The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, May 02, 1913, WOMEN'S EDITION, Image 6

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The University Supply Store
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Showing our Spring Oxfords
and Pumps
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For This Ad. At Least They Said
all went together. We can supply the KODAKS and
develop and finish your pictures.
1217 O Street
and Retail
1 1 33 O Street
The special girls' issue of tho Ne
brnHkan offers a good opportunity for
a review of what the Girls' Club Is
doing It is with a feeling of satis
faction that we mako tho announce
ment (hat the club has advanced very
decidedly this year and that It now
stands on firm ground and looks for
ward with unbounded hope to a future
of greater helpfulness, wider activity,
and closer fellowship between the
The stiuggle which almost inevit
ably accompanies the childhood of
new enterprises is drawing to a close.
We are assured by the increasing In
terest and active part which all the
girls are taking in the work of the
club that what was once a beautiful
dream is now a splendid reality. We
have worked out a constitution suited
to our particular needs as Nebraska
girls. We have solved tho problem
ormTeTrn1.niU'iilH tu a -certain ex-4
tent But it remains for the girls
of the next few years to perfect these
entertainments, and suit them to their
sole object, a closer social life and
stronger synnnpathy among all the
members of the Girls' Club.
It would be pleasant and profitable
to renew each of the social functions
from the reception for new students
in the fall, the breakfast in the State
Farm grove, and the luncheon before
the great Kansas feotball game up to
the activities of t tie last few weeks.
Hut we must content ourselves with
looking at the larger movements.
The most serious work of the club
s that of he'ping worthy girls by
means of the "loan fund." The annual
dues are '.lit cents, a sum well suited
to eer one's pocket book. Ten cents
of each payment of dues is reserved
for current expenses. Twenty-five
cents coes into the "Loan Fund.". Our
faith in the value of this work has
been very much strengthened this
year by tho expression of heartfelt
gratitude which has come from girls
now out of school who have enjoyed
the benefits of this fund. The money
has been returned in every case, fre
quently with a gift of ten dollars to
the fund.
The last few weks have been full
of work and interest for the club. Tim
idly at Hr,sL and then with an ever
increasing confidence in our power we
planned to send a delegate to Wiscon
sin to represent us in the conference
of Girls' Clubs there this summer.
After much ifoostlng from optimistic
members of the board word was sent
to Wisconsin that Nebraska would
send a delegate. And then the work
of getting subscriptions began in earn
est. Each girl was asked to give a
dime. Needless to say, subscriptions
were not restricted to that popular
price. Lorena's ever-present smile in
creased to vast proportions as the
money (putting it mildly) began to
pour in. Everyone was more than
willing to help.
The election on Tuesday revealed
the fact that Miss Daniels, our president-elect,
will represent the club at
Wisconsin. The club looks forward
to hearing ubout her islt next fall.
We shall be in Letter touch with other
The results of the election are al
ready so generally known that only
a word is needed. The new board will
find themselves in the position of
early settlers in a new country. The
I pioneriYs,""Xhat is the boards of the
faithfully and well. But earnest
thought and devotion is as much need
ed now as ever before for we want to
make Nebraska Girls' Club one of the
greatest organizations of its kind. The
digging, which Is connected with a
position on the board Is more than
compensated for by the pleasant com
panionship which tho intimate con
tact with other girls all working for
a common ideal and object, means. A
still greater compensation is the un
selfish joy which n faithful board
worker feels when she sees from
living results that she is doing a real
service to the girl of her class and
Patronize Our Advertisers.
Inspirationless and stupid I sit. The
hands of my 59-cent alarm clock point
to one hour after midnight. In her
soL-had mynnmmntn sleeps Pfla.ce
tully, while I adjust tho cold cloth
on my head and strive to think of a
theme of mechanical Invention. Not
being of a mechanical turn of mind,
I do not know the difference between
a cog-wheel and a boiler. (Perhaps
there is no such thing as a cog-wheel
I am not certain.)
I agree emphatically with a former
professor who said, "There are no
new plots." More than that, there are
no new stories, no new ideas, and
my old ones are chronicled In twenty
four previous attempts. My eyelids
droop, my hand is too nerveless to
guide a pen, my eyes ache and my
head has grown enormously large and
heavy. If I could only keep It from
bobbing in such a silly way
The hands of the nickel-plated clock
have ticked their way around to 1:37.
The end has come. I am senseless,
witless, thoughtless, but I have fin
ished my required number of themes
I hope. Ex.
Patronize Our Advertisers.
Miss Mildred Young gave a slumber
party Tuesday night at her home,
10:5 So. 14th St.
Miss Barbara Osborne gave an Or
pheun: party Wednesday night.
Iast night an informal evening was
spent at the home of Miss Nell Ward,
2500 Garneldd St. May day decora
tions were used and progressive
gainer were piayed.
The Girl He Could Read
Like a Book
"I can read that girl like a book,"
said the far-sighted man to himself.
She thinks I am crazy about her. I
won't call for several weeks just to
bring her to her senseB. " He pictured
to himself tho disappointment and sur
prise of tho girl. After four ,weks
and nine days, ho decided that he had
been a Htlo hard on her, and in a par
ticularly generous and affable mood
he went around to call on the "poor
little thing." He had some elaborate
explanations all ready to refute her
pitiful reproaches.
She met him at the door with a
smile. There was a sort of friendly
cordiality about her manner that made
him feel Btrangely 111 at ease. How
tho conversation drifted toward Wag-
first hard years have done their work nerian opera he never could recall.
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