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Cover Entire Field of Research and
Study With Varied Subjects for
Final Thesis.
The following statistics have heen
compiled to show what the postgrad
nates and seniors are doing In tlie
various scientific departments the
thesis subjects working for a I'll. I),
degree are:
C. J. Elmore "A Synthetic Study
of Nebraska Diatoms."
M. It. Gllniore "Plants Used by In
dians." M. II. S( liwenk "Relations Between
Flowers and Insects."
For master of science degrees:
Elsio Day "A Pharmaceutical Study
of Botunical Groups."
Paul Evans "What Is Cultivation In
Rachel Holmes "Origin of Cavity in
Hollow Grass Stems."
Bertha Kramer "A Study of Dlelin
iouh Flowers."
Bessie Noyes "Study of Plant Path
ology." T. .1. Fitzpatrick-"History of Bot
any in Missouri."
Mayme Dvorak "Study of Black
Knot of Plums.'
F. W. Nelson "Moisture Require
ments of Pine Trees."
J. F. , Weaver -"Kcology of Snake
Physiological '
Paul II Sears
' Herbert Markwood No subject.
Mollie McComb No subject.
Seniors in the department are Luclle
Hager, Lorctta Given.
Those taking chemistry for Ph. D's.
F. H. Currens "Separation of Cerl-
inn From Gadoltmte."
George Borrowman "Clays of Ne
braska." G. F. Lewis -"Splitting of Cerium."
For master of science degrees:
Fdna F. Miller, William Kirk. B.
L. Jacobs, J. C. Itipperton. F. F. Thur
licr. F. F. Walker.
Seniors majority in chemistry are:
A. F. Allyn, Jr.. A. B. Coleman Ftta
B. Carpenter, P. . Adams. .1. .1. '.v
glenian, It. H. K"ilii"t A. 10. N'lrdr.n,
1). I). Iteavis, Jr., Ruth M. Squires, J.
E. Scliott. It. G. Batty, M. C. Tcwk
1 ury.
Zoology department for Ph. D's.:
Fdna Mantor "Fffect of Alkaline
Waters Upon Fish."
Victor Dacken "Seasonal versus
Nutritional Variations in Brachionus
nnd Bosmina."
W. C. Becker "Parasites or Bermu
da Fishes."
H. L. lOwing "Chromosomes. "
G. E. Burman "Trematode of Blue
For master of science degree:
Bertha Kramer "Parasitic Turbel
laria." A. II . Hiltner "Parasites of the
Susanne Parsons "Parasites of Tur
tles." It. P. Westover "Trematode of
Geology department for master of
science :
A. C. Chapline.
C. C. Whiteford.
Anna Hlnterlong.
Delbert Williams.
First Day of Organized Agriculture
Spent In Meetings and Visits to Ex
hibit Movies Tomorrow.
The flr-d day of the general sessions
of Organized Agriculture week pasesd
yesterday In meetings at the farm and
at the Commercial club. The preven
tion of needless loss in crops and stock
was the subject of the discussions. A
number of the visitors to the conven
tion spent part of the day inspecting
the exhibits in the auditorium, and in
the evening viewing the motion pic
tures of beet sugar industry and of
Nebraska Irrigation.
The program for today is as follows:
State Board of Agriculture, Commer
cial club rooms; State Horticultural
society, Lindell hotel; State Dairy
men's association. Plant Industry build
ing; State Swine Breeders' association,
Judging Pavillion; Nebraska Pure Seed
Growers' association. Plant Industry
building; Nebraska Bee Keepers' as
sociation, Agricultural hall; State
Home Fconomics' Association, Agricul
tural hall; Nebraska Sheep Breeders
and Wool Growers' association, Judg
ing Pavillion.
On exhibition tonight at the audi
torium will be motion pictures from
the headquarters of Dr. Condra,- sfate
conservation commission. Iteel No. 1,
Better Babies, is the most live and
complete showing of the subject ever
luai'(- ' w"' 'H followed by films
illustrating the state fair and the apple
industry, and likewise a general film
showing among other features the
work of the State Food and Drug com
mission. Tomorrow night will be presented
the films which have been exposed at
intervals on -the campus. Pictures of
the Olympics, football games, promi
nent professors including Chancellor
Avery and Professor Fossler the de
bating teams, and The Nebraskan
Staff, together with other films show
ing campus life will be thrown on the
screen. It will be university night, and
an overflow meeting of students is ex
Pleasant Weather Makes Cramming
Impossible and Exams Only One
Week Away.
The weather man is working hard
day and night in opposition to the
coming semester exams. He is in co
operation with the fusser and is ac
commodating him as much as possible.
The fusser too is hard at work, but
not with cramming. Instead he wastes
no time taking advantage of the Ideal
weather. Students all are levelling in
the sunshine and loudly exclaiming the
joy they feel in the spring weather.
Of course it is too early to prophesy
anything definitely concerning the "no
winter" theory. Yet the South Da
kota Indians said early last fall that
there would be no real winter tills
year. The Indians have lived close
to nature for so many years that their
weather prophecies should be approx
imately correct.
Pauline Killlan of Walioo spent the
week-end at the Pi Phi house.
Artistic dance programs and menus
for particular people. George Bro..
Printers. 1313 N utxoeL
The NebrmUnn Does Not Necettarily En
dorse the Sentimenta Ezpreurd in
This Column
Wliile a wave of political reform Is
sweeping over the student body, it
seems fitting that some consideration
bo given by the reformers to the
smaller but more insidious evils. It
Is a well known fact around the cam
pus that some students are stealing
the property of others. In this way,
stationery, books, overcoats and doz
ens of similar articles have been lost.
The names of several petty thiefs are
already in the hands of various teach
ers. The only thing that seems to
prevent these perpetrators of little
robberies from being looked upon as
outlaws Is tile strange and negative
fact that student sentiment lias not
yet bestirred itself agains the culprit
of this stripe.
Is it not the peculiar province of
some influential group of students, be
they Innocents, student-council, or a
less formal but more formidable body,
to stamp out this small but aggravat
ing sin? It seems hardly fair to the
oflicial end of the university to throw
upon t tint branch of our educational
arrangement the full burden and pub
licity of punishing a form of crime,
which, in less enlightened communities
than a student community, is effective
ly stamped out by the cold, hard pres
sure of cultivated public sentiment.
Imprisonment or expulsion are not the
only means of isolating the offender.
Why cannot the students get together
and punish the thief by the glance, the
grimace and the cold shoulder?
C. L. It.
Verna Coryell of Norfolk spent tl.el
week-end at the Chi Omega hou-'e.
Sigma Plii Fpsilon announces the
withdrawal of the pledge of F. W.
The nianagenment of the Magnet,
not satilied with past achievements,
announces another added attraction.
Commencing Monday evening, the
Loeb orchestra will entertain Lincoln's
amusement loving patrons at that the
atre. The music rendered will be of
a quality in keeping with the excellent
photo plays which the management is
endeavoring to show. Owing to the
splendid partronage at the production
of "Quo Vadis" during the past week
at the theatre, the management feels
sure that large feature attractions
usually seen in the larger places
appeal to the theatre loving people of
Lincoln and as a result it will be the
policy of the theatre to engage these
large feature productions whenever
(ttla00titp& (dnlumtt
1229 S street.
boarders at
WANTED Will the man who bor
rowed sketcii of draftsman at senior
hop return same to Unl Book Store. 19-3
LOST German silver mesh shopping
bag containing valuable keys. Bag
lost In gallery of Oliver theater at
performance of the "Firefly." Reward
for return to Western Union offco. 19-3
Cluett, Pcabodr & Co., Ino. Maknra
A "Square Deal'
for everybody is the
" Spalding Policy. "
We guarantee each
buyer of an article
bearing the Spalding
Trade Mark, that
such an article will
give satisfaction and
a reasonable amount
of service.
1616 Arapahoe St.
Denver, Colo.
L. C. Smith & Bros.
Typewriter Co.
125 North 13th, Lincoln, Neb.
Preserve Your
College Work
The L. C. Smith & Bros. Type
writer is invaluable to college stu
dents who want a record of their
college work after graduation.
We give special attention to tie
needs of students. We have type
writers to rent, as well as to sell.
A few rebuilt machines at a bar
For Cab or Taxicab
For Parties, Call
Best Cabs, Best Service
Get Your Call in Early
Try the Y. M. C. A. Lunch Room I
Cafeteria Plan I
City Y. M. C. A. 13th and P I
, ,.-N-i