir
Cnnlo ('lumin
(Hon lOvortK
W K IImkm
I 7.lln'lll Ihch
Uiih'.iii "H MiiniiKi i
Km I .l.nioiich
lliiKh II. McVlckor
I" A I Alorrlnm
Kim.i Ni'Iboh
I Palmer
I-' H. I'urklna
HiiHlnrsi M.ui.ii:' i U'i"Mrll I' Clark
Sulwi Ipllmi 1" l
pn.ilil' In
SInkI I,,I'H
$J in) por your,
lil .1 IK c
, . i ii t r-iiell.
KnictiMl ui Mi.- pmmImHI.-.- at Lincoln,
N. Jinmk.i. v us " '"' ' ' "H1 111" muttor,
uixlcr lli' Ait i.t iNiiio'-bh ff March 3.
Tin' DAILY N'l'llllt SK AN purpoflCH to
In- tin- fn'i Mil.'" "I Mtiiil.-nt nontlmont;
to Iip f.ili, to 1"' Imp ii till. t Hook iwlvlco
u wull ua oITit it. to 1 1 utlifully picture
rollout' llfi'. t K fin th. i limn mo mure
printliiK "f h'-wh lv Htiuullnsr for the
hlKliont IiIi'iiIb of tin' HuiviM ulty ; In ahort,
to htvo lh UnlMTHlty of NbraHkn.
(Contlnuod from Pago Ono)
proHonted a fow KiiBBlan and Itnlinn
folk dnnccH. Mr. Ksonotofontof alBO
guvo a fow mimical oIoctlonB on the
"balalnjka," a HuBslan Instrument.
Tho mimic was IluuBlan and well re
ceived. Several piocoB wore required
to Batlflfy tho audlonce.
Chancellor Avery waH called upon to
glvo an addroBB. Tho Chancollor
atatod that one of the purposes of the
club waB to promote race pride and de
crease rare prejudice Ho stated that
raco prejudice was the lowest thing In
humanity. Tho Chancellor concluded
his addroBB by giving a short revlow
of tho good old days In New England,
the place of his birth, with no regrets
that his parents moved to Nebraska.
The program of tho evening was
closed by singing "America." This Is
customary In all Cosmopolitan Club
mootlngs. Tho reason Ib obvious.
Guy Hoed, an chairman, called tho
buslnosa meeting to order. Mr. Ilced
read a few ox tracts from different
magazlnoB on the work tho clubB are
doing. Ho also read tho following sec-
4lon-from tho constitution of the Cor
nell University club, which states very
cloarly tholr object:
Friday, February , 1914
plums to glvo and hero tho fight la
tho hottoBt. Enthusiasm has not yet
boon dampened, every man Bes an
opportunity to becomo a collego "Bath
House John " So everybody Ib out,
bIoovob rolled way up, working for
tho man who can do tho moBt for him.
Fred WoIIb and Harold Schwab aro
filing for the Junior managing editor
of the Cornhuflker Roth those mon
aro very prominent. Both aro fra
ternity men. WoIIb has boon chair
man of a clafs hop, an assoclato edi
tor of tho ' Itag," and a membor of
Alpha Thola Chi Rchwab is a de
bater, representing IiIb class last year,
and making an alternate on the team
that beat Iowa this year "Jake" Is a
Delta Tan
Marcus I'oleet and Wlllard Folsom
are out for business manager Here
once more a line old light Is exacted,
noth of these men bavo long had tho
"bug" and they have been "working"
the class since long before Christmas.
Folsom Is well known about school,
and Ib a Beta Poteet Is not a fra
ternity man. Ho la now circulation
manager of "Awgwan."
For class president, J F Liebendor
for and Itoy F. Cameron have an
lioUTHVrt thomHnlveit "Ilely" Ik the
hero of last year's Olympics, and Cam-
Tho object of this club shall bo to oro" lfl the 8ftmo who laBt ve,ir PIavcd
unite for their mutual benefit, socially r'Knt tlickl on tne Invincible Corn
Audience Enraptured by Real Music
Carl Steckelberg at Convocation.
Perhaps one of the most appreciated convention
and Intellectually, mon of all nationali
ties and to promoto tho organization
of chapters in other universities In the
United States of America and In other
Miss Urbek reported on the national
she attetidod. She In-
muslcal programs ever heard at a Ne
braska Convocation was tho ono ren
dered yesterda morning by Carl
Stockolborg, violin soloist of tho Uni
versity School ol Music, accompanied
h Mrs Steckelberg It was hard for
Iiir enthusiastic listeners to dotect
their favorite Uter the program had
been completed the students and mem
bers of the facultv refused to go, but
insisted upon an encore
formed tho club that Mrs. Beatrice
Mckota, a former Btudent here, Is a
member of the national executive com
After the business meeting a two
course luncheon was served The nov
elty of the luncheon was the genuine
Russian tea prepared by Mr Newton.
The tea was prepared In a "samovar,"'
and was very good and stimulating
With the luncheon the meeting was
closed. Anyone who Ib Interested in
this work may attend the meetings
and programs, which are ver inter-
Februarv 13. 1912. eating
(Jirls appeal to students in behalf of
subscription campaign for "Rag." CANDIDATES FILE
Everyone who pas lot a subscription I JSS3ii5Lii!LS2I2-C53w2il
to the Daily Nebraskan yvlll bo tagged men. He is a member of Delta U-
in an entirely new and different way. silon.
Wednesday to be Tag Day Rag Tag! Juniors.
lniBker eleven
fraternity man.
Sigma Phi
LlolHsndorfer Is not a
Cameron Ib an Alpha
So far as yvo are able to learn,
"Shorty" Allen, of football fame, Ib tho
only "frosh" out for tho president Job.
But thero are many rumors afloat that
more men will come out beforo to
night. Theso freshmen aro rather
bashful, but yvlth sufficient Inducemont
they will file
February 13, 1902.
Senior Layvs held another mooting
yesterday for purpose of electing re
maining ofllcers, who were not elect
ed last Tuesday because of lack of
time The following were elected:
Firht vice-president. D
rotary, II Thomas,
II. Fuller; sec
clafls senator,
Ted Marrlner Cleaner, Hatter, and
Repairer. Auto B-1799. 235 No. 11th.
University Calendar
We have ghen optical work much
study anil are in position to glvo
your eyes an expert examination.
You cannot be too careful with
your eyes as they aro tho most
delicate of all tho five sensoB.
Correctly Fitted Glasses do not
Depreciate Your Appearance
Est. 1871 1143 O
Two prominent Junloi'u are In the
race, Will Bauman and Herbert Reese
Will Bauman Is an engineer and a boI-dler--first
lieutenant of Cadet Com
pany "E." rtauman was chairman of
the recent successful Junior Prom.
Ho is a member of the Komensky Club
and of Sliver Lynx fraternity. "Herb"
Reese Is a Y. M. C. A. man and an
athlete Ho is tho holder of the In
door record for tho fifty-yard dash.
He Is the chairman of tho Y M. C. A.
finance committee and In charge of
their work at tho State Farm. Tho
fur is flying thick Both men have
been working for Borne time, and have
tho claBB well lined up, pro and con.
SUaa Bryan is opposing tho election
of Leon Samuelson to tho oditor-ln-chlef
position of tho Cornhuakor for
next year. Hero again tho fight is a
hot ono. Both mon aro well known
and both aro fraternity men. Samuel
son haB precodelit, and Bryan haa
originality. There is bound to be some
fight here.
The Sophomores have ihe most
XI Delta house party Home of
Jeannette Finney.
Phi (lainitm Delta informal- Temple
8:00 j). m Basketball, Nebraska vs.
Drake- Armory.
XI Delta house party Home of Jean
nette Finney.
Phi (lamina Delta Informal Music
Hall, Temple.
Acacia annual banquet Lindoll
Union Li'erary Society Literary
Society Hall
h:U0 j. in Basketball, Nebraska vs.
Drake Armor y.
Acacia Informal Fratornlty Hall.
Delta Tau Delta Informal Music
Hall, Temple.
Agricultural Club meeting.
Peru Club meeting Superintendent
Delzell's residence.
8:00 p. m. Sigma XI oration Tem
ple Theater.
People We Knpw.
Tango Go-Gcttcrs
WomtMia New Dance Pumps
$4.00 Values
BUDD stu;s 1415 O St.
Please note that the phono number
of tho Daily Nebraskan has been
changed and is now L-7451.
Acacia visitors for the annual ban
quet are- Carl Jefford, Broken Bow;
Beck ChalmetB, Wahoo; Georgo
BlackBtone, Wahoo. and Joe Swonson,
A number of University girls com
posing tho alumni of the Girls' Debat
ing Society or tho Lincoln High School,
held a luncheon In tho faculty rooms
at the Temple yesterday. It was In
tho nature of a reunion for tho girls
who belonged to this society In high
i school and who aro now In tho Uni
Helen Sawyer, "13, Ib now assisting
in the sewing department at the State
Helen ThomaB has gone to hor
homo In Tecumaeh because of the Ill
ness of hor aunt.
Sad News-Glad News
Sad for us glad for you -aud why? Our inventory tells
us we've got more New Fall and Winter Suits and Ovorcoata
right now, than any two Lincoln stores have to begin the
season. But not for long not by a long shot.
They're going to go and if you don't get in on tho good
things we hope your relations do if it pleases you.
1,702 Men's and Young Men's Suits and 805 Men'f hj
Young Men'B Overcoats that's what the inventory shows
But here's what we intend to do with them-
760 New Fall and Winter
Suits and 1,U75 High Grade
Overcoats which we sold for
$20, $18, $16 50 and $15
!)12 Highest Grade Suits and
HO Highest Grade Over
coats which we Bold for $30,
$27 50, $25 and $22.50
$8?? $1 318
Armstrong Clothing Co.
In Many
CVfi 7. a? r"
University School of Music
Established 1894
Opposite the University Campus, 1 1 th and R Sts. In
structions Given in All Branches of Music. Student
may Enter at Any Time. Beginners Accepted.
U -i.-r
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