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    be 2)aih IFlebraskan
Vol. XII. No. 140.
Price, 5 Cents
One Hundred Dollars Already Donated
by Mrs. Ida M. Carter Balance
Will Be Received in
LUu MuiLtLaka students loan I unci
winch ;tl I'm
Mi em i i ill i- anioilllis 101
three iho'i'-iiud one bundled dollai
i-.!it' nut taken advantage ol
to !'ie etc in to which one would e
pect c(oidiii4 to the last lepoit ol
Secretarv D.iles. the amount paid out
on loan-; reaches he bundled eiglitv
five dollar--, leaving almost the whole
of the residue in bonds available tor
loans upon i equest
The student loan I unci is a sum of
monev which was last year donated bv
John Waddell. John M Webstei
and William (J Whltmore, each of
whom eonmbuted a thousand dollars
to the whole sum The Webster do
nation, ol which the interest alone can
be used, and the unused portions of
the Waddell and Whltmore donations
are invented in securities, the inter
est of which is used to increase the
general I unci The loans are made un
der rules prescribed by the board of
The fund has recently received an
addition in the sum of six hundred dol
lars given bv Mrs Ida M Tarter, one
hundred of which has been given, and
the remainder to be given in install-
Tti nn f a
urCTlMr Ar n r
La Mar Stanley Coaches Play To Be
Given Thurdsay Evening
Verein Germania Guests
of Club.
The German Dramatic club will
meet Thursday evening, May 10 at
730 in Faculty hall This is the lastjear
nieetiug of the year, and olilcers for
the following year will be elected A
short play, "Der Knopp" will be given,
The characters are:
Dr. Binger La Mar Stanley
Gabriele (his wife) Rose Krause
Berta (Gabriele'B cousin) Julia ReuBch
This play is being coached by La I
Mar Stanley. I
The Verein Germania will meet with '
the Dramatic club Thursday evening
in order to see the play.
Civil Engineer Meeting.
The new civil engineers' organiza
tion will hold Ub first regular meeting
tonight for the election of officers for
the ensuing vear The society is open
to all men legistered in civil engineer-
Iiil'. freshmen included. Tonight is the
last chance tor men to become full
nu.i.,.r ulUinnt firt nerviiiL' one
year as an associate member. The
0ti,,.. will he held t 7 ir. iii M A
Eight Men File
For Election to
Athletic Board
The annual election of the student!
athletic boaid will be held net Tues
da. Mil) 11' This board is composed
ol six membeis ot the lacultv and live
men elected at lame trom the student
bod In it scontrol aie all branches
ol spoils, including the awaiding ol
letters and the election of all coachi
t 12 o'clock vesteiclav eight men
had signified their intentions ol mak
Uim the lulu and had tiled with the
.... . "
se(ieiai 01 ine Doaid uic student,
who tiled an- li Ballah. Cai
(!an, Waiien llowaid, U (' Linstium
.1 L Mc .Mastei. I'aul Uobeits. K II
Sti v lei and Max (I Tow le
Max Tow le, ca plain ol the ( '01 nhusk
ei baseball team tins v eai is a membei
ol the Kappa Sigma 1 1 alei nil v He was
the captain ol the Lincoln High School
football team winch won the Missouii
Vallej championship during the fall ol
I'.iiiT Since entering the State I'm
versitv lie has been identified with
athletics and in addition to his base
ball lame was a cpiai tei back on last
j ear's liampionslnp team Tow le is a
junior in the College ol Law and will
be eligible I01 athletics next veai
I'" II Stivker was one of the tine
men chosen for All Missouri Yallev
basketball team last season While in
high schol he took an active part in
all blanches of sport He is a junior
in the Arts and Science College and a
member ol Phi Kappa Psi
Paul Roberts, a member of the Alpha
Theta Chi fraternity has also an
nounced himself Roberts is a junior
forester and has been active in college
athletics He was a member of the
lHa8S fotbu11 team aml ,hl" lH hiB M'v'
oncl year on the track squad.
I J L McMaster comes from Central
(M, hlK" S(hol uml ls a blr of
the Junior class Mciwasier nas ui-ni
prominent in track athletics this year
being a member of the crosscountry
'team and track teams The cross
country squad also honored him by,
electing him to captaincy, for next
Warren Howard, another to an-
nounce himself, is quite well known in
athletic circles at this institution
Howard is a member of the punior law
class He has been on the freshman
Varsity football squad, a member of
the Varsity team in both football and
basketball and also a member of the
track squad Howard Ih affiliated wltli
the Beta Theta Pi fraternity and also
Phi Delta Phi.
Carl Ganz another aspirant for the
athletic board lias won for himself
quite a reputation in the middle west
by his wrestling ability. Ganz is a
member of the Acacia fratenity
Blaine Ballah since in the University
has been quite prominent in athletic
circles He comes from Wesleyan
where he was a member of football and
I baseball teams In the university
Ballah ha& assisted in athletics and at
present is on the baseball squad Other
than his athletic work he holds the
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Embryo Physicians
Postpone Week of Cele-
bration till May 20
wi" t tne Tad that the State-
M''ica! Association meeting is to be
h,'1(l " Omaha the week of Maj' 12-Hi.
llu' ,n'liH l'i'' found it necessary
lo postpone theii lestivities until the
u ' ''K ()1 -M " '" L': Ah previously
''innounced, thej will have chaige ol
the "Ran" and convocation on Tues
,:, )r OitToicI oT Omaha will ad
,n'ss ,ll,' Univeisitv public at convo
nt ion
The JTTiTnTiTt r-TrurMitHH u Uta4.i1 a 1 in vviilcii u. man s Hdhhon in a mar
will be made on Wednesdav The Huge wltli a leeble minded woman lie
College ol Medicine commencement came ci inilnals and de eneiates, w bile
exeicises will be held on Thiirsdav his cbllclieii with a sti ong minded vvo-
ev ening nr Omah.i.
Dr and Mis Wolcott will give theii
ln 1 1 to medics and lire medics on Dr Wolcott also showed tlie effec ts of
Knclav evening, and the following day environment upon the rearing of clill-
"' 1)j picnic- at Capital Heach will be'dien
pulled oil The- lectuie was given as the result
Tickets for (lie medic week events ol an oflei made b Mrs Lucy Wilson
:i"' "ou " sale Those desiiing to of Washington to a university which
have a share in the big doings should would produce 11 lecture on the subject
puichase their tickets of either ol eugenics to be given befoie the
C.teeiibuig, Ituth Wainer, 01 Olei .student bodv bv one of its piolessors,
Young, as soon as possible
Miose planning 011 making the- tup
to Omaha on Wednesdav will aid the
committee on ai 1 angemeuts it thev
will hand in their names beloie Mav
Forms Are Finally
Closed For 1913 Annual-
Out Last of Month
After months of grinding work and
lon hours "u'nt in roundliiK the 1913 , tllOHe " W('rl unable to attend the
year book into shape, the editor-in- , nrH concert an excellent chance to
' chief announces that everything is inineur the "Uislclans at their best and
the hand of the printer Nothing !,n Uu! "eight of their seaBon.
moie will be accepted for the annual,
as (ll(l formH ar. now ciOHO(i The
.ampuH fUsser Is safe from the fatal
HnuHi,ot aIuj ,nay w(.)i ft,ei. relieved at
liaviiur ,hJH ,)tvlnir eve removed
As ,lrs( announced, there' will be
two stles of binding of the book
()iu. (h houm , durable cloth and
HeUH for $2( UIld tlu. otn,.r s bound in
(lm, (,uaijty 0f leather, selling for
There are still a few copies remain
ing of the second net of books ordered,
ami any one wiBhing to purchase an
annual may obtain one at the original
price. If one does not purchase until
the hooks are Issued he will be charged
an additional 25 cents to cover the
additional cost entailed. TIiIb should
be an Incentive to purchase now in the
few days of grace remaining.
The last meeting of the English club
will be held at the home of the MlsBes
Jean and Erina Sullivan, 1G45 It street,
instead of at the home of Miss Huth
Munger, as was formerly announced
The date is Saturday, May 10
Lulu Edwards Iiub just returned
from a visit at Nehawka.
Dr. Wolcott Points
Out Importance of
Study of Eugenic!
j Advocating t he study of eugenics aH
i ineans ol Improving the human race,
111- Wolcott nave a lecture Tuesday
moinlng beloie a large audience com
posed mostly of medical students who
had been dismissed lioin classes to
hear the lecture
l)r Wolcott pointed out, by menus
ol chart and examples, the evils which
result liom the mating ol persons of
leeble minds One case was lelated
man in a latei nianiage grew into
, statesmen and lespectable citizens
in and Glee
Clubs Give Concert at
Lincoln High Saturday
The l'mveisit Glee and Mandolin
clubs will appear in concert next Sat
urday night. May 10, in the Lincoln
ausVh '
High School auditorium, under the
s of the local Y. M C A This
is the second concert of the year be-
,,OI(' I,,p '""'i People, unu win anoru
I ' lu I1IUIVIUUUI 1IUUM ""ve prepareu
, a li8t ()f mw Vvoh for their concert:
,lu Glep ('lub " particular having
Honu "'w mi original stunts on the
vaudeville nature guaranteed to bring
(Iown Uu house The admlsBion is 25
(,,niH 10 any pari or tne nouBe. llck-
i ('tH Inav b" obtained at MoirH, Robs
p t'rti- Company, and the City and
University Y. M C A 's
Jim Harvey, '10, of Aurora, has been
visiting the Acacia house.
The following students have
filed their applications as can
didates for student member
ship on the athletic board in
accordance with the rules of
competition of said board- A.
B Ballah, Carl Ganz, Warren
H. Howard, H. C. Linstrum, J.
L. McMaster, Paul H. Roberts,
P. H. Stryker, and Max Towle.
H. G. ('LAPP,
It I
,..?..w --U4 ...m ..
.ufo&L&tAitiL., x.idmMJJiktuUatmk'i