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Both Present Advantages and Disad
vantages Which Are to Be
In cooperation with Messrs Shep
i Ilutni) and Coolldge, architects,
tlir State Journal has reccnth an
nounced four tontatlves plans, any
of which would give the Unlver
sit a beautiful campus.
Two of these plans are apropos in
, lHi it is decided that the University
should remain In its- present location.
Until of these two plans Involve the
ViirrhRHC of the six blocks of ground
ast of the present campus They
cUffer essentially in that the first Is
ho arranged as to permit the free use
or Twelfth street, whereas in the see
oim! it is closed For this reason the
Universltj and city authorities dis
nimrove of the second sketch, al
though its possibilities for arciittec
tural boautv far exceed those of the
In both it is planned to demolish
nil present buildings, except the Ad
ministration building, the Library.
Uiw, Physics, Kngineerlng and Me
. hanic Art buildings Many of these
w ill be added to
For the other alternate e. that is.
should the University move to the
F.irm site, two plans hae also been '
submitted The symmetry of the first '
plan is disturbed by the trinngulai
ourt about which the Kngineering '
College Is grouped The lack ot sj ni
inetry, however, saves several acres
ol room. The objection to the second
proposition, which erects each college
about a quadrangle after the Knglish
i.ishion, is that it wastes valuable
space. However, the latter arrange i
inent is receptive of more artistic
l.indscaplng and niore imposing build
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Although Much more Expensive, Bo
hemians Wish to Erect Last
ing Memorial
U a meeting last Saturday the Ho
heinian Club decided to make the
Komennky statue of granite Although
i tills will be an additional expense,
1 those in charge of this inspiring un
' derthking feel that they want to have
ings Should this plan be followed, a the best and something that will be
natural depression in the ground to i permanent Through the suggestion
the northeast would be utilized as a
sight for a stadium.
It is to be realized that plans
are merely tentative and that the
llnal arrangement may be a compro
niise or something entlrel new
February lfi, Charter Day. is to be
gien over to special meeting ol
alumni and Iriends for discussion oi
tins vital question
Dr. Alldritt, dentist, 200 Ganter bldg ,
1240 O St. B.-3905.
Coming !
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Knit Sweater
1132 O Street
of Mr. Smyrah of Milligan. notices
will be sent to the various Hohemian
lodge organizations throughout the
state to let them know that the tain
palgn lor tunds is on and for just
what purpose. Already between
eleven and twelve hundred dollars
hare tome into the treasurj without
'solicitation, and with such interest
shown it is hoped that sufheient tunds
to cover all expense can be sei ured
m reasonable time Tin enmention
i which was to be held heie during the
unveiling ol the statue will be held in
Chicago bei ause ot the indefiniteness
as to the location of the campus
Much progress is being made along
the line ot Hohemian in all parts ot
the country and high schools are m
stltuting different courses or methods
lot instruction in Hohemian. Crete has
a Hohemian Club In parliumeutao
practice Assistance is being asked
tor from the Slavonic Department of
our school and Miss Ilrbek seems
I more than willing to do her shaie to
I promote the work
J A meeting ol the Hohemian Club
. will be held next Friday evening and
Mr. A. F. Sheldon has consented to
give a talk on the historv ot Ne
The . . W. C. A. membership cam
paign is progressing nicely. At 1
o'clock on Monday the thermometer
registered seventy-eight new members
for the Blue, forty-throe now ones for
the Yellow. The contest closes at 12
noon, on Wednesday.
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