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Qlltr latlg Nrbrankan
Property of
M. V. "iiEfcn
Managing Editor
Associate Editor
ABtoct&to Editor
Ken not h M. Snyder
John I. Outright
Fred N. Welln
II V. Harlan Athletics
Kthel Arnold Women
Dean McBrtcn, Ruth Squires, Robert
Holland, Louis Home, Clnra Dodds,
Olen Everts, Karl Koefer, H. V.
Koupal. Homer Phillips, Clar
enco Spier, Max liaehr,
Koswell Weeks.
ct. Hus. Mngr. Frank S. Perkins
I'lrculation Manager I. C. Heard
SubHcrlption price f'2.00 per year,
paable in advance. ,
Single Copies, f cent each
Kntored at Die postottlco at Lincoln,
Nebraska, as second-class mail matter,
under the I of Congress of March
3. 187?.
erlng this work, and making the pub
lications more nearly representative
of actual university life that the or
ganization has been formed II it is
found to 1111 an actual need the organl
.at ion will be continued and broad
ened, if, however, it is but an imag
inary need, the "Chroniclers" as a so
ciety will probably go the way of their
Kansas put it up to Nebraska to
act on the Clinton Ross matter, ex
pressing a willingness to abide by
whateer concluflion the Nebraska
board reached. It is to be hoped that
the matter is settled, then, with the
action of tho board yesterday morn
Ing. The board met for a careful con
sideration 'of the evidence submitted
by Manager Hamilton as to whether
there was a "gentleman's agreement,"
and oted unanimously that the e i
dence was not eonclushe It remain1
for Kansas to accept this action in
good faith, as representing the opinion
of the Nebraska campus. Altogether
too much has been said on the matter,
and the episode has been a blot on
the Missouri Valley minutes for the
191.'! season. Re-opening the discus
sion at this stage in the game will
undoubtedly cause a cessation of ath
letic relations, and the Valley is not
strong enough to stand internal war
Musical Convocation Thursday Will
be Favored With Song
Thursday's convocation will be held
in the Temple theater at the usual
hour. Mi-s Florence Chapman, ac
companied by Marjorie Anderson, will
render the greater part of the pro
gram. Miss Chapman has studied
voice in New York for three jears and J
nas maue many successtul appear
ances betore critical audiences.
The following is the program:
Caro Nome, from Rigoletto Verdi
Could My Songs Hahn.
Coppella Delibes.
The Swing; If No One Ever Mar
ries Me; The Cuckoo Liza Lehmann
Since You Went Away Johnson.
The Fairy Pipers Brewer.
Will o' the Wisp Spross.
Wednesday, November 5, 19 1 3
The Unherslty is being organized
continually, as it sometimes seems,
on the slightest pretexts. There are
. lubs for people who live in some
cities, chilis for people who live in
other cities, and clubs for people who
lie in the country It is a poor sort
of a "calling'' or profession which j
does not blossom out with a name
lag b which its members identify
themselves. Because the dentists
honor themsches with a fraternity,
the pharmacists assume a noholier-than-UH
expression and continue their
orrespondence on paper neatly label
ling them as such Now the journalists
ot the University have organized a
club, and it beluunes them to set
forth in due constitutional form their
excuse for existence.
Press clubB, Journalistic fraternities,
and the like have had their perlodt
of bloom and decay at Nebraska. Rr
c.ently there wns a full-fledged orgaul
zatlon which flourished and thon
dropped out of existence, for the rea
son that Ub members had too man)
other things in common to allow them
full time for the working of the or
ganization. So, it is not an unknown
sea into which the "Chroniclers" are
setting out, in organizing a press club
However, among the men who hau
taken time to make the University
publications what they are, there is
the unanimous feeling that there
should be some medium through
which they can work together and
with the same general purposes for
the good of the publication. The va
rious papers and magazines have a
common object, representing the va
rious university activities and opening
their columns for the student senti
ment It is for the purpose ot lurth
We tan furnish all kinds in time sizes,
either silvei or gold.
(iet our pi ice-..
Suital le for Biaielet.s. mg, l.oi kets.
Scarf Pins Culf Buttons. B.u Puis. eti.
Estab. 1871 Univ. Jeweler 1 143 O Loeb's Orchestra, L-9896 or B-1392
This careful tailoring on our Mackinavv
Coats. Everybody has mackinaws at prices .
similar to ours and the pattern will he very
similar too. But let us point out the differ
ence in the tailoring the patch pockets
the yoke-hack the storm cuff and tin
tailored storm collar.
These details make the coat Thafs
why you'll like our Mackirtaws
I (Continued From Page One.)
Captain Purdy is still on the aide
lines taking his daily workouts in the
capacity of coach. The captain's knee
j has not mended as rapidly as was
, thought for at first, but he is able to
get around without the aid of crutches.
' Halligan, who should have been on the
jside, lines instead of playing against
J the Aggies, has been taking things a
little easier tills week and will not do
J nnich but try and get back Into condi
tion for the Jayhawker contest. The
back Held men who were bruised quite
a little in the Airgie game have been
doing light practice All are doing
their best to give the Kansas aggrega
'tion the best that they have. It is
lilvel that the lineup Saturday will
contain unite a number of .second
string men. thus saving the regulars
tor the .lavhawkers
II .Meyer ot the I' S soil sure
will spend this semester at the Uni
versity preparing a chart on Sanders,
Douglas and Cass counties.
$5, 6.50, 7,50, 8.50, 10.
University School of Musk
Established 1894
Offers the highest class of inshuction in all
branches of music.
Students may enter any time.
Anyone expecting to $tndy music will do
well to get information concerning thif
school before choosing an inshuctcr.
Willard Kimball, Director
Ask for new catalog -:- -:- Eleventh andR Streets
University Y. M. C. A. Cafeteria
Established for the students.
Managed by the Students.
Conducted in the interests of the students.
Serves the largest amount of the best food
at the least cost.
The Cafeteria in the Temple.
Cluctt, Pc.bodr 8t Co., Ino. Makr.ra
i I i i !
I ..- i-m-n-xR" fK-p'f)lWl