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The Daily Nebraskan
Price, 5 Cents
Cornhuakai-a Are In Fighting Trim,
Have Their War Bonnets on
and Opine They Can Scalp
the Aborigines.
Haskell Football Men Will Talk and
Band Will Furnish Music at
Meeting for Men.
Freedom and Equality Better for Stu
dents as Well as Institution
Favors Faculty Control.
-flound tbo clnr-p-rm-I Tho rodsklns
On Sunday afternoon at 3:15 p. in.,
the doors of the Oliver Theater will
be opon to those wishing to listen
to a musical program by the Univer
sity band at 15:30 followed by speeches
by Captain William Williams of the
Haskell Indian team as well as by
the Director of Athletics at Haskell,
A. M. Vernne.
Thlc prnflmni i nmlcr the auspices
are coming! They are hot on the trail
of the paleface Cornhuskors with blood
in their eyes and revenge in their
hearts. They are after scalps. Watch
The Haskell Indian football team,
with coaches, a bunch, of rooters and
a bond arrivod here this morning.
They are all full of redskin pep and
are determined to w ipe out the mem
ory of the awful beating they received
at the hands of the said paleface Corn-
huflkera in. 1910 when they were
swamped by tho score of 119 to 0
What the Coaches Say:
Coach "Jumbo" Stiehm, the wondor
worker, rlaes in the council of war
and discourses thusly. "I canaidor this
name one of tho hardest on the sched
ule. It will be one of the greatest
exhibition!) of modern football that
the west ha) ever witnessed."
Coach Kenned, the mentor of the
swarthy aborigines chants this battle
cry: ' "My men haw won every game
this seaaoD by large scores. The de
feat of Minnesota by Nebraska gives
us a chance to be Western ChamplonB.
Game Will Be Some Pow-Wow.
Tho game today on Cornhusker field
will be a heap big pow-wow. The
Indians use the open btyle of playing
and are counting on victory because
of this. Inasmuch as the Cornhuskors
won over Minnesota by using the mod
ern, open dtyle mode of playing it
can be safely said that the game will
Ito a greaf exposition of up-to-date
tootball. ft will be a game of speed
and fast snippy opon field playing.
HaaWeM Indians' Strength.
The Indians have been reinforced
by five Carlisle plaers They do not
play under conference rules hence a
man is played as long as he makes
good, be that one. two, four or five
years. The redskins are a decidedly
unknown quantity They have won all
their games so far this season and
that by largo scores, beating Emporia
college 60 to 0 and Uaker 18 to 0.
Hut the teams they were playing wore
not what might be called strong. Then
too, the aborigines fluctuate from year
to year. One year they are a tribe
of howling good players and another
year they are a bunch of squaws. Wit
ness tho game in 1909 when they beat
the Nebraakans 16 to 5 and the next
year the Cornhuskors ground them In
to the dust by the score of 119 to 0.
Thoy are said to have an exception
ally good team this year and are
bound to put up a game fight. Unless
tho Cornhuflkers are carrying an over
load of confidence resulting from the
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of th1 University and City Y. M C A
associations. The Htudent body will
no doubt bo glad to take advantage
of the opportunity to hear the leaders
of the team that will have played us
Turn out fellows, this is for you
Professor Howard of the Sociology
department gave a vory Instructive
talk on the question, "Domocracy In
the American UnlvorBlty yesterday."
The student body, Professor Howard
thinks, would do more and better
work if given more freedom but at
the same made responsible In certain
ways In their organizations the stu-
dents should manago to get In only
responsible young people and then
give them the privilege to carry out
their policies in their own most ef
ficient way.
Professor Howard expressed an
earnest desire to see the faculty con
trol method tried In this school as It
is In some of the prominent schools
of the country. A Faculty Board for
the purpose of planning and prescrib
ing a curriculm is a method which ac
cording to the speaker should be en
titled to consideration.
That Nebraska has no sex line or
color line is a great point in favor of
the democracy we claim for our
8uccess of Trip Depends On Number
Desiring to Go Rates and
Schedules Are Arranged.
Minnesota Spirit Not
Dampened by Defeat
Just Grin and Bear It
The tine spirit displayed bj the of
ficial publications of the University ol
Minnesota is seldom excelled in any
university Following what must
have been a severe set-back to the
Minnesota expectations, the papers
have rallied to the support of the team
Unqualified confidence In the ability
of the Gophers to "come back" fills
the daily columns. And what Is more,
they accept their defeat in the man
ner of true sportsmen, alottlng to Ne
braska the honor which is due a team
defeating that of Coach Williams.
The following paragraphs were i course will consist of twelve lessons
clipped at random from the Minnesota and will end February 12.
Alumni Weekly, and they hold out a ( The final pro-requisite to the giving
school spirit which explains in part , of the class is the signing of sixty girls
the strength of the northern campus for its pursuance. If more than this
Nebraska 7 Minnesota 0. numoer desire training oi mis sort, au-
"How did it happen? This question umonai classes win ue auueu to me
has been asked thousands of times course l ickcis win oe on saie m ine
women's gymnasium from 9 to 12 and
iroin 2 to 3 Thursday and Friday of
this week Price $2. Arrangements as
to suits and details will be announced
after sixty tickets have been sold.
Miss Gittings desires that at least
sixty buy these tickets, as that num
ber is absolutely necessary for the
If present plans aro carried Into
execution tho annual InHpoctlon trip
for the students of tho onglnooring
oullegu will be one through tho newly
constructed dam across the Missis
sippi river at Keokuk. As many stu
donts as care to go in other words,
tho more tho merrier will bo ollglble
to take the trip, and spocial rates and
schedules have boon procured.
The Keokuk dam is the biggest en
gineering feat of its kind in the world,
strotching for more than a milo across
the Mississippi Enormous power Is
developed, and a plant has boon con
structed which will furnish eloctriclty
to cities for miles around. Tho latest
ideas in all the branches of engineer
ing have gone Into the making of tho
dam and powerhouse, and it will be a
valuable trip for students in these
The trip will depend upon the num-
ULA55 IN SWIMMING ASSUKtU I ber signifying their Intention of go-
! ing. Should a sufilciont number so
Prof. Ina Gittings Announces Final oxpross themselves, definite arrange-
Perparations-On Sale Thursday men,K wil1 bc ,midt' 'oncoming the
trip in detail,
and Friday.
Final arrangements have been made
for the girls' swimming classes to be
given by Prof. Ina Gittings at tho City
Y. M. C. A. beginning October 80. The . Marquette
since the game last Saturda The
simplest and trueHt answer is that
Minnesota met a team that played a
more effective brand of football. We
have won for so many years that we
have come to think that the Nebraska
game is to come to us as a foregone
conclusion. We forget that Nebraska
has a large student body to draw from
and that they have had good coaching
and that there Ib no reason why they
should not win their fair share of
tho games with Minnesota.
"Doubtless many excuses will be of
fered. We shall offer none. Minne
sota was up against tho real thing in
football and was not able to make
good. To be twice Inside the 5-yard
line and fail to got the ball over either
time doos not look good.
"Wo might get a lot of cold comfort
by quoting to give her the credit of
winning the game last Saturday be
cause she had the better team."
University a Runner-Up
On Schedule of the Conference
This Fall.
It is Interesting to note, at this time
when many Nebraska students are
figuring on the chances of getting into
tho Big Nine, that other universities
have this same hope. Marquette Uni
versity, counting on Its past efforts
against the northwostorn teams, Is
said to have applied this fall. Nebras
ka will be content to got away with
tho Missouri Valleyluck and tho ele
ments continuing to shine favorably,
before going further along the ladder
of football promotion.
Applications for student manager ot
tho Glee Club will be received by the
registarar noun the are many of the
registrar until noon, Saturday, No
vember 1.
Sophomore football men report for try
out promptly at 3:30 Monday, at tho
Armory. Practice will start at that
United Agricultural Society will
meet Saturday evening at tho judging
pavilion at the State Farm at 7:30.
This will bo tho first meeting of tho
1t'kk-kki(itilC'kiil('kk year and all first-year men and women
ft -fc aro urged to attend in order to becomo
WATCH FOR ARTHUR I acquainted with their older class-
M w mates. A good program Ib promised
jiMMMMXM.xxMkM.jMt. and a good time with refreshments.
i Former Nebraska Man Now High in
Geological Survey Work, visits
Mr. E. G. Woodruff, who has had
charge of geologic field parties for
the United StatCB Geological Survoj
In the far west, stopped at tho Uni
versity and delivered lectures Tuesday
and Wednesday to tho classes in min
ing geology, field geology, and goology
I. Ho left for Washington on the noon
train Wednesday.
Mr. Woodruff was a former Btudent
in tho University, was later an assist
ant and instructor, then professor of
geology and mineralogy in tho Uni
versity of Oklahoma; a follow fn Har
vard University, and for tho past six
years a member of the United States
Geological Survey.