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XCbe Dailp IFlebrashan
Vol. XII. No. 152
Trice, 5 Cents
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Greeks Enjoy Ecstacy
of Sixteen Blissful
Dances at Pan-Hel
WIN Not Give Information As to What
It Is All About Can It Be
There is "Something
What is it all about? What Is
the reason for all this Becrecy this
daily congregation of Seniors upon
of one of the other classes
appear .' No one seems to know what
move the Seniors are about to make.
A big meeting of the Seniors Is called
tor June 7, and all attempts to dis
cover what the meeting is for have
been fruitless.
President Will Wendstrand of the
Senior class in an interview said,
concerning the matter, "The reason
"for the meeting cannot bo made pub
lic yet. All the Seniors will know
what it is for and we can't toll any
one else just now. It is just a little
gag we have got framed up for the
class, and I don't see why anybody
else should worry abouc It. Wo will
spring it soon, but it would ruin all
of our plans to say anything about
it now."
This answer is characteristic of the
reticent Senior president, but It la
natural to" make conjectures upon
such happenings and such a state
ment causes one to become all the
more curious. Why should there be
need of secrecy? Have the Seniors
"stepped off" again, or yet?
One would naturally suppose that
"that deficit" was again the subject
under discussion, and the Seniors aro
making final arrangements to get
square with everybody before finally
kicking the sod of Nebraska's campua
from their feet. Yet the Senior Re
lief Danco was supposed to pay for
that Prom debt and from all reports
of the crowd that attended the former
function it seems that the money
taken in will almost cover the debt.
Can it be that there is a "fly in the
ointment" and the danco did not de
liver the necessary amount of "scads"
wherewith to pay Banker Ralph
This seems a false assumption in
deed, for there would not be such a
commotion over the few dollars re
maining of the Prom debt. Perhaps
there Is to be a dividend turned over
to each member of the clasB from the
proceeds of the hop after the debt is
paid. It is not likely that this thought
(Will worry any one as it is not the
custom to send around wagons for the
money left oyer from a Nebraska hop.
The Senior play might bo a cause
of worry but Fred McConnell hati
.agreed to take charge of this affair
without any oxpense to the claBB.
There is no means of really -finding
.out what this big meeting is all about
Unless the facts "leak out" in
the meantime, or unless one goes to
the meeting. The mystery wlll'ev
Local Greeks and many returned
Alumni joined in their annual Pan
Hellenic danco at the Auditorium
last night. Sixteen periods of bliss
ful oblivion set to music constituted
the evening's program. Refresh
ments wore very classy and novel to
a degree not often enjoyed.
Dames were there of exceeding
beauty and attractiveness and gowns
were dreams for future years. Like
wise frat pins were there but many
were misplaced Intentionally or other
wise. The firet part of the evening
saw little in tho nature of excite
ment but many pleasant surprises
were sprung between tho twelfth and
fourteenth dances.
The grand march was led by Frank
Long with Miss Helen Sorenson, Wil
liam Haley with Miss Lucy Harte,
and Harold Noble with Miss Ruth
Freshmen Nine Takes
Seven Tallies-Two
Scores Go to L. H. S.
The Lincoln High School lads ven
tured upon tho athletic field yester
day afternoon for a nine inning con
test with tho Freshmen nine and
were sent back the losers by a 7 to
2 score. Curtis pitched for the high
school lads and held the Freshmen
fcoroloss for four grames and thon
hits coupled with errors gave the first
year men four scores. In the Beventh
the FrcBhmen sent across three more
runs, tho result of an error, a walk,
a hit and a three bagger by Krikac.
Tho high school lads secured tnelr
first tally in the seventh on a couple
of hits and a throw In from center
field. In the next frame the lads sent
another run across the plate as a
result of a two-bagger, wild throw
and a wild pitch.
Sides started the game for the
Freshmen and held them hltless for
four Innings, but he was then re
lieved by Krikuc who did good work
on the slab. In tho infield several
changes were made In the lineup as
tho game progressed, not on account
of necessity, but to give other valiant
FreBhmen a chance to show what they
Hugg and Krikac were tho heavy
hitters for the first year men, each
securing a three-bagger. Moore for
Lincoln, hit tho ball over the right
field fence in the sixth Inning, but
Umpire Hawkins declared it a foul
and so there was no Bcore.
Tho battery for Lincoln High School
was Curtis and Moore, while Sides
and Shaw wont on for the Freshmen
the first four Innings and Krikac and
Patterson took charge tho remainder
of. the game.
dentty remain unsolved unless frtero
is a large attendance alMhe" mWeUrifi
on .Tnnn 7 ''
ww""w.' .'.
Examinations Held
Week Early Makes
Trouble tor Barristers
The Inws will suffer tho Indignity
of taking examinations next week.
That. Is the edict given out by tho
professors In tho law department.
Groaning barristers are swathing their
heads in wet towels In order to give
their rust-coated brains a chance to
absorb more knowledge than they
have taken in all semester. Dally
sessions of "sharks" and "suckers"
are being held in various smoke-roek-
InK rooms, In order that no little
point shall be mlsBed by thetapldly
traveling "crammer."
The reason for the taking of exam
inations a week early seems to be
that tho professors wish to get the
papers looked over In time to pre
sent the Senior grades In suitable
time for the names of the fortunate
ones to get on the graduation list.
There seems to be no remedy for tho
unprepared. The Juniors and Fresh
men laws must suffer for the good
of the Seniors. One consolation Is
that there will be all that extra time
to "Bluff" after the examinations.
Miss Field Purposes
To' Interest Y. W.'s
In Rural Clubs
Miss Jessie Field, Y. W. C. A. na
tional secretary of work in the coun
try and small towns, visited tho Uni
versity association this week. Her
purpose is to interest the University
girls in forming eight week clubs In
the country districts, and in small
towns. These cluba will be formod
for the summer only, and will hold
eight meetings. The University as
sociation girls will be the leaders and
conductors of these clubs. The pur
pose of these clubs is to bring the
girls and young women in small com
munitlcB together. They will take up
some line of study for the summer
such as the lives of great women
and will do at least one thing for tho
neighborhood. Tho plans for the
work of the clubs are very elastic,
and can be altered to suit the needs
of tho community.
The University girls are receiving
the plan with great enthusiasm and
a number are planning to take up
the work for the vacation.
The social service committee will
be Interested In knowing of other
girls who would like to take up this
work during the summer.
Luclle- Reeder of Columbus, Is visit
ing at the Trl Dolt house
The Silver Serpent Initiated tho fol
lowing new members last night?
Erma Nelson, Esther Laurence, Mar
jory Morris, Louise Bedwell,;.Mabel
Stern, Florence Prostrieleri Thomas,
Elssf Hawnbh) Jeahelte' Lowry. Mabel
blurtry Freda.: Stuffwinlfred geeger,
y-da Sfinborne an.(j Marguorlte Farley
Unable to Procoed With Book Be
cause of Reading Jokes News
paper Syndicate Steals
YoBlerdny'B explanation in regard to
the delay In getting out the Cornhusk
er failed to offer a comploto explana-
printers in tho shapo of three night
letters Hheds no small amount of il
lumination on tho vital subject.
After a careful persual and compila
tion of tho facts as therein sot forth
we are prepared to make tho follow
ing brief though conciBo statement,
trusting that it will servo to savo
both tlmo and apace.
The main difficulty lies in tho fact
that the material proved to bo such
interesting reading that even tho
monotype machine Btoppod inter
mittently in order to bo able to prop
erly ABoimilato tho effervescent gems
of literature. The head printer died
laughing as the result of a paroxysm
of mirth occasioned while reading
proof. A newspaper Byndlcato through
one of Ub representatives, grabbed a
bunch of the cartoons for use in their
eastern circuit and it was only by dint
of superhuman effort that they worn
able to recover them.
The foreman in tho composing room
at length wearied of acting aB a task
master called a mass meeting of his
employes and informed thorn to tho
effect ihat if they would work con
sistently and not pause to read ho
would, when tho masterpiece was
completed, make each a present of
one copy bound in some sort of an
elastic cover. This elastic cover fea
ture, it was argued, would allow some
of tho moro tender and undeveloped
jokes to make a mature growth and
assume their proper propensities. Of
course you understand that all of tho
books would have been bound thusly
had It not been for tfio prohibitive
price Involved. Tho foreman's offer
was accepted and things began to
move with a motion that bode well.
A number of minor affairs conspired
to retard the progress of the Corn
husker but they are hardly of enough
Importance to deserve space In The
Dally Nebraskan. If anyone should,
however, out of curiosity, desire fur
ther details, tho Nebraskan will glad
ly furnish them.
Everett Wilson, freshman law, de
livered on address at the Wahoo high
school alumni banquet.
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