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XTbe Dails Bebrashan
Vol. XII. No. 151
Trice, 5 Cents
'nt- mtji fc a ttilfftBliMI
t . '
Announces That Show Will Be Pre
sented Early Each Fall With
Ca6t Composition Open
to Entire School.
The formation of a new university
club for the promotion 01 (iruimitlCH
In general and of vaudeville and min
strelsy specifically was made known
yesterday when Spharo Styx, as it is
named, gave out the names of its
charter members. They are Ed Pettis
of Lincoln, Leonard P. Finley of Wy
more, Otto Zumwinkle of Utica, Rus
tsel F. Swift of Lincoln, Russel Israel
of Omaha, Silas Bryan of Lincoln,
Herbert Reese of Randolph, Fred L.
Babcock of Columbus, Harry C. Gel
latly of Lincoln, Kenneth M. Snyder
of Lincoln, and Fred Archibald of
The purpose of the new organiza
tion as announced is to give a high
class vaudeville and minstrel show
each fall before the general opening
of school activities, acting .tas the
backer and promoter and making the
cast open to the entire school. The
show to be given the coming fall is
being prepared by the club with the
assistance of Professor Prince of the
University School of Music, who has
been elected as an honorary member.
Present plans include handsome
prizes for suggestions made by the
school at large, which can be used to
Up to several years ago, Nebraska
has always had a minstrel Bhow on
the yearly schedule and high-class
minstrels appeared to be popular.
However, the last two years the idea
has been abandoned for lack of back
ing. The organization of Spharo Styx
is welcomed by many as the renewal
of this old-time tradition.
The Peru Club will meet Saturday
evening, Mny 24, with Professor and
Mrs. Brownell, 2627 P street.
Life jogs on once more In Its time
worn routine. We no longer wait in
constant anticipation of the "movie"
man and no longer does the rain de
scend daily in sheets and torrents.
Yet reviewing the past week of per
petual excitement, rain anticipation
and constant down-pours, one is In
clined to decide it might have been
worse and had after all some real
redeeming features. A $1.98 raincoat
covers Innumerable defects, looks
quite "chic," and saves the price of
a new spring outfit. A cadet suit
bridges in exceedingly well between
seasons, is in proper condition (fol
lowlpg inspection week), Is attractive
and at least during the week past al
ways appropriate. Moral 'TIs an ill
-wind that blows nobody good.
"Pillars of Society"
Causes Heavy Work
For Senior Actors
The Senior play cast Is swamped
with work. This is tho impression
that has leaked out lrom the few cele
brities that have been allowed to wit
ness the rehearsals, that are being
Ik Id now as often as twice a day.
Ivy Day found tho principals at work
in the Temple in the morning while
the entire cast reported for duty at
the Oliver in the afternoon. The same
schedule is to be adopted for the next
two SatUrdayH anU-SninlujH that pi cieftv-y-MlUiig nf Ihe Belts whn . etlfc.
cede the final presentation of "PillarB
of Society," Thursday, June 5, and If
the faculty grant any more holidays,
Miss Howell expects to use them for
the purpose of adding the finishing
touches to Ibsen's great dramatic
Some confusion has arisen on tho
campus because of tho announcement
that the Senior play was to be pre
sented on Thursday night, Instead of
a Friday or Saturday night as is re
quired by the Committee on Student
Organizations. The following an
nouncement, however, from Miss En
sign, secretary of the committee, will
probably clear the situation:
"At a meeting of the Committee
on Student Organizations held Aprl!
17, the request of the Senior play com
mittee to schedule the Senior play on
Thursday, Juno 5, was granted.
"The play was scheduled soro
months ago for Saturday, June 7. The
request" for the change to tho 5th was
granted since a recent action of tho
University Senate closing school two
days earlier than the date published
in the calendar made June 7th an
undesirable time to present the play."
Chorus Will Give
"Hiawatha's Wedding
Feast" at Chapel Tuesday
The University chorus at Tuesday's
convocation will sing "Hiawatha's
Wedding Feast" by Coleridge Taylor.
The song is in three parts and
is a choral rendition of Longfellow's
famous Indian poem. Reuben Walt will
be the soloist. The convocation will
he in the Temple.
Much to the regret of The Daily
Nebraskan a printer's error, omitted
the names of John L. Drlscoll and
Chandler Trimble from the announce
ment of Innocents yesterday.
On account of tho damp day the
girls of the Normal Training class
held their picnic in the gymnasium
parlors, instead of at Cotner woods
as previously planned. All the girls
say they had a great abundance of
eais ana run, ana a splendid ball game
afterward. It might be termed a din
ner, dance and slumber party, as 'dur
ing tlie ball game one of the girls
went to sleep on first
Delts Clout Betas;
Sophs Do Not Show Up
For Game With Freshmen
Baseball on the homo lot yeBtorday
was composed of inter-fraternlty
games and a practice gamo for tho
Freshmen. The Sigma Phi Bpsiloa
team wns to meet the Sigma Chi r
gregatlon but failed to connect.
The Delta Tau Delta nine finished
all of their games schoduled In tho
firrht division by ndnilnisterlng a de
cisive defeat to tho Beta Theta Pi
team. The came was featured bv the
nered twelve runs off tho Betas who
were handed a goose egg in return.
The batteries were Hugg and Hager
for the Dells and Chamberlain, Wil
son and Thompson for the Betas.
Umpires Thomas and McCullougn.
This gives the lead in the first divi
sion to the Dolts and with but ono
more game to piny and that with tho
Kappa Sigs. The latter team aro go
ing to play off the schedule contrary
to the rumor that they were going to
forfeit tho rest of their games.
Tho Freshmen were to have played
tho Sophomores yesterday at three
bells but tho second year men failed
The annual election of officers for
the Tegner society will bo held next
Saturday evening at 8:15 In Banquet
hall of tho Temple. A good program
will be provided. All members should
make it a point to attend this fina
meeting of the year.
Cornhusker Now On
Press-Will Be Out
Some Time Next Week
Cornhusker will probably bo out
about Wednesday. The presses have
been running night and day for sev
eral days. Several unavoidnhln rtv
lays have hindered the work this year.
There are still a few unsold copies
of the second issue and those who
desire so may yet order at the old
Twenty-five cents extra will bo
charged for books that are sold after
Issued when not ordered in advance.
More deflnlto announcements will
be made later In regard to distribu
tion. All organizations that have not al
ready done so are urged to pay for
their space at once.
Will be hejd ut the Auditor
ium Grand march to com
mence at 8:30 sharp, whether
anyone is present or not.
Twenty-two dances aro on the
"A .program
Miss Anna Day has been called east
by the serious illness of her father.
That Is, "Ridge" Gives Such a Reason
For His Rude Haste to Get
Away From the
III HDite of tho hnnHt of Mm otv
nf l.lnrni., that It In free from rHmo,
and has no need for tho majestic of-
llcor of the law, there is foundation
for tho statement that Bomo things
do occur at night which indicate tho
presence of terrible midnight marau
ders. According to a Senior foroster
one Is unsafe traveling alone on tho
streets of Lincoln at night.
Ridgloy Chaplin, colloquially termed
"Ridge," "Jib," or "Chance," had a
hairbreadth escapo from danger tho
first part of tho week. Tho secret
has just been extracted from tho re
luctant victim. Tho "hold-up" oc
curred whilo Mr. Chaplin was return
ing homo from a visit to tho homo of
a young lady who resides in East Lin
coln. While traveling at a rapid rate
along Twenty-sixth street, whistling
blithely to keep up hiB courage, ho
chanced to pasB an old barn on
shrouded in gloom.
Now Ridge denies that ho was
scared when he saw an arm out
stretched from the shadow of the bam
to seize him, and when ho heard a
voice thunder, "Hold on a minute!"
The reason he found himself four
blocks away about ten seconds later
was that ho was in a hurry to get
homo aa ho had promised to "meet
a fellow." Also what was tho use
"sticking around there all night?"
After going some distance, tho man
who had been somewhat hurried, sat
down to rebt a moment. Becoming
cool and collected onco more he de
cided to display thut bravery and in
trepidity which has stood him In
good stead on so many forestry ex
peditions into unexplored wilds. With
this thought in mind our hero strode
back to the scene of the hold-up to
grapple with his asBailant, having
seized a smull post to assist him in
battling with the enemy from out of
the night.
The highwayman was leaning
against a convenient telephone post
aa the dare-devil Claude Eclalro ap.
proached. Horor and amezement were
both depicted upon "Jib's" features
as the villain, waving a welcoming
hand, called out, "Shay, pardner, have
yuh gotta match?" 'Twas only a gen
tleman who had dined too well!
The girls of the eleven o'clock base-'
ball team went to the athletic field
to play yesterday" and were surprised
to find that tho "movie man" was
there to take pictures of the most In
teresting 'parts of the game. They
also took pictures of the" high. Jump
executed by. MarJeM .Clark.
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