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    The Daily Nebraskan
Price, 5 Cents
On Side Kick Comes Into Its Own
Agaip Will Be Used a Great
New football rule-, this- .veai arc not
man) The channel Mich as the are,
an- i;i r,ior of the heath pla.ver and
Ui- t .ini that liberal! spi inkles brainy
with its brawn Tin- old stle of play
wlit-i'1,1 main strength and awkwaid
ii - a ere relied upon to win games
hah !- n replaced b the open, snapp,
"hadv" mode ol plavum The new
gain" is better foi the pla.veis It is
also much better liked b the fans
because of the fact that the can fol
low its workings to a greater degree.
Forward Pass Rule.
The most striking and inteiesting
mle is the oii- which states that when
a foi ward pass is tin own out of
bounds befoM striking the giound in
tin- field of play the ball shall go to
tin- opponent at the point wheie it
niisspil the h-deline The significance
ol this r"le s great and Its lmpoit
ha- not been -tasped In main teams
In In n t t .'.ins that if a team is
haul press. (' and close to their goal
line, and s- , ' to get the ball away
from tli. it j-ponents, that the safe
thnm for tip i to do is to make a for'
watd pass tt , r will crostf thp Bideline
as lar down n- field as is possible to
throw it rj is takes the ball away
from the da-.-er point, for the oppo
nents must i it the ball into play by
sci linmaue ;i' The point where the for
w.ud pass c .--,ed the sideline
This is ,i " ich better method than
kicking Eti-ci.illy is this true if a
bad wind is Slowing With a hard
wind the ki -. is a decidedly uncer
tain pKx-'Mh - because the opponents
mm recover 11 and run the ball back
a long di't.i ' e. or een store An
othei jioint -amst the kick is the
fat t that it'- opponents rnav signal
foi a fait ea n and in that case they
hae their c .oice of kicking or put
tins; the baJ mto play by scrimmage,
oi ma f in -.ike a chance at a field
To sum ur then, the out of-bounds-foiward
pas'- net hod is the logical one
to use wlun i team is being pushed
ba k onto tnir goal, if they can get
the ball awa from their opponents,
for two reasons the defensive team
has no than e to tiy for a field goal,
and there is no chance of the catcher
running it lack tor a possible touch
Great Chance for a Thrower.
This pla .k the chance of a lifetime
for the man who can heave the pig
skin for distances of thirty or forty
yards, even if he is not up to stand
ard otherwise There is a rule that
allows the substitution of a player at
the beginning of the second and third
quarters and any time during the final
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Convocation Arouses Lots of Pep in
First-Year Men, Who Don Head
gear Eagerly.
The eagerness with which the fresh
men bought up the flist shipment of
raps was more than gratifying Crowd
Ing into the store irnmedlatclv aftei
the freshman convocation, a constant
stream of the fioBh kept the clerks
busj for one da passing the milliner
out until all were disposed of by the
noon of the succeeding day A wire
sent immediate! to the manufacturer h
has resulted in a second shipment ol
seveinl bundled on the vva.v, which is
expected to illTlVP belot'e Hie end ot.
the week
The spirit the flistear men have
shown in the ap mattei Is far more
commendable than that shown last
ear Not a little opposition, or. to
sa the least, listlessness, was shown
last ear in purchasing the top pieces,
and a still gi eater lack ol interest was
shown among the present sophomores
In continuing the custom tin oughout
the veai alter the noelt ot the lash
ion had w 01 n off
I It is the earnest hope of those in
,( liaise ol the tieshnian tap sstem
that t lie pi i -sent lit oph tes w ill of thei'
own .Ktoid and without constant urg
I IliU pit set e the (listolll foi the re
iiiaindei ol then fust eai in school
Along with main other tiaditions and
customs that aie found to make sc hool
life a nun e inteiesting realit and a
, nun e pleasant ineinoi in neighboring
.colleges, there is lacking the power on
tin part of the upper classes to force
fieshmen into wealing the caps In
I one northern school it is the practice
I to give a stubborn frosh a dip in a
I lake that lies conveniently near the
, campus At Nebraska, however, the
I unwilling freshman must be allowed
to follow his own wavward course, and
itbose who refuse to express anv Inter
est in school life must be allowed to
test undisturbed in their own ignorant
unconcern H adherence to the cus
torn a greater class interest and a
consequently more general school in
teiest will be engendered
Owing to Suddenes6 of Granting Per
mission Some Are Caught Un
awares and Will Announce
Them Later.
I Big Progress Made Satisfies Miss Gra
i ham Who Anticipates New
I Building. i
I The results of the University Gills'
I Club tag day were full up to expecta
tions, although details as to the num-J
I her of tags disposed of has not been
I learned Miss Graham expressed her
I self as highly pleased with the progress
i the club Is making and is earnestly
looking forward to the time when the
oung ladies will have their own quar
ters In the form of a beautiful building.
Those having found it impossible to se
I c ure tickets on tag day can still be
! come members by paying the stipu
lated amount, 3f cents, at Miss Gra
ham's jofllce.
Meeting of the German Dramatic
Club Monday evening from 7 to 8 In
Faculty Hull (Temple). All members
requested to be present.
After a three days' postponement
Oieek Maternities w el e allowed to
pledge esteida Monda was the
original da.. but failure to cornpl
with some ol the rules caused a slight
dela in the tonnalities About the
Usual number of men wnr.njiltUua-Uy-
rhe individual Gieeks, with possibh a
lew more Lincoln men than are usual
1 seen in the lists Owing to the
irregular date set tor pledging there
was a niisundei standing among se
eial of the societies and the complete
libt is not available at present The
lollowing names have been sent In
Mpha Tan Omega Don Miller. Heat
i ice William Maxwell, Head ice, Cl.vde
Dernster. Heatiice llernard Tow nseiitl
llaivaicl. Aithui Schwartz, Sutton
missel Mien, Lincoln, V II S hu
m.ikei, Dewitt Claud Dalle Hell
w ood
Heta I'lieta I'i lt Miller, Net le ,
(!u Chamber hu, Hlue Springs, I
Kniltle, Sioux Cit. la John It Stod
d.iid, LiiMoln, Mollis Loomis, Omaha
Delta Tan Delta Max Haeln, St
Haul, eb John Carroll, Fiemont,
Vnml Haggait.St Haul; Chan Helper,
aleiitine. Glenn Kobh, David City,
Donald Stevens, Beatrice, Norman Ste
veils, Heat 1 ice, Earnest Young, Scott s
Delta Upsilon L G Hovvey, Lin
coln; Ernst lloppe, Lincoln, Stewart
Clair, Lincoln, Guy C Chambers, Shi
ne. Albeit Greenlee, Sidney, M M
Curtis, Hushville; For rest Miller. Sa
betha, Kans , Leroy J Haine, Wag
ner, S D
Phi Delta Tln-t.i Uobeit Carlson,
Omaha, L.vle Uushton, Omaha, Frank
Keavis, Falls Cit.v , Raymond Dov le,
Lincoln, Warren Woodward, Lincoln;
Cat I Rtngw alt, Omaha
I'hi Gamma Delta Albeit Hiyson,
Fulleiton, John Dtexel, Omaha, LIe
Fason, Maishalltown, la , Henr Knut
en, Kearney, Geoige Neuswanger,
Gieelej, Colo , Milan O'Hrian, Kearney
Hhl Kappa Hsi Wilson Del.ell, Lin
coln, William Delzell, Lincoln, Vance
Tiaphagen, Lincoln, Phillip Watkins,
Lincoln, Ernest Guenzel, Lincoln,
Ralph Lahr, Lincoln, Grove Porter, Ne
braska Cit , Edgar Kiddoo, South
Omaha; Wilton Selzer, Nebraska City,
Spray Gatdner, Cutrneat, S D
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Martin Nolan,
Alliance; Lelan Evans, Columbus;
Harold Covey, Greenbay, Wis ; John
Rasinussen, Oshkosh, Wis ; F. H. Mil
ler, York, A H Lewis, Wayne; Leo
Cane, Winner
Sigma Chi Guy Parrlsh, Norfolk;
Harry Grainger, Lincoln; Paul Dennis,
Lincoln; Sidney Pierce, Lincoln; Don
Chapin, Lincoln; Marlon Dixon, Platts
mouth; Arthur Chase, Stanton; Ken
neth Craig, Omaha; Sam Windham,
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White, All-American End, Coached the
Varsity End Men Team Is
Good old Cornhusker Field, the bat
tie scarred nursery of NebiaHka ath
letics, went Into convulsions yestorda
afternoon. U-tmflVred from an acme
attack of Indigestion duo to an over
diet of freshmen The ground was
gieen, the atmosphere was green, yea,
the whole world was green Yes, Eth
elbeite, It was a wield, vv lerd exhlbl
tlon that was pulled off between the
'bonis ol f. and (i Cries or "Hayfoot,
j Strawfoot, " mingled with "57-78-92-
I Hike" until the onlooker was unable to
ascertain whether it was a pot-pourri
ol Cnheisitv lite a sham battle, or a
pic t in e I loin life's other side
Tin- naiassed vaisltv lads charged
hither and von In the uieen ha.e
When thev ch.iiged hither ihev lost
Iheni'-ehis in an inpeiietiable forest
ot gi ceil Mid, b dad w hen the
(hamed von thev weie lost to view
among the tall, gietn giash Once the
.bleachers went wild with anxiety when
the v in sit disappeared amongst a
I corps of verdant cadets and did not
ieappeai for five minutes How did
I the bos of the varsity machine per-
I form' No one knows When you
Wasn't able to see them, how could
voir tell?
A very wise man once remaikecl
that two bodies can not occupy the
same piece of landscape at one and
the same time without disastrous re
sults to one or the other Nor will the
cadets or the football players be able
to obtain the best results when they
ti to save their couutrv in the same
Varsity-Freshman Scrimmage.
Otherwise the varsity and freshmen
football teams spent a very interest
ing and very Instructive afternoon The
two teams clashed tor twent minutes
The treshnien kicked off and rushed
the varsit off their feet Within
two minutes Chamberlain, the fresh
man left half, broke through and made
the first touchdown of the session.
Goal was kicked Time after time
Harmon's proteges ripped up the var
sity line for long gains The right
wing was especially weak, Erwln, right
tackle, seeming to be unable to stop
the plays that came his direction
Stiehni finally replaced him with
Grosse, who was able to stem the tide.
The Varsity Scores.
After the first freshman touchdown
the varsitv came back strong, and
Towle drew second blood In seven min
utes on a delayed pass He also kicked
goal, evening up the score. By this
time the varsity boyi had their "steam"
up and With the line playing great ball,
Purdy, Rutherford, and Towle burnt up
the ground to the freshman goal line
and Rutherford scored the second
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