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    The Daily Nebraskan
Price, 5 Cents
Medicine Ball Scrap for Fifty Picked
Men May Check Names of
Side-line Athletes.
The inspon-ibilily of piloting their
respective classes through the annual
class crap is- the first that will fall
upon the elected presidents of
the lower classes. For the date of
tlie annual Olympics has been set
loi the coinir.c Saturday, October 11.
Tins annoiin inent was made at .Mm
iresaiiHian coin ocation, so the now
el.i- hiih hud time to think over the
error ol theii ways and plans for then
immediate betterment in the future.
The Oljmpks, following tradition,
will consist of several tests of the
skill and strength of picked men, fol
lowed by the t-ig scrap in which every
man takes j..ut and woo bo unto
those who s-'ay away. Final plans
have not bf-:i announced, but it is
understood there will be wrest-
ling and boxj.g matches to start the
day, these lo come either early in
the morning w as space fillers ilui-
hip the event1-
Med cine Ball Rush.
A new dep.'Muie in the way of a
picked scrap, -aking the place of the I
football gam of last year, will be a.
nmdwme lie 1 scrap. A good-sized
nn tiicinc ball a ill be placed on top of
a pole, abon- which twenty-live ol
the picked in n of each class will bo
tinned loose to do their worst. The
game will oo-j-ist in getting the ball
over a lino and although it ma" I
sound easj o" paper, the determined i
opposition ol nvonty-tive men playing !
football with, ir rules will make the
outcome doul ' ; ul.
Following '.'lis, and probably pre
coded b n match to give Mum
for the men ' . U'M up will come the
class rush. ' he rush is the distinc
tive part ol Mm Olympics, the other
events being : lportnnt but secondary,
li is a man to- nan scrap, with unnec
estii iouglim-h eliminated, and dur
ing the seveifii minutes of its duration
each lighter v. ill be tested to his ut
most. Somewiiai after the plan of last
vear, but with The weak points of that
plan lota out, Miis year's rush will be
a roeordbroa ',' ior enthusiasm, both
on the ol the spectators and those
taking part.
Details of the Class Rush.
The classt b vill bo lined up oppos
ing each olt.r, separated by about
leiit yard- and turned loose at a
bignal. At the end of a certain time
Mu rush will h" conceded to the clasr
which has succeeded in holding down
the greatest number or its opponents,
after pushing them back of their own
line. Las! year a man pushed over
his line was ruled out of the contest.
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Dramatic Ability Alone Considered
Sixty Places Open All Good
The formal announcement of com
petition for places in the cast of the
minstrel and vaudeville, show, soon
to be produced by Spharo Styx, was
made Monday. This -competition is
open to both the men and women of
tnc universit, and will be held in
the Temple Saturday morning at 10 HO
o'clock. While the production is to bo
a minstrel and audevllle show the
tr.-outs Saturday morning will not be
a lest of the competitors vocal abilitv
hut w hoh of their dramatic capabili
ties Suggested selections may In
st' in ed al the Daily Nebraskan How
ever if any of the successful have
good Voices they will be given a
chance to use them later when re
he. irsals begin.
A matter ol no small importance to
the co-eds, and the fellows as well,
is I he fact that there are about t w on
tv live "fern" parts. Although Mm
number of those parts Is largo yet
thev are all good ones and any girl
who i successful may consider her
sell luekv. The parts are oiignal and
Will afford groat opportunities for tal
enieil voung women.
Regarding the men's parts there is
an excellent chance for the blossom
iim Mmspian. There are about thirty
veil balanced places open and the
lortunates will have no need of pro
tes.'.ional jealous. Although a large
number of the freshies and sophs will
be busy Satin day morning with the
Olympics tlmy need have no fear of
losing the chance to compete as time
cards will be given to any one who
will be engaged in mortal combat.
Prominent Women of University Wi.l
Make Rousing Speeches.
The Hist football rally of the year
will be the "All University Girls' Foot
ball Rally' this morning at 11:30 in
Memorial Hall Tim Black Masque
girls who several years ego arranged
to have the gills' section at the game.;
and always boost for the team, are
in charge ol the mooting today.
It has been arranged to have the
band out in full force an dhave foot
ball songs and speeches to arouse
the enthusiasm of all university girls.
The advisability of providing a giii
rooting section will be considered.
Miss Gitlings, Mrs. Raymond, Gladys
Runt and Mm Rood are among the
speakers of the hour. TCvery wide
ivvako girl in school should be pres
ent To catch the football spirit and
prepare to be a live
tue coming season.
booster during
Lillian Schruni of Omaha spent the
week-end at the Acbath house.
Date as Yet Not Absolutely Certain
Althougn probably Wednesday
Afternoon and Evening.
The dale of the proliniinurv debal-'
to select the members of the semlnar
of lifteen who will be Mm squad from
which is takon the university debat
ing team was not definitely settled
last evening 'I ho number of candi
dates has grown so largo that it was
found noeessarj to make two dlvl
sions. probably the time being Wedn
esday alteinoon and evening, place
to bo announced later.
Fourteen selected the alllnnatlve
and ton the negative of the question
winch Is that of the Central Debut
hit, league That immigration into
this country should be further re
stricted by moans or a literacy test."
I he older of speaking, which fol
lows was selected by lots drawn by
I'ioI II W Caldwell. M. M Fogg
and Guernsey Jones.
I Samuel (' Zimmerman, '1". Lin
coln L Gilbeit Kldredgo, '17, Omaha
:. Harold A. Prince. '11. Law 'la.
Gi. mil Island.
1 Paul Good, 'i:'. (Anihurst). Law
'Hi, Lincoln.
5 Ra M Higgius, 'R! 1-iw 'la,
t; Donald G. Barnes, 'lfi, Albion.
, HM. Noble, '11, Law '14, Lincoln.
S Hugh Agor, 'M, Omaha.
!i Ralph O. Cannday, '15, Minden.
Id H. K Rush. "14, Rushville.
11. Reed R. Dawson, '14, Lincoln.
1I. Silas M. Bryan, 'in, Lincoln.
i:(. (' A. Soronson, 'M', Law 'If!,
Loup City.
It O. K. Perrin, '11, Sargent
1 Maurice C. Clark, '17, Omaha.
L'. Robert R. Waring. '17, Geneva.
:!. John C. Beard, '15, Lincoln.
4. Harold J Schwab, '1(1, McCook.
5 Homer P. Hewitt, '15, Sargent.
;. R. K. Khk, '15, Kearney.
'. . 11. M. Diers, '14, Madisn.
S Frank lli.xenbaugh, '17, Omaha.
!. Harvey VV. Hess, '14, Hebron.
10. Paul L. Martin, Law
Senior Class.
Robert Flory.
Sam Grimn.
W. A. Rockie.
Junior Class.
Cloyd Stewart.
Sophomore Class.
Arthur EtrJey.
R. W. Gentzler.
Freshman Class.
Ray Doyle.
Harold Morgan.
Brian O'Brian.
$104,000.00 TOTAL SUM EARNED
This Does Not Take In What Women
Students Received For Their
Work Which Also Is
A great ninny people think that a
voting man nt school Is an expensive
article, and it must be admitted that
in certain cases this Is a hard fact,
yet statistics show that there are more
men self-supporting, or partially sr,
than the average observer of college
life and alfalrs would realize.
In Nebraska State University recent
statistics show that :
I'hghtoen men earned the equivalent
to $1581 70 washing dishes.
Fifty-four men earned the equival
ent to $.'575:! lin tending furnaces.
Niimlvslx men earned Mm equival
ent to $7'.H'li !u waiting tables.
Kighteen men earned the equivalent
to $.'! 5 50 l house work
Fil'lv three miou earned the oqtiival
eiu to $j:!l".i 7,2 bv odd Jobs
I'his does not lake into considera
tion the amounts enim-d by student
wlio clerk in stores, play in musical
organizations, or those doing assistant
leaching. Taking those amounts into
consideration wo have an estimato-l
sum of $101,000 0(1 actually earned b
students attending the university.
What is true of Nebraska Is no
doubt true in all other state Institu
tions, and also to some extent In Mm
small colleges throughout the coun
try. These figures do not include the
sums earned by the; women students
which in a j ear's time will total a
surpiising amount.
The University of Nebraska main
tains a separate and distinct depart
ment which looks after worthy stu
dents who want work. Positions are
secured and men are sent to fill them.
'I he department Is open at all times
and receives calls for student help
It experiences no trouble in linding
a man to (ill the job as there are
awas nian.v men anxious to help
Mmnii-elves and thus relievo "Father
at home on the farm," or wherever
he may be striving to obtain the
vvherevvithall to keep his boy in schoo).
The Kinplovnmnt Bureau Is associated
vith the University Y. M. C. A., in
tin Temple building and its services
are free both to employer and student.
Alioadv this year quite a few men
have been supplied with permanent
and temporary Jobs. Work of all kinds
is taken care of and calls are very
u uch appreciated.
Dr. Fletcher L. Wharton will speak
at the Association Vesper Service
Tuesday afternoon at five in tho
Y. M. C. A., rooms. Mrs. Edith Lucllo
llobbins will sing.