The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, September 19, 1913, Image 6

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comoH known that you aro writing
humorouB thlngH people will want to
nHfllHt you by relating funny remarka
their children have made or by giving
you accounts of ridiculous experiences
they or their friends have had. Listen
to them patiently, but never use the
material they offer. If you ever at
tempt to put nny of It across you will
be noeused of plagiarism. Whether
thcRo helpful people Imagine that the
HtorleH they tell wgro really Invented
by their children or whether they be
lieve they or members of their families
have had the curious experiences they
describe, shun them. They may bo
honest Give them the benefit of the
doubt and write out of your own imag
ination and your own experience only.
There Is a tradition concerning hu
morists that must not bo overlooked.
Tf you lmvH hopefuli tuHiny-dtaposl
Hon and a smiling countenanco do not
nttempt to earn your living as a writer
or humor To be successful In this line
of endeavor you must acquire a dole
ful expression, have a disordered liver
and be constantly In debt.
A good old lady who had become In
terested in the work of a certain hu
morist decided, one day, that she would
like to meet him and tell him person
ally how much he had done to fill her
life with cheer Having sought out
Hie newspaper office in which he was
kept, she asked where he could be
found and was told by the elevator
man that if she would get off at the
fourth floor she might be fortunate
enough to encounter him So she got
off at the floor mentioned and walked
a'ong the hall, looking into the various
editorial ofll eh Finally she saw sit
ting at a desk a man who seemed like
ly to be the humorist Stepping Into
the room where he was at work, she
"I beg our pardon. Are you the
humorist '"
"No. ma'am," he replied, "I'm not I
suppose I look liko the humorist be
cause m house burned yesterday and
I had no insurance."
If you desire to become a humorous
writer, find a place where you can sell
all that you produce, learn to see and
describe the funny side of everything,
and look like one who had lost all
hope The rest will be easy.
It has never been explained why
football coaches each fall Issue a lot
of bunk about the hard luck which
faceB their team. Injuries, failures to
return, and all the rest of the bear
stuff has grown tiresome, and the man
who reads the stuff believes perhaps
half of it. Nebraska has been as bad
as other schools In allowing stuff of
this Bort to be made public. Kansas
Is probably tho worst In the valley.
Each season It has a hospital list made
up In advance and sees that It Is given
tho fullest (publicity. Thus far the Jay
hawks have managed to disappoint tho
rooters who from the dope expected to
seo the eleven hobble onto the field
under the guldancor of a corps of doc
tors and trained nurses. It is choaj?
and worthless advertising, this bear
dope. Evening News.
Leslie (Judge) Welch leaves for his
home In Wayno today, where he will
spend a week before returning to
Woman's Dress.
Nevei within our living memory has
woman's- dress been more attractive
than it is today The soft lines, the
tunic-like garments, loose and open at
the throat, surely make for a comfort
to which woman is too often a stranger.
Ilariing certain small exaggerations, It
Is all fairly simple, too, and vastly more
"becoming than most of the fashions of
yesteryear Our masculine perception
may be much beclouded, but should not
these three points comfort, attractive
ness, simplicity be the cardinal ones
In dress? Until the age of paper
clothes, foretold by Bellamy, arrives,
the present fashion seems a very pass
able interregnum. We only wish that
woman, so active and alert In her more
than dawning independence, were firm
and independent enough to hold to a
fashion that Is good until she Is cer
tain of a better and not foolishly,
sheepishly, yield to a worse. Collier's.
Mr. Ellsworth Davis, '08, married
Miss Anna Scott of Spencer, S. D.,
during the summer.
WANTED Five good hustling Uni stu
dents at Ludwig's, the Big Uni Tail
ors, 1028 O st. 2t
Old Man
Where did you get
- that -SWELL
Why! Down at
How much ? ?
(Sshh) $15.00
You don't say ! !
Yes! They are sell
ing Suits there
that other Stores
ask $20.00 and
$25.00 for.
Guess I will get
me one at
1132 0 Street
A Pair of Smart
English Boys
Muhic. Louis Hageaetck. Auto F-2042 ' Head-tO-FOOt-OutfiittTS-tO-Meil.
Note the low heels, flat receding toes, wide
heavy shanks, the blind eylets, the smart lines.
Built for men who know quality goods. Put
together right and made of the right materials.
May be had in TAN RUSSIAN CALF and
GUN-METAL CALF. We can fit you now.
Prices $5.00, $6.00 and $6.50 pr.
-MEN'S SHOIlS- Main Floor.
The roomiest and best ventilated
theatre in the city
.... Lincoln's Newest Theatre ....
-:- 1511 O Street -:-
Shows only the latest and most
up-to-date moving pictures
We Cater to Student Trade
Our Dining Room is Complete to serve
you anything in the Eatable Line. Open
after the Shows, Dances and Parties. We
make our own Ice Cream, Sherbets and
Punches for Parties.
1315-31 N St. :: Lincoln, Nebraska