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Neb-jakaHp8kell Indian 8cores:
1901 -Nebraska 18 Indians 10
1902 -Nebraska L'8 Indians 0
1903 -Nebraska H' Indians 0
1904- Nebraska J Indians 14
1909 -Nebraska f Indians 16
1910 Nebraska 119 IndlanH 0
1911 No Game
1913 Nebraska " IndlanH ?
Ton;, 191i Totals 40
The ofucials for the mix up with
l ho IndlanH from Lawronco, Kansas,
are J C. Orovcr of tho KansaB City
-A.tb.lo.Uo GUil, rufuree; Jnhnny Mr-
Govern, old time Mlnotota star quar
ter for umpire; and ('. A. McDrldo of
Kanaai Citj for linesma.i.
Standing of the Conference Teams.
O. W. L. Pet.
Kansas 2 2 0 1.000
NEBRASKA 1 1 0 1.000
Amen I 1 0 1.000
Kanu.)H Aks 1 0 1 .000
Drake 1 0 1 .000
Washington 2 0 2 i 0
Missouri 0 0 0 000
Feeling Good Over Exhibition Put Up
Against Drake, Now 8tart for
Aggies with Perfect Line.
Lawrence, Khh.. Act. 23. (Special
to Dally NobraBkan.) The Kansas
JayhawknrK, after romping on the
Drake Ilulldogs lout Saturday by the
score of 11 to 0, have come into their
own. At present they have ono of
the strongest lineups found in any of
the M. V. O. toamH. Drake put up a
dandy game, a game that kept the
Hpectators on their feet from begin
ning to end, but handicapped aa thoy
were by injuries to several of their
star players, they were comparatively
easy moat for tho Kansas eloven.
Simons' game leg, and tho Injury to
McIIcnry materially impaired the
changes of John Grifflth's proteges.
Conference Games Today
Amos s Missouri at Amen.
Kanw , Til. vri K.m .:( Aggies, Ma -hattan
Drake does not have a game today,
but o.ri resting up for their set-to with
Washington next Suturday. Our pre
diction is that Ames and Kansas Uni.
will be returned victors this evening.
If, however, the Ags should defeat
Kanuaa Uni the Lawrence school would
be eliminated from the championship
race The Ames-Missouri game will he
watched with interest for to date Mis
souri ha not played u conference
team and it will elimlnato one of the
iwo teams. Four toamB, Nebraska.
Kanuaa, Ames and Missouri, are still
in the running
Here is what the sporting editor of
i be "Minnesota Dally" wrote about the
Cornhusker victory "On a field that
was unusual for its concrete-like hard
iiesu and for its barren graBsloBs spots,
the Gophers were battered, not defeat
ed, by the CornhuakorB in a 7 to 0
Hiimi) laat Saturday ."
Ami what the editorial writer
iif tho same paper said:: "It was the
lirst game away from home and the
Nobruaka team had the benefit of six
week's training and was determined to
win. Thore aro no excuses to offer.
Tho best developed team won and won
t airly Nebraska deserves credit for
her victory."
The team itself and the students
here aro looking forward with great
expectation to next week's game with
the Kansas Aggies, realizing that they
aro a strong team. They lost to
Southwestern, a defeat which has
been so much harped upon by rival
rooters, due mainly to a personal fault
on tho part of one of their players.
Tho coaches her eare not slacking up
a bit In preparing their charges for
the Aggie game Saturday.
The problem of working up two ends
as strong as the rest of the line lias
bothered Coach Mosso considerably.
It is now thought to be completely
Museum Enriched By
Valuable Relics and
Fossils From Nebraska
Mr. A. A. McKeynolds of Nehawka,
Neb., has just brought to" the Btate
museum a collection of about 265 In
dian relics, consisting of flint and
stone implements, pottery, etc., from
Caas and Otoe counties. Thore are
122 arrow points, 100 flint knives, 25
pieces of pottery, stone axes, scrapers,
At the same time Dr. Merrill E. Dod
Bon, of Nehawka, a boy of twelve
years, sent his collection of Indian rel
ics, consisting of some soventy pieces,
including flint drills, tanning stones,
23 arrow points. 17 Hint knives. 22
pieces of pottery, and 10 scrapers.
These two seta, numbering more
than 300 pieces, add materially to the
archaeological collections of the Uni
versity. Mr. C N. Rhilbrick, owner and di
rector of the electric light and power
plant of Fullerton, Neb., attended the
Minnesota football game and brought
to the University museum a tooth of
a mastodon mcriflcum. This ia the
first fragment of this particular spe
cies of mastodon which lias been pre
sented to the museum. The museum
now has four distinct mastodona from
Nebraska, and three distinct mam
moths, or seven ancient proboscideans
Mr. J. H. Burnett, who has been
Not So, 8ayB Minny.
Little drops of water, little grains of
Make tho mighty oceau and the pleas
ant land.
Pretty little snowflakes, frozen drops
of dew.
Make the mighty gridiron look much
like a slough
Dally Illini.
is what
They arc always the best
We serve hot and cold
drinks all winter long.
Lincoln Candy Kitchen
South.Wesl Corner 14th O Street
solved, for the plays of Strothers and , engaged for the post year as geologist
Reber in the Drage game were as fin- tor the C'arriboan Oil Company in Ven
Ished an exhibition of the collegiate ' e.ui'la, returned Tuesday, bringing a
national sport as has been seen on the collection of birds, mammals, and fos
Kansas lot this year sils fro i Venezuela.
BEGINS YEAR'S ACTIVE WORK Ilu' ,nJunH aro coming, "their tomtoms
J are humming.
Next Meeting Will Be Held at the' The Ye painted for the bloody wai-
w. t 1
I'HUl ,
Cluott, Pcbody & Co., Inc. Muknr
Home of Prof. P. M. Buck.
The English Club, whose purpose it
is to stimulate interest and coopera
tion among those studenta who have
literary talent and appreciation, lias
hold one meeting already thia year and
is making plans for an all-around in
teresting and helpful year's work.
The club this year has about thirty
active members and meets once a
month at the homes of the members
Applications for membership inaj be
handed to the membership committee.
The date of the next meeting has not
been definitely decided, but it sill be
held at Prof. V. M. Duck's home
Ted Marriner Cleaner, Hatter, and
Repairer. Auto B-1799. 235 No. 11th.
"Little Cracked Knee" and Chief
"liully Geo,"
As woll as "Afraid of a Rath."
Their backfleld is heavy and their line
is a bevy
Of adipose tissue and beef;
They will buck the machine invented
by Stiehm
And battle with toenails and teeth.
Engage formal music now. ilagensick
Smith & Hurst
113 North 13th
f TBBBWrti
' 1
A strikingly
smart si i ape
which makes
it the first
choice of a
host of men
who want a
"classy" collar
Jde Silver
2 for 25c
don't "iKMtl apart at the p
For Sale by
- so-s .V'.S55?
Tho Minnesota scribe that reported
i ho game evident! had his wires
crosued. List to this: "Same White,
tho Yalo star who lias been asBlsting
Coach Stiehm is quoted us having said:
'Minnesota plainly outplayed Nebras
ka; Nebraska plainly outrouqhed Min
nesota.' " White cannot remember of
ever making such a statement. To tho
contrary he sayB that NEBRASKA
SOTA. Well, isch-ka-blbble.
Board In Doubt Whether to Send Band
to One or Both Games.
Coach Juneau of Wisconsin had a
scout here for the Nebraska-Minnesota
game in tho person of Driver,
assistant coach. Wisconsin should
The question of whether the band
will be taken to Ames and Kansas is
up for the consideration of the athletic
board. According to Manager Reed
there is little doubt that the band will
be taken both places. In case tho
board should decide not to send the
band to Ames, the KansaB trip is
practically assured. In any case mem
bers of tho band feel assured of at
least one trip, and probably two.
have a pretty good lino on Minnesota's
plays for the Gophers uncorked every
thing they had in a desperate effor
to noBo out or even tie the rampant
We Cater to Student Trade
Our Dining Room is Complete to Serve
you Anything in the Eatable Line. Open
after the Shows, Dances and Parties. We
make our own Ice Cream, Sherbets and
Lunches for Parties.
1315-31 N St. :: Lincoln, Nebraska